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Greg asking fans to defend him from negative comments.

Greg uses his fans as a Personal Army to either defend him, attack people he does not like, and to water out definitions/reviews/wiki articles.

Early Days

Earlier in his YouTube career, it is speculated Greg would be subtle when directing his fans to attack or defend. For example, he would talk about how a specific person was hurting or attacking him, allegedly knowing fans would find that person to attack them and defend Greg. When this would be brought up to him, he would say something along the lines of "I don't control my fans." (Source) A well known example of this was in 2012 when he began complaining that the alimony payments he owed his ex-wife were making him suicidal, fans began attacking her YouTube channel and Facebook so harshly, it's believed to be the reason behind her abandonment of these social media accounts. Greg made an attempt to stop his fans from sending her rape threats with a Facebook status. (Source)



Attacks & Spam Directed by Greg


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