TUMBLR: Before And After (Weight Loss Pictures)

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Email sent to Greg about the video
TUMBLR: Before And After (Weight Loss Pictures) is a video Greg made in 2015 that caused some issues.


Sometime in April 2015, Greg uploaded "TUMBLR: Before And After (Weight Loss Pictures)" to his UhOhBro channel. (Original version of this video has been removed.) The video consisted of Greg searching "before and after" on Tumblr and making jokes and comments about people's bodies, diets, and race based off their images.

Soon enough, the Tumblr fitness community began talking about the video and a handful of people featured in the video became aware their images were used without their permission. Most were upset and took to Tumblr to vent. A couple of posts warning people of Greg's video gathered quite a few notes. (Source)

One blogger, whose image was used in the video and in the thumbnail, took it upon themselves to directly contact Greg. They defended the before and after images he mocked in his video and complained that he misrepresented their progress in the photo he used without permission. (Source)

Soon enough, Greg removed the video. When asked about Greg's response to the email, the blogger said he apologized and removed the video. (Source)

It was soon found out Greg re-uploaded the video to his Archive channel on April 13, 2015, but this time with the one blogger edited out. ($ource)