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Tard Out was a website Greg created in September 2004. (Source) It seemed to originally be centered around a radio show (T.A.R.D. 97.3), then later turned into a site about himself (Gregory J.).

T.A.R.D. 97.3

T.A.R.D. 97.3 seemed to be a comedy radio show Greg created. "Tard" was most likely short for "retarded", which was referenced on the contact page. "We know we're retarded, we know we're smart, we know the jokes are lame, we know they're brilliant." (Source)

The site had a donation page to send money to the "T.A.R.D. Crew". (Source) On the "dandy sites" page, he linked his websites, including his Sicesca website. (Source) The site also included profiles for each member of the crew, but they did not save on the archive.

The credits page reveals Greg was the only person running the radio show, while Skye occasionally provided her voice. Each "crew member" was a character. All but one were played by Greg. (Source)

Welcome Message

TARD 97.3 is a revolutionary web site broadcasting to hundreds of billions all around the world bringing gospel, gothic, mentally handicapped and many more personalities to the web radio to fit everyone's needs. Join the alliance that will soon swamp the world in undeniably entertaining wondrous garbage, for TARD is the beginning, and will never meet its end!

Main Page Welcome Message

Welcome to T.A.R.D. 97.3

For the past 7 years we have been entertaining audiences in eastern Korea to such a great extent that we now have five full-on fans and our own web site. At first we started out as just a few people telling jokes, later one of our friends came up with three hefty pre-incident news reports that turned out to be true due to a sub conscious telepathic ability that no one had until then explored. Well, that friend died soon after his confession due to the fact that he was a witch, and of course I was the one who screamed "Kill it! It's a witch!".

After Al was burned, we all decided to lay low for a while, and that's when the real fun started with our radio station gone underground... it's too bad Lisa and Jim died of the scurvy, but at least we got Lisa's last words on the air "What are you doing you idiot, I'm dying." ... yep, T.A.R.D. 97.3, the most listened to German chit chat station around. Of course we only needed two people to listen to what we were saying in order to be the most popular, which is why George Minderson and I always brought headphones.

Anyway, long story short, we've grown a lot in the past 13 years, and every day gone by is another day we realize how truly wonderful our contribution to northern Antarctica is. I truly hope all of you listening appreciate our broadcast, if it's you listening George, you still owe me five Canadian dollars for the win I got in that new Russian roulette game we played last night... George?

Gregory J. Site

TardOut.com becomes Gregory J. site, 2005 (Source)
During early February 2005, the site was down with a message from Greg stating it was hacked by "Jesus-Crazy Brazillian hackers". Greg provides the hacker's site and email address and states, "This proves that just because you love Jesus, does not mean you are immune to arrest by the US government due to cyber-terrorism." (Source) After the alleged hacking, Greg turned the site briefly into a re-direct to his Mr Odd site, then into his default green website links page. (Source)

By July 2005, Greg turned the site into his Gregory J. site, tag-lined "The Abnormal Realm of Gregory J. Daniel". (Seen right) The Gregory J. site originally debuted on his Gregory J. Daniel URL, but was moved to TardOut.com to make room for a more complex site. (Source) Most of the site was not archived, but his home page and news page were. The site seemed to be centered around his experiences in the US Air Force. (Source)

Gregory J. News

The News Page Welcome to the news page, pretty much everything significant that ever happens in Gregory J’s life will be documented here in short summaries. To find out more you can visit sites like:MrOdd.com - OR - America’s Air Force ~

July 1st, 2K5 Gregory decides to create an advanced page for himself being the most popular Gregory James Daniel in the world ;)

June 30th, 2K5 Gregory is commended by the commander of local area and promised (unexpected) LOR.

Gregory completes new site for former work field/supervisors, great responses: goSERE.com

June 25th, 2K5 Gregory is found in a computer lab and is requested to assist SERE in building a site.

June 20th, 2K5 Gregory decides to drop out of SERE program to avoid killing a rabbit, and many others.

May 30th, 2K5 Gregory arrives at new training location for SERE school, and begins briefings.

May 28th, 2K5 Gregory proposes (informally) to his significant other, she says yes. Looking towards November…

May 27th, 2K5 Gregory graduates USAF boot camp and is sent off to pursue a career in the USAF.

May 20th, 2K5 Gregory completes USAF Warrior Week and receives Airman’s coin.


The site remained as "Gregory J." into 2006. By September 2006, he turned it into a re-direct to his Onision Productions page. Later that month, it seems he lost the rights to the domain. (Source)