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Onision vs Encyclopedia Dramatica was a page Greg created on onision.me to reply to what was written about him on the Onision Encyclopedia Dramatica page. (Source)

When this was written, Greg was known to censor curse words with his own versions of them, so words like "shit" from the original article were changed to "shlit" by Greg.

Onision vs Encyclopedia Dramatica

“Onision is a YouTuber born with overies instead of testicles. This makes him curl his eyelashes and put on light makeup, and has male GOTIS=like syndrome.”

My eyelashes naturally look the way they do, as does my skin, so thank you for the compliment.

[Image of Greg with the words "Even through all the bullshit and drama, this guy still smiles. I think that;s why I'm still subscribed"]

Banana-Made Onision Love

“He is famous for the drama he makes, and his train-wreck of a love life.”

I’m actually famous for my comedy videos that have been on MTV, Comedy Central, ABC & other television networks. I have hundreds of millions of views on my comedy videos, not my serious ones.

“His pastime is physically, mentally, and verbally abusing his girlfriends/fiances/wives when he isn’t busy creating YouTube videos, ranting about “haters”, and how he wants his “privacy”.”

(1) All my ex’s attempted to befriend me after we broke up (proven in the screen capped emails) which is a strong indication that I really am not what people say I am. (2) My wife is very happy, if you took the time to ask her instead of spreading ignorance, you would know that.

“He believes that the following deserve to die: Omnivores and Carnivores, people who smoke, drink, take drugs(even if it’s prescription), people who are circumcised, and anyone whose views oppose his own.”

That’s completely untrue (1) I am an Omnivore Vegetarian, physically being an Omnivore is not a choice, being a Vegetarian is (2) My family members eat meat, smoke, drink, have used drugs, are circumcised & oppose my views in many ways, I love all of them.

“Onision has recently started moderating his comments and disabling ratings on his videos, as people are realizing that he’s a sick fluck and shouldn’t make money from Youtube for retarded views to Youtube and his audience.”

It’s awkward you say that considering if you look at my videos, you can comment/rate on 99% of them without any filters.

“He created his first YouTube account in 2006 where he had the idea to make a channel full of mundane rants about everyday shlit, the first of which can be found here.”

I didn’t rant about anything till late 2007 actually. The account was created in 2006, yes, but it was barely used, and only included comedy sketches at the time.

[Selfie of Greg]

Onision Laying On His Couch

“In 2007, after coming to the realization that vlogging is flucking retarded, he changed his approach.”

Actually I still vlog, it’s not “flucking retarded” in my opinion, and the opinion of millions of others.

“He decided to contribute to YouTube by making shlitty YouTube comedy sketches and copying Shane Dawson’s style.”

I don’t recall even knowing of Shane Dawson’s existence till around 2009. Again, where do you get your “facts”?

“Protip: If you eat meat and circumcise your wiener, you’re just as bad as a murdering pedophile.”

I don’t believe that’s true at all. It’s unfortunate you think that. Eating meat isn’t the best for your body, the environment & certainly not animals, but that doesn’t make you a pedophile, or even a murderer by definition.

“Onision considers himself a celebrity, which can be considered bullshlit.”

If you look up the definition of “Celebrity” and then take a look at how many television networks I’ve been on, how many hundreds of millions of views I’ve gotten etc. you would be kidding yourself to suggest anyone calling me a “celebrity” is unreasonable.

I get it, you don’t like me, but reality won’t change on your whim, some things you just have to accept. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, and I acknowledge I would be nowhere without the love & support of the people who watch my videos. I am grateful.

“Onision Fans, Whiny retards, mostly ugly 16-year old girls and sexually confused 13-year old boys who spend all their time on Onision’s videos to hear the sound of his voice”

Actually according to Google analytics half my audience is 18+, what you just said is a common assumption by people who do not like me. They spread such information as fact to support their agenda, when really, it’s a lie.

Again, just because you do not like someone, does not mean the real world will suddenly change to support your statements against them.

“They circle-jerk each other in tribute to their benevolent “god”, Onision. They take in anything he says, no matter how frequently stupid it is.”

Actually, if you’ve paid attention to the OnisionSpeaks channel, when I say something people don’t like, my likes/dislikes ratio is disrupted, and I receive loads of hate comments. My audience is quite the opposite of what you describe, they are in many ways individuals.

[Gif of Greg's character Chibi saying "Why are you so mean to me?"]

Chibi Being Adorable

“His fans are easy to troll, all you have to do is disagree with his opinion and you’ll start a major shlitstorm.

You’re only seeing one perspective, I also receive similar hatred from individuals who make vlogs against me, a “shlitstorm” as you describe it. We’re all human, we’re all playing the same game. We think the world is standing against us, when really, the other side often feels the same way.

“Some of them are former fans that are butthurt that their hero turned out to be a disappointing narcissistic douche(Seriously how the fluck stupid do you have to be, not to have this flucking epiphany sooner), and are now are dedicated basement dwelling rejects.”

I feel like what this is really about is the fact that many people assume I hate them just because we disagree with each other, they feel like I personally insulted them, and in some cases, decide to take an anti-Onision stance.

This likely isn’t about narcissism, or about being a douche, this is about conflicting opinions being handled in the wrong way.

“To Onision though, anyone who doesn’t line up to suck his dlick, or agree with everything he says, is a hater.”

That’s not true at all, people who show hate towards you are, by definition, haters.

[Fanart of Greg]

Onision Fan Art

“In 2012 Vidcon, Onision has been kicked off the speakers list and banned from entering Vidcon due to being a flaggot in his speaks videos.”

Assuming you care about the truth, what really happened is I was banned for being threatened with haters pelting me with meat & eggs upon my arrival.

“Butthurt about not being good enough for vidcon, he did what any flaggot does, cry and bitch about it.”

In 2011 I was flown out for free, my hotel was paid for & I was issued a VIP pass by the VidCon staff. You saying I was not “good enough”, again, is just something you say to support your agenda, not truth.

“Most of his post on twitter includes of Cuber-bullying his ex’s for having a dutteh house just because she dumped him or to reply to his haters.”

Actually I very very rarely have ever mentioned my ex’s names in videos about what they’ve done to me in the past. As I stated before every one of them wanted to be my friend after all was said and done, but I chose not to associate with any of them simply because I broke up with all of them for good reasons.

Whenever I made a video about my ex’s it was often in response to being stolen from, conned, cheated on, lied about etc. Most every video was about telling the truth/defense, and again, unlike many haters, I had the decency to exclude full names/avatars etc.

“In June 2010, Shay Carl announced that he was going to get a circumcision for his son on twitter. Being the caring human being Onision is, he decided to tell Shay Carl on twitter about how bad circumcision is, by calling him a monster”

As I recall, I didn’t directly call him anything. I spoke directly to him once or twice about it, but then went on a non-specific rant about what I thought about not giving your child a choice when it came to what is proven to be an unnecessary procedure applied to one of the most sensitive/important parts of their body (please just research it).

I was fighting for infant rights, and I felt justified in what I was doing. Regardless, since then I have apologized and shaken hands with Shay Carl. He and I are not at all enemies, and I have repeatedly said even indirectly criticizing his personal decisions was not my business.

[Fan edit of a Greg selfie that says "Greg is very sweet, loving, caring, kind, trusting, giving and these are thing I really love about Greg. My mother always says to me "Guys like this comes very rare". <3"]

Another Submission From An Onision Fan

“In 2005, Onision, at the age of 17 decided to create a cult named Sicesca. In this cult he would be the Cult leader and he would guide its members to enlightenment.”

That is so incredibly untrue. There was no leader in that belief system. It was dedicated to celebrating the Earth. Haters just warped it into something ugly because again, it suits their agenda to be dishonest, which is good enough for them.

I was only supportive of that religion (if you can even call it that as it had no leader or god(s)) for about a year until I went Agnostic and have been since.

“According to the information about Sicesca, this cult was his plan to stop all animal hunger, any environmental harm, animal abuse, and force everyone to be vegetarians.”

Wow… I wasn’t a Vegetarian till I was 23, could you be more uninformed? From ages 12-23 I ate meat. The truth doesn’t help you demonize me, so just ignore it right?

“(Note: Onision wasn’t a veg when creating this cult.)”

So why would you say I was trying to turn people Vegetarian when I wasn’t even a Vegetarian nor understood Vegetarianism at the time? Get your story straight.

“The website can be found here He baleeted it after getting a lot of criticism over it.”

I wasn’t even known to barely anyone when I stopped using that site. I also wasn’t receiving any criticism for it… no one cared.

“And now he tries to ignore the past and blind his fans about all of it by pretending it never happened.”

Do you know how many times I’ve mentioned Sicesca in videos? Not just my second channels but main channels as well. It’s amazing how many inaccuracies are in your statements, it’s like you didn’t even try to fact check before writing this.

“In November 2011, Onision started to stir up more trouble by resuming his Sicesca cult and, then, using cheesy jokes to help keep people from thinking he’s crazy.”

You have to be joking… what good would it do me to start a cult? Really? What could I possibly gain from it? Your theory is what’s crazy.

“Onision has resumed Sicesca and it is now still running. In a recent video he says that he is going to somewhat “resume Sicesca,” even though he has not given out any information on how to contact the Church of Sicesca.”

…what… are you… talking about? You mean the jokes I made about it? I say again JOKES? Do you not even realize I was making fun of conspiracy theorists just like you?

[Gif of Greg saying "Whatever you do don't kill yourself because you think that nobody cares, but I do."]

Onision Talking About Depression

“In January 2010 Onision divorced his wife, Tantaga. After breaking up with Tantaga he immediately retreats to his dank corner of YouTube and begins painting the picture of her as the evil antagonist and him as the innocent martyr.”

Actually she signed the divorce papers mid-December. 2009. I proposed we divorce months prior when she spoke of claiming my assets against our original verbal agreement. Things calmed down for a while but I finally asked her to sign papers later that year.

“What Onision “forgot” to tell his fans is that the real reason he divorced Tantaga was because he was already flucking Draculoh at the time he delivered the divorce papers.”

Again, conveniently denying the facts, watch this video which clearly proves it would of been impossible to do what you said I did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDYuyYc3o0Q

“The video of him talking about hitting a deer was a video of him using Tantaga’s car to drive to the hotel where he planned on flucking the then underage Draculoh.”

(1) That was my car, I paid for it. My ex wife refused to get a job during the last portion of our marriage, and did almost nothing productive every day which is a big reason why I divorced her. (2) I’ve never done anything illegal with any of my significant others.

“In Early 2012, Onision began to whine in his videos about how Tantaga was stealing his money. He said that the alimony payments he was forced to pay her was causing him such financial hardship that he couldn’t afford to live anymore.”

I feared the financial hardship would cause me to be unable to survive, but I pulled through. I originally agreed to give her $12,000 to support her till she got a job, but she instead decided to nearly completely gut my house when I was away from home & then pursue me for $150,000. Her doing that made me very confident in my decision to separate from her as her intentions were made clear when she went after money I didn’t even have, despite having made a huge deal before we even got married about her NOT signing a prenuptial agreement.

“Also, anyone with a brain knows that alimony is decided by a judge, and agreed on by both parties.”

She demanded $150,000, out of fear that she could actually get it assuming the judge would be unfair, I settled for $90,000. I’ll be paying alimony for years to come, despite us being divorced for years already.

[Screen shot of someone asking Greg "Would you ever date a fan of yours?" and Greg replying with text on a selfie: "Why would I date anyone else?"]

Why not be with someone who loves all of you?

“If he didn’t want to pay alimony, he shouldn’t have flucked Draculoh and divorced his wife.”

I had multiple opportunities to return to that marriage and I didn’t, she made it clear she was willing to get back with me, but I chose not to. I’d honestly rather pay the $90,000 than be with someone who would say they loved me one moment, only to try and ruin me the next.

I asked for a divorce weeks before considering moving on, I signed divorce papers before moving on, I did nothing wrong, and am not ashamed of my decisions in that period of time.

What I regret is not doing it when I first threatened divorce around October that year.

“Onision met Draculoh over Skype and began sending her plane tickets so he could fluck her in states where it was legal to fluck underage girls.”

The taboo in this statement is over 9000 & it’s also inaccurate. The legal age in Canada is 16, but that didn’t matter considering I didn’t get my passport till months after my Divorce.

“When Draculoh started having memory problems, Onision did what came natural, videotape that shlit, and not take her to the hospital.”

That was not the first episode she had, I was very experienced in dealing with her issues. My original intent in filming it was to show her what she had gone through when it was all over, to help her in showing her what exactly was happening.

When it was over, she told me she wanted me to post the footage to my channel instead of making an entirely different main-channel video as she wanted to cuddle with me/sleep sooner, so I did, turning it into a learning/understanding video experience. Now that you know the truth, you can correct your prior inaccurate statements.

“Draculoh and Onision happily announced that Draculoh was pregnant. Draculoh even had pictures of the pregnancy test.”

I still have no idea whether or not I can even get anyone pregnant. The timing of her pregnancy was really strange, especially considering I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive.

Also, the doctors conclusion on dates/development timelines seemed really, uncomfortable.

[Image of Shiloh's email to Greg complimenting his video quality.]

Draculoh Compliments Onision Months After Cheating On Home

“When they realized that she wouldn’t be able to fake a pregnancy anymore (they forgot that pregnant women begin to show after a certain amount of time), they told everyone that Draculoh had a miscarriage.”

Do you really think I had anything to do with any of that? She lied to me regularly. If what you’re saying is true, if I really had some involvement in any lies, don’t you think the drama/lies would remain consistent? Don’t you think I would have fake pregnancies and medical conditions with everyone I was with? The only drama that’s occurred in months involved a prank I played on haters to get them out of my personal life. There has literally been no relationship drama caused by myself outside jokes in over a year. All relationship drama generated from myself in a serious context stopped when I left Tantaga, Ad & Draculoh in my past. Did you even consider that?

If you pay attention (very important if you care about the facts) you’ll notice lies, clear, undeniable lies are consistently in the past & present of certain individuals, and not with the other. If you compare the two behaviors, it becomes simple to conclude which party is guilty of what.

Now as for what exactly happened, we took her into the doctor about “13 weeks” into the pregnancy & that’s when they told her the baby had died. I was there myself, I saw it with my own eyes. It was really depressing, I hugged her as she cried, I literally remember her tears sinking through my shirt.

“Draculoh then stole a picture of someone’s sick baby and pretended it was her dead baby named Rogue, who belonged to Onision, and died right after childbirth.”

I never saw that picture being posted to her Facebook as I tend to ignore my ex’s posts/lives once we’re separated. Normally when I say anything about my ex’s it is about our past together, not their future apart from me as that is none of my business.

If you actually saw the picture (a screen cap was shown to me), it was of a baby that was months into the pregnancy, considering my alleged (heartbreaking if they were actually mine) baby was only “13 weeks”, that instance is obviously being confused with an event far earlier that year when she and I had broken up early on.

“The actual parent of the sick baby in the picture found out that Draculoh was using the picture of her child and angrily messaged her about it, and shlit hit the fan. Onision made a response, attacking the mother”

I was dating Draculoh when people started to reacting to the picture she apparently posted while we were broken up. I felt defending her would be the honorable thing to do, however saying I attacked the mother of the child is unreasonable. Why would you do that to someone who could of just lost their child assuming what was said about Draculoh were true?

[Image of Email exchange between Greg and Shiloh]

Draculoh & Onision Emails

“People got pissed. Then they began lying about Draculoh having sepsis. Onision dumped her and sent her to Canada, when everyone called bullshlit on that lie, he tried to save himself some shame by responding “guyz, I was lied to too, I’m pissed off with you. feel sorry for me.””

I actually legitimately (1) didn’t know what Sepsis was (obviously) and (2) based on everything I did in that relationship was very gullible to most everything she said.

Draculoh said she didn’t post a picture of a dying baby, I believed her. She said she was loyal to me even while we were broken up, I believed her. She said she was pregnant with the most recent child and it was mine, I believed her. She said she had Sepsis, I believed her… that’s just what I do with significant others, I trust them.

“Ad proved to be a flucking idiot because she was dumb enough to let Onision pressure her into flucking him within 2 days of meeting him.”

We dated for a week, then met in a hotel and slept together. She accused me of pressuring her after, not during, our relationship, only to write me months later apologizing for her accusations/inaccuracies, and even gave me her phone number/proposed friendship, I never responded to her requesting friendship because I felt uncomfortable.

“After banging her, he made her feel bad about sleeping with a man she wasn’t in a relationship with, so she decided to date him.”

Again, we were dating before we slept together, or even met in person for that matter.

“Onision constantly harassed her afterwards to fluck her more, and to suck his dlick. All he wanted was her to spend as much time on her knees polishing his tiny dlick. When she refused to suck his dlick, he dumped her.”

That’s not at all how it happened actually. She was mutually interested in me sexually, maybe even more so considering she proposed we make love in the hallway of the hotel. I turned her down because I was afraid of being seen being publicly indecent.

A lot of people chose to demonize me during the whole drama involving Ad, but the facts a lot of people chose to deny is, I’ve never had sex with someone outside being in a relationship with them, I did not believe in casual encounters; She however had much more sexual experience than I had, in that, we actually did just fine together sexually. The real reason we broke up repeatedly was due to personality conflicts.

[Picture of email exchange between Greg and Adrienne]

Onision’s Ex “Ad” Apologizes For Hurting Him

“Onision began pressuring Ad to quit her job and move to Washington and into his house.”

I was living in LA, and moving out wasn’t all she was interested in, she stated she wanted to marry me within 30 days, making a comment about how she was 26 and that it was about time.

“Then after she made a lame joke about loving pussy on her facebook, Onision freaked out about dating a possible lesbian so he dumped her.” Ad would say a lot of things I considered to be immoral. I was all about loyalty & exclusivity and she had a self-admitted history of cheating on her boyfriend(s), so, I was reasonably paranoid.

“When Ad and Onision broke up, she made a (lulzy)blog about all his weird shlit he did, when they were together (Did you know that when he and Ad first made out, he made her wear a mustache?” As I recall, she told me to wear one, not the other way around. I thought it was cute, so I did it… I don’t see the big deal, I love to have fun, and be silly sometimes.

“He also faps to Hentai [Draculoh confirmed this too]).” Not sure why looking at Hentai is seen as a bad thing (well, the non-creepy Hentai at least).

[Picture of email exchange between Greg and Adrienne]

Onision’s Ex Proposes Friendship

“He got butthurt and started harassing her with voice mails and messages, shlit got creepy and lulzy.”

I was pretty lonely then, in a really bad place. I was pretty clearly desperate to be loved

“Onision then got back with Draculoh. Still sore about Ad’s blog, and that she put the voicemails out on youtube, he decided that running Ad’s name through the mud was the best way to go”

You just proved my earlier point about primarily speaking out when someone was lying about, cheating on or stealing from me.

You, in your own admittance keep revealing the lack in innocence in most all parties involved. An ex writing an entire blog about me? Being the first to expose, warp and exploit our most personal moments? Then releasing voice mails I left her? Does this not add up to you? I use the truth as my defense, I stand up for myself.

Are you even going to acknowledge my defense? Do you not realize that the only reason I am talking about this still today is because you keep bringing it up? Rubbing my past in my face only to demonize me for defending myself? Will you continue to ignore my statements, as they again, do not fuel your anti-Onision agenda?

“He told people in his videos that Draculoh had a clean house unlike his ex (Ad) who had a very dirty house.”

It was a mistake for me to go there, I don’t know why I did. What I said was true, and it was a very unpleasant experience for me, but I still should not of made mention of it when it was unknown.

[Gif of Greg saying "Flucking Blitch Shlit"]

Words Onison made up to make swearing awesome.

“When Onision got a bunch of backlash for slandering an ex-girlfriend in an epic display of moar butthurt, he denied ever saying it. He deleted the video in the process to hide the evidence.”

(1) I don’t slander people, that requires me knowing something is untrue, and saying it about them regardless, it seems that word is misused more than it is correctly used online. (2) I don’t delete videos to hide anything, I delete them because I disagree with them to such a great extent that I don’t feel they belong on my channel anymore.

“No-life haters had managed to mirror it, for everyone to see Onision act a bitch.”

If they have no life for taking a few minutes to repost a video, what do you have for taking hours to write up a hate page on me?

“Onision’s fans, like rabid dogs, once beat the shlit out of some girl who was a former fan of Onision, because she disagreed his shlit.”

Anyone can claim someone attacked them for whatever reason they chose. To assume the wild accusations of a stranger are true without trying to verify what they’ve said is unreasonable.

Lainey came into the picture as a fangirl of Onision in late 2011 and in September”

Actually she and I didn’t start talking regularly till February 2012, like most everything above, I have proof of what I just said.

“Lainey began to constantly tweet @onision and would persistently post on his website forums, kissing his butt and showing the world her growing obsession with him, constantly referring to him as being the perfect man and saying how she would like to marry him and Skype with him. Stating “Oh the things I would do to Onision”.”

So… I’m supposed to be upset that she’s awesome, or?

[Image of Greg with the text, "What the fuck Bra!? Why you hatin?!?]

Onision responds to hate…

“Onision started to reply to her both via his forums and twitter every so often over the next few months although he had gotten back together with Draculoh”

Oh I see, implying I cheated on someone again, classy. Fact is I didn’t start talking to Lainey regularly (and I say regularly because I probably responded to her @onision tweets prior, check my history to verify) until February 2012. I found out Draculoh cheated on me and was pregnant with the child of the man she cheated on me with late January/early February.

“It is believed that they started interacting with one another more, via Skype and other ways of communication.”

Because I’m one of the few people who actually knows what really happened, let me clear this up for you, we Skyped in February, we emailed in February, we texted in February & called each other on the phone in February. Now you know.

“Anyhow, during their short relationship they have so far become engaged and wear rings for one another. (Just like he did with Draculoh.) But it seems to make Lainey feel special, because she likes to tweet pics of her with her ring occasionally.” (1) We’ve been together over a year now and are married. (2) Lainey felt special because she is.

“Onision and her have desperately tried to keep their relationship a secret, perhaps because he knows of the backlash he will receive for dating another underage girl and one who seems to be mentally unstable herself being so obsessed with him.”

Actually, I just learned with what happened in the last relationship, and preferred to not repeat it.

[Fan image of Greg with the text, "I'd marry Onision in a heartbeat, he's so down to earth and real in his videos that sometimes I forget that I don't actually know him in real life, and that he probably doesn't even know I exist."]

Onision fan pic submission.

“Supposedly after her graduation in June she moved in with him, back into his prior house in Seattle.”

Wrong again, she stayed in New Mexico and attended the University in Albuquerque. She is still enrolled in a University and attends regularly.

“Now that he can’t be called a freak for flucking a 17 year old, he’s taken the relationship public.”

(1) Nothing illegal happened which means (2) You’re taboo is again over 9000.

“He also refers to her as “Lainey”, which is a probably the shlittiest alias ever. I’m giving it 2 months before the drama ensues.”

(1) We both love the nickname and (2) we’re still happily married despite you wishing we weren’t.

“How to Troll Onision, State that you eat meat (and that you enjoy it).”

Most all mu family members eat meat and they let me know it. No problem.

“State that you hunt.”

My family is full of hunters, so again, no problem

“State that you fish.”

Are you serious?

“Prove him wrong- or just disagree with him.”

I like being proven wrong because it allows me to accept a greater truth and grow as a person. No problem.

“Ask him why “Smellzyebutt” isn’t in his videos anymore.”

Because he lives a thousand miles away from me?

“Send him a leaked video about him.”

A leaked video? You mean I video I posted myself and removed because I didn’t want to support the message any longer? Because I don’t have any “leaked” videos outside the voicemails my ex released to hurt me.

“Say that his videos suck.”

That is pretty annoying. Like, why do you watch them if you think they suck? That’s awkward.

[Gif of Greg flipping off the camera]

Onision using comedy to respond to haters.

“Say that his humor sucks.”

Again, why are you watching?

“Ask “did you cheat on your ex-wife?””

That just makes you look silly, I’ve already made it clear, with proof, I didn’t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDYuyYc3o0Q

“Ask him why he deletes his videos.”

Because I don’t support the message in them anymore. I have various videos with more dislikes than likes but I keep them up because I feel they have some value.

“State that you don’t care about any other animal except dogs and cats.”

Again, many of my loved ones have the same mentality. It’s illogical, but accepted.

“Use reasoning and logic when confronting him, two things he has absolutely no experience in.”

Is that what you call everything you’ve said above? All the hateful language, failure to fact-check, privacy-invading usage of full names (in your original post, but I censored them) & overwhelmingly cruel/drastically bias/dishonest statements? Reasoning? Logic?

“Criticize him with a valid opinion.”

Like I said above, I welcome facts, as that is normally what a “valid opinion” is based on.

[Fanart of Greg's video characters]

Fan art with various Onision characters.

“Tell him if he wants to a self-diagnosis of his psyche again, he should look up narcissism, since he exhibits enough traits to be diagnosed a high-level-narcissist.”

Why is someone being “narcissist” even worth discussing? I don’t believe I am one, but if I am, who gives a crap?

“Post a video online titling;”RE:Onision” where you just eat meat through the whole video.”

How is filling yourself with cholesterol going to upset me?


Regarding all of the above, the reality is, I don’t enjoy having to go back to old topics and defend myself again and again against untruths & misunderstandings from people who shouldn’t even worry themselves with my life.

However, now that I have laid it all out for you, and made it clear what is true & what is not, we can correct any wiki articles that are inaccurate & spread productive/positive knowledge, rather than encouraging this cruel ignorance.

Thank you for being willing to listen. “State that you are circumcised.” Why… would I… care?