One Night, Five Dreams

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One Night, Five Dreams is a story written by Greg in December 2004. The story was featured on his Mr Odd site and he posted it on his Ziogi forums under the title, "5 Dreams, 1 Night, A story inspired by one of the dreams...". (Source)


Closing my eyes... 2004, I thought I dreamt, I did... I must have, for I woke up in 2005.

"Hey kid" a man said poking me with his cane, "You need to get off my bench, I sit there to feed the ducks." [[I'm not going to let some kid screw my hobby to hell]] he thought. Sitting up strait, I blinked many times... where was I? What ducks?

Looking around I saw nothing but a gray sand driven desert. Looking back up at the man only on time to see him disappear, I screamed in an awkward manner. I lurched up, "Sir! Sir?" turning around to see if he had simply moved and the desert was merely playing with my eyes I found that the bench had also left me... alone.

Sighing deeply, I began to walk towards what looked like mountains. Hours passed, and yet I did not feel tired, nor thirsty nor desperate. I always loved being alone anyway, and I had thought up many things on my journey that made me laugh, made me frown.

Slowly I heard a motorbike sound come from the back of my ear, turning again I could squint in the distance, a gang of quad bikers coming into view. The bikes were all baby-blue and of the same brand while the riders wore casual wear... yes, this must be a dream.

Suddenly an engine sound busted through my right ear. One had appeared next to me, black, powerful. Immediately I decided to latch onto the bike as if it were my own. Revving the engine, I left the approaching bikers.

As I drove through the seemingly endless blur of gray, the road began to push up turbulence. Right after this notice, a massive rock appeared out of what seemed to be impossible surroundings. The bike had no chance, it flipped upon impact, and slid 50 feet only to fall down, I don't know where.

Grabbing my throat, I began to choke, I had swallowed a lot of dirt from the impact and it had consumed my left eye.

"Help me damn it!" I screamed trying to wipe the now-dreaded gray out of my eye. Coughing and rubbing my left eye, I began to walk towards the location where I last saw my bike. Seconds passed, and upon a random unnoticed step, there was no ground to walk on.

As if I had stepped in a bottomless pit, my body threw itself forward, and amazingly, I fell right through the ground.

Now tumbling down the side of the cliff hitting every rock and root that detruded out from the eroding edge, I had become convinced of instantaneous death to have been inevitable..


Landing on tens of hard rounded rocks, I began to cough again, dirt and blood spewed out of my nose & mouth. Slowly I began to stand only finding immediate shock. [[I know this place... I know this place!]] I had dreamt of it before, "this is where... I was attacked by those monsters." I said aloud to myself.

Looking up towards the clouds I found they too were gray, [[was I walking on the clouds?]] I thought as I began walking forward again. Coming closer to the trees which had witnessed my death in the last dream, I sighed deeply... [[no... that dream was over... the monsters are gone now I imagine.]] thinking this, I set up a fire, and prepared for the night by seeking out materials for a shelter.

As I sat around the fire, five people, all my age and seemingly from my 7th grade year of school appeared around me, talking about how 2005 was the year of judgment. "What do you mean Eric? Judgment?" I look at him with slight curiosity dwelling on my face. Pointing at the sky, Eric rolled his eyes at me. I followed his finger upward only to see what had looked like two moons and a greenish planet. "What!?" I said in shock as the others laughed and continued their conversation without me.

Looking around the fire I glared, [[this is serious, our gravitational force must be pulling other planets into our orbit... we could all die!]] I thought as I stared at the others wondering why they joked about it.

Standing up, I began walking towards the village beyond what I had seen as an endless forest once before. [[It's only half a mile... I have to go... I have to find out more about what's happening.]]