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Religion (Hybrid Eye) is an anti-religion text Greg wrote and posted to his Hybrid Eye website around 2002. The page also includes a short email conversation Greg had with a reader. (Source)



"A gift to society, or another trick for gullible minds?"

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To say there is a "god" is to give up all value that anyone could ever have. for in the christian beliefs any human specimen is worthless and does not deserve to live, this, I do not, and assume I shall never believe in. Self efficiency and reliance is the only true way to achieve full physical and mental capabilities. If I were to worship "god" then I would be giving up my self esteem and faith in myself, all I would see is "god" controlling my fate and I would be forced to rely on him to get through my daily life because of the fact that I would have that "low self esteem"... I live in the absence of religion, currently, for I see no point in belief of any religion unless there is concrete evidence that that such religion is valid to be conceivable. Nonetheless reincarnation and the spirit realm is very likely to be factual, for (if a believer in "god") the angels you say you "feel" and the angels you say "saved your life" are merely ghosts, dead humans, there are no demons, only evil souls, and visa versa. Most of the christian religion did indeed originate with the dead sea scrolls, it's called "The Old Testament" for that is the book of which so many follow. How can anyone prove that the people (David, John, Luke, Mark, etc.) who wrote the book were not hallucinating or dreaming. I have written of my dreams and so they are likely to have done as well. Can you truly say that you have woken up and not periodically believed that your dream was real? Is it not possible that the dreams of those men were just a way to test us to see if we are intelligent enough to actually ponder our existence deep down? It most likely is possible that the bible divides the weak from the strong, yet it may be so that the weak are the antithesis of what the book pronounces most to be. There are so many religions, why must one always be right for every one of the millions of beliefs. The stubborn trait follows Buddhism, hinduism, christianity, catholics, and so many more... can we not just move on and let the fates of others be in their own hands? After all if this "god" is so powerful (as many state) "why can't he direct them to christianity himself?" "why can he not send an actual Angel instead of you?" "Did he even truly send you? Did he actually say ""John Doe! You must find [name] and convert them to our religion!"" is that not logical?". The better of the fates is to chose yourself rather then any "higher power" for there is none, we may have come from particles in minimal forms or we may just have never been born for the first time. For anyone to think that a "higher power" excuses all, and that you are a better person by asking for forgiveness is a sick way of ignoring one's faults. The "non-believers" mostly look at their errors and attempt to move on. This "god" is only like your never ending father to pick you back off your bicycle even though every time he lets go of the seat you fall down again and again. To make yourself a better person rather then rely on another is to achieve true independence and maturity. To turn your back on this statement is to finally fall into true oblivion and ignorance, yet I shall not become one of the persistent "god lovers" who feel better of themselves once they convert another, most of them feel as if converting another is a ticket into their heaven yet what benefit do I have to state this logic? Self proclaimed dominance over the majority? I shall not judge myself, for that would be conceited, this very trait I do not value. All are not created equal. Indeed, nor will anyone ever be equal. Yet at least it is possible for all the mentally capable to come to a mutual agreement. That I wish the human race could find... No one surpasses any barriers when they claim that only one way is right. If you have read to this point you may hear more with a few motions of your fingers, feel free to write me.... Anticipated Morrow

Who are we? Where did we come from?

Simple and complex to the ultimate extents, do animals hate one another as we do? Or do they fight to fight, not to prove protect or avenge? So many questions, yet few answers, you find one and then deny, I say Atheism, you say Christianity, who is to judge? The majority of citizens believe in the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, half not even knowing that it is the “explanation for our creation”, otherwise known as the Old Testament. Jews? Not wanting to believe in these scrolls for the reasons of which they become the accused, and apparently no one wants to be condemned for their ancestor's mistakes. Most, I believe, in general, wish to escape their sins, mistakes, and regrets, and of those people who wish not to deal with their problems, find no other way then to “confess” to this god of theirs. Once the burden is spoken their chains feel broken. Every time going back to regret or feel guilty for another incident, of which they feel they need to change by constantly believing all shall rise to a previous emotional level, convincing themselves that what happened or what they felt was ok… In my beliefs, any religion of which you can instantly lose your wrongs once written, it is a fraud and is pathetic in all ways. For if I were to commit a mass crime, I would be sent to prison to die, or have a death penalty in my near to come future. Believe it or not, but 75% of American citizens are Christian. So why do the 3/4ths of police officers not request that. They ask god for forgiveness and then once requested, they were to let them go? Indeed it is true that it is their very job to haul the attackers, robbers, etc. in, yet if their belief is so fixated on this holy one, then why should a mere job matter? In the bible, many passages have been contradicted so many times. Have you ever pondered, “If the book is so holy, then why is it so full of holes?” Tis sad that less then 40% of have actually sat down and read page for page the entire book. How sad is that? In general, that means that about 27% of the American population do not even really know truly what religion they follow, yet with ignorance debate the “truth of god” so much. How could anyone even take the thought of a higher power seriously? If you did not notice, it is said that almost everyone in the world needs to be loved, what does this book offer but an illusion of the strongest love of all, a godly love. It is of a hallucination in the emotion portion of ones body. The thought that someone cares for them no matter what.

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(I have numbered the responses in order of how it is read, point by point I contradicted... It is recommended that you read the letter in blue first, no information has been changed on the email sent to


The E-Mail sent to


How many of us have heard that question "Where was your GOD when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked?" Well I know where my GOD was the morning of September 11, 2001, and He was very busy! He was trying to discourage anyone from taking these flights. Those four flights together held over 1000 passengers and there were only 266 aboard. He was on 4 commercial flights giving terrified passengers the ability to stay calm. Not one of the family members who were called by a loved one on one of the high jacked planes said that passengers were screaming in the background. On one of the flights he was giving strength to passengers to try to overtake the highjackers. He was busy trying to create obstacles for employees at the World Trade Center. After all, only around 20,000 were at the towers when the first jet hit. Since the buildings held over 50,000 workers, this was a Miracle in itself. How many of the people who were employed at the World Trade Center told the media that they were late for work or they had traffic delays. He was holding up 2-110 story buildings so that 2/3 of the workers could get out. I was so amazed that the top of the towers didn't topple when the jets impacted. And when they did fall, they fell inward. GOD didn't allow them to topple over, as many more lives would have been lost. And when the buildings went down, my GOD picked up almost 6,000 of his children and carried them home with him. Reassuring his frighten children that the worst was over and the best was yet to come. He sat down and cried that 19 of his children could have so much hate in their hearts. That they didn't choose him. He sent his children that are best trained for this disaster and had them save the few that were still alive, but unable to help themselves. And then sent many others to help in anyway they were needed. He still isn't finished though; he held the loved ones that were left behind in his arms. He comforts them daily. His other children are given the strength to reach out to them and help them in any way they can. And I believe he will continue to help us in what is to come. He will give the people in charge of this great nation the strength and the wisdom to do the right thing. He would never leave us in our time of need. So when anyone asks, "Where was your GOD on September 11", you can say "everywhere"! And yes, although this is without a doubt the worst thing I have seen in my life, I see God's miracles in every bit of it. I keep praying for those who don't believe in GOD, every chance I have. I can't imagine going through such a difficult time and not believing in GOD. Life would be hopeless.

God's Peace


^ The E-Mail sent to ^





1. It was stated that the passengers on the planes did not know of their future demise, one of the high-jackers main motives was to keep them calm. If the passengers were aware of chaos fate then most of them would rebel, therefore giving the message that they would be let off the plane they did not fight. Would you not do the same if you thought all would be well?

2. All the rooms in the world trade center were not in use, though it did not have 50,000 people there, why could "god" not do a better job? Why did 20,000 people have to be in the building? Why not 10'000? Why did "god" not give the people more time to get out of the buildings? If "god" were so powerful, then why? You would think a thing built up so high in image and power could think of a better plan then that without detection of his presence in the matter. Why could "god" not see this before it happened, this person who wrote you obviously did not check how many people were scheduled to fly that day... For I am sure the reduction of customers on those flights were most surely not significant.

3. The reason the tower did not "topple over" was because of the fact that it was made out of extremely strong steel, it took a long while for the first to collapse because the jet fuel had to melt the metal first. Once again, the person who wrote this obviously has a lack of information, for the twin towers were built specifically for plane crashes, therefore it is more of a "miracle" that they did collapse.

4."Reassuring his frighten children that the worst was over and the best was yet to come. " THE BEST TO COME? What is that? MORE DEATH? Why more death? How many people do you think are dying in Afghanistan every day? This is NOT the best, the best shall never be for the people in this world destroy anything referring to this "best". There is no positive in a chaotic event like that, not even revenge.

5. For "god" to cry now would be pathetic, if he existed then he would know that this would happen, he would see it take place before hand, therefore giving him no right to cry for he could have prevented it if it were so.

6. The people who were "best trained for this disaster" were firemen, they have that job, "god" or no "god" the men would have been there even with no guidance, if you were trained by someone to do something when an event takes place of that relation, they do not ask questions, they do their job. Unless this "god" is the chief of the free agency, then he sent no one.

7. Those people left behind? Emotional recess, they are not comforted and if they were content with what happened then they would be disfunctional, this person who sent this email sounds as if what happened was fine and nothing bad came out of it. There was no plus, all that took place at the WTC was wrong, it could have been prevented.

8. The final statement? Life is very hopeful, for we have love, love of a companion, love of friends, when a person is cared for or cares for others they in themselves are not hopeless... Life is worth living if you accept reality and then try to make that existence a more positive one for the future offspring so they do not have to view the television with a horrid expression on their face... If there ever was or is a "god" then he has failed miserably on the whole "protecting my children" portion of his main purpose.





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