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Text archive of posts from the Onision tumblr in 2020.

Note: Greg cleared his tumblr in 2019. In March 2020, he invited fans and antis to ask him anything through his tumblr. Most of his answers are accompanied by gifs, but this page only archives the text.

March 12, 2020

dinofucker9000 asked: You're answering asks again! :D Hey settle a bet for me- did you have the head-shaving kink that you mention in the BTF livestream before or after you went into the military? My money is on after.

No… not a kink. If the person I’m with has a shaved head, or long hair, I’m happy either way. People are not their hair lengths.

sciencehands asked: I made this account just so I could contact you. I know about the stuff that's been going on, I know about the accusations, I've seen so many videos. And despite seeing all these videos, I still like you. Even if you are an abuser as they say, I am looking for someone to abuse me. Specifically, you. I want you to abuse me. I watched your videos growing up, and you inspired me so much. Now, I want to give back.

You realize you’re creepy right? The idea of abusing someone is gross. My jokes are not real life - IRL I’m pretty repulsed by what you just said.

more-tentiginous asked: Hi! you don't have to reply to this publicly, but I just wanted to say that I feel kind of bad for you. Whether or not the things people say about you are true or not, I feel like a public witchhunt is never the answer. Especially if people try to get others banned from certain websites or platforms. I get it, if you are the terrible person people say you are, you'd derserve to get reprimanded. I just don't think that's up to just anyone to decide. Have a great day!

People react first, and think later… way later. This is why heroes become villains. When you eliminate due process, and jump to conclusions? Well, you’re just another bad guy pretending to be a good guy.

ohmydeputywalsh asked: Hey how come we're stupid and "obviously getting scammed" for donatinh money to Sarah and Shiloh to show support but its totally cool and acceptable and not at all a scam for your followers to buy you video games? 🤔

1. Requesting $1,500 to replace $200 laptop: Fraud
2. Backstory for replacing laptop a complete lie: Again, fraud.
3. Started in the middle of smear campaign against innocent people: Malicious/vindictive/evil.

1. Everything is the value advertised/honest.
2. Literally no backstory. No lie. Honestly advertised.
3. Started years ago before any scandal. Critical fact.
4. List only exists because years ago fans requested I make one.

To translate, you are asking what the difference is between a person who is a total fraud vs a person who is honest.

yoongibaybee asked: Hello, was just wondering how you were doing :) I'd also like to share a little story. Your videos helped me a lot growing up, so thank you for that. And the things I learned from it were also helpful during the two years of treatment I just came out of. Thank you. Hello from alaska btw :)

Congrats! Hope you stay awesome.

yoongibaybee asked: WAIT OKAY HI ME AGAIN. which kpop groups do you currently listen to? Im really into BTS and starting to get into everglow!!

I just listen to old BTS and EXO songs.

yoongibaybee asked: What kind of music do you usually listen to?

KPop, Marilyn Manson, Daft Punk, 80’s remixes…

kittenplay19 asked: I hope you’re okay. I’m sorry that the world perceives you one way, and won’t let up. You don’t deserve that. I know this really doesn’t mean anything, but I hope that you’re doing well, eating, and staying healthy. Don’t let them see any emotion. You’re smarter than them.

Oh yeah, stay healthy & safe!

elliedahl111 asked: You’re untalented and not funny.

So true.

av0ice0fmy0wn asked: What other hobbies do you have besides making videos? :)

Playing video games.

edgarallenhoe-666 asked: You do realize that literally no adult in their right mind actually believed your “freak out” videos were real, right? You’re a coward. You couldn’t make it in the military so you try to make yourself feel like a big man by abusing women and stripping them of their femininity. Are you keeping Kai locked in a basement or something so he won’t throw you under the bus? Or have you gotten him so fucked up in the head that he would smile and wave while you throw him under the bus? I hope you rot. :)

Ed, you have no idea how crazy you sound.

wallachianslut asked: Replying to everything in a gif like it’s still 2012 😒 grow up groomer

Who is groomer? And cheer up bummer guy.

swezy88 asked: Dear Onision, I hope you’re doing well even though of all the chaos around. Please remember that not everyone believes you’re a bad person X Daisy

When you know you did nothing wrong to someone and they act like you are a monster, it does not convince you. You just know they’re in a bad place, and you feel bad for them.

darkwingdeathbat asked: A while back you made a video where people showed you their scars and told you about them. Why did you feel like you had to trash on someone's scar from a heart transplant?

Don’t recall… but if someone gives you their honest opinion despite knowing people will not like them for it… well, that sounds like someone you might be able to trust with the truth.

00isanyonethere00 asked: I hate seeing you in pain bruv..when I was 12-14 yer videos were funny and held a part in stopping my self harm. Dont lose sight of what you've done to help others, as well. If they're lying, I'm with you. If not, I'd be so very sorry to leave your fanbase. Also dont get corona.. _

It’s pretty obvious at this point… a lot of people just haven’t been listening. OnisionSpeaks says it all. Just, pay close attention & realize, this is why you don’t try to save people.

windowlicker asked: Hey there. Are you accepting submission if I have a question that might not fit the character limit, or do you prefer the shorter questions? Are you accepting DMs as well?

I don’t talk to strangers without witnesses. This is the only way to reach me outside discord group chat now.

freddiebulbasaur asked: i’m so ashamed that i ever was a fan of you


journeyquilliams asked: hi! i’ve been watching your videos for years now. i hope you’re doing well, even through all of the drama going on.💙

Thanks 😊 The world can get crazy but… you can find your own peace pretty much anywhere.

botan-ique asked: who’s gonna get custody when you and sty are in prison? Hopefully someone who wont let the kids fall out windows.

Who is Sty?

waavvyylune asked: Can I be your friend?

I donno.

pemzeau asked: So, I just want to say despite all the lies and videos that people have made about you, I'm still a fan

Prepare for people freaking out on you for thinking for yourself 🙃

bonesoupx asked: My names Cole, I just turned 18 3 months ago, and was wondering, how do you lie yourself to sleep at night?

Like a normal person. Just find a soft mattress, lay on it, close my eyes. I fall asleep pretty quick.

map666face asked: Hey onision, mapface here. erect your army to deal with coronavirus. get your nerds to make drones and robots and self driving cars for supply chain. i am working on an equity system and trust framework. everyone needs to work as one, even if we can't see each other.

My army is made out of bananas.

We are not the answer.

sparklycookiezflying asked: so .. how long do you think you will keep making vids??

Most YouTubers I started with already quit.

sparklycookiezflying asked: what did you do today?? :3

I worked on the next Onision video all day…

reina-shitposting asked: Turn replies back on, coward


satanapproved asked: Imma be real I just want your attention🤷🏻‍♀️

Here it is.

missyvinx asked: i used to be a big fan when i was 13 and now i’m 18 and heavily embarrassed i ever liked you.


its-not-unuwusual asked: Hey nonce

What? Who?