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Example Greg gives of what Tashina looked like, he says she claimed to be of gypsy decent.
Tashina was a girl Greg dated in high school.

All information here is from Greg's own words.

Early Relationship

Greg says after returning back to Washington from Ohio, he rejoined the Earth Club. The club went to a gathering called "Power of Hope" and as soon as he arrived he had his eye on Tashina. "She was sitting in a metal chair, in the center of the gymnasium surrounded by nothing". He felt bad that she was alone, so he walked over and introduced herself and they became good friends.

Greg says one night at the gathering, she sang. She had the most beautiful singing voice he ever heard. He says for the first time in his life, he felt like this girl was more talented than him.

Tashina gave him her number and left the gathering.

A couple of weeks later, they met up with others from the Earth Club and Power of Hope and walked around an abandoned asylum. Greg says everyone was afraid and holding onto each other. He grinned and yelled, "what are you scared of?" He ran into the dark and circled the asylum. When he came back to the group, he received "kudos for my fearless actions." He says, "I only then realized how some people's minds work when it comes to fear ~ pointless at that."

He says he and Tashina spoke a lot that night and they planned to meet up again alone.

A month later, she showed up at his doorstep. He says he acted like his normal self, smiling and energetic. She thought he was cute and they began dating. (Source)


On his 2005 Onision site, Greg recalls on one page he only dated Tashina for two week. (Source) On another page on the site, he says they dated for a little over a month. (Source)

Regardless, he says they did a lot in the short time they dated. He fell in love with her, "but really just fell in love with a lie."

In a 2015 video, he recalls he was not able to get an erection while they were trying to have sex for the second time, which he says never happens. He thinks it's because she stared at him intensely while they did it the first time "with no emotion or smile". "She just rode me like a cowgirl glaring at me." ($ource)


Greg says he broke up with Tashina because she said she was not sure about the future of their relationship and he took the relationship too seriously. She told him she was leaving for college soon and it scared him. After the break-up, he figured out a way they could stay together, but she did not accept it.

He later on learned about her drug use and terrible lies she told, like people forcing her to smoke pot. He says he stopped reading her Live Journal because she talked about "extreme actions". He says they fought a lot online and eventually stopped talking.

He says she's a "semi-negative" memory, but does not regret the relationship.(Source)

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