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Skye and Greg in a video, March 2010. ($ource)
Skye, sometimes referred to as Tantaga while with Onision, is Greg's ex-wife. They were married for 5 years, from 2005 to 2010. They met in 2003 when they attended the same high school.

Early Relationship

Skye and Greg's first video together, a Final Fantasy parody. ($ource)
Skye says she saw Greg for the first time in their high school computer class in 2001, but Greg says he did not notice her because he was still dating Shiree. They did not start talking until 2003 when they both took the same weight-lifting class. Greg says he decided to start talking to her because she had a "dark aura", despite dressing "normally", and she seemed like "she did not need anyone". He says he would start conversations with her every time they had class together, even though she seemed to think he was a "weirdo" for talking to her. He says they began to talk at the bus stop as well, even though she was "still acting distant and like I was weird", but he later believed she wanted him around all along.

When the school year ended, he did not talk to her until she logged onto AOL one day. She invited him over and they hit it off. He would pick her up and would sing in a silly voice and "bump" her with his arm while driving. He said she would smile, but still seemed removed. After a few visits, he says he developed feelings for her. He felt that he never had to worry about leaving her and that they shared a lot of skills and values. (Source)

Skye and her sister, "Netunesa", participated in many of Greg's early websites and videos. For example, they began working on a video series on January 2, 2005 titled Odd Dolls. This was described on their site as dolls doing "hilarious/nasty things to one another.. these things involved such acts as, murder, arson, PDA, swearing, and various other non-PC actions." (Source) They made about 24 episodes.

Greg said he broke up with Skye for the first time because she was depressed and he told her he could never make her happy. They because friends. (Source)

In January 2005, Greg signed up for the United States Air Force. (Source) A few months later, in March 2005, someone who is believed to be Skye's mother told her to "be careful around Greg" because of his anger. Greg confronts this person through email and explains that he argues with Skye to "teach her something." (Source) The next day, Greg sent Skye what seems to be an email talking about a separation between them. He forwarded the email to his ex Tanya and asked her opinion. (Source) He then sent his ex another email, seemingly trying to win her back. (Source) Two months after the incident, on May 28, 2005, Greg and Skye became engaged. (Source) Greg stated, before their marriage he asked Skye to sign a prenup and she cried. (Source) Greg now uses this incident as evidence of his claim that Skye put on "water works" because she was interested in his money. ($ource)


Greg and Skye married on August 5, 2005 in San Antonio, Texas. (Source) For the first few years of their marriage, they moved around because of his military job.

On January 24th, 2007 Greg wrote a long blog post explaining why he made the decision for he and Skye to stop hanging out with friends and only hang out with each other and family. He explains he chose Skye to be with him for the rest of his life and having friends does not improve it and makes him suffer. (Source) Three days later, on January 27th, 2007, two mutual friends of Greg and Skye tried to separate them because the friends believed Greg was bad for Skye. Greg replied to this on his blog and told the friends that they are in-fact the ones that are bad for Skye because they can't look past his personality and they don't know he tells Skye he loves her every day. (Source)

In a 2008 blog post, Greg reveals his worst nightmare is not about monsters, but of his his wife leaving him or vice versa. (Source) This is something he would again say about his second wife, Taylor, in 2016. (Soruce)

During his marriage to Skye, Greg would publicly express never wanting to have children. He said it would be selfish to have children due to overpopulation. (Source - this was a speaks video) Years after the marriage (and after becoming a father), Greg said it was Skye who didn't want children and that's why he would say that. ($ource)

Greg revealed a couple of their marriage agreements in a 2010 video titled "Lover's Pact". One is an "honesty pact", to never lie or keep secrets from each other. The other agreement is a "health pact", to stay skinny. He states it would be selfish for one of them to gain weight and not take into consideration the other person's sexual needs. He says it would be hard for them to maintain attraction for the other when they are "intentionally, consciously letting themselves go". ($ource) Greg spoke more about his marriage to Skye on his OnisionSpeaks channel and would give viewers advice about how to have a successful marriage like theirs. It is believed most of these videos were removed from his channel after the divorce.

During the entirety of the marriage, Greg would often talk about he and Skye's relationship fondly online. Even as late as 2010 (the year he divorced her), when Greg was asked "At what point did you realize that Skye was the one you wanted to spend your life with???" he responded "When I realized her morals and interests were almost identical to mine… and that she loved me more than any girl I ever met… even when I’m being annoying or rude… she loves me… as I do her." (Source)

Now, Greg says he only saw Skye as a friend and describes the marriage as "friends with benefits" or "bros hanging out". He says he was actually in love with his ex Shiree and only married Skye to receive military benefits, such as living off base and not having to live in the dorms. He says he and Skye would watch anime, play video games, and make love, but the making love stopped at the end of the relationship. ($ource)


Skye and Greg in the skit video, "Married Life", a fan favorite at the time. ($ource)
Greg created his Onision YouTube on January 29, 2006.

Greg was discharged from the United States Air Force in January 2009. He and Skye lived with Greg's mother for 8 months while they were finding a house. According to Greg, there was an indecent where Skye was crying and his mother laughed and screamed in her face. He says this was because Skye didn't want help out around the house. ($ource)

After the military, Greg began to seriously pursue a YouTube career. Skye worked out of the house and supported both of them while Greg stayed home and worked on building his YouTube career. When his channel became successful enough to financially support them both, he asked her to quit her job and work for the YouTube channel with him full time. (Source)

Skye would often act in the Onision Channel skits and appeared in his first viral hit, Banana Song. She would also make appearances in some OnisionSpeaks videos, usually messing around in the background or sitting next to him. Skye also designed some Onision shirts for Greg. Skye was adored by virtually all of Greg's fan base at the time.

Skye joined YouTube on February 9, 2008 with her own channel, Tantaga (channel now removed), where she uploaded comedy and blooper videos. The last recorded number of subscribers on the Tantaga channel before its deletion was 13,164. (Source)

At some point, it seems Skye lost interest in YouTube and would not work with Greg on videos anymore. He says she would lay on the couch all day and watch anime or look at pictures of flowers and dresses on her laptop. ($ource) Skye later revealed she was suffering from depression. (Source)

Toward the end of their marriage, the Onision channel became hugely successful. The channel had reached the Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTubers list by 2010. Greg collaborated and worked with many high ranking YouTubers and channels of the time.


On December 24, 2010 Greg announced through his Facebook fanpage that he and Skye had been separated since December 17th. (Source) That same day, he uploaded "Greg & Skye Divorced", where he says he and Skye decided to get a divorce because they are not compatible and many other reasons. He says they are still friends and he still loves her. He says he and Skye will still be living together for a while. He says he moved on because he couldn't do it anymore and he hopes she moves on too. He tells his fans to be kind to her and show support because she deserves respect. (video deleted, Re-Upload)

Many fans were hoping it was a joke, but soon found out it wasn't. As the news spread, it brought mixed emotions to Greg and Skye's fanbase. Most were saddened by the news and some even went as far to say they felt like their own parents were getting a divorce. This news came seemingly out of nowhere to fans, as Greg and Skye seemed to be keeping up the same energy and emotions into their videos as when they first started. Some fans even contacted Greg to tell him he was making a mistake by divorcing Skye. Greg replies in the video "Onision's Divorce Was A Mistake?" saying these fans are ignorant and he did not have a perfect marriage. He says it was sad and draining. (video deleted, Re-Upload)

Text at the end of their last video.
On December 25, Greg uploaded the skit video "Demon Possessed Girl" to his main channel. The video featured him, Skye and Cyr. It was the last skit Greg uploaded with Skye. At the end of the skit he asked fans to show Skye love, she could use it due to recent hardships. ($ource) During this time Greg had his friend Cyr staying at their house.

Sometime after Skye had moved out of the home, Greg uploaded the video "She Betrayed Me". In the video he walks around his house as he lists items Skye and her sister have taken from the home. He heavily implies she stole over $2,000 of his items from his home when he was not there. He says he wished she had told him she was going to take items from the home beforehand and that he was still willing the follow the "agreement" they had over living arrangements and monthly payments. Text appears under him, revealing the details. "I agreed to either cover her bills in my home for 2 years, or pay her $1,000 a month for a year outside my home" Greg has since deleted the video. (Source) After uploading this video, he uploaded another video showing surveillance footage of Skye and her sister removing items through his front porch. In the video he says he will take legal action. This video has also been deleted.

After Skye began receiving harassment due to Greg's videos, he uploaded "Please Leave Skye Alone", where he asked fans to stop leaving hate comments on her channel. (video deleted, Re-Upload)

Skye says the divorce was sudden and came out of nowhere. (Source) Greg states he threatened her with divorce for the first time in June 2010 over an argument about their possessions. (Source) He has also stated he asked for one in October and regrets not following through with it at that time. (Source)

There are two main reasons Greg states as to why he divorced his first wife. One reason is that he was upset that Skye "felt entitled to 50% of his assets". He says he made it clear their relationship was not about material items. (Source) He says despite marriage being an asset split in the eyes of the law, he believed they had an agreement that "everything she acquired in her life was hers, and he in his". He says when she wanted their possessions to be split, she was showing greed and he wanted out. The other reason Greg says he divorced Skye was because she "just sat around and browsed the web". He says she began to have problems with motivation and would quit making videos with him in the middle of filming. He also says she once had a "melt down" in-front of him and his mom for no reason.(Source)

Divorce Agreements

When talking or blogging about his ex-wife, Skye, Greg often posts the divorce contract he created. The contract is dated December 22, 2010. In the contract Greg states that he would let Skye continue to live in his house rent free until December 22, 2011, 1 year. If she moves out, he states he would pay her $1,000 a month. The contract also states, when Skye signs the papers, she forfeits all home ownership rights to Greg. (Source) Greg often brings up this contract to prove that Skye ignored her signed agreement to him. He says when she and her sister took items from him home, she stole the signed agreement, although he had already made copies. He says in the end, that made no difference. (Source)

According to Greg, Skye declined the offer to continue living with him because she was still in love with him and being around him would be too painful for her ($ource) (Admin note: It's worth noting Greg was planning on starting his relationship with Shiloh during this time and shortly after separating from Skye he began living with Shiloh.)

According to Skye, after Greg wrote up the contract he demanded her to sign it. "He would proceed to follow me around the house for hours at a time screaming at me that if I really loved him, I would sign the paperwork, Eventually after the endless onslaught, I gave in as my spirit was quite broken." Skye says due Greg forcing her to sign the contract and the fact that it was not proper or notarized, the court determined the contract was null. (Source)

Skye perused Greg legally for alimony payments. For years Greg has said Skye stole from him by lying about how much money of the Onision business she was entitled to. He says he got scared and settled without stepping into a courthouse.

The divorce documents were released by Skye in 2019 and are available to read here.

Cheating Accusations

"Onision Never Cheated" ($ource)
Roughly a week after separating from Skye, Greg secretly began seeing his online friend, Shiloh, romantically. He states he moved on so fast because his marriage had "little romance". (Source) Shortly after Skye and Greg were separated, Netunesa posted something about Shiloh and Greg having a relationship on her Facebook page. The post was soon deleted. (Source)

Greg's relationship with Shiloh was kept private until April 2011, although there were rumors spreading around the internet about their relationship as early as December 2010. Seven years after the divorce, Greg admitted he left Skye for Shiloh. (Source)

Greg seems to get extremely upset when people accuse him of cheating on Skye with Shiloh. He has many many blog posts and videos defending himself. One video he provides as absolute proof that he did not cheat is "Onision Never Cheated". In the video, he criticizes a YouTuber that suggested Greg cheated with Shiloh in Canada around December 28, 2010. Greg proves he couldn't have cheated on his ex-wife with Shiloh in Canada because he did not have a passport at the time. ($ource) It was later revealed by Shiloh and corresponding videos & social media statuses that he and Shiloh had actually met up in Pennsylvania. (Source)

A few years after the divorce, Greg admitted he emotionally cheated on Skye with Shiloh. (Source - from 2013 video, Onision Live – A Civil Debate With Onision)

In 2019, Skye told her side of the story. She said Greg began Skyping with Shiloh off and on. At the time, Skye believed he was mentoring a kid on making videos, editing, and giving advice. According to Skye, he eventually became obsessive and began Skyping Shiloh up to 8 hours a day. (Shiloh also confirmed this Source) Skye says when she tried to ask questions, Greg would be dismissive. She once noticed he wrote something to Shiloh along the lines of "you're the only one who understands me." The next day, he told Skye he was working on a big project and locked himself in his office for three days. This was when Cyr was over. Skye says Greg wouldn't let her use the phone. (Cyr also confirmed Source) Skye says when Cyr became sick with the flu, she had to take him to the hospital because Greg did not care and continued giggling in his office.

According to Skye, one night Greg took her aside and told her, "I'm going to divorce you because I've finally found real happiness. I never loved you and was just afraid of being alone. If you want me to be happy, you'll let me do what I want." Skye says after, he called Shiloh and told her, "It's done now. Now we can be together." (Source)


Besides a handful of Speaks and comedy videos covering the divorce around December/January, Greg did not talk about Skye publicly for months. Also, Skye had not made any public appearances since the separation.


Greg regretting his divorce with Skye, October 2012.
This all changed on July 25, 2011. Greg uploaded "Skye Called" to his OnisionSpeaks channel. At this time he and Shiloh were separated. In the video, Greg says he announced on his Facebook that he had good news to share. He says the good news was that he had spoken with Skye in the first time in 7 months. He said it was exciting and they decided they were going to finalize the divorce. He says they were not mad at each other anymore and they decided to be friends. He ends the video by saying he promised her he would not give any more details besides that they were now friends. ($ource) When questioned about why he would talk to Skye again after she stole from him, Greg replied, "Skye actually wasn't insane. She explained everything to me & never really stopped loving me ~ everything she said made sense... I respect her now more than ever." (Source)

On October 18, 2012, after a major break-up with Shiloh, Greg began posting regrets about divorcing Skye. He stated divorcing her was the biggest mistake of his life and he should have listened to his fans. The status was deleted. (Source)

It seemed Greg and Skye continued their friendship for months. In September 2011, after his brief relationship with Adrienne, Greg posted about how much Skye was helping him calm down and cheered him up. (Source) He also posted quotes from goofy conversations he had with her about his short relationship. (Source)

On January 19, 2012, Greg held a Live Chat. When he was asked if he was still friends with Skye, he said he does not want to talk about her because they're divorced and need to go their separate ways. He said he wouldn't have anything nice to say about her. He said when he filed for divorce, she fought it and lied. He says he doesn't want to tell any more details, but he was upset to see her lie because he is a "consistently honest person". (Source)


FellFromTheSkye (Source)
Skye uploaded her first video to her new channel, FellFromTheSkye, on October 28, 2011. In the video, "Svlog: It Fell From The Skye", Skye explains that she realized how much she enjoys making comedy sketch videos, so she created her new channel. She also announced she will not be sharing any private details of her life. She says she doesn't want to be part of the drama. She explains that she hasn't been keeping up with (Greg and Shiloh's) videos because that isn't her life anymore. She says she's not sure what was said about her. "They live their life and I live mine, it's great." She said "the big D" (divorce) was finalized and she can now go live her life. She says she wouldn't wish upon anybody what she went through, but she got help and tools she needed and became a better person. She says she has a lot to offer the world and she found her passion and is going for it. Skye says she wasn't ready until now to get back online and was "gearing up" for it for 2 months. (Source)

Skye's channel mostly consisted of comedy sketches and occasionally vlogs. Skye created a FellFromTheSkye Facebook fan-page and a FellFromTheSkye Twitter account to communicate with her fans. She would occasionally open up a tinychat room to chat with her fans.

Many old fans were delighted to see her return to making comedy videos. On November 17, 2012, Greg promoted Skye's channel in a speaks video titled "Skye's Back". He encouraged viewers to check her out and to leave a positive comment. ($ource)

Skye's last video was uploaded on April 12, 2012. (Source) Her last tweet and Facebook status were promoting this video. After that, she vanished from the public eye and has not returned since. It is rumored she abandoned her accounts because could not take the threats and harassment from Greg's fans anymore after he began publicly complaining about their alimony agreement (see below). It is also rumored she left YouTube to become a student.

Greg now cites Skye's short time on YouTube as an example of her laziness, in reference to his claim that she did not participate in the Onision channels as much as she claimed to the courts. ($ource)

Alimony Complaints

Main Article: Alimony
Greg begins publicly talking about his alimony
On January 2nd, Greg began bashing alimony on social media with statuses such as, "Alimony: For the greedy/shameless ex's who never really loved you." (Source) On January 19th, he began to specifically talk about his alimony agreement with Skye. He made several tweets (Source) and upload "Her Easy Life" to OnisionSpeaks. In the video, he talked about how Skye tried to perue him for $150,000, but ended up with $90,000 in alimony over the next 5.5 to 6 years. He complains that she deceived the court by saying she helped him with the "family business" (hand quotes) and she used her graphic design website as proof that she helped him, when really she barely updated it. Greg says she did edit Archive videos for him, but he paid her for it monthly. Greg says if you ask someone to sign a pre-nup and you fall for them crying and telling you you never loved them, "you're a sucker like me". ($ource)

Later that day, Skye replied to Greg in a long Facebook status. Skye says the past year and a half have been the most difficult times she had experienced in her life. She says she got help, talked to family, got legal advice, and found a great counselor to help her through everything. She now found her true dream and won't let anyone put her down ever again. She says "I refuse to play this continual mind game of an abusive cycle." She says she will keep quiet on her side of the story because she does not want to be part of the drama. She says she was able to rise above months of harassment and still receives "the odd jab here and there." (Source)

Skye began to receive regular harassment and threats from angry Onision fans. More extreme threats included death threats and rape threats. (Source)

On January 23rd, Skye wrote a second long Facebook status. "I shouldn’t have to get on here to defend myself. This is sick and this is wrong." She says everything that needed to be said was said through the court systems under oath. She says the court system, lawyers, her counselor, and the judge know what really happened. Everything Greg is saying was already presented to them and they made their decision. She says she had situational depression and PTSD due to the mental abuse she suffered and had to go through a year of heavy counseling. She says this is all in the court documents and they she takes the opinion of a professional counselor over people that know nothing about her life. She says she had evolved and grown since that dark time in her life. (Source)

On January 28, 2012, Greg made his only attempt to stop the hateful comments from his angry fans. He made a Facebook status asking his fans not to send rape threats to his ex. (Source)

Suicidal Thoughts Over Alimony

In April 2012, Onision began talking about his alimony again. He posted a few videos and many statuses talking about becoming suicidal over the alimony agreement and begging Skye to terminate the agreement.

The first of these videos was "Please Move On", uploaded to his Speaks channel on April 25, 2012. In the video, Greg says this video is a "formal public request for my ex-wife to let me move on, to let me be happy and to go her own way." He explains he's been paying Skye over $1,000 a month for over a year. He says business in not good lately and she keep pulling and sucking his energy from his because of his financial debt. He says the alimony agreement is unfair and he only signed it out of fear he would lose more money. He says the only way to stop it if if he was dead. He says Skye holds the key to his happiness and freedom, but she doesn't care he's suffering an would rather take his money than get a job. He says there's nothing he can do but die. ($ource)

Greg become suicidal looking at his alimony agreement
On April 26, 2012, Greg began posting many negative and suicidal statuses about Skye and their alimony agreement. (Source) That same day, he uploaded "Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts" to his Speaks channel. In the video he describes how he had felt suicidal the night before when watching a movie and thinking about how Skye ignored him begging for mercy. He says he thought about killing himself so people will realize suicidal people are serious, but ultimately decided not to because it would be selfish. He says he is a slave because he works for money he will never profit from. ($ource)

On April 28, 2012, Greg uploaded "ALIMONY vs SLAVERY" to his Speaks channel, a video dedicated to explaining how alimony is like slavery. ($ource)

The Facebook statuses and Speaks videos sent some fans over the edge and they began to increase the threats and hate on Skye's accounts. The attacks were noticeably more extreme and frequent than ever before. (Source) The fans' attacks along with Greg's statuses and videos directed toward her are rumored to be the reason behind her abrupt disappearance from her YouTube and her FellFromTheSkye social media accounts.

Greg continued to publicly complain about his alimony and accuse Skye of being a lying thief on blogs and videos for years, although he never spoke about being suicidal over it after April 2012.

In the 2016 video, Greg admitted he used threatening to kill himself as a manipulation tactic against Skye and he had no intention of killing himself. He said he was angry at Skye for lying in court to get more money from him. (Source)


A few years after the initial alimony complaints, Greg stopped talking about it about it publicly for a few years. It is speculated this was because his channels were producing more money. His last payment was due August 2017.

Greg continues to bring up Skye in videos.

Skye has not returned to the public eye since 2012.

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