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Since the beginning of his YouTube career, Onision has fascinated viewers with his outspoken opinions and his off the wall sense of humor. Add that on top of a roller-coaster public private life, it is hard to look away. It gets even more strange when you look into his past and find websites of websites made by him, including a religion made by Onision himself!

Some find him inspirational, others find him unsettling. No matter the reason, people find themselves attracted to him like a moth to a bug zapper. This wiki is here for those people.

This is an attempt to chronicle the online life of the strange figure known as Onision.

Warning: I'm trying to create an unbiased middle ground for all that follow him based on information posted by Onision and by people that know/knew him. This is a difficult task. Although I try my best, there will inevitably be misinformation.

If you need to contact me I'm OnisionDrama on tumblr and OnionDrama on twitter. - Admin