November 14, 2007

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Greg talking about November 14, 2007 in 2015
November 14, 2007 is the day Greg often references as the day he almost attempted suicide.


On November 14, 2007, Greg was still working for the US Air Force. He says that day, he held a loaded gun to his head, but decided to live on to dedicate his life to making YouTube videos.

On the same day, Greg also left a review on a Newgrounds song, which he had been doing daily for some time. (Source) The next day, Greg continued leaving daily critiques on Newground users' music. (Source)


On January 18, 2010, Greg uploaded "I Am Fallen" to his Speaks channel. The video starts out with Greg talking about how his followers tell him they respect him and that he is brave for standing up for what he believes in. He tells them he is not brave, he is really dead. He says November 14, 2007, he help a loaded 9mm to his head. He said in his mind he pulled the trigger and he stopped caring and being afraid. He says now he feels that no matter what happens to him, he made it further than he should have. "I am just brains splattered on a wall. What are you looking at is a talking suicide. So when you guys call me brave, remember you're just talking to a ghost." He says he will fight for others so they don't end up like him. ($ource) This was the first time Greg mentioned this story to his YouTube fans.

Greg continues to talk about this day in videos and on social media. Greg uses mentioning "November 14, 2007" in a few different ways. The most common way he uses this day is to explain to his fans how much of his life he dedicates to making videos. An example would be the 2012 video "A Better Home". In this video, he explains he gave his puppy, Nibbles, away because of November 14, 2007. He says every day is bonus since then, so he dedicates his life to love and his job and has no time for Nibbles. ($ource)

Another way Greg references this day is to talk about how grateful he is that he chose to live. (Source)

The last way Greg uses this day is to talk about how he is actually dead inside and lost a piece of himself that day. (Source) An example of this would be the "I Am Fallen" video.