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Smokey was an Onision Forum member that was banned in 2011. Greg received some criticism after making a video mocking her. Smokey was rumored to be 12 years old.


Smokey uploaded "Unfortunately... Banned T_T" to her channel on May 26, 2011. In the video, we see Smokey's banned forum profile as she cries about what happened. She says she doesn't know what to do after her ban because the Onision forums was all she had. She said the forums were the only thing she had to do when she came home every day. She says she enjoyed modding, making posts, and talking to other forum members. She asks if she could have her account recreated or reactivated because she was close to 1,000 posts. She says she is sorry for whatever it is that she did and that she did not want this to happen. (Source) At some point, Smokey removed her video.

It is rumored Smokey posted a photograph of another forum member's face photoshopped onto a woman in a bikini to the forums, and that caused her ban.

The next day, on May 27, 2011, Greg uploaded "ONISION BANNED MEEEEEE!!!!!" to his Encore channel. In the video, we see Greg's Onision Forum account profile as he obnoxiously and loudly pretends to cry about being banned for posting pornography. For a brief moment, Greg shows Shiloh laughing at Greg in the doorway. (Source)

Greg received some backlash due to this video, but would delete any video comments criticizing him for mocking Smokey. (Source) Sometime after 2011, Greg removed his video.