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Greg wearing a Ronnie shirt 5/21/15
Ronnie, full name Ronnie Radke, is a well known musician in the alternative music scene. He and Greg had a brief Twitter friendship that ended with Greg publicly shaming Ronnie for following Chris Brown on Twitter, which lead to Ronnie leaving Twitter for a short period of time.


Falling In Reverse Video

Greg first caught Ronnie's attention when he uploaded "Why Do People Hate Falling In Reverse? (+ Ronnie Radke)" on May 6, 2015. In the video, Greg searches images related to Ronnie and his band, Falling In Reverse. Greg also dives into Ronnie's past legal problems and mocks his facial tattoos. ($ource) When Ronnie was made aware of the video, he Tweeted Greg a few times, insulting him by calling him a "Twilight Vampire" and accusing him of buying subscribers. (Source) Greg showed his viewers the tweets the next day in a video. (Source)

Soon after, Ronnie deleted his Tweets to Greg. Greg began complimenting Ronnie through Twitter and showed off a new Ronnie shirt on Instagram and Tumblr. (Seen right)

Rape Accusation Support

Greg encourages Ronnie after the accusations surface.
In early June 2015, Ronnie was accused of raping a woman. The story spread through online news sites. Greg quickly came to his defense on twitter and uploaded a video defending Ronnie titled "Did Ronnie Radke Really Gang Assault A Girl?" ($ource)

Ronnie told Greg he appreciated the support. (Soure) Later, Greg Tweeted about how his fans would warn him to stay away from Ronnie and Ronnie's fans would warn him to stay away from Greg. Ronnie replied by telling Greg he thinks he's rad. (Source)


On June 22, 2015, Greg Tweeted a few people he followed on Twitter to ask them why they were following Chris Brown, an American singer known for brutally beating his then girlfriend, Rihanna, back in 2009. "@RonnieRadke why do you follow Chris Brown? Do you support confirmed women beaters?". (Source) Ronnie replies and they have a brief Twitter fight. Ronnie explains he supports Chris Brown's talents and not his personal life. He asks not to concentrate on stranger's personal lives and to forgive and forget. (Source)

Afterword, Greg continued to Tweet about his disgust in Ronnie's decision to not un-follow Chris from Twitter. One of these Tweets was an image Greg created. The picture included the famous brutal photograph of Rihanna after being beaten by Chris. On the photograph, he pasts a screen shot of Ronnie asking "Can we not focus on people's faults and forgive?". Under the photograph, he pastes an excerpt from he and Ronnie's brief fight from that day. "@RonnieRadke there is no forgiveness for people who beat women. You supporting him is absolutely disgusting. You're disgusting." The right of the image is black and in big white text it reads: "Don't worry Rihanna, Ronnie Radke forgives Chris Brown for beating you."

After the many attacks on Ronnie's character from Greg, Ronnie made the decision to leave Twitter. (Source)

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