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Onision Hater FAQ was an FAQ Greg wrote to explain his 2010-2012 relationship drama. He would move this page, along with his The ACTUAL Truth About Onision to different incarnations of his Onision site for many years. (Source) It is estimated this was written sround 2012-2013.

This page, along with the The ACTUAL Truth, were written by Greg in the third person.

Onision Hater FAQ

Why does this FAQ exist?

Because they’re are an insane amount of Onision haters who really have little to no idea what they’re talking about, now they have almost no excuse for their ignorance.

[Screen shot of someone commenting "Dude! Just make a FAQ for all the haters and leave it at that"]

Why doesn’t Onision ignore haters?

Because he’s not good at letting people walk over him & hates ignorance.

Onision is in love with himself right?

No, he has repeatedly talked about having a low self-esteem & even said he feels he has almost no value without his audience. People call him pathetic for it, but he stands by his need to entertain/make people laugh.

All Onision cares about is money.

He sells his shirts at no profit, so his fans get the best value for what they’re buying. He’s donated thousands to charity & collaborates with people far less popular than himself regularly. It’s not about money, it’s mostly about the human experience.

How old are Onision’s subscribers?

[Screen shot of Speaks' analytics with the text " "Onision's subscribers are mostly 13 year old girls" - Just another Smurf"]

Did Onision really film his ex having a seizure?

She had many “episodes” before, I filmed it to show her what she went through every time. She communicated that she never wanted to go to the hospital for it, so all I could do was help her recall it when it was over. After that specific episode was over, she approved of it being uploaded, and saw it before anyone else. We both felt it could help people, but later I was given the impression she had faked everything. Bottom line, it wouldn’t be online unless she, at the time, wanted it to be. Was it a real seizure? In hindsight, I sincerely doubt it.

Did Onision kill his pet turtle?

Onision spoke to animal control about it and they said his turtle likely died as a result of a chemical reaction to the plastic container he put the turtle in. Onision was not aware of the chemical reaction potentially occurring, but he in fact likely did accidentally kill his pet turtle by putting him outside in a large plastic tub. What he thought was harmless & would keep the turtle safe from his dogs, likely ended up killing his turtle. Now if Onision said “hey guys, I ate turtle soup today, yum” not many would be upset with him, but because he, instead of intentionally killing/eating a turtle, made this mistake, people have been freaking out ever since.

Onision only dates 17 year-olds right?

Wrong, Onision’s last five relationships by age: 24, 17, 23 (a relationship with a popular YouTuber he never announced), 26, 17. A lot of illogical people only focus on the two 17 year olds he, again, LEGALLY dated, but the reality is he didn’t have an age preference, the only thing he cared about is (1) Is it legal? and (2) Does he love them.

Did he and his current wife ever break up?

No, they have been together for over a year. Any “break ups” that were posted to twitter etc regarding their relationship were posted as a play off everyone spreading BS rumors about their personal lives.

Does Onision hate meat eaters?

He’s made a lot of dramatic videos about meat eaters, he even called them murders. A lot of what he does is to get an emotional response so the topic is discussed. Regular vegetarian videos are boring, now the ones he used to make? They pissed a lot of people off and got them thinking, that was the point.

In reality his family is full of meat eaters, and he loves them all.

Someone said they saw Onision eating meat.

That someone is full of crap. Onision does eat fake meat, but that’s all.

What happened with him & Cyr?

Cyr used Onision, repeatedly. Onision lost thousands to Cyr in paying for rent/housing/food/events etc, and Cyr gave barely anything back. All Onision wanted was for Cyr to be there when he needed him, to be a good friend, and Cyr couldn’t even do that. Onision has ended the friendship with Cyr multiple times due to Cyr being unreliable, the last time, was the very last.

Does Onision hate Joey Graceffa?

No, Onision jokes about Joey being gay, and people hate him for it, but he in no way hates Joey, he just finds joking about homosexuality to be funny. If you do your research, you’ll find Onision actually collaborated with Joey & has never once said he didn’t like the guy.

What happened with Onision & Shane Dawson?

It’s complicated. First Onision told Shane he was basically “Hollywood” and Shane called Onision an asshole, so Onision ended the friendship. Onision was mad because Shane had said many times he would meet up with Onision when he was in LA, only to completely ignore him once he was actually there. Shane talked behind his other friend’s back to Onision and also said “YouTube is just a job” to Onision over dinner which is a slap in the face to all his fans. Shane also canceled projects that he said he would be a part of after Onision had already written a script, recorded/produced a full song with Shane & recruited actors. Basically Shane royally screwed Onision over when it comes to video projects.

As for what’s happening now? Shane & Onision talked things out. Shane apologized for what he did, saying he was in a bad place then & while they’re still not friends, Shane at least made peace with Onision.

What happened between Onision & DeeFizzy?

DeeFizzy was supposedly friends with Onision, but like Cyr, was rarely there for Onision. DeeFizzy’s excuse was “I’m bad at texting” despite the obvious fact that he updates his twitter regularly from his phone which is just as easy as texting. Basically DeeFizzy would talk about how he’s a real-person & act like he cares, when really, he made an awful friend to Onision in that he was unreliable. DeeFizzy apologized to him but didn’t show any signs of willingness to change & only made more excuses.

[Screen shot of an email from dfizzy]

[2nd screen shot of an email from dfizzy]

What happened with Onision & his ex wife?

She is collecting alimony for the sum of $90,000 – She claimed that she was 50% of the reason the channel “Onision” existed & worked full time on it, and was going to pursue his profits in court, so Onision settled out of court. She demanded $150,000 from him originally, but he offered what he could afford paying over a period of six years which was the 90k ($1,250 a month) – She shortly after started her own channel, and gave up on it after a few months.

Onision divorced his ex wife because he said she always just sat around and browsed the web, that she repeatedly gave up in the middle of videos & refused to record further because of problems she had for years with her motivation. She had one of these episodes in front of Onision’s mom and it made no sense to any of them as everyone just wanted to make a fun video and she was having a melt down for reasons no one could figure out. She did finish the video (GCOC) and it did well.

The first time Onision threatened divorce occurred around June of 2010. He did this because she had stated that half of Onision’s things were hers, and he was upset over this because he had tried to get her to sign a prenup before they got married and she cried. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the understanding that the marriage was an asset split in the eyes of the law, it was that he thought they had an agreement that everything she acquired in her life was hers, and he in his, which is why he moved forward with the marriage, because he trusted her to not be greedy. When she was showing greed, he wanted out, and six months later they signed divorce papers he had prepared.

His ex wife also signed a contract which she later completely ignored as if she had never agreed to the terms listed (Onision offered to give her $12,000 over a period of a year, or cover all her living expenses for 2 years (so she could find a job, as she had refused to find employment for a long time, despite Onision asking her to repeatedly during the marriage)).

[Image of the divorce agreement Greg made Skye sign]

When his ex wife took all her things/some of his things while he was away from home, she also took the original document seen above, he made copies, but in the end, they made no difference.

What happened with Onision and his Canadian ex?

The woman he dated just after his ex wife inspired him & for a time, made him really happy. Their relationship took repeated dramatic turns with major incompatibility issues, she was very judgmental of other women, implying anyone who showed too much cleavage was a slut & she dumped him at on point for looking at Hentai. That was the only time she had broken up with him, they in total broke up about 8 times. One of the major break ups happened when Onision called the cops on her for saying “I’m going to kill myself and make it look like you did it” while he was on the phone with his mom explaining that his ex (he had recently broken up with her) who was still living with him was having a meltdown.

When she said she was going to kill herself and pin it on him, he flipped on his camcorder as proof that if she did do something, it wasn’t him, he would put the camera on himself to prove he was being calm, and then on her, continuing to yell at him/cry & she even threatened to “destroy” him. The police finally showed up and she was taken away. The police officer told him he should leave before they brought her back as she was only going to be mentally evaluated (standard procedure for someone who threatens to kill themselves). Per the officer’s advice Onision packed all his things and booked it to LA.

His ex returned home and gave him a call acting confused as to why he left. She then started blogging about how horrible of a person she thought he was, and so he released the video of her threatening to destroy him – he removed the footage after a few minutes as he felt like it was a mistake, and that he should of just been the bigger person however people copied the video and plastered it all over the web regardless. Many people paint his ex the victim, ignoring her threatening him & that she was the one the professionals (police) felt needed to be taken in.

Onision rebounded after that relationship, and after a few months got back with his ex, an obvious mistake however she had told him she was pregnant with his baby, so he naturally flew her to LA to his apartment (on her flight over she revealed she was not in fact pregnant, he forgave her for lying) and a month later they went back to his original house. Not long after she took a pregnancy test and showed it to him, it said she was in fact pregnant this time. They went to the doctor and after the third visit, the doctor informed her the baby had died, six weeks prior, and that the baby was only six weeks along when they did die.

Onision’s & his girlfriend had broken up a week prior to hearing this news. He said she was emotionally stressful to be around, and she had already moved into another room in the house. Shortly after the doctor told them the baby died, his ex told him she was told she had sepsis, Onision didn’t know what sepsis was, only that it was serious, so he made a video telling everyone and spent one last day with her before flying her back to Canada to take care of her medical problem.

Once she was gone Onision came home to find out she had lied about sepsis, and that she in no way could of had sepsis as it is a lethal condition. He publicly apologized. He talked to her about it and she stood by her story, he again forgave her, and she now said she was in the hospital to remove the baby that had died.

Onision & his ex got back together while she was away, and was paying for her rent. After sending her a couple thousand dollars, he was informed by his fans that she was posting to facebook about being in love with another man, and the screenshots his fans showed him removed any doubt.

Onision naturally freaked out, made a video crying/cursing people who cheat. His ex said he did the same thing to his ex wife, and he reminded her that he had the decency to end the marriage before pursuing another relationship. Again, the physical distance made Onision cheating impossible, she had nothing to say in response, and he told her he never wanted to speak to her again.

She has written him since:

[Image of Shiloh's email to Greg complimenting his video quality.]

He still refuses to contact her.

What happened to Onision and his 26 year old Texan ex?

Onision broke up with her repeatedly over a period of two weeks, he would go back to her every time due to his emotional dependence. After the last break up, she released a essay making Onision look awful, she also revealed that she never really liked Onision’s videos, and that she was actually a hater the entire time. Extremely disturbing considering she repeatedly slept with him, never once telling him who she really was.

After all the horrible things she said about Onision, she later apologized, offered him friendship & gave him her phone number saying she wanted to hang out… Onision forgave her, but never talked to her again.

[Image of email Adrienne wrote to Greg]