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Greg's Hannah Minx character. ($ource)
Annah Minx, aka Hannah Minx or Minxy, is a video character Greg uses in sketch videos. The character is based on ex-YouTuber and ex-girlfriend of Greg's, MissHannahMinx.


When the real Miss Hannah Minx mysteriously abandoned her social media and YouTube channel in 2013, she seemingly cut off contact with Greg as well. In early 2014, Greg made several videos asking for her to contact him and for information about her disappearance. By August, Greg seemed to have given up on reconnecting with her and made a parody video of her. In this first video, Greg plays Hannah Minx. By 2015, he began hiring a woman that looks similar to Hannah to portray his Minxy character.

In the beginning, the Miss Hannah Minx character was used to parody Hannah and her channel. After a while, Greg began using the character in situations completely unrelated to the real Hannah.

The first time Greg used Hannah as a character was on August 20, 2014, with a video titled "Hannah Minx SUPERSTAR". In the video, Greg plays Hannah and parodies her video format. ($ource)

On March 17, 2015, Greg uploaded the sketch video "Why Hannah Minx Quit YouTube" to his main channel. In the video, a woman portraying Hannah lists and re-enacts possible reasons why she left YouTube including mean comments, Greg making fun of her on his channel, inappropriate fans at meet-ups, that she realized it's rude to be white and teach Japanese, her photoshopped nudes, and YouTubers with boobs copied her. ($ource)

On May 4, 2015, Greg uploaded "The Hannah Minx How To Tutorial". In the video, the woman that portrayed Hannah in the last video acts out misunderstood or literal versions of sexual acts. ($ource) This is when the videos began to stray from parodies.

Also in May 2015, an Annah Minx YouTube channel was created. The channel description states, "I was given the opportunity to work with Onision a while back and I had a lot of fans saying I should take up the reigns as Hannah Minx. Eventually it clicked that I could take on teaching ASL as the Hannah Minx character, but I didn't want people to think I was literally trying to BE Hannah Minx so I separated the character and named her Annah Minx, which was actually first thought of by Greg (Onision)." (Source)

The Annah Minx channel remains active and Greg continues to work with "Annah Minx" to this day.


Hannah Minx (left) Annah Minx (right)
Similar to Hannah Minx, Annah Minx has long dark hair and heavy dark eye make-up. Also like Hannah, she wears low cut tops and occasionally wears cat ear headbands.


In Greg's sketch videos, Annah Minx is ditsy and giggles a lot. Most of the time she seems oblivious to anything sexually suggestive.

In videos on the Annah Minx channel, Annah is less ditsy. She teaches her viewers words in American sign language, similarly to how Hannah taught viewers Japanese words in her videos.