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Warning! This page is not complete. There will be information and sources missing.
Greg, Kai, and Sarah in 2016

Sarah was a long time teenage friend of Kai's who eventually had an on and off sexual relationship with Greg and Kai in 2019. Sarah briefly dated Greg in the summer of 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: Greg has multiple versions of events, so there may be multiple versions of his side of some situations. The most notable shifts in his versions of his events are his January 2020 to mid 2020 videos and interviews vs mid 2020 to present videos and interviews. These will be boxed off to avoid confusion on the timeline. (This will be relevant when future parts of the article are published.)

**During some of the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos may not.

Just A Fan

According to Sarah, at age 11 or 12, she found Greg's videos through Youtube's recommendations. She says the topics he covered like self harm and positivity really spoke to her. She related to a lot of the questions he answered in videos such as what to do when your mom is mean to you or what to do if boys are mean to you in school. She felt like it was cool that an older guy understood the issues she was going through. She said she was in a really bad place in her personal life when she found his channels. Sarah says Greg's videos influenced a lot of her opinions at the time. (Source)

Sarah says when Greg introduced Kai to his audience in 2012, she became more of a fan of Kai's than Greg. (Source) At this point, Kai was active on Tumblr and Twitter and gained fans through those platforms and his appearances in Greg's videos. Kai refused to open his own Youtube channel at this point.

Sarah says she developed a crush on Greg and Kai at age 13. (Source)

Sarah says the first time she contacted Greg was at age 13. She emailed him about not being able to log into his Onision Forums. He answered her with advice on how to get in. She says they did not have a personal conversation at that point. Sarah says she also began Tweeting at Greg a few times around this time. (Source)

Online Friendship With Kai

Sarah says at age 13 she began tweeting at Kai a lot and those Tweets are what got Kai to first notice Sarah. Sarah says most of her tweets were responses to Kai's tweets. For example, if Kai asked Twitter what color he should dye his hair, Sarah would respond. Sarah says Kai began making Sarah his "Woman Crush Wednesday". (Source)

Sarah soon joined a Kik group chat dedicated to Kai's fans. Kai would use the chat to talk to his fans. Regina, a teenage fan turned Kai's online friend, started a friendship with Sarah though this Kik chat. Kai noticed their friendship and asked Regina if Sarah was trustworthy. (Source) Eventually, Kai DM'd Sarah asking how old Sarah was. Sarah told Kai she was 14 and Kai said she looked older. (Source) Kai and Sarah later clarified Kai believed Sarah was older because he believed Sarah was a mom due to the photos Sarah would Tweet of her niece and because Sarah would talk about things like breastfeeding. In a 2020 video, Greg claimed he believed Kai began talking to Sarah because Sarah pretended to be a mom. He says Kai felt like he could relate to Sarah being a mom. (Source)

Sarah says by the time she and Kai became friends, she was in a very dark place in her personal life. A few months prior to talking to Kai for the first time she had wanted to end her own life due to things that had happened to her. She wanted something good to happen and she felt like talking to Kai was that good thing that she got for everything else that was going wrong. She describes herself as quiet and insecure at school and she felt that her friendship to Kai was validating. She felt cool because her idol was talking to her. She felt special for getting attention from Kai and felt like it was meant to be. (Source)

The Three Musketeers

Sarah, Regina, and Kai on a group call, 2015

At age 14, Sarah received a message from Kai stating he was about to delete Kik and gave Sarah his phone number. (Source) Sarah, Regina, and Kai began talking frequently in a group chat and began calling themselves The Three Musketeers. Sarah claims Kai would talk about his sex life with Greg in this group chat. Sarah also claims Kai told her how big Greg's penis was. (Source)

Regina and Sarah claim Kai began exchanging "thirst traps", or lude photos, with them in their group chat. Regina describes the photos as, "sexually suggestive photos in a bra and underwear with cleavage showing." Sarah says she thought it was innocent because Kai was still identifying as a straight women at this point. (Source)

"Thirst Trap" Kai sent to Sarah

In January 2015, Kai tweeted an image he described as a "thirst trap" "curtsey of Sarah." The image featured Kai laying suggestively with a censored bar covering his body. Many viewers believed Kai to be nude in the photo and called him out for sending a nude to a minor. To defend himself, Kai tweeted a version of the photo without the censored bar. The photo was still partially censored with pink scribbles. In the photo, Kai was wearing panties and a low cut tank top. Kai claimed he only sent it to Sarah because he needed Sarah to help his edit the photo. (Source) Kai also defends himself by saying he was wearing a shirt in the photo. (Source)

Sarah says she and Kai became close and would FaceTime all the time and stay up late together. She recalls the night before her sophomore year of high school, they stayed up until 2am talking. She says she did whatever Kai wanted to do because she was such a huge fan and thought it was so cool she was friends with Kai. (Source)

Sarah claims the first time she saw Greg on Facetime was when she was 14. She was FaceTiming Kai and when Greg walked into the room, Kai hung up on Sarah. Kai told Sarah he was worried about Greg knowing he had an online 14 year old friend. Kai soon realized Kai didn't care and since then Greg would sometimes be in the background of the FaceTime calls. Sarah said she didn't talk to Greg at this point because as she became better friends with Kai, she didn't like Greg's personality as much anymore. (Source)

Sarah claims the first time Kai showed a picture of her to Greg, Greg responded, "oh, she's cute." (Source)

Regina also claims in her early Skype calls with Kai, Kai would try to hide her from Greg. (Source)

Flirty Tweets

Anti-Onision Tumblr blogs began to take notice of 20 year old Kai's friendship with a 14 year old fan due to their seemingly flirty public twitter interactions. Kai claims all of these Tweets were banter and he and Sarah were making fun of the Tumblr blogs thinking something was going on. On the other hand, Kai was a well known flirt on Twitter and flirted with many girls publicly on there. Kai says this is how he compliments people. (Source) Greg and Sarah confirmed this was how Kai normally behaved at the time on Twitter during a 2017 livestream. (Source)

  • In January 2015, Sarah changed her Twitter name to "Jailbait." Kai admits he used that name with Sarah, but claims it was the internet who came up with the name. (Source)
  • January 22, 2015 - Sarah participated in a flirty thread started by Kai and Greg resulting in Kai telling Sarah to go "into the dungeon." Again, Kai and Sarah defended this interaction saying it was just a joke. (Source)
  • February 5, 2015 - Kai Tweets at Sarah and Regina "yeah I have a meal for you [smirk emoji]"
  • April 23, 2015 - Kai tweeted at Sarah "I'm in love with you"
  • Sarah tweets "Cute girls who are 18+ should hmu". Kai promotes the tweet and says "Do this".
  • Sarah and Kai began referring to each other as their "girlfriend" on social media. This lead some viewers into believing they were in a relationship. Sarah retweeted a fan defending Sarah and Kai saying it's no one's business how old Sarah is and what her relationship to Kai is.
  • Sarah texts a sexual meme with Squidward to Kai. Kai screen shots the meme and posts it to twitter. Kai sets his contact image in his phone for Sarah to the Squidward meme. Sarah finds out when Kai posts a screen shot containing the image. Kai defends himself by saying it was not sexual and says he would have posted it as a Tweet anyway. (Source)
  • Kai replies to an image of Sarah saying he thought it was himself for a second. Sarah replies "we're twins af". Kai replies "I'm grooming you nicely." Kai defends himself by saying he was making fun of a Tumblr blog that said he was grooming Sarah and that Sarah was going to be the 2nd wife. Sarah later said she did not know what grooming meant when she exchanged these tweets with Kai. (Source)

When Greg commented on the accusation of Kai flirting with Sarah while she was a minor, he said he didn't monitor Kai's social media or see the texts between Kai and Sarah. He says he only saw a meme and it was "fucking stupid." He says he didn't see interest from Kai for Sarah. (Source)

In January 2019, Kai admitted his public Twitter interactions with Sarah were inappropriate and apologized. He maintains he was not flirting, that it was all a joke mostly based on other people believing something was going on between them. He says he did not understand at the time that it was inappropriate because he was very young and uneducated. (Source)

Age 15

In January 2016, Kai and Greg break up for a short period after their first relationship with Billie due to Greg being intimate with Billie behind Kai's back. Sarah claims after Greg and Kai got back together, Greg refused to talk about the situation with Kai. Greg would tell Kai, "move on or divorce me. I don't want to talk about this. I don't care if your feelings are hurt." So, Kai turned to Sarah for emotional support. Sarah says she would let Kai talk about whatever he wanted however long he wanted all day. She would try to sit there and help him. (Source)

The dynamic of Sarah filling in as emotional support for Kai when Greg did not want to fill that role became a prominent part of their relationship. It was so prevalent, the drama image board lolcow referred to Sarah by the nickname "Tissue" for years.

Greg has also referenced and spoken about this dynamic in videos. One example is in a 2016 video. He explains, "as some of you may know, my wife and I have had moments where we aren't necessarily on great terms on each other and in those moments my wife sometimes needs a friend to talk to. Queue: Sarah." (Source)

Sarah claims because of this they became super close and Kai eventually confessed he like her. Sarah says Kai was aware she was into women. Sarah says she didn't say she liked Kai outright, but made a tweet about her feelings for him. Sarah claims Kai asked who the Tweet was about. Sarah said him, and Kai said he felt the same. (Source)

Sarah claims they began speaking romantically. She claims they would play 20 questions, asking if she was submissive, dominant, or a switch. Sarah now says looking back she was only 15 and didn't know about any of that. (Source)

Sarah also claims she sent at least one topless photo to Kai at age 15. (Source) Kai has never publicly defended himself against this claims, but Greg had spoken about it in 2020. Greg claims Kai would never exchanged photos with Sarah because Kai isn't into porn, except for gifs of men kissing guys on Kai's tumblr. (Source)

While Kai had a tumblr, he was known to re-blog and like erotic, nude, and phonographic images of women. This began years before Kai came out publicly as bisexual. Greg was well aware of this and at in 2016 he Tweeted a screen shot of Kai re-blogging an erotic photo of two women with the caption, "I'm married to the coolest human." (Source)

Sarah claims in February 2016, Kai was upset one night about the Billie situation and Greg reassured Kai by telling him it was ok and they could just wait for Sarah to turn 18. "Why don't we just wait for Sarah?" Sarah says due to this, she believed they were going to be in a relationship. (Source) At this point, Sarah was 15, Kai was 21, and Greg was 30.

When Greg was asked about this conversation during an interview, he responded by asking if Sarah provided proof of that being said. When the interviewer said no, Greg said, "well then she's a fucking idiot." When the interviewer said he believed it was verbal Greg responded, "Yeah, she's a fucking idiot." (Source)

Around June 2016, Kai and Greg were back together with Billie. Sarah claims talk of her potentially being in a relationship with Kai ended when Kai got back together with Billie. (Source)

First Visit

Kai tweets about Sarah's first visit

Sarah says Greg and Kai began planning Sarah's first visit when she was 15. Sarah claims Greg and Kai agreed upon waiting for Sarah to turn 16 before she visited because the legal age of consent in Washington is 16. She said when she was told, she agreed with this decision because she believed they just wanted to be safe and to avoid anyone thinking anything is going on. (Source)

Sarah says Kai called her one day crying, asking if she would come to his baby shower in a few months. The baby shower was a month after Sarah's 16th birthday. (Source) Sarah says she asked for her 16th birthday present to be a plane ticket to Washington. (Source)

Sarah claims before she visited, Kai would talk about kissing her after she turned 16 and said it wouldn't be illegal for him to kiss her. (Source)

Sarah says she visited for the first time September 15th to the 21st. She claims Greg was super nice to her during this visit. She claims he would pat her hair and told her, "you're so mature for your age, I feel like I'm hanging out with a 20-year-old." Sarah also claims Kai would put his legs on her and said it was a "weird vibe." (Source) Sarah also claims one of the first things Greg said to her was, "your face looks like how cream soda feels going down your throat." (Source)

Sarah and Greg both acknowledge Sarah was interested in Kai when she began visiting. Kai denies this. Greg says they didn't pursue Sarah during her first visit because Kai was dating Billie. He says Sarah's age gap with Kai was legal, but awkward. (Source)

Theater Incident

During the visit, Kai, Sarah, Greg, and Billie went to the movies together. Kai and Billie were intimate while at the theater and Greg noticed Sarah was visibly upset. Greg claims Sarah was to the point of crying. Sarah says she was weirded out and hurt.

Greg claims he stopped Sarah by the drinking fountains and told her she's not in a relationship, she's just a friend. Sarah claims Greg told her she didn't need to be upset and was emotionally supportive.

Sarah claims after they got back to the house, Greg took her down to the basement and told her the relationship isn't a triangle (referring to Billie, Kai, and Greg's relationship), it's a square because Sarah is very important to Kai. Sarah says this confused her, but apparently Greg meant friendship.

Greg claims he told her there's four of them, they all have a seat at the table, but she's not part of the relationship. He says she seemed to understand at the time. He says there were a lot of misunderstandings, but they were never in a relationship. (Source)

Billie's friend Ayalla also claimed Greg used the "it's not a triangle, not a square" line with her when she visited while Sarah was there. She said she didn't know if the fourth person Greg was referring to was herself or Sarah. (Source)

Internet Backlash

Viewers from gossip sites and blogs became concerned when finding out about Sarah's visit to Greg and Kai's home and believed Greg and Kai or just Kai was trying to start a romantic and/or sexual relationship with her. This was due to a few factors. The first being Kai's history of publicly interacting in a flirty manner with Sarah since Sarah was 14. The next was that Greg and Kai had been public about their search for a third for about a year at that point. Lastly, it was obvious Kai and Greg had waited for Sarah to turn 16 before her first visit due to the age of consent in Washington being 16. 16 being the age of consent in Washington is something Greg mentioned a lot of his channels due to previously being in 2 public relationships with 17-year-olds.

One concerned viewer called Greg and Kai's local police. Kai says they spoke to the police and were told everything was fine. (Source)

Greg responded to the situation in the September 18th video "The Truth About My Spouse (& 16 Year Old Friend)". In the video, Greg exaggerated the internet's concerns, claiming the internet believed he and Kai were recruiting Sarah to be a sex slave. He also claimed these rumors were based on the fact Kai is bisexual, which he says is bi-phobic. He said Kai is thinking about taking legal action because Sarah's private information was released. He says Sarah and Kai's relationship is innocent and asks viewers to back off because Sarah's mother is supportive and is angry at the internet. He says the police officer was also angry because the internet wasted their time when they could be focusing on far more important things. (Source)

First Time Living With Kai & Greg

Sarah was invited to live in Greg and Kai's home due to problems she was having in her home life. Sarah says one night she was crying and texting her best friend, Kai, after something had happened to her. Kai told Sarah he was going to seriously talk to Greg about Sarah moving in. Sarah says before this, Kai would only joke about Sarah moving in. (Source)

Kai says he decided to help Sarah because he had seen several things done to Sarah while she was living at home. He says Sarah's home was not a healthy environment for her. Kai says he knew Sarah also wanted to go to college in Washington, so her living there would help her get Washington state residency to get resident tuition, which is cheaper. Kai says it was beneficial to everyone. (Source)

Kai and Sarah say Kai helped Sarah look into ways to get her out of her home life for a whole year before deciding Sarah should move in. They say the alternatives, such as emancipation, were too complicated. Kai says Sarah's mother was willing to sign over guardianship of Sarah to himself, so that was the easiest option. Kai says Sarah's mother knows Kai and trusts him to take care of Sarah. (Source)

Later on, in 2020, Greg began using the fact that Sarah's mother allowed Sarah to live with himself and Kai as evidence that there was something wrong with Sarah and her own mother wanted nothing to do with her. Greg claims Sarah's mother offered to pay himself and Kai for Sarah's food, but they didn't accept money because they felt they were just helping a friend. (Source)

Sarah claims as she was planning to move, she contacted Kai for information and Kai told her he didn't know what was going on with his relationship, due to issues he was having with Billie and Greg. Sarah says this made her feel brushed off and felt Kai wasn't as serious about her moving as he made it out to be. Sarah claims one day Kai told Sarah he thinks the key to making his relationship with Billie and Greg work was for Sarah to move in to become a "problem solver" because last time Sarah visited, Billie was nicer to Kai. (Source)

Sarah says her mother was fine with her living with Greg and Kai. She says her mother gave her money every month so Sarah could get what she needed while living in Washington. (Source) Sarah's mother signed over power of attorney to Kai in early November 2016. Sarah says this was so that is there was an emergency, Kai and Greg would have rights. Sarah claims Greg joked they would have the right to pull the plug on her. (Source)

Sarah also claims before her second trip to Greg and Kai's home, her mother expressed concern for Sarah saying she believed Greg and Kai used Sarah emotionally. Sarah says she denied this to her mother. (Source) Sarah says at this point her mother was not aware of the sexual stuff she claimed went on between herself and Kai.


There was a lot of confusion about what legal relationship Kai and Sarah had due to differing explanations from Kai Greg, and Sarah throughout the years. The first the public heard was Sarah and Kai saying Kai is Sarah's legal guardian during a February 2017 livestream. In the livestream, Kai explained that Sarah's mother signed over guardianship of Sarah to Kai. Kai claimed it was notarized and he currently had legal guardianship of Sarah. When someone commented they were uncomfortable with a 30 year old man having legal guardianship over a teen, Kai responded that Greg did not have guardianship. (Source)

In 2017, Greg said he and Kai were like foster parents to Sarah and he saw her as a little sister. (Source)

In 2020, Greg described it as just a signed piece of paper that said they could help if there was a medical or legal issue with Sarah. Greg claims it wasn't official because it wasn't notarized. (Source)

Internet Finds Out

Sarah wearing a mask

In the beginning, it seemed Greg, Kai, and Sarah tried to keep the fact that she was living in their home a secret from the internet. She did not appear in any of their videos and her being there was never mentioned on their social media. The internet became aware Sarah was in the home when she posted a Halloween selfie taken in Greg and Kai's bathroom. (Source) After that, she appeared in an Onision video, but wore a mask and asked to be called "Smith." In the video, Greg commented that Sarah trying to hide her identity was stupid and continually called her Sarah throughout the video. (Source)

After that initial masked video, Sarah frequently participated in Greg and Kai's videos. She also appeared in selfies with Greg and Kai on social media. Despite Sarah appearing in videos with Greg and Kai for the next three months, none of them ever provided the internet with an explanation for why she was there. As the months went on, people began to question more and more why she was there for so long and if she was missing school.

Greg later claimed he barely hung out with Sarah while she lived there and he would only play video games with her every other week. This does not seem to be the case, supported by how frequently they made sketches, video game videos, and took selfies together. (Source)

It seems Greg would sometimes play up the controversy Sarah's age brought to his channel, once naming a video "Onision Violates A Teenage Girl (in MGO)". (Source)

Billie and Ayalla

Billie, Greg, Sarah, and Ayalla

While Sarah lived with Greg and Kai, they were still on and off with their girlfriend Billie. At one point, Billie brought her friend Ayalla to the house to stay during her trip. Sarah claims Billie and Ayalla would question why Sarah was living there and that they were confused by the situation. (Source) Billie, Ayalla, and Sarah got along while they were together. Billie describes her relationship with Sarah at the house as good friends. (Source)

Sarah says while she lived at the house, she would mostly have to take care of Kai due to all the relationship drama Kai was going through with Billie and Greg. (Source) Sarah says one day Greg and Kai were debating if they were going to let Billie and Ayalla stay another week or not. They brought Sarah into the bathroom and they told Sarah she was the "decider." Sarah says she didn't give the answer Greg wanted, so he said "why are we asking a 16 year old?" Ayalla confirms she remembers this incident. (Source)

Kai says while Billie and Ayalla were in the home, he was angry at everyone so he wouldn't hang out with them. He would only hang out with Sarah while everyone else hung out downstairs. (Source)

Greg claims whenever Kai had relationship issues with Billie, Sarah would talk crap about Billie and Ayalla. He says maybe she was trying to be a good friend to Kai, but suggests there might be another reason. (Source)

When Sarah was asked if Kai would tattle to Greg when he wanted people removed from the house, Sarah said they all did. "I tattled like a motherfucker." (Source)

Ayalla says she forgives Sarah for telling Greg her personal information because she knows the manipulative tactics Greg uses to get information about people. Ayalla says Sarah was nice to her while she was at the house and Sarah did not seem like a bad person to her. (Source)

Nanny Rumor

While Sarah lived there, a rumor began spreading that she was living there as Greg and Kai's nanny. This rumor persisted as Sarah would continue to visit throughout the years. Kai and Sarah denied this during a 2017 livestream. Kai says they are not paying Sarah and she does not work for them. (Source)

Both Billie and Ayalla have spoken about how much Sarah would clean the house and take care of Greg and Kai's children. Billie says she felt like Sarah was there to clean up and babysit for Greg and Kai. (Source)

Ayalla says she felt Greg and Kai would use both Billie and Sarah as both nannies and maids. Ayalla claims if Sarah was not taking care of the children up to par, they would punish her or threaten her. She claims they would threaten to send her home or take things away from her.

Billie claims Greg did not do any housework and that Kai felt entitled to herself and Sarah helping around the house. She claims if they didn't, Kai would throw a fit, ignore them, or send bland text messages. Billie says it felt it was more like herself and Sarah were expected to help out around the house rather than it being a nice gesture. (Source)

Greg confirmed in an interview that Sarah helped out a lot with the house, but he claimed it was win favor with himself and Kai because she didn't understand nothing was going to happen relationship wise. (Source)

Inappropriate Behavior Accusations

Greg claimed he and Kai always kept their distance from Sarah. The same day Greg uploaded the video claiming this, Sarah said on a livestream she only ever hugged Greg and Kai. Sarah later claimed Greg would only offer to hug her after Kai left the room. When reacting to this statement, Greg said, "apparently I gave someone a hug. Apparently that was a really bad thing, giving someone a hug." (Source)

Sarah claims she cuddled in bed with Kai. Kai claims no one cuddled in bed. (Source)

Ayalla says whenever Greg would made inappropriate comments to Sarah, Sarah would confide in her about it. (Source) Ayalla claims Greg would say suggestive and provocative things, but when he was called out on it, he would claim it was only a joke. Ayalla claims there was an incident where he made an inappropriate comment about Sarah sitting in a massage chair. Sarah confirms she remembers this incident. (Source)

Ayalla claims one day at the house, she and Sarah had a long conversation about Sarah's relationship with Kai. Ayalla claims Sarah had told her at age 15, she had been flirting back and forth with Kai and that they had discussed potentially being in a relationship in the future when Sarah became older to avoid legal issues. (Source)

Kai claims there was no discussion of a potential relationship with Sarah. (Source)

Sarah claims she would sometimes lay in bed with Greg and Kai. She claims Greg would give her little touches here and there and she felt it was creepy. (Source)

Bath Accusations

Sarah claims Kai would ask her to be in the bathroom while he bathed because Kai would bathe with his kids. Sarah would sit and talk to Kai while he was in the bath. Then, Sarah would get the kids out of the bath. Sarah says they never did anything sexual and Kai just wanted someone to be with. She claims Kai was naked in front of her all the time. Sarah also claims Kai would talk to her while she was taking a shower. (Source) Sarah says she thought it was normal. (Source)

Billie claims she once walked in on Kai naked in the bathtub while Sarah sat nearby on a chair. She said it didn't sit right with her because Sarah was underage and she was sitting with someone she clearly had a crush on. She says she told Greg about it and he made a big deal about it and said they weren't going to do that anymore. (Source)

Kai claims all the bath stuff didn't happen and says it's a ridiculous accusation. (Source)

"Dat Booty Doe"

Ayalla, Greg, and Sarah all have spoken about an incident where Sarah was alone in a room laying on a bean bag reading her phone. Billie, Ayalla, and Kai were downstairs. Greg came up the stairs with a box and said "dat booty doe." Sarah claims it was, "mmm dat booty doe." Greg claims it was a condescending "dat booty doe" because it was like she was showing off her butt. Sarah claims she looked back and gave him a look. She claims Greg was like, "what? Are you mad?" She says she was confused and answered, "no."

Greg says no one says "dat booty doe" as a real thing unless you're R&B or hip hop. He says he's not R&B or hip hop, he's a comedian. (Source)

Greg Mean To Sarah

Billie claims after the bath incident, Greg started to become mean to Sarah all the time. Billie speculated Greg might have been trying to show her he didn't like Sarah. (Source)

Sarah also claims Greg was nice to her during her first trip and didn't start being mean to her until what happened with Billie and Ayalla. (Source)

Greg has spoken many times about how mean he was to Sarah while Sarah was underage. He says he would roast her in videos, but he was worse to her off camera. He says he would compare her to Drew Carey and Meg Griffin. He once compared the way he treated Sarah to ragging on an adopted brother. (Source)

Sarah claims Greg made her feel bad about her body and looks. She says one time when she was 16, he made her feel so bad about being a virgin she started crying. (Source) Sarah claims Greg would call her stupid, a cunt, and a dyke. She says she really hated being called "dyke" because she would be called that a lot in high school. She says she found it insulting so he took that and ran with it. She says he made her feel really dumb and ugly. (Source)

During a livestream when asked about why he was mean to Sarah when she was underage, Greg says it was because he didn't want her to like him. He says he didn't like being mean to her, but he didn't want her thinking he was remotely interested. When someone suggested Greg could have not been nice to Sarah without abusing her, he says he doesn't think you can. He says she was already a fan and she wasn't going to get the message if he wasn't mean. When asked why he would assume Sarah would want to be in a relationship with him, he compared the situation to when a 15 year old girl tried to kiss him when he was 18. (Source)

Sarah claimed Greg would be nice to her when no one was looking, but then be meaner when people were around. She says when he was nice, he was touchy. (Source) Sarah says she believed Greg was mean to her because he wouldn't be able to control himself if they had a normal relationship. She claims one time at a Christmas party, he put a piece of cheese in her mouth. She claims he seemed to realize what he had done and said, "I don't want to be doing this with you." (Source)

When Sarah was asked if Kai ever defended Sarah from Greg's name calling and berating, she claimed Kai never did. She claimed Kai would sometimes throw her under the bus to Greg. Sarah says no one is above Greg in Kai's mind. Not even his own children. (Source)

Sarah says the only person who ever got Greg to apologize to her was Billie. When the fact that Billie would defend Sarah from Greg was brought up during a livestream, Kai agreed that Greg was not nice to Sarah while she was underage. (Source) Ayalla also spoke about Billie having to defend Sarah from Greg multiple times during her visit. (Source)

When Sarah was asked if Greg was doing this to control her as a cult-like situation, Sarah agreed and said if she didn't want to do something, Greg would accuse her of lying or tell her to be an adult. He would do whatever he could to get what he wanted. (Source)

Luxy Incident

During one of their breakups with Billie, Greg and Kai began speaking romantically with Luxymoo and planned for her to visit. Sarah's friend, Lane, claims since Kai was broken up with Billie, Sarah believed that this might be her chance at a relationship. Lane claims Sarah was sobbing in a bathtub and texting her when she found out about Luxy because she thought she would be next in line for a relationship. (Source)

When Kai was asked about this situation, he said he wasn't aware Sarah cried over Luxy. He maintains he never entertained the idea of a relationship with Sarah while she was underage. (Source)

Kick Out

Lane claims Sarah would slowly tell her about things she and Kai discussed to test the waters. Lane says Sarah made her promise not to tell anyone about the things she spoke to Kai about and Lane agreed. Lane claims at one point Sarah told her she loved "them." Lane says she didn't know if she was using they/them pronouns for Kai (Kai was using those pronouns at the time) or if Sarah meant both Kai and Greg. (Source)

On February 5, 2017, Kai and Sarah went live on Kai's Younow to talk about drama Kai was having. Lane mistakenly thought Sarah and Kai were talking about her. In response, Lane went live on her own Younow and claimed Sarah had told her she and Kai were almost in a relationship and Greg encouraged it. Lane claimed she had screen shots of Sarah talking about this. In a 2019 interview, Sarah claimed what Lane said was true. (Source)

Sarah texted Lane and messaged her on Tumblr, begging her to deleted all of their conversations and any screen shots she had. Lane was not able to recover the screen shots, but she shared Sarah's recent messages to prove what she was saying was true. (Source)

Greg initially attacked Lane on Twitter, but later tweeted saying he didn't have the full story and Sarah admitted she spoke to Lane. He says Sarah also told him she remembered him saying something about her one day being in a relationship with Kai. Greg said this was confusing because he and Kai made it clear she was there to be a friend. (Source)

"Sarah Is Leaving"

The next day, Greg announced they were sending Sarah home with the video "Sarah Is Leaving." In the video he explained he doesn't see it as them kicking out Sarah. He sees it just as them sending her home. He says it's no one's fault, unless the internet was a person. He said if the internet wasn't weirdly involved, everything would still be fine. Greg wrote text in the video saying Sarah tried to provide proof that she and Kai were planning a relationship, but was not able to supply the text messages since her phone didn't go back that far. Greg says Sarah is 16 and he is 31, so it's creepy. He says Sarah and her friend aren't bad people. He says this is just an awkward situation. He says he doesn't know how many times he needs to say nothing is going to happen. He says they are on good terms with Sarah and they aren't upset with her. (Source)

In November 2020, Greg changed the title of this video to "We Caught Sarah Red-Handed, She Had To Leave" and began describing an alternate version of events when referencing the video. He now claims Lane and Sarah's texts were leaked to Kai and that Kai showed him the texts. He claims the texts revealed Sarah was plotting on getting with himself and Kai. He says Sarah was being creepy and malicious. He claims the texts also said she had feelings for Kai. (Source)

Later that day, Sarah went live on Younow. At different parts of the stream, Kai and Greg separately make appearances. This stream was the first time the public found out Kai had guardianship over Sarah. On the stream, Sarah denied being under the impression she was going to be in a relationship with Kai. She said all she wanted to be was a friend. Sarah says Greg was talking about confusion that happened months ago and no one in the household cares about it anymore. Sarah also denied rumors that Kai and Greg were grooming her. Sarah says the reason they are sending her home was because it was not safe for her to stay anymore because people called the police. She says she never should have been in Greg's videos and she never should have told anyone she was there. At several points during the stream, Sarah cried. She says her life was all figured out in Washington. (Source)

Years later, when later asked about how she was feeling at this time, Sarah said she felt like everything was her fault because she had a crush on Kai. She said in hindsight, she was 16 and confused. Kai, Greg, and some people online were shifting the blame on her, but she never initiated or tried to start anything. She said at the time, people online were telling her she was endangering herself in this situation with Greg and Kai, but she thought she was smart and could handle it. As she grew up, she realized why people were trying to warn her. (Source)

Sarah says while they were going to the airport to send her home, Kai asked if they actually had to let her go. Greg said yes, they can't say she'd going to leave and not actually have her leave. (Source)

Kai said the reason they sent Sarah home was because people were threatening Sarah and threatening his children. People were calling the police and Child Protective Services. (Source)

Sarah later claimed Greg and Kai told her she had to leave their home because it was getting too much for them to handle publicly. (Source)

Ayalla says she was concerned for Sarah after she left, so she contacted Sarah and offered her home to her. Ayalla says her mother is registered to be a foster parent, so if Sarah needed a safe place to stay and couldn't go home she has an option. Ayalla says she believed something was wrong because if Kai and Greg's true intention was to protect Sarah from her home life, why would they send her home immediately after they were accused of having poor intentions. (Source)

Sarah says after she got home, she continued to stay friends with Kai and Greg was not mad at her. Sarah says she would FaceTime Kai every day for hours.

Second Time Living With Kai & Greg

Sarah says a few months later, Kai told Sarah Greg said "why don't we take Sarah back?" This time, they decided to hide her visits from the internet. (Source)

Sarah says she came back for a week long trip in April 2017 and returned to live with them in August 2017 around her 17th birthday. She says she was there to be their nanny, cleaner, and to be Kai's friend. (Source)

While Sarah was living with them, she lived in their guest house that was dethatched from their main house. (At this point, Greg and Kai owned three houses due to their success on YouTube. This does not include their guest house on their main property.) Greg says he wanted Sarah to be independent and have her own place. Sarah was going to school and had her own job as well. (Source)

Sarah says during this trip she continued to be Greg's emotional punching bag. Sarah says she felt like she had to take it and let Greg say whatever he wanted because he was letting her live in his house. She also says she put up with it because she wanted to continue to be around Kai. She says she didn't understand why he was so mean to her. She says she still regarded him as an idol to her and she just wanted him to be nice to her. (Source 1, Source 2)

When asked if she ever dated while living with Greg and Kai, Sarah said there was once a boy who liked her. He wanted to be friends with Greg, but when Greg found out the boy liked Sarah, Greg said, "I can't be friends with someone who likes Sarah." Sarah claims when she was getting ready to leave for a walk, Greg told her, "tell your boyfriend to stay away from you." (Source)

Sarah with blue hair age 17

While Sarah living with Greg and Kai, she dyed her hair blue. This seemed significant because the year before, Kai had revealed he has a thing for women with blue hair. Multiple women who Greg and Kai perused for their poly relationship had blue hair. Also, Greg and Kai's on and off girlfriend Billie sported different shades of blue hair while they dated. Greg later commented on this saying Sarah was trying to look cutesy and was trying to be like Billie. He said he and Kai weren't biting and it wasn't attractive. (Source)

Kick Out (Dat Booty Doe)

Sarah says one day while she and Greg were shopping at Walmart, she was joking around about the shitty things Greg had done to her and she hinted at the "dat booty doe" incident. She claims Greg started freaking out and asking about what he did and if it was sexual. She says he was yelling at her so she started crying. She claims he said, "you're going to ruin my career. This is exactly what Kevin Spacey went through." (Source) She says when they got home, Greg ran in to tell Kai and said Sarah needed to leave. Sarah says Kai stuck up for her and said Sarah has a job here, but Greg said he didn't care. (Source)

Greg says Sarah was harboring "dat booty doe" incident. He says one day they were in Walmart buying a 27 year old alcohol and Sarah revealed to him that there was something that was bothering her and it made her uncomfortable. He said he didn't want her to be bothered in a certain sense. He said he would call her a "dumbass" and a "cunt" all the time, but he didn't want her to be uncomfortable physically around him. He says she wouldn't tell him, so he told her he needed to know because #MeToo was going on and he didn't want to make a woman feel uncomfortable. He says she finally confessed it was the "dat booty doe" comment and he freaked out because she misconstrued what he meant and he didn't want to be #MeToo'd over an innocent comment. (Source)

Sarah claims back at the house, the woman that was there took her upstairs and was crying. Sarah claims the woman told her she hopes Sarah gets out and Greg and Kai don't treat her right. Sarah says she was confused and didn't understand why the woman was freaking out. (Source)

Greg claims the woman told himself and Kai that Sarah told her she was going to kill herself because she didn't want to be hated by Greg because she was in love with him and was such a huge fan of his. Greg says he didn't see it because he and Sarah were so rude to each other. He claims the woman told him she had to keep Sarah from swallowing pills in their guest house. Greg claims the woman told himself and Kai they shouldn't let Sarah into their life because Sarah was unstable and a danger to them. He says he was told the woman also told Sarah she was better off not being in their life. Greg says Sarah denied the suicide attempt. Greg says he doesn't know who to trust and he doesn't know who was telling the truth. Greg says he was so mad at Sarah at that time because she was going to ruin his life over a joke. (Source)

More Age 17 Incidents

After Sarah flew back home, she says Kai told her Greg didn't want anything to do with her and Kai didn't know if they would still be friends. Sarah says they remained friends, but she wasn't allowed to go over their house anymore or spend the night. Sarah says eventually Kai said she was allowed to visit for a trip.

Sarah claims one day out of the blue, Kai told her Greg said the plan is for Sarah to move back in when she turns 18. Sarah says Greg concocted this plan on his own and she did not know about this. She says she had no plan to move back. She says when Kai texted her about it, she said she wasn't sure about it. Kai texted Sarah back saying Greg is willing to talk to her about her concerns. Sarah claims the phone call with Greg went poorly and he was very mean to her. She says she called Kai after and planned to tell him she was not going to go, but while on the phone, she could sense Kai getting upset and decided to agree to it. (Source)

Sarah says she had just gotten her license and a new car and one day Greg sent her a long text saying Sarah hadn't been talking to Kai enough and they talked and decided they didn't want Sarah to move back in. She claims he wrote about how they were going to build all this stuff for her and start a business with her, but now that's not possible because she's not the friend Kai thought she was. (Source)


While Sarah and Kai remained friends, Kai sold his old laptop to Sarah. Kai attempted to wipe the laptop and shipped it to Sarah. On February 8, 2018, Kai guested Sarah on his YouNow stream. Sarah announced on the stream she received the laptop in the mail, but it wasn't wiped. She said she opened it up and it said "hello Gregory". Kai says he tried to follow the directions to wipe it. Sarah announced she was currently on Kai's account and there were pictures on the account. Kai says it's not a big deal and Sarah reacts with a confused face. (Source)

While talking about this clip in an interview, Greg gave an alternate version of events. He claimed in the clip, Sarah announced she was looking at Kai's photos without Kai's permission. He claims Sarah laughed when Kai told her to delete the photos. (Source)

(There will be more info about the laptop allegations in a future update.)

Kai Photos

Sarah claims that while she was 17, Kai sent her nude photos. Sarah backed up this claim with censored screen shots of Kai sending her the alleged nudes through text messages. The outfit, makeup, and hair Kai wore in these photos is the same he wore on an April 29, 2018 YouNow stream. Kai had also uploaded a cropped version of one of the photos to his Instagram on May 8, 2018. (Source)

Kai has not publicly reacted to this claim, but Greg has. Greg claims the pictures Sarah leaked were obviously selfies meant for Instagram. He says the photos that included Kai's lower region were just a silhouette and not meant to be sexual. Greg claims the other photo has an accidental nip slip and compares it to when Kai accidentally uploaded a video with a nip slip to YouTube. He says this photo was also not meant to be sexual and people who have nipples have accidental nip slips. Greg claims Sarah was never supposed to have those photos and has not been honest about the context of the photos. Greg alleges Sarah obtained the photos through Kai's laptop and Kai would never want to send photos of that nature to anyone underage. (Source)

It has been argued that Sarah could not have gotten the photos from Kai's laptop because the photos were taken after the laptop was already in Sarah's possession. This argument is backed up by Kai's outfits, makeup, and hair in the laptop clip and in the photos compared to Kai's livestreams and videos. (Source)

July Trip

Sarah claims Greg and Kai planned for her to visit on August 4th, 2018, the day before her 18th birthday, but Greg bumped up the trip to July 4th. (Source)

On May 21, 2018, Greg sent Sarah a long text after hearing from Kai that Sarah was having a hard time. He said despite how rude he is to her, he really likes hanging out and playing video games with her. He says he doesn't have a lot of people who are close to him and he wants her to know she is someone he appreciates and is glad to have known. He invites her to visit as soon as July and suggests she spend the 4th of July with them. He says he and Kai are here for her and he looks forward to making videos with her.

Sarah responds by saying thank you and says it would be nice to spend the 4th of July with them. (Source)

Sarah says when she arrived at the airport, Greg came to pick her up. She claims as soon as she got off the plane, Greg bear hugged her. She says the last time she saw him he was yelling at her, so she was wondering what was going on. She claims he wasn't being cold or distant toward her anymore and they talked the whole ride back. She says she believes he was being nice to her because she lost weight, grew her hair out, and matured physically. She claims he made a comment about it and said, "girl next door moves back and she's super hot now." (Source)

She claims for the first week or two it was normal, but then Greg started to make little comments like "[Kai] and Sarah would make a good couple" or "do that, that would be hot." Sarah claims one night Kai was in the shower and she was sitting in the bathroom talking to him. Kai told her Greg made a joke that she and Kai would make a cute couple and Sarah started crying. She told Kai she needs Greg to stop making jokes like that because it hurts her because she still has feeling for Kai sometimes. She said she doesn't want it to give her any kind of hope because she's trying to move past it. (Source)

On July 15, 2018, Greg uploaded the video "I Want Teenagers To Hate Me." Sarah claims this video was about her. In the video, Greg says since he legally dated 17-year-olds, people would equate him to people who are attracted to 8-year-olds. He says people can't tell the difference between a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old because they are almost the exact same. He says since then, he's treated almost everyone under 18 like crap. He says today he realized he does this because he doesn't want them to like him or enjoy his personality. Once he realized there's a huge repulsion toward dating 17-year-olds, he started feeling it as well. He says he wanted to share this epiphany he had today because he appreciates himself more because of it. He says it shows how much power that not only society has over him, but how much power he has over himself. He has the ability to adapt and as a result, be more successful in life. He says he won't be upset if you are mad at him for dating other age gaps. He says 18-35 is the primary age for reproduction, so it's absurd to be upset with a hetero man for targeting that age group. He says people who judge don't have a lot of experience with love and don't realize love is often blind to age. (Source)

Greg claims he apologized to Sarah for being mean to her all these years late in her 17's. Greg later claimed he apologized to her when she was 18½. He says he told her he was shitty to her this whole time because he wanted her to stay away from him. He claims once she turned 18, he decided he could be nice to her now. Greg claims it took a while for Sarah to understand why he had to be mean to her. (Source)

Sarah says she believes Greg strategically was mean to her and battered down her self esteem so that when he did finally start being nice to her and say suggest a relationship between them, her guard would be down. She believes Greg knew the relationship was going to happen the whole time and he took advantage of the fact that he was finally being nice to her. (Source) Sarah has also said she believes Greg broke her down so he could build her back up to be whatever he wanted.

Sarah says she felt so happy at this time because she and Kai were closer than ever and Greg was finally nice to her. (Source)

Sarah claims a month before she turned 18, Kai revealed he and Greg were open to being romantic or sexual with her. She claims Greg became a puppet master and would tell her and Kai what to do, like they should kiss. She says she believes Greg was testing the waters and seeing how far he could go. (Source) Sarah said she knew that Greg could never be in a three way relationship where he didn't also get to be with the girlfriend. So, in order to be in a relationship with Kai, she knew she would have to be with Greg as well. (Source)

"Dat Booty Doe" Goes Public

On July 27, 2018, a censored discord conversation was leaked revealing the "dat booty doe" incident. It seems the person revealing the information was close to Greg and Kai at some point. (Source)

Dat booty doe sketch

The first person to react to the leak was Kai. Kai was sent the screenshot in Twitter DMs and Kai denied it happened. (Source) Soon after, Greg replied to the controversy on Twitter announcing he is going to make a sketch about the incident to show how stupid everyone is being. (Source)

On July 26, 2016, Greg uploaded the video "What Really Happened 2 Years Ago" to his Patreon. In the video, he explains he is a comedian and someone misrepresented what happened between himself and Sarah. He reenacts the incident in a comedic sketch. He explains Sarah was 16 at the time, but she is still in his life and he saw her 30 minutes ago. He says he spoke to Sarah about Kai about making this video and they both told him not to make the video, but it was more important for him to tell the truth. (Source)

Later on, while discussing future merch ideas in a Patreon Discord call, Greg announced he was going to make a "Dat Booty Doe" t-shirt. On the call, he also complained people were getting the quote wrong. It's not "That" it's "dat". (Source)

Age 17 Accusations


Kai and Sarah cuddling

On August 1, 2018, Kai and Sarah took selfies while cuddling. Sarah later uploaded these photos to Twitter to prove how intimate they were at this point and that they cuddled before she turned 18. (Source)

Sarah claims Greg would have Youtubers come over during this time. She claimed one YouTuber witnessed them all cuddling in bed together while she was 17 and didn't say anything about it. (Source)

Gremlin Face

Greg has brought up an incident where he claims Sarah made a "gremlin face" many times. He claims Sarah was holding a baby while they were having a fight about something trivial. He told Sarah to give him the baby and she snarled "no" and made the gremlin face. He demonstrates that she turned the baby away from him when she said this. He says it was like a snap right in front of his eye and it was horrifying. He says she was like a venomous beast. He says she apologized for it.

Greg also claims Sarah's eyes are normally brown, but when she mad at you they turn black. He has stated her eyes turned black when talking about the gremlin face incident. (Source)

Falling Out

Around this time Sarah appeared in many of Kai's YouTube videos and on Kai's social media. Many viewers believed Kai and Sarah were more intimate in these videos compared to Sarah's previous appearances. For example, in the video "My Secret Life" Sarah rubbed lotion on Kai's legs and feet. (Source)

Greg claims when Sarah turned 18, nothing happened. He says himself and Kai weren't feeling any tension and things were chill. (Source) Although, the texts Greg released from this time period say otherwise.

In September 2018, Sarah had a falling out with Greg and Kai. She claims this was the first time she cut them off.

Greg released texts between Kai and Sarah that took place after the falling out. The first was from Kai to Sarah sent on September 30th. In the text, Kai says he doesn't want her money and that he paid for Sarah because he cares deeply for her. He says he's hurt she would throw away 4 years of friendship because of something he can't control. He can't make himself feel that way and it would be dishonest and unfair to both of them for him to say he felt that way. He says apparently their friendship only existed in hopes that they would wind up together. He says he thought she would be his friend forever and that Sarah assured him even if they don't wind up together she would still care for him as a friend. He says it's disappointing and upsetting. He wishes Sarah is happier not because he was obviously holding her back.

Sarah responded the next day. In the text, Sarah explains she was not mad to Kai because he doesn't have romantic feeling for her. She says she knows nothing would happen for 2 years and still stuck around because he was always her best friend before anything else. She says she tried so hard to get over her feelings for Kai for the sake of being able to keep him in her life. She says she's been fucked up about this over the last three weeks because she can't believe after she told him multiple times if it was a "no" to just to tell her because it would hurt less. She says before this all started, the night she broke down in front of Kai in the shower, she told him she didn't want any talk of this unless it was going to be real. Instead, Kai allowed her to believe for the first time in 2 years that there was a chance for them to be together. She says Kai let it go on with her humiliating herself for two months. She says 48 hours before she was supposed to leave for the airport to come back, she gets a text from Greg telling her Kai does not have feelings for her. She says that hurt, but also that it didn't come from Kai and Kai knew all this time. She said Kai cared more about being scared to tell her than how it was going to affect her when she finally found out the truth. (Greg did not share the rest of the message.)

Kai responds by saying if he knew sooner, he would have told her. He defends himself by saying it would have been worse if he waited until Sarah got there to tell her in person. The next text from Kai says it wasn't because Greg wanted Sarah. Greg thought Kai and Sarah would be good together because she makes Kai happy. Kai says it's a fucked up thing for Sarah to say and if that's what she thinks of the kind of relationship he has with Greg, then they should have terminated their friendship years ago.

Sarah replies saying Kai wasn't honest and Greg was the one who kept filling her in behind closed doors. She says Greg kept telling her things like "I'd bet on it happening" and "there's a 78% chance of you two being together." Sarah says Greg was the one who initiated this when Kai told Sarah Greg said "I want us to date Sarah." Sarah accuses Kai of being scared of Greg being mad at him for not wanting to date Sarah.

Kai replies saying their entire four years of friendship wasn't real. He says everything nice Sarah ever did for him was in hopes that he would date her. Kai says he was honest about his feelings and he didn't know how he felt. He says he was honest with Greg, but Greg might have misinterpreted.

Sarah says she was friends with Kai before she fell in love with him. Sarah says she tried so hard after November to get over her feelings for Kai. She says she decided before she flew back if Greg suddenly became okay with her and Kai being together, she would turn it down because it would end up hurting their friendship. She says but when the time came, Greg took her downstairs and told her there was a chance, instead of saying no she broke down crying. She asks if Kai didn't feel the same, why did Greg say Kai did?

It seems some messages may have been excluded. The next text Greg shared is Sarah saying it was never about Greg. She says she has feelings for Greg, but they aren't at the depth or level of what she feels for Kai. She says it was Kai who she was waiting on to decide. Kai says it was a mutual decision, so if it was Kai that had feelings and Greg did not want to be in the relationship it still wouldn't work. It's a poly dynamic.

Sarah says she already knew what Greg's decision was. Kai replies he didn't know and says Greg seems relatively uninvested in the situation. Sarah says Greg made it clear that if Kai wanted it, then he was for it.

Greg also shared texts from that day between himself and Sarah. Sarah says she told Kai in the car on the way back from dinner that if he didn't feel the same way it wouldn't ruin their friendship, but if he wasn't upfront about it it would. She says Greg texted her saying Kai had feelings the entire time and that's why things went the way they did. She says she knew Kai didn't have feelings for her for years and she was always still around, even after November because she still loves Kai as a friend and didn't care he didn't want her in that way. She knew there was no potential of it happening, she just wanted to have her best friend. She tells Greg to stop trying to flip it around on her, this is not her fault.

Greg says he's not trying to flip anything. He wrote to her exactly as it is. He says he texted that to her because it was the moment he asked Kai what the conclusion was and he didn't want to keep Sarah in suspense. As a result, Sarah went silent as Kai talked for weeks about how she abandoned him and clearly never cared. He says everyone was honest with her and every time he learned something she needed to know, he told her. He says Kai lost faith in having close friends. (Source)

When talking about this time period, Greg says when Sarah turned 18, he was not willing to explore the idea of a relationship unless Sarah had gotten approval through Kai. He says it was a total mess because Kai was not there emotionally and felt it was inappropriate. (Source)


Around November or December, Sarah begins communicating with Greg and Kai again. Greg states this was when Sarah began showing interest in Kai. (Source) (Again, the texts he shared above say otherwise.) Greg also stated many times that this time period (November/December) was when Sarah was 18½. This is not the case as Sarah's birthday is in August. (Source)

Greg claims Sarah was pushing to be with Kai and to kiss Kai. Greg claims Kai was grossed out by the idea. Greg guesses part of the problem may have been that Kai was still in love with his ex, Billie. (Source)

Greg says when Kai and Sarah would hang out, they would listen to jams and laughing all the time together. He says he would have group wrestling matches with them. It would be Sarah and Kai trying to take him down and he would win every time. He says Sarah was really good at wrestling, but he was better because he was bigger. He says he thought what's wrong with this if they're all adults? He claims this isn't something he thought about when Sarah was underage because it's impossible because of age gap laws. (Source)

Sarah also references the group wrestling matches in a tweet: "huh maybe those three-way wrestling matches weren't as innocent as I thought" She also claims she receives massages during this time. (Source)

Christmas Visit

Sarah claims in early December, Kai FaceTimed her. She says Greg took the phone from Kai and said, "I miss you." They told her they wanted her to fly out for Christmas. Sarah says they planned for the trip to be platonic. She claims when she got there, Kai wanted her to sleep in their bed. She claims Greg told her Kai wanted to give it another try. Sarah says she was afraid things would go bad again, but when she expressed this concern, Greg didn't care. (Source)

Greg claims at Christmas, he made a joke to Sarah about her dating someone her own age and she got mad at him. He claims he made this joke because he and Kai were not into her. (Source)

Sarah claims Greg and Kai provided her alcohol. In response to this claim, Greg said at Christmas they had tiny bottles of Fireball. He says she asked him if she could have one. He claims he didn't give he consent and told her she was an adult, so he couldn't stop her. He says he believes she took one of the Fireballs. (Source) [The legal drinking age in the US is 21.]

During this visit, Sarah appeared in a few of Kai's video. In the video "TRYING ASMR FOR THE FIRST TIME", Kai and Sarah make many sexually suggestive gestures and sounds. In the video "WE PLAYED GIANT CONNECT 4", Kai asks what does he get since he won. Sarah responds, "my undying love." Kai says, "I already got that. I'd like another prize." Greg can be heard laughing in the background. (Source)

Kiss Kai

Greg claims one day Sarah mustered up the strength to kiss Kai. He says he wasn't there, but it was described to him as Sarah walked up to Kai, grabbed his face, kissed him, stepped back, and yelled "fuck!" Greg has told this story and reenacted the kiss many times in videos and interviews. Greg says he thought it was creepy and Kai was freaked out by it. (Source)

In the 2020 video "the known" Greg discloses he was the one that told Sarah to kiss Kai. He claims he told Sarah if she was really interested in Kai, to just go kiss him and be with him. Greg claims after Sarah kissed Kai, she immediately went downstairs and hugged Greg while they laid in a circular chair. He says he was like, "what? I guess good job then." Greg claims he was indifferent to the whole thing as far as his emotions. He claims he didn't feel attraction to Sarah and was more interested in the idea of Sarah filling in the giant hole in Kai's life. He says he felt like the whole Sarah trying to kiss Kai drama was beneath him because for him, if you want to kiss someone, you just kiss them. You don't make a big deal out of it. Greg says he felt it was very mean and insensitive how Kai repeatedly rejected Sarah. (Source)

Greg claims because of the kiss, Kai began to get panicky about the whole thing and didn't want to be with Sarah anymore. He claims Sarah went into a rage because Kai didn't want to be with her. He claims Sarah also freaked out at Kai because Kai tweeted about loving the woman from the show Grey's Anatomy. He says she had a borderline mental breakdown. He claims this is what initially lead himself and Kai into saying Sarah needed to leave because she was unstable.

Greg claims after the December visit, Sarah texted him saying she knew Kai was never into her and it was hopeless attempt. (Source)

Greg says by January, he was still willing to give Sarah a chance, but since the kiss Kai was still not on board. (Source)

January Grooming Accusations

Ayalla's initial accusation Tweet

On January 5, 2019, Ayalla and Lane came out on Twitter to accuse Greg and Kai of grooming Sarah. They spoke about all of the things Sarah allegedly confessed to them about her relationship with Greg and Kai. [All of the allegations from Ayalla and Lane were previously mentioned in this article.] Luxy also came out to support them and told her side of her brief relationship with Greg and Kai. All three also individually streamed from YouNow to tell their stories and to answer questions.

Kai responded later that day with his own YouNow livestream to defend himself and to answer questions. In the stream, Kai states that Sarah was only ever nothing more than his friend. He claims even though Sarah is 18, there is still nothing going on between them and their friendship is just platonic and that Sarah will only ever be his friend. Kai says Sarah is currently home and she was only visiting recently for Christmas. During the stream, Kai also denied ever cuddling with Sarah, bathing with Sarah, and ever talking about a potential romantic relationship with Sarah. Kai points out Ayalla doesn't have any evidence that he was romantic with Sarah or that he cuddled in bed with Sarah. He claims this is because it never happened.

Kai claims on his stream that he is currently not looking for a poly relationship. He claims he is not looking for a third because he does not want to date anyone right now and has not wanted that for a long time. When asked if Greg asks Kai to get a third, Kai responds that Greg does, but Kai does not want one. Kai also says he would not want to be in a "V" relationship, a relationship where only one of them is dating another person. Someone points out Greg has states a third is part of his perfect future. Kai responds that's fine, but that doesn't mean he has to have a third. Kai denies Greg pushing him, but he says he knows Greg's feelings on the matter. When someone suggests Greg will be resentful of Kai for not wanting a third, Kai responds he is not going to force himself to be in a relationship he does not want to be in.

After Kai's stream, Greg streamed from YouTube. Greg states he believes Ayalla and Billie believed he and Kai were dating Sarah and lashed out because they were jealous. While Kai outright denied the potential or existence of a romantic relationship with Sarah, Greg on the other hand hinted many times at a potential relationship. He stated he doesn't know what the future holds, but states they are not currently dating Sarah. Greg says he thinks it's weird people accuse them of doing anything with Sarah before she turned 18. He claims even after 18, they never did anything with her. He claims that to this day they haven't kissed or done anything sexual Sarah. Greg states that he tells people he cares about that he loves them, but they didn't say they were boyfriend/girlfriend.

Also contradictory to Kai's stream, Greg outright states that Sarah has expressed heavy interest in dating Kai. He claims Kai is hesitant due to numerous factors.

In Kai's stream, he denied ever walking around naked and says he has dysphoria and it is too cold to walk around naked. When Greg was asked about this in his stream, he said Sarah has definitely seen Kai without a top as an adult. Greg states that he doesn't know more because he doesn't follow people around their entire life. In a later January stream, Greg elaborates on this and says people who are assigned female at birth are comfortable without a top around other people who are assigned female at birth. He says in this country, we have oversexualized women to the point where it's "shameful" (finger quotes) for a women to take off her top. He says he doesn't think someone who just got out of the shower and is brushing their teeth with a towel around their waist is a sexual thing. (Source)

Sarah shared screen shots of a conversation she and Kai had the same day Ayalla and Lane came out with their accusations. The conversation shows them sharing romantic and sexual memes and comparing it to their relationship. (Source)

Sarah's Statement Video

In Kai's stream, he states what Sarah is going to do is up to her (in regards to a statement). He is not going to make her do anything. (Source)

Greg later spoke about he told Sarah to made a video about what is going on between herself and Kai. He says she asked what she should say and he told her to be honest. He says when she made the video, he realized how much Sarah cares about Kai. (Source)

Sarah states she felt really pressed by Greg to make the video even though she didn't want to. She says she was at her house when this happened. She claims he called her and told her he needs a statement from her because it would help out Kai. She asked if that was what Kai wanted and she wasn't sure about it. She claims he called and said she was misunderstanding. He doesn't want a statement, he wants a video and he listed things he wanted her to say. She says she was hesitant and said she doesn't know if this is what Kai wanted. She claims Greg raised his voice and said, "can you just talk to me like an adult?" She claims he said Kai has anxiety and essentially said Kai doesn't know what's best and the adult thing to do is to make the video. (Source)

Sarah also released texts between herself and Greg where he instructs her on what to say in the video and that he wanted her to go on a livestream after Kai's stream. (Source)

On January 9th, Greg uploaded the video "Sarah Reveals The Truth About Laineybot (aka Kai)" to his speaks channel. The video was Sarah's short video statement about the situation. Sarah states she is making her statement because people are talking for her and making allegations against Kai. Sarah denies sexual conversations happening with Kai while she was underage. She says Kai doesn't deserve this and she wishes it would all stop. (Source)

Shortly after this statement, the controversy surrounding the grooming allegations died down.


Later that year, Sarah released a previous version of the video / blooper she tried to record where she broke down crying saying she didn't want to do this. (Source) She uploaded the video to prove she was pressured into making the video by Greg.

In response, Greg argued that the blooper video was faked because Sarah changed positions and filming locations compared to the statement video. He made videos pointing out details that were different about the blooper video such as the length of her bangs and her beanie being in a different position. Greg also accuses Sarah of fake crying with no tears. (Source)

These accusations were quickly squashed on Twitter after people pointed out the statement video was flipped, so that is why her beanie and hair appeared to be different. Sarah also stated she tried filming in her living room at first, but later went up into her room and used snapchat filters to hide her red face so she wouldn't look like she was crying. (Source)


Greg uploaded two more videos regarding the situation. "Laineybot, Sarah & Onision: Objective Facts" on January 10th where he attempted to tarnish the reputations of everyone making the allegations against Kai. "SAYING GOODBYE" on January 15th where he defends himself and Kai once again. Greg also streamed again on January 15th to talk about the allegations.

Greg has released many texts between Kai and Sarah from this time period. In one of the conversations, they talk about how Greg's friend Billy stood up for them. Kai points out that Billy questioned the problem with cuddling. Sarah states they didn't cuddle until she was 18 and she says she cuddles with her mom. Kai responds, "exactly."

In one of the text conversations (date unknown), Sarah denies Kai grooming her. Kai states he knows that he didn't do anything wrong when Sarah was underage, but questions if he is doing something wrong now. Sarah says Kai didn't wait for Sarah to turn 18 and none of them knew this was going to happen. Kai says he doesn't want to be that person. He says he doesn't want Sarah to look back in a few years be like, "holy shit I got groomed." Sarah states she would know by now if she was being groomed. Kai asks Sarah to promise him she would tell him if he was being shitty. Sarah replies if she ever feels like something is shady, she'd tell him. Sarah states she, Kai, and Greg all were convinced this wouldn't happen in a million years. This is how things played out and it isn't creepy. She says it's kind of sweet the way she looks at it. Kai says he feels better, but needs reassurance. Sarah says she knows Kai and he doesn't have a malicious bone in his body. She says things are happening naturally and she's done feeling bad about it. Sarah states multiple times in the conversation that Ayalla and Lane know nothing about what is going on and they are just going off of old innocent conversations. Sarah references someone who is talking to Kai, but trying to make him feel bad about the situation. She reassures Kai again that Kai was not plotting and if she wanted to get her shit rocked by another consenting adult, there's nothing wrong about that.

Sarah states the police would laugh at Ayalla and Lane's "evidence" because nothing illegal happened. Kai states he is going to ask his mod to heavily moderate his new video. Sarah says Kai doesn't deserve this and that they are gaslighting Kai. They are making him think he did something he didn't do. She says groomers know what they're doing and don't feel bad about it. Kai says he's worried he groomed someone and didn't mean to. Sarah states she swears on her grandmother Kai didn't groom her.

January Visit

Greg says after Sarah made the statement video, he began campaigning for Sarah to Kai. He says he told Kai that Sarah was loyal, cool, kind, considerate person and she's not afraid to tell people what the truth is. He says he told Kai they had been looking for a best friend for Kai, but he (Greg) had been looking for someone to be in a polymerous relationship with. He says he told Kai Sarah's an adult and she could make her own decisions. He told Kai Sarah could be the one honest person Kai met and could be the one person it could work out with because they had such a struggle with Billie. (Source)

On January 10th, Greg liked a tweet that said, "Sarah is beautiful!! 😮😍". (Source) Greg also spoke very complimentary of Sarah on YouTube during this time. (Source)

The day after Greg uploaded Sarah's statement video, Greg sent Sarah a text saying it feels like this is the last big challenge before all their lives become what they wanted it to be. He apologizes for being rude all those years and hopes she understands why he distances himself from her all these years. He says he's so glad he finally feels comfortable with being real with Sarah and ending the rudeness. He says he'll send her an NDA early so he can't talk about her publicly because her privacy is important. (Source)

(More soon)

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