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18:15, 5 November 2017 (PST)18:15, 5 November 2017 (PST)18:15, 5 November 2017 (PST)

Anonymous 1 day ago No. 451766>>451769>>451781 >>451670 its worse considering how many of his discord cult would be willing to do "camera" work. I would consider these "hardcore" fans since they throw the most money at him and give him all their time and attention most of the day. rxbootyslayer paid him $250 once for a month.

Why HER? We know why…

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:29:20 PM No. 451767>>451768>>451772>>451774>>451776
mac here, i just wanna thank you guys for the support. man oh man is it gonna be fun to be bashed by him tomorrow (:
Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:29:42 PM No. 451768


aboot tbh <3
Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:32:38 PM No. 451772


We always got ur back on here now, friend. <3 Well, most of us do.
Macncheese faggot 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:32:49 PM No. 451773>>451777>>451780>>451887
just to clarify, i was never a patron. i wasn’t aware of anyone else being asked to work a camera either. i think i might’ve been the only one? don’t quote me on that

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:33:36 PM No. 451775


it doesn't matter if she was a fan or how she acted regardless it doesn't change the fact that a 31 year old man is trying to fly a girl over to his house for obvious sexual reasons
10/17/17 (Tue) 11:33:54 PM No. 451776


Girl you are the best <3 I'm so happy you opened your eyes.
10/17/17 (Tue) 11:34:13 PM No. 451777>>451823


Haha never a patron when he claimed only the most devoted fans were patrons. That's rich Greg. He's just so transparent it's disgusting.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:36:05 PM No. 451781 >>451766 Exactly, what about TomatoBastard who dropped over $1000 only to meet his idol irl.. surely, he's one of the superest fans of them all!

Greg is so transparent.

Macncheese faggot 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:36:42 PM No. 451782>>451786>>451787>>451788>>451790>>451794>>451823 ill be up for a little while so i’m willing to clear any confusion if you guys have questions? most of our interaction occurred on younow so there aren’t many dms from the past

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:39:21 PM No. 451786>>451798 >>451782 What was the turning point for you? What made you realize how horrible they are?

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:39:39 PM No. 451787>>451909>>452083 >>451782 So the majority of your interactions on YouNow were likely captured either in screenshots or recorded moments? I hope we have those handy.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:39:42 PM No. 451788>>451798 >>451782 Did he make any advances towards you not in Dm’s? Where were you guys planning to “meet up”? Hope you’re feeling relieved tho, hun! Goodluck tomorrow! <3

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:40:11 PM No. 451790>>451796 >>451782 Seriously thank you for speaking out, its incredibly frustrating when he scares people into silence. Just remember that he lives in his own world and only knows his logic. He might make a dumb video about you and claim to be right but it could of been much worse. IF you ever actually made it there I'm sure he would of found a way to control you and eventually run a hate campaign just like hes done before. I think your cool.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:41:44 PM No. 451794>>451798 >>451769 she was never on the discord server and I don't think she was a patreon either, his mods encouraged her to get on discord though. >>451782 why were you following billie before following greg and lame? did you not know of the history?

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:44:56 PM No. 451798>>451805

>>451786 last night on the phone, a friend wa shush explaining how weird it was and i had a moment of realization. >>451788 not that i was ever aware of. keep in mind i’m quite naive. >>451794

i was a fan of billie and i knew bits and pieces but didn’t quite understand it

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:47:51 PM No. 451805>>451811>>451815 >>451798 What did you think of him calling you 18 year old cutie patotie ?

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:49:20 PM No. 451810>>451816 Macncheese please explain the whole age thing, so some of these anons can move on.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:49:29 PM No. 451811 >>451805 >patotie

I kek’d

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:50:18 PM No. 451815


THAT CREEPED ME THE HELL OUT IF IM BEING 100% HONEST. at first i was flattered but he said it so much, and taking his age into consideration, it’s just so odd.
Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:50:18 PM No. 451816>>451818


which age thing are you referring to?

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:51:21 PM No. 451818>>451820 >>451816 Some of these anons are saying you were bating him because you referred to yourself as barely legal, and several times in the chat you talked about looking really young.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:52:34 PM No. 451820 >>451818 I'm glad she did bait that because more people became aware of his fetish for young girls in real time

Macncheese Faggy 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:53:11 PM No. 451822 >>451831 i was just joking around with the age jokes thing. i wasn’t really aware of his pedo tendencies at the time bc everything flies over my head. believe me or don’t, but i thought it would just be funny.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:56:21 PM No. 451827 Remember that you have undying support Mac, we are all here for you! No matter what he says or how he puts his version of “truth” out to the world, don’t let him make you believe you are any less believed. His 13 yr old fangirls will come around too someday

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:56:22 PM No. 451828 >>451823 He will most definitely bring up the fact that you follow social repose and Billie. At this point his pathetic and predictable.

Anonymous 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:57:41 PM No. 451831>>451838 File (hide): 1508299061131.png (65.33 KB, 155x275, 1506468515998.png) - Lainey pic

>>451822 >Everything flies over my head >I'm extremely naive

please explain


Macncheese Faggy 10/17/17 (Tue) 11:59:17 PM No. 451838>>451841>>451846>>451851>>451870


there’s no way this is gonna be believable so idk if i can argue it. i follow billie but didn’t see that she had yellow hair. yellow is one of my favorite colors. so i was like oh hell yeah dye your hair it’ll be cool. i 100% see how this seems sketchy and if i saw that i’d be like “oh this girl thinks she’s funny”

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:00:28 AM No. 451841 >>451838 I thought you were trolling her, I got a good laugh out of it lol

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:04:52 AM No. 451846 >>451838 I support you but I still think that was a troll lol, I laughed out loud when I saw it.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:16:27 AM No. 451855>>451856 question for macbcheese if she’s still here, is Sarah confirmed living at the onion house? What’s her deal? sage because no contribution to thread

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:17:45 AM No. 451856


i honestly have no idea. i’m sure she’s there.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:23:23 AM No. 451861>>451864 @mac did you ever have phone calls or Skyped with him? What was the stuff you couldn’t screenshot?

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:24:50 AM No. 451864>>451866>>451868


oh no, it was only stuff on younow. i never really wanted him to have my number.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:29:08 AM No. 451867>>451871 @mac did he ever ask you for nudes or steer the conversations towards sex in any way? Even if you didn't realise it at the time, was there anything he asked you that gave you weird or creepy vibes?

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:30:25 AM No. 451871


no if he ever asked for that i would’ve posted the screenshots here. we didn’t talk much in dms

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:31:23 AM No. 451873>>451876>>451877>>451878 >>451870 I still don't believe her. She claims to be a hardcore fan to the point she followed everyone who onision had drama with? doesn't seem like a "hardcore" fan considering onion is very vocal about who he hates. Mac followed Billie, and knew damn well Billie had yellow hair kek. Stop the lying girl.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:33:05 AM No. 451876>>451879 >>451873 she never claimed to be a hardcore fan, that was his wording.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:34:04 AM No. 451878


i said i hadn’t checked on her so i didn’t see her hair. i have no reason to lie and said you didn’t have to believe me.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:34:38 AM No. 451879>>451881>>451884 >>451876 She still "fangirled" over him which kinda says she was a fan. I find it odd she unfollowed SR and Jaclynn right after people told onision she was following them. I think she was a troll from the start or she just wanted the attention from "exposing" him.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:39:17 AM No. 451888>>451890 >>451884 Mac said it herself she fangirled over Onision mentioning her. I still stand by that she knew what she was doing. She played dumb when onion questioned her following SR and Jaclynn, and she unfollowed them when onion mentioned it. I don't see how you can be a fan of Jaclynn and onision without knowing what onion does? I mean Jaclynn has made videos about him before.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:37:02 AM No. 451883>>451889 Mac, what were your intentions with Onion? Did you really like him or did you just get excited because he's a Youtuber and because of his "community"? I'm really curious.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:39:29 AM No. 451889


okay so i used to be a fan and kinda fell off but still posted on his forums sometimes. i saw he noticed me so i followed him again and kinda fangirled.
mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:40:23 AM No. 451890>>451892


i actually was never a fan of her. never followed her. only SR.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:41:14 AM No. 451892>>451893>>451894>>451938>>451951 >>451890 Then you should have still known the drama between them. You still stood by onision when he has bashed over youtubers. You still sucked up to him until this point.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:42:34 AM No. 451893


i’m immature for my age, i’ve said that. you’re right i should’ve been more aware. i got excited nonetheless

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:43:12 AM No. 451895>>451896 Mac did they ever try to get you on the discord, you know since its basically a sex chat?

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:43:56 AM No. 451896>>451897>>451900>>451901


yeah becca did try to get me to join discord. she said they’d love to have me there.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:45:11 AM No. 451897>>451906 >>451896 Becca seems like a gatekeeper when it comes to onision. Did she only talk to you once he started noticing you?

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:45:16 AM No. 451899>>451907 @mac where did u get that handgun kek

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:45:29 AM No. 451901>>451913 >>451896 That’s fucked. You’ve heard about how they all post nudes right? And apparently one of the girls writes fan fiction about the others. Did they mention they to you when they wanted you to join?

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:46:55 AM No. 451903>>451916 Mac was Lainey ever mean to you? You know since she basically made it seem like you were trying to infiltrate her life, when in reality it was her husband trying to get you in their marital home.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:48:09 AM No. 451906>>451912


yeah pretty much
mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:49:01 AM No. 451907


it’s actually an airsoft gun.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:49:37 AM No. 451911 Glad you didn’t get sucked in, Mac. Sure he’ll bash you a little bit when he finds out but you’re getting off easy in the long run. He ruins people that he successfully sucks in.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:50:27 AM No. 451912 >>451906 That's interesting. Thanks for speaking up. Since his fans are becoming aware of this thread you're going to get random trolls victim blaming but you did the right thing. Take care and don't let him guilt you into anything. He's sick

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:50:46 AM No. 451913


i actually didn’t learn about the nudes until last night
mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:51:32 AM No. 451916>>451925


she was only passive aggressive in streams but never directly mean

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:55:05 AM No. 451922>>451926 Mac are you willing to get "I'm a cheap faggot" tattooed as a tramp stamp in order to be given the opportunity at a second chance (to become a high-paying Patreon) and save yourself from Greg's wrath?

In all honesty, how did you find him/why do you like his content? I'm amazed young people find the irrelevant asshole still

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:56:26 AM No. 451925>>451927 >>451916 Did you really want to get on her good side and be friendly with her? How did you feel when Onion told you she hated you?

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:57:29 AM No. 451926


i don’t even remember. i think the fact that he’s an asshole made me laugh. i can’t tell you why i liked him other than i thought he was funny.
mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 12:58:38 AM No. 451927>>451928


yeah i genuinely wanted to be her friend. i liked her from what i had seen. it hurt at first to know that she thought i was evil.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:01:45 AM No. 451928>>451930 >>451927 Didn't you ever wonder why a grown woman would randomly dislike you and be so passive aggressive with you?

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:05:45 AM No. 451930>>451942>>451950


i wasn’t trying to do anything outside of being innocently associated with someone i had looked up to. i knew people thought i was trying to fuck him and that she had believed it, but i didn’t understand why because i felt that i was innocent.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:08:06 AM No. 451934>>451937>>452011 >>451707 >>451708

So in the span of a few minutes, Greg went from "yes Lainey is ignoring you" "maybe one day she'll appreciate the comments" to having a conversation with her and "no she's not ignoring you intentionally"?? Because macncheese said they could stop privately messaging him fucking lol

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:10:13 AM No. 451937 >>451934 No shit, I hadn't even noticed that but damn he flipped the script real quick if it meant she stopped dm'ing him lol

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:24:40 AM No. 451950>>451952>>451953 >>451930 Mac, since you only recently came to this conclusion I think there's more interaction between you two that you aren't sharing. And that's your decision. But it could potentially help future "fans" not become wrapped up in this bs. Thanks for coming.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:27:21 AM No. 451953>>451956>>451957


i’d be more than comfortable with sharing now that i know i’m supported, but there is truly nothing else in our dms.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:29:57 AM No. 451957>>451961 >>451953 Were you trying to make him jealous the day of your date when you were talking about it in younow? It was obvious he was on edge

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:32:38 AM No. 451961>>451965>>451971>>451972


no i was just gonna disappear bc i thought he was on his way so i was explaining hey i’m going on a date so i’ll be leaving

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 01:42:02 AM No. 451965>>451969 >>451961 Anyway, I'm glad you realised what a creep he is.

We were all sperging about how Onion would be recruiting you into that hell hole through the excuse of helping him shoot videos. It's pretty shocking we hit the nail right on the head there.

'Hardcore' fan my arse, he had a plethora of choices from his patreon pool and he chose you and continued to choose you when you made it so abundantly clear that you have no experience in operating a camera.

Anonymous 1 day ago No. 452011 >>451708 >>451934 >I just talked to lainey >1 minute later

what a liar lmao

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 02:57:24 PM No. 452261>>452262>>452265>>452266>>452268>>452278>>452311>>452316>>452370>>452393

File (hide): 1508353043968.png (75.57 KB, 750x1334, 3C92047F-5BB6-4AF3-BC2A-8A1B07…)

i’m assuming the smartest thing would be to just ignore this, yeah?

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:01:02 PM No. 452266>>452272>>452303 >>452261 Ignore anything from joysparkles too

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:01:59 PM No. 452267>>452272>>452273>>452303 i think i’ll just politely decline to be safe.

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:02:58 PM No. 452268 >>452261 Wait for Onision to make the first move. Decline this. If you ever want an interview you can just request one later

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:09:38 PM No. 452278>>452279>>452280>>452282 >>452261 In my personal opinion I think The Josh is a good guy. He works with a small team of people, he is well educated and he hates Greg. I would go for it,I think it is a good move. Nope I am not Josh.

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:13:25 PM No. 452282>>452283


i’m just gonna wait until i see what greg does. i don’t want to make any bad decisions.
mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:17:21 PM No. 452286 i’m not aware of most of the youtube channels/hate blogs so if someone else messages me asking about what’s going down, i’ll just post it here to make sure!

Anonymous 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:17:32 PM No. 452287>>452289 >>452284 Josh you got two hands and a keyboard do your own work

mac 10/18/17 (Wed) 03:18:47 PM No. 452289>>452335


that’s actually jupes and i agree with her, someone should repost them.