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Greg reads the screen shots
MilkAnon is the nickname for a troll that claimed to have had an unofficial relationship with Greg on behalf of himself and Lainey in 2016. They tricked LuxyMoo, a woman that did have an unofficial relationship with Lainey and Greg, into publicly discussing their relationship.


MilkAnon contacted Luxymoo through twitter privately claiming to have been in a relationship with Greg and Lainey during the same time period as Luxy. They provided fake screen shots to convince Luxy they were telling the truth. Milk also informed Luxy that some of her tweets were being discussed on Anti-Onision blogs.

On December 16, 2016, MilkAnon went to lolcow farm, a drama/gossip discussion image board, and posted screen shots of their private twitter conversations with Luxy along with a phony story about their time talking to Greg. Milk posted under the name "onision sucks" and used a picture of a girl with blue hair as an avatar image in their screen shots. When Luxy found out her conversations were leaked, Milk convinced her to share her side of the story on the board. (Source)

The next day, Greg released the video "We Moved On, You Should Too" addressing the information being shared on the image board. He said he did not know who this person (Milk) was and he said the screen shots of their conversations were fake. He claims to not know how to use tumblr's messaging system. He concludes this person used fake screen shots to lure in Luxy to get her to release her information about him and Lainey. He says he hates to say it, but it's "kinda brilliant". He compliments this person for writing things that sounds like what he would say in the fake screen shots. He challenges them to make a video of their alleged tumblr conversations with him because videos are harder to fake then screen shots. ($ource)

Later that day, Milk told the board they would make the video to prove they were real the next day. When the next day came, they told the board they were too afraid to make the video. This caused a divide in the thread where some users sympathized with Milk while others began accusing them of being a troll. It was confirmed on the 19th by the board admin that Milk was a troll. (Source) Once again, users were divided. Some praising Milk for getting Luxy to release information while others shamed them for using Luxy and tricking her.

Screen shots

Note that these are screen shots of "MilkAnon" (green) talking to LuxyMoo (pink). Any screen shots shared by MilkAnon in these conversations are fake. These screen shots were cropped and censored by LoO admin.