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Onision Games, 2017
Onision Channel is a channel Greg created in 2017. This channel was re-branded many times. Previous names for this channel were Oni Chan (not to be confused with the channel Onichan), Onision Games, and VR Box. ($ource)

In 2021, Greg accidentally changed the channel name to Nani Chun.

Original Channel description:

Onision's Gaming Channel
- Live streaming.
- Talking directly to fans through patreon.com/onision
- Funny gaming moments.


Greg created the channels Oni Chan and Onion Son on May 17, 2017. In the video "I'm Deleting Two of My YouTube Channels", Greg explains he figured out why his channels were dying, so he created two new channels and planned to delete two of his channels in 2018. He explained Oni Chan (he did not mention it by name) was for migrating old gaming videos and for new gaming videos. ($ource)

Soon after its creation, Greg re-named the channel to Onision Games.

For the next couple years the channel was used to archive and to host livestreams of Greg of chatting and/or playing games with his Patreons as well as for re-uploads of old gaming videos.


In August 2019, Greg wiped the channel of all videos and re-named the channel "VR Box". He did not upload to this channel during this time.

A few months later, Greg re-named the channel "Onision Channel" and used the channel to re-upload old videos until he stopped in November 2020.

Current Channel description:

The Onision channel is all about having fun. Please enjoy my funny videos!

Nani Chun

On October 27, 2021, YouTubers who made videos about the grooming allegations against Greg received an email from "Nani Chun", who defended Greg from the allegations and pleaded for the YouTubers to do the right thing. Three of these Youtubers posted screen shots of them emails to Twitter and expressed they believed Nani Chun to be Greg using a sockpuppet account.

It was soon discovered that the "Onision Channel" was renamed to "Nani Chun", revealing Nani Chun was actually Greg. (Source) It is believed Greg changed one of his Google account names to Nani Chun, not realizing this account was connected to one of his abandoned YouTube channels. The channel remains named "Nani Chun" to this day.

YouTube Channels
Channel Status Sub Peak Current Subs
Onision Active (2006-) 2.2m 2m
UhOhBro Active (2012-) 2.4m 1.8m
OnisionSpeaks Active (2009-) 1.9m n/a [prev.1.4m]
OnisionArchive Active (2008-) 649k n/a [prev.511k]
OnisionEncore Active (2011-) 168k 141k
Onision Reacts
(prev. Onion Son, VR Creepypasta)
Active (2017-) 94k 57k
Onichan Active (2017-) 55k 34k
Nani Chun
(prev. Onision Games, Oni Chan,
VR Box, Onision Channel
33k 19k
New Channel Discontinued (2018) 19k 14k
Character Vlogs Discontinued (2018) 4k 2k
Comment Cranks Deleted (2017) 1k n/a
Crovati Discontinued (2012) 900 800
OnisionTrolls Discontinued (2012) 500 500
OnisionSongs Discontinued (2011) 200 200
PlayStationGames Deleted (2007-2009) 80 n/a
James Jackson Active (2019-) 39 n/a
Vaitavious Deleted (2012) 30 n/a
Vighkel Deleted (2007-2009) 9 n/a
OnisionGames Deleted (2008) n/a n/a