I'm So Cult

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I'm So Cult is a song created by Greg in 2008.


Since November 18, 2011 the music video resides on the Archive channel.

Archive Video Description:

"Are you religious? Are you not religious? If so, this song is a must (lol) ~ I'm So Cult was recorded in 2008 while I was living in South Korea. The song is a reflection of my feelings at the time regarding religions. Hope you enjoy what I came up with!"


(Note: Official lyrics to the song can't be found, so this is our editors' interpretation.)

I'm so cult
I'm so brainwashed
I'm so religion
I'm so holy

Hello, I am Izukia
He, he, he, he
Will you join my cult?
Come on its free

We will dance naked together
and watch the rising sun
Its ok if i have sex with you
because I'm so holey I'm so fun

I think its time we burn the non believers
because that's logic and sense
I'm sure the divine will appreciate us giving our children
It's their will to murder and destroy

What if a baby dies?
Where do they go?
To the above of course
I know
Lets kill all the babies so they all go to the above

In the name of religion
Lets rape and kill
It's fun to make this world ugly
Its the divine will

Welcome to bazarro world
Join the religion
Where the trust is in the name of our imagination

Wait where did the cow bell go?
That's better
You know the cow bell is holy right?
It has special powers

No I'm not just making this all up
You should follow me blindly
Just because you cant see it dones't mean its not real

Our cult is full of broken people
They believe anything when they have given up on themselves

Forgive me because I have cheated on my wife today, okay?
Forgive me because I'm using being human as an excuse to do horrible things
Forgive me by just me asking
Now I'm going to do the same thing again in the name of religion

Religion could have been beautiful
but selfish people screwed it all up
Manipulating the texts of our books for our personal desires

We are so holy aren't we I'm going to the clouds above
Come and join me
When I die I'll look down on the world
I've always been above society

Together we will drink Kool-Aid
You go first
Come on sip faster

The police will be here soon
The police will be here soon
What have i done
I hope he kills me quickly