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Archive of the text on Greg's One Mand Band website.

2004 Version 1


Welcome To

What I am offering to you all is free music with the exception that you all respectively give credit to the author (myself) and openly spread the word about this site.

Not all music on this site is glorifying, some is even simply ridiculous due to comedic attempts, or lack in consistent beat. Something I have realized is there are too many songs that stay the same... they don't switch tone, beat... vibe... and I want to make songs that do --- I want to make songs that will twist your mind, and pull it in a new direction... I have done this... and I will keep on producing what I believe to be a positive contribution to our society... our world.

Music is not my life, but it is a part of what fuels my days, pushes me to continue on... and so I do.

One day I believe I will be something significant, just like many others believe.. I'm following my dreams because my dreams are not as complicated as the once seemed... by you all listening, appreciating my music, you are helping my night become day, and I thank you for that.

Enjoy what you can, and forget what you can't.

Please feel free to visit the Message Hoard supported by more sites than just --- My user name is "Vighkel" if you have anything to say to me, please do so there. Thank you.

About One Mand Band

Hello Viewer,

My name is Greg Daniel, everything you see on this site I created by myself for viewers all over the world to witness and hopefully enjoy. Half of everything I do is meant to be a joke, a gag, a jest, a jab, something that I use to entertain you like no other song or web site does.

A lot of my music is inspiration based as most songs I create while feeling uninspired never make it past the keyboard's clicks. If you don't like my music, that's fine, just don't come back :) If you do, than I am humbled by your positive recognition, and I encourage you to burn all the CDs you want as long as you use them legally.

One Mand Band was an idea I had about two years ago, I created quite a few CDs all based off MIDI files, some of which only exist now on a CD I gave to my sister. After hearing the same song over and over on the CDs I played while rollerblading, I began to think my music sucked and blew at the same time. Because of this, I destroyed every last disc, and I sold my keyboard... later on I used Anvil Studio to create another track as a past-time activity. The results were awesome, and I was inspired to create more... more... until I was satisfied.

Months passed and I desired another keyboard... better than before so I could broaden my reaches on the musical level. I graduated High School, and that's what I asked my father for as a grad present, he delivered.

Now I create music whenever I have the urge to... I have a new style thanks to live recording, and yet I still test out my MIDI file ability from time to time past... I hope you enjoy what I have brought into your world... your recognition makes me feel like I've done something good for this planet.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find out exactly what I look like, and a little about my personality ~

Basic Info.

Name: Gregory Daniel
Birth Date: 11/11/1985
Education: High School Degree, Some College
Occupation: Web Design
Desired Jobs: Plumber, Novelist, Musician & Web Designer
Home Town: Auburn, WA - United States

Physical Info.

Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'11 1/2
Weight: 158 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Near-Mullet :)
Shoe Size: 11 1/2
Photograph: Click Here

Personal Info.

Religion: I'm Anti-Religious :)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Not Married, Not Looking
Domestic Status: Mid-Lower Class
Life Goal: To Make A Positive Significant Difference

Contribute to One Mand Band


By donating money, promoting this site, and buying our merchandise you are supporting the free music philosophy and this site flourish. All contributions are appreciated significantly, and I hope you all feel inspired enough to spend some of your time helping this production out.

The following is a list of ways you can contribute:

Visit The OMB Store
Donate Any Amount of Money
Post on the Message Hoard
Write a Review of on Alexa
E-Mail A Friend About This Site

I thank you for supporting

2004 Version 2

Message From The Author:

Hello Viewers/Listeners, my name is Gregory J. Daniel ~ I am the creator of One Mand Band and all the tracks provided by the albums. Every track was picked for public display for a specific reason, I worship many imperfections, as music does not seem complete without them. As you listen on through all of my tracks, you will discover more and more what my objectives are ~ to express limitless self.

The very top track is my latest, and as you move on downward, you will venture deeper into my past. All the albums have wonderful qualities about them, as do the songs. I would not post any of them if I felt they were not enjoyable ~ and in this, know that people all over the world have favorites, and least ~ but more so One Mand Band is praised for it's unique and intriguing elements ~ you will recognize this upon download, or even purchase.

Thank you very much for your interest in One Mand Band, if you'd like to speak with me directly, simply seek out the link above directing you to the online community ~ I'll be waiting there. Goodbye ~


From the age of 15 I began to orchestrate my own musical pieces. First using Anvil Studio, clicking each note, and creating each track independently, one by on ~ I developed over 50 MIDI files (a form of computer/keyboard music). The MIDI file creation continued on and off based off inspiration for 3 years, at which point as a graduation present (HS) I received a new YAMAHA keyboard. Soon after, Denoxifolith was created ~ starting in January of 2004, ending mid August. Another album created based off momentary inspiration.

Shortly after Denoxifolith was finished, I created an unusually powerful track to go along with one of my Mr. Odd videos, this track in specific, "The King". Feeling amped from the song, I moved on to create other tracks like "Letting Loose" & "Night Murder" ~ Interestingly enough, both tracks were entirely improvised ~ and in the process, turned out rather well.

From this point I only look towards the future, I realize as time passes that my skills are improving, more & again I grow, expand my abilities ~ and am now incorporating more voice into my tracks, as for the first portion of my history, I focused mainly on beat... tone.

I don't really ever know when a release will occur, nor am I sure when the next track will be created ~ however, please know, I am always thinking of new ideas, new possibilities ~ and in this, the years to come will no doubt have very promising & pleasant outcomes.

You are by far one of my favorite fans for researching into who I am ~ thank you for that.

Expect the best ~ and I will deliver.

~ Gregory J.


One Mand Band (dot) com

Welcome to ~ home of original, and inspired music composed by Gregory J. Daniel ~ here you can find free music downloads including MP3 file formats ready to burn onto CD.

Other downloads include desktop wallpaper, Aol Icons, message board avatars, photographs, & album art. Browse the links to the left to begin.

New OMB Tracks!

Thanks to the server is hosted on, we've got downloads, and plenty of bandwidth to spare ~
Leaving Alone (created August 20th, 2005)
Open Wide (created August 20th, 2005)

Where To Find The Latest

While is a key source for the latest OMB news and information, the core site and focus of Gregory J. Daniel (OMB Creator) is ~ there a plethora of resources are available, such as movies where OMB is featured, the latest/unreleased tracks, and even the desktop elements inspired by OMB ~ is a branch, just like all the other sites under Gregory J. Daniel ~ and in this, you can always find the most significant information, at the source of it all. Click here to visit now ~

Can You Help Define OMB?

Whenever I submit my creations to public archives, radio stations & other media sources, I find it hard to classify exactly what OMB is... is it rock? Alternative? Rap? Trans? Techno? Hip-Hop? Blues? Comedy? New Age? Classical? What is it? Feel free to tell me what you think OMB is... I'd love to get your input ~ Submissions(at)

Contact One Mand Band ~

To contact Gregory J. Daniel, write Submissions(at) and I will be sure to contact you in response soon. All positive, constructive, and honest feedback welcome, if your submission is unique enough, you will find it on this site. Please include your name, contact information & comments ~ if you would like it to be on the site, you can also request that in your submission.

Write A Review

If you would like to leave your comments on this site to be viewed publicly, either leave a review at Alexa/Amazon (click here to review this site now) or send in your review to Submissions(at) --- Your support is always appreciated.

You may have noticed this, has NO pop-ups, NO advertisements & all the album prices are at their bare minimum (only the retailer makes cash off the sales, not me) ~ which leaves little to put towards the advancement of OMB music & this site... if you'd like to support OMB, whether it be $1 or $1,000 just send it via PayPal to Gregory(at) or click here to send your donation to the core account holder. All donations & contributors are recognized in the manner which they chose, whether it be a printed name on an Album, or posting on this site.

Your Music Style

One Mand Band is all about diversity when it comes to music, if you know of a style of music that OMB has not created up to this date, submit an example file of the music you like, and I'll do my best to produce something in the same genre. (side note, some submission styles may be completely turned inside out and mocked till it's just not funny anymore depending on how mushy the style is... :)

Site Updates

My life is somewhat busy when it comes to creating projects, right now I'm balancing a 12 hour-a-day career with updating 10+ web sites in my free time... it's really a shame as all I want to do is create music, but when I do, you can be sure that you will see the results of my works on this site, look towards the future, there you will find greater tracks than I have ever made before, OMB isn't just a gig, it's a major part of my life, one of the few aspects in my life of creativity which I will never let go ~ enjoy what their is now, and visit again soon for what there will one day be.


The web is full of some really amazing sites, yet somehow I am left in the dark about a lot of them, if you know any, just contact me and I will work on adding them to this site, but until then, observe the sites I feel are worthy of being posted thus far.
Right now I'm working on getting some of the Onision Productions videos up on this site, check it out with the key word being "Onision" ~ and see if I'm active yet.
It is a rather harsh subject, but I believe something needs to be said, the rape crimes in this country are much too high, so I've done something to hopefully deter such acts from continuously occurring. If I only saved one person, it would be worth every moment of my time spent on that site.
At times I'm not sure what I believe... but when I do believe in... something... it's this.
Archive now-a-days, hopefully it will be back up soon, but from every angle to which you can look at it, the site is a bad ass gaming site.
A site for a great massage studio in Auburn, WA ~ I went there myself, and walked out a pile of jelly. Tami [...] is an awesome massage therapist.
Skye [...] is an amazing Graphic Designer ~ check out her site if you want to see the best creations by Tantaga Designs.
America's Air Force is another site I created, it basically documents all the journeys I have had in the US Air Force... if you really want to know most everything about the creator of OMB, this site and are your best bets.
The web site that explores all my ins, and outs ~ I've placed most everything I've ever created on this site that still exists... do you want to explore deeper into my mind? Go for it.
Mr. Odd is all about being wacky, insane, whatever... I originally created it to make it my personal site, but now, it's a recording of the years 2002-2004... and is definitely worth checking out.
Odd Dolls were inspired by a simple box set at Target ~ the theme song was created by One Mand Band, and the actors are completely bad ass... ;) There are many flaws in the concept of this site, as most of the photos were probably digital camera error, but there are some pictures which are hard to deny... believe in what you like...