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Suk Mi (Song) was a song Greg released on October 22, 2011. It is believed to be in response to drama meme Suk Mi.


In October 2011, "suk mi" began appearing on Greg's social media comments. This was due to a leaked email written by Greg's ex Adrienne. In the email, she laughs about how Greg asked for a blow job in a funny manner. Greg responded on October 17th with a video saying he does not remember saying that, but defends saying "suck me" over "blow me" because he would rather someone suck him then blow on him. ($ource)

Greg uploaded the Suk Mi music video on October 22, 2011. ($ource) In the description, Greg says the song was inspired by stories his girlfriends told him about guys. (Source)


Hello how are you wanna play a little game?
It requires your attention but please leave out your first name,
I have a pecker and you have a mouth,
so lets make a connection from your north to my south.

Suk Mi (suk mi)
Thats what you should do I want you to suck on my but until your covered in my poo
Suk Mi (Suk mi)
Oh please oh please i want you to suck on my til there's blood on your knees

I never really care if its a dude or a chick Nick Cage cant tell the difference yeah Nick Cage is my dick
I'm not the type to cuddle and i wont go all the way cuz i'd rather you blow me then have baby bills to pay

Suk Mi (suk mi)
Doesn't matter your race
Suk mi (Suk mi)
Just keep up the pace

Suk MI (suk mi)
Til' my dick is black and blue
Suk mi suk me)
I'm all up inside of you

My dick is like a dentist so let me deep inside i wanna feel your wisdom teeth and take your reflex for a ride You don't have to be pretty you don't need a degree
you just need to salivate and oh yeah

Suk Mi (suk mi)
Do me the pleasure
Suk Mi (suk mi)
Your throat my dick will measure

Suck Mi (suk mi)
I don't discriminate
Suk Mi
We don't even need to date

I don't want you on my lap
or on your knees like a dog i don't want you bent backward
or squatting like a frog i don't want you upside down or flat on your back
I just want you on your knees for better words i lack

Suk Mi (suk mi)
The time has come
Suk Mi (suk mi)
It's been so fun

Suk Mi (suk mi) I'm about to go
Suk Mi (suk mi)
Here comes my load
uh yeah you can get the f$$k out now...