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  • Hybrid Eye appeared to be created to share Greg's literature and music and to advertise his [[Syn Within Inc.]] webdesign company. Eventually he b ==Music==
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  • ...ted in 2004 to host music. He replaced the site in 2006 with his [[Onision Music]] site. ...bsite One Mand Band in 2004 and used it to compile his library of original music he began creating as a teen. It seems the original version of the site had
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  • ...different forms of entertainment created by Greg, including literature and music. The site shut down in 2004. The site can be viewed through the [http://web =Music=
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  • [[File:YouAreGone.png|400px|thumb|right|You Are Gone music video]]'''You Are Gone''' is a song Greg wrote in 2012. The producer of the ...e sining and screaming vocal combination for this song to imitate Taylor's music taste.
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  • Maybe one day I will actually be good at making music without a crutch like I have now, but it works for me, and I love to listen ...6 years... I've come a long way... I've been insulted quite a bit about my music... so many times...
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  •, most likely because they both worked in the music industry. Damon is a music producer and Shiloh was a pop singer in Cananda. ...ys that when they were friends, Damon invited Greg and Jeffree Star to his music studio, Greg says when they were waiting for Jeffree to get there, he smel
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  • [[File:ItsOver.jpg|400px|thumb|right|It's Over music video]]'''It's Over''', or '''Her Lies''', is a song created by Greg in 201 ...s ex, [[Shiloh]], and all the lies she told during their relationship. The music video featured Greg singing in random places in Seattle.
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  • [[File:NobodyLikesMe.png|400px|thumb|right|Nobody Likes Onision music video]]'''Nobody Likes Onision''' is a song Greg released in June 2013. on the internet and lists different online dramas he's gotten into. The music video consists of Greg singing in his back yard with his dogs. He eventuall
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  • Syn: Self defined abbreviation for Sync. (Perfect tone and harmony with music/art/literature etc.) ...status, and aspirations to create more graphics/art pieces/animated files/music/poetry and much more, Syn Within Inc.® will be around for a while.</div>
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  • Greg created the music video for his first child and uploaded it on March 27, 2014. In the song, h ...use. [[Lainey]] and her friend (and nanny) Selena are also featured in the music video. It is rumored you can see their baby's reflection in Lainey's sungla
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  • ...00px|thumb|right|I'm So Emo HD video thumbnail]]'''I'm So Emo''' is a 2008 music video created by Greg. EMO MUSIC VIDEO by Onision "I'M SO EMO" a song about EMO kids & adults with a heavy b
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  • ===Favorite Music=== I've been creating my own music since I was 15 so I've been a fan of Onision for a long while but if I have
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  • ...s songs for other YouTubers to make parodies. He stated anyone can use his music in his videos, as long as they gave him credit. He says Greg got mad that he used his "creative commons" music, even Greg provided it on his website for people to use. After he explained
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  • ...g.png|300px|thumb|Suk Mi music video]]On October 22, 2011, Greg uploaded a music video to his main channel originally titled "SUK MI (Man Song)", now titled ...idity and attention to everything I have said! There is seriously a SUK MI music video now which, however disturbing, is honesty is pretty funny. I hope he
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  • Since November 18, 2011 the music video resides on the [[Archive]] channel. [[Category: Articles]][[Category: Music]][[Category: Songs]][[Category: I'm So Series]][[Category: 2008]][[Category
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  • Greg uploaded the Suk Mi music video on October 22, 2011. ([ $o [[Category:Articles]][[Category:Music]][[Category:Songs]][[Category:2011]]
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  • Greg uploaded the music video on July 24, 2012. It is said he wrote the song for then fiance [[Lain [[Category: Articles]][[Category: Music]][[Category: Songs]][[Category: 2012]][[Category: 20's]]
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  • List of Greg's music albums from his [[One Mand Band]] website. [[Category: Archives]][[Category: Music]][[Category: 2004]][[Category: 2005]][[Category: Teens]][[Category: 20's]]
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  •, this sites main purpose is to express philosophies, link intriguing music, expose strange and entertaining art, and other subjects.</div>
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  • ...stril piercing, which can all be seen in her December 2010 "Can't Hold On" music video. ([ Source]) By the time G
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