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Onision & Sam in a sketch video
Sam was a fan of Greg and Kai's who lived in their home for a month in 2018. After Sam and Greg's friendship ended, each accused the other of acting inappropriately during her stay.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nickname "Lainey" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


Sam began tweeting at Greg in 2016. In late August of that year, Greg ran an art contest for his fans. Sam submitted a drawing she made of Greg and Kai. (Source) With over 500 likes, Sam won the art contest. (Source) Greg sent Sam a Macbook for winning the contest. It is rumored that Greg and Sam kept somewhat in contact after this point.

In 2017, Sam animated Greg a "Boob Squeeze" gif. Greg thanked her for the gif on twitter. (Source) Greg began using this art on his UhOhBro video thumbnails. (Source) He later used it on his Encore channel as well. (Source)

Sam continued supporting Greg and Kai through 2017. By 2018, Sam had 76 tweets mentioning Onision and 61 tweets mentioning Kai. (Source)


In January 2018, Greg flew Sam to his and Kai's home for the first time. Greg introduced Sam online to his fans as his cameraperson. Greg says Sam initially visited to get away from her controlling mother. Her mother would hide behind her computer when she was on Skype or hide in the closet when she was on the phone. Greg says Sam came to him for advise about joining the Air Force to get away from her home life. He says Sam was practically crying when she spoke about joining the Air Force. He says if you're crying before you even get to basic training, you're probably not made out for the Air Force. Instead, Greg asked her to come to his home to be his cameraperson. She would work for him for free in exchange for living rent-free in his home. Greg says while she was there she could build up her Twitch and work on her art. ($ource)

According to Greg, the first visit was a trial period and it went well. ($ource) Greg decided he would fly Sam back to permanently move in. Sam says before she moved in, she and Greg agreed they would not be in a relationship. (Source)

According to Sam, Greg did not tell Kai she was moving in. Sam says she felt like shit after learning this. She says it added to Kai's discomfort about her being there. (Source)

When asked about Kai not knowing, Greg says he'll say things to Kai, but Kai won't actually register it. He says he told Kai while they were in the shower that he was going to bring over a permanent cameraman. When Greg later told Kai he already told him Sam was going to live with them, Kai said he didn't understand it that way. (Source)

Kai says he was never comfortable with the idea of Sam being there, but he wanted to be supportive of Greg. He says Greg was very excited about the videos they were making together. (Source)

On January 29, 2018, when asked about his relationship with Sam during a stream Greg commented, "Just think of Sam as a person, and not anything else... people are weird when I'm around women, but life is far less weird IRL." (Source)

While Sam lived with Greg and Kai, Greg and Sam seemed to get along well. On the other hand, many viewers perceived there to be tension between Kai and Sam. When viewers would ask Kai about Sam during his YouNow streams, Kai would ignore them.


Onision + Sam Video Outro
Greg and Sam filmed a handful of Onision / Patreon sketch videos together, including the videos "My Girlfriend Is Pregnant (Onision)" and "I PROPOSED TO HER!!!!". ($ource) Sam had animated an outro based on Greg's classic Onision outro, but it featured a cartoon of herself and her name squishing the word "Onision". (seen right)

According to Sam, Greg tried to have her and Kai kiss for a video. (Source) This would have been similar to in 2015 when Greg had Kai kiss Kai's then girlfriend, Billie, for a video. (Source)

Sam created content for Greg using her skills as an artist. She created merch for Kai and Greg, but the design she made for Kai was never released. The merch she drew for Greg consisted of his characters Emo Charlie and Rod Danger kissing. (Source)

Sam also designed a tattoo of two elephants for Kai. (Source) Kai vlogged getting the tattoo in his January 23rd video "MY NEW TATTOO". ($ource)

Sam and Greg frequently streamed games together on Twitch. According to Sam, she and Greg planned to stream on Twitch together before she came to the house. She says he told her if their streams got big, he would give her a percentage of the profit, but that never happened. They also had an agreement that if Twitch never picked up, she would find a part time job there. She says when she got there, the subject of her finding a part time job never came up again. (Source) In their early streams, they would stream from the same room. They sat at separate desks facing away from each other. (Source)

In February, Sam began streaming at night alone on top of streaming with Greg. It seems she was now streaming from her own bedroom in the house. (Source) During one of her streams, she confirmed to viewers that she was now living with Kai and Greg. (Source)

During Sam's solo streams, she would answer questions from fans of Greg and Kai's as well as questions from trolls. Greg later said this made himself and Kai uncomfortable and they felt like they had the #1 asset for haters in their house. He says he thought she would have the common sense to be the National Enquirer of the household. An example he gave was when someone asked Sam what they ate for breakfast that morning. He says she told her viewers they ate Cheerios. (Source)

During one of her streams, Sam confessed she had thought about being in a three-way relationship with Greg and Kai. When asked if she liked them, she said yes, but neither of them have brought up the topic of her joining their relationship. (Source)

Kicked Out

According to Greg, while in the shower together, he told Kai about everything going on between himself and Sam. Kai told Greg Sam made him uncomfortable. Because of this, Greg decided Sam had to go. (Source)

Greg says he was sad when he told Kai Sam had to go because he and Sam had a good business relationship. He says Sam did an amazing job with the videos they created together. He says on a creative level and on a soul level, it's good to have a person to help you express yourself creatively. ($ource)

According to Sam, the last week she was there was extremely awkward. She says on February 13th, Greg told her he wanted her to stay, but she could hear him talking shit about her to Kai behind her back. Sam says the next day, Greg handed her a plane ticket for that same day. (Source)

Post Visit

After Sam had not streamed for several days, someone contacted her on Twitter and asked if everything was okay. She replied she was fine and she was no longer living with Greg and Kai. She said things will be healthier without having her in the picture. (Source) A screen shot of this conversation was shared online on February 17, 2018. Sam, Greg, and Kai each spoke about the situations on their own streams that same day.

When Greg was asked about why Sam left during his stream, he replied it's up to Sam to talk about it. He says there's no reason for him to talk about it if Sam never said anything negative about him. When asked if he cared about Sam, he says he does because Sam is his friend. A stream viewer accused Kai of being jealous of Sam. Greg said Kai was not jealous, he was nervous because he has low self esteem. He says Kai said the last few days have been the happiest days of his life and Kai now knows more than ever that Greg's not going to leave him. (Source)

Some Drama Followers perceived Greg's statement about it being up to Sam if he talks about what happened as a threat. They believed he may have been holding onto information that would make Sam look bad.

Sam later commented on a re-upload of Greg's stream: "Glad to know you've had the happiest few days of your life." (Source)

Sam said during her stream the situation in the house got so uncomfortable, she spent the last two days there alone in her room to give Greg and Kai space. She says Kai hinted on YouNow that he believed Sam stole clothing and makeup from him. When Sam was told about this, she was upset and pulled out her makeup bag and went through her items to show she didn't have anything of Kai's. Sam also said when she was there, she could hear them talking about her from another room. Sam was upset she didn't do more to make things better between the three of them, but she can't fight for someone who refuses to put in any effort. (Source)

In Kai's stream, he denied being the reason why Sam left. He said it was a mutual decision. He also denies ever accusing Sam of stealing anything. Kai says there's a difference between being "insecure" (finger quotes) and doing things that are totally inappropriate that make people uncomfortable. He says Sam could talk to him personally if she has any questions. A viewer in chat accused Kai of ignoring Sam the whole time she was there. Kai says he didn't, Sam ignored him. (Source)

For the next few days, Sam continued to be friendly online toward Greg and Kai. She liked their social media posts, commented on their YouTube and Twitch channels, and worked on animations for Greg's Twitch channel. (Source)

Friendship End

Main article: Sam Stream Wars

On February 21, 2018, this all came to a screeching halt when Sam appeared on a drama YouNow channel for an interview. (Source) The interview is no longer available, but according to Sam, it was about a GoFundMe she created shortly after leaving Greg and Kai's home. She said she refunded the donations and was interviewed to clear up information for people who thought it was a scam. (Source)

Greg heard about Sam's interview and believed she was being interviewed about himself and Kai. As Sam was live in her interview, Greg spoke to his Discord members during his Twitch stream about Sam. This started a series of about 2 weeks of Greg and Sam speaking about each other during their streams. They both made accusations against each other. The accusations started small, both implying they had worse information on the other that they were withholding. As time went on, they would each escalate their information and use the other's escalation as the reason why they were giving more information.

The focus of the accusations were that each of them was accusing the other of acting inappropriately during their friendship. Greg accused Sam of being a hoe and a homewrecker. Sam accused Greg of not being honest about his intentions when he flew her out to his home. (Admin note: I highly recommend watching archives of these streams or reading the summaries on the Sam Stream Wars page if you want full context on the situation and everyone's point of view.)

Greg & Sam in their last sketch video
After the first few streams, things seemed like they were calming down. On February 26th, Greg uploaded a sketch he and Sam filmed before her departure from his home. He kept the Onision + Sam outro for the video. ($ource) Sam commented "Oh my god Greg it's beautiful, what a nice send off.." (Source) Later that day, Greg manually hosted Sam's Twitch stream on his Twitch channel. (Source)

On March 1st, Kai uploaded the video "Is My Relationship Toxic?" In the video, when talking about trust, Greg says, "I think our trust is stronger than ever. I straight up tell on hoes." They both laugh and Greg says, "it's so true." ($ource) Some viewers believed Greg was referring to Sam. Sam believed this as well and spoke about Greg on her stream later that day. (Source) After this point, more Greg vs Sam streams followed and the accusations began to become more extreme.


According to Sam, Greg started hugging her while she was there. She says the hugs happened frequently and he told her she didn't need to ask permission to hug him. (Source) She says they hugged for a month and Greg would hug her in front of Kai. (Source)

Sam claims Greg would hug for for 10 seconds and his hands would travel from her waist to her ass. (Source)

Greg justifies hugging Sam by saying he and his gay friend Tony hug all the time and they tell each other they love each other. He says it's not weird or romantic. (Source)

Greg says something that made himself and Kai uncomfortable was when Sam hugged Greg from behind and said she missed him. He said he wasn't into being hugged from behind. He said he was still weirded out from the day before because she did something around haters. He says he was also uncomfortable because he finally realized Kai was not interested in Sam on any level. So, Sam doing anything toward him was like Sam doing something to a monogamous person because there was no poly potential. He said she knew there no chance for a relationship, but she kept doing stuff like that. (Source) Greg later changed his story about why he was uncomfortable when Sam hugged him from behind. He said in a later stream he was uncomfortable because they had an unresolved issue involving his child. (see "Swatting Accusation" below) (Source)

Sam says the hugging incident happened a few weeks into her living together. She says she and Greg were sitting in their office and he was visibly distraught. She claims she hugged him from the side, not from behind. She told him he was being distant and asked what was up? She guesses that's when he was uncomfortable and he later told Kai. She said at that point him hugging her was so common, he wouldn't even ask before hugging her. She says he never told her he was no longer comfortable with hugging. (Source)

Pregnancy Dream & Video

Greg says one day Sam told him she had a dream she was pregnant with his baby. He says he asked her if that made her happy and she said yes. He says as a hetero male who is designed to spread his seed, he didn't hate hearing it. ($ource) Sam estimates this happened the 5th or 6th day she was there.

According to Sam, Greg had no problem with her telling him about her dream at the time. She says they based the January 30th "My Girlfriend Is Pregnant" skit on her dream. ([Source - "Message from Sam" below], $ource)

After their friendship ended, Greg began sharing this story online as an example of Sam's inappropriate behavior toward him. (Source)

Kiss Accusation

Greg claims a week into her being in his home, Sam tried to kiss him. According to Greg, after the conversation about the pregnancy dream, Sam tried to kiss him. He says he turned away and made it into a hug. Greg says the front of her face hit the side of his head. Greg says after sitting on it for two weeks, he realized it was an attempted kiss. He says if he went with that kiss it would have ruined his whole life. He says he's proud of himself because a lot of hetero men would throw their life away for a younger woman. ($ource)

Greg says after he accused Sam of trying to kiss him, she said, "that's a little twisted." Greg says that confirms she did try to kiss him because she didn't immediately deny it. (Source)

Sam claims she did not attempt to kiss him. She says because of their heights, her head would always hit the side of his when they hugged. (Source) She says she replied, "things are twisted" in an email because she wanted to end the conversation because Greg had said Kai was reading their emails. "He was clearly twisting the truth for Lainey and there was no way he would go back on what he's already said to them." ([Source- "Message from Sam" below])

Swatting Accusation

Greg also accused Sam of attempting to swat at one of his children. He changed the story several times, but he claims this is because he was getting the situation mixed up with when he told Sam not to gasp when his child falls because that could scare them. During the first stream he mentioned the swatting story, he claims he had just remembered that happened and said he needed to tell Kai, (Source) A month later, Greg claimed he remembered Sam's hand made contact with his child's. ($ource)

Sam claims she never swatted at Greg's child. She accuses Greg of making it up on the spot. She uses his changing story and the fact that he didn't tell Kai as proof he made the story up during the initial stream. (Source)

Other Accusations

Sam says after she was kicked out, she realized Greg was lying about her purpose for being there. She believes his intentions was for her to be in a poly relationship because when she was there, Greg told her he did not need a camera person. She says she found Greg handsome, but she did not do anything. She says she doesn't waste her time with people she can't be with and the more she looked at the situation, the more she realized it was not possible. She says he joked and told her she would be a tough person to groom. She says she doesn't think he was grooming her. (Source)

Greg also accused Sam of sitting on his lap and wiggling. He says her genitals were on his and she was trying to stimulate him. (Source) According to Greg, one morning they were up early. They hugged good morning and she slid onto his lap. He says at first she said she didn't wiggle, then she said she was just adjusting herself. Greg says that makes it more weird because why would she be continuously adjusting herself on someone's lap? ($ource)

Sam accused Greg of telling her about his penis size. (Source) Sam also claims Greg would stare into her eyes for long periods of time to the point where she thought he was going to kiss her. She says Greg would pat her on the head. (Source) She says he gave her a hand massage her first week there. (Source)


On March 1st, 2018, Greg emailed a select number of his high paying fans images of his and Sam's private conversations. (Source)

March 2, 2018 Sam
Sam commented on a re-upload of Greg's most recent stream, "Because what I could say could destroy his home. And I don't want to be responsible for that." When she was called petty, she replied, "my private emails and texts between him are a PATREON PERK now. Shit you would be petty too." She tells readers if anything wants her to clear things up to message her on Twitter. She says she's an open book. (Source)

On March 4, Greg made screen shots of his and Sam's private conversations an official Patreon perk. Fans who paid him $30 or more per month could now join a private section of his forums to have access to these screen shots. Greg says he did this because he wanted to discuss the situation, but he didn't want the screen shots to be leaked to the public. (Source)

On March 6th, Sam released her own screen shots through a member of a drama image board.

Here we go!

Here's a few words from Sam:

>Hey guys, thanks for still supporting me after all of the stuff that's been happening. I'm in a weird place because I have made it clear that I don't mean Greg any harm, but it's come to my attention that he's made access to our private e-mails a Patron perk. I feel pretty violated, but he feels entitled to sharing this because, well, it's Greg. I'm sharing this not to be spiteful, but just to set the record straight. If I ever crossed any of his boundaries, Greg didn't make it clear to me while I was in his home. Everything was fine, I understood Lainey's discomfort, and although I had to leave and move into a bit of a hostile environment, I said again and again that I sympathized with Lainey and agreed with their decision to kick me out. However, after I told RSN that I wasn't attracted to Greg, he started lashing out and accusing me of one thing after the other. He keeps calling me a hoe and a homewrecker. He even tried to accuse me of "swatting" his child, which is absolutely, 100% false, and a horrible thing to say out of spite. I hope you guys don't judge me for sharing, but I feel like I'm being bullied and I'm trying to stand up for myself.

That same day, Greg uploaded and quickly deleted a video titled, "I'm Not Sorry." Greg covered a number of topics throughout the video, but he included some messages between himself and Sam. He says she's an example of someone people are making out to be a damsel in distress when she is not one. The video may have been deleted due to the fact that Greg left Sam's phone number in one of his screen shots. (Source)

That night, Kai took to YouNow to speak about the Sam situation for the final time. He accuses Sam of wanting her 15 minutes of fame. He says he's not upset with Greg because he knows everything Greg did. Someone asks if he knew Greg wanted to be poly with Sam. Kai says no, the extent of the conversation about that was Greg asking if he wanted to be poly. Kai says he's fed up with people thinking they can come into his house and do whatever the fuck they want. He says Sam came to the home as a cameraman and it spun into this whole thing. He says he took care of Sam, cooking, cleaning for her while she sat in their office all day telling his husband he's cute, telling his husband she was happy she had a dream she was pregnant with his baby, and tried to kiss him. Kai says all he did was take care of Sam and now she's spinning it like he's the bad guy.

During the stream, Sam asks Kai in chat to guest him. Kai says he's not going to guest her. He tells her she can talk shit about him in interviews or on her own stream. He tells Sam if she has something to tell him to contact him over the phone. (Source)

The next day, Sam comments on a re-upload of Kai's stream, "Called Lainey, Greg takes over the call." (Source)

On March 7th, Greg's posts about Sam on his private forum were leaked along with his and Sam's emails. A message from Sam was included with the leak:

Message from Sam

Attached is one of the mamy convos shared by Greg in his $30 paywall forum. Leaks are compiled in the attached imgur; e-mails and texts included.

Sam says this about the e-mails and what Greg and Lainey have been saying:

The "I love you" Thing was a reply to a couple of situations Greg would try to get me to say it by looking at me and saying "You love me don't you?" and me not replying to respect our friendship.

Greg described me trying to kiss him as my head hitting the side of his head, he said I made no effort to turn my head but I never turned my head when we hugged anyway because I was tall enough to put my chin on his shoulder. I explained to him that when you said someone attempted to kiss someone you usually picture someone being lunged at trying to kiss someone's lips.
In the email when I said "Things are twisted" I said that to conclude the discussion because he had said Lainey was reading out emails and I wasn't interested in arguing anymore, I added that he should do the right thing and Lainey deserved to know what really happened to I didn't have to deal with it anymore. He was clearly twisting the truth for Lainey and there was no way he would go back on what he's already said to them.

(He) was twisting the truth like I said
Some things happened but he was stretching it

It wasn't anything huge, more so how everything we did wasn't out of his boundaries. I failed to understand how the hugging was my fault when he was included too. Greg would frequently stare at me and go "Oh hey, just looking at you."
Lots of little things he did
and never giving me any reason to think he was uncomfortable until after I left

this [Pregnancy dream/ supposed kiss attempt] happened either on the 5th or 6th day I was there, we did a skit right after it happened about it he said he kept it in mind to consider it being an issue, like it became an issue when he realized we would never be poly
I didn't say I had a single big secret that would ruin their marriage, I said I didn't want to be responsible if it came to that. Any normal couple would react negatively to what happened but they are no normal couple. It was Greg's true intentions that were all pushed onto me

A lot of the things he did were very intimate, almost like he really wanted things to be poly
when we hugged it wasn't like a friendly hug, his hands would move down to my LOWER back
my LOWER back

Lainey only saw one time Greg hugged me from behind with one arm, that I would consider to be friendly
he also frequently pet me
he did that in front of Lainey sometimes

[Why'd you side-hug and say you missed him, was he distant?]
yeah I didn't want him being hung up about the whole gasping thing forever
I figured if I acknowledged I did something wrong we would move on

From memory instead of reacting to the fall at all he reacted right away to me, like I shouldn't have cared or shown any concern
saying that gasping gives a reason for a child to cry
it was involuntary and I tried to explain that so I was emotionally withdrawn so that I wouldn't have anymore emotional reactions to things

[Why are they saying you loved them?]
I addressed it in my streams, I loved him as a friend we had SO MUCH in common. He was really cool to hang out with but again I always made sure I wouldn't do anything Lainey wasn't okay with, and I thought Greg was telling Lainey everything and that's where I was ignorant. He was keeping secrets until it became convenient for him to use it all against me. I loved his family a great deal too.
Lainey and I even agreed you can love your friends, that's no problem. But they said I crossed the line with the dream and the hug.

I hate how it was treated like I said It was a dream I boned him or something when it was nothing like that, it was amusing enough to turn into a fucking [skit]

I expressed it every few days I figured I wouldn't be able to stay there, Greg asked me one day "Are you happy" and I said yes, he came over and hugged me and said "I want to hold onto you for as long as I can"

I wanted to say all of this to Lainey [last night on the phone] but they didn't want to listen

[She'd ask why you didn't tell her in the first place]
Lainey did, and I said I thought Greg was super transparent and already told them

[Did Lainey see this lap or hug stuff]
Surprisingly Greg either confirmed it or Lainey heard a different version than I heard from Greg
Lainey never saw any real hugs
Like Greg has said, he withheld information from Lainey "to not hurt them"

People went to Lainey acting like there was a huge secret when there wasn't, all I said was I didn't want to be responsible for their divorce

The swatting thing came out of left field. He said that the gasping and swatting thing are related but I just don't see it

"The Girl I Asked To Leave: Sam" thumbnail
Over a month after the drama has settled, on April 27th, Greg uploaded the video "The Girl I Asked To Leave: Sam." In the video, he says he wanted to cover the topic because it's a popular search. Greg says Sam recently showed up to his Twitch stream and Kai's Younow stream and left positive comments. He says he's glad there's no hard feelings.

For the rest of the video, Greg re-tells his point of view of he and Kai's experience with Sam. Similarly to his streams, he painted Sam as an attempted homewrecker and repeated all his accusations against her. ($ource)