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James Patrick is the main character of Greg's book, Stones To Abbigale. Greg states that James is based off of him and is a better version of himself. (Source) James is Greg's middle name.


James is a 17 year old student attending Lakewood High. Greg descries James as "an analytical teenager who has yet to truly understand love". (Source) He quickly falls in love with a girl named Abbigale. Abbi, James, and his best friend Davis face many extreme tragedies.


James is only described in the book as tall. It is assumed he looks like Greg because he is based off of him.

Greg and James

Greg says that James is a better version of himself. Greg says James and he had the same bedroom and house, even though he does not describe it in the book. He also says they both rollerbladed to school. Greg says other similarities between him and James is that they are both bullied and they both fooled around behind a church. (Source)