Green And Blue People Theory

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Green And Blue People Theory is a text document Greg shared on his "Onision Productions" version of his Onision site in 2006. (Source) It seems to be an email to someone names Tanna, whom he called Esa. Greg had also shared other emails he sent to "Esa" under the name The Esa Chronicles.


Hey Esa... right now I am listening to my deepest, darkest music... well... on my latest album. ;)

I have a yellow towel draped over my hair, and I am in boxers (with flames) and a white T-Shirt... pretty obviously it's nighttime, and I just got out of the shower... mmm... the shower... do you think of amazing things in there like I do?

I think you have great potential to discover the very depth of every reality you find interest in... ambition to do so... now that does not come till college is over, no?

:) Tanna [...]... what I thought of in the shower... [sighs]

Did you know that there are some situations in which reality is, or is not true based one whether or not we do, or do not believe?

It's not quite as simple as, "If Jack believes in ghosts, than Jack believes in ghosts" it is more so... Mmm... Lets say in order to be placed in a group of intellectuals, or imbeciles, one must believe in one thing or another... [pauses] Say I believe life on earth is a second stage of existence, and really it is only step 2 out of three total phases. Because I believe this, I am now an intellectual, not because I am right, but because I have pondered this idea...

Take all that away, then look at this... [pauses again] It is a complicated subject really ~ in fact, I can hardly grasp it with my current comprehension level... alright. I feel like it is a realization... pretend you leave your body, and the stages it must go through in order to reach the finishing point, and you stand on the finish line (not your body, your essence), looking back to see where your body is about to go, so you can indeed go, there... for if you did not know your path, you would have never been able to walk it... [looks away] It is crazy, and inaccurate, but this is what I am doing to attempt in finding my main "Shower Thought" ~

Mmm... I GOT IT! It is the whether or not you know if you are sane or insane theory... (long explanation)

If I realize something... something truly deep, than I am deep? Yes? Without being told of such a subject by another?

But if I never realize that one point that is the deepest of all depths, than I will never be that deep, and so whether or not I recognize that level of existence, decides who I am as a person...

Ok, back to the "let's says": Alright, "let's say" I'm green, I will always be green unless I do something to change my mind (which in reaction will change my body's color). Now I figure out something really fascinating, and it changes my perception of reality itself, well, my color is now blue. In this, our reality has been changed, truth, fact in itself has been changed due to my opinion/level of understanding ~ because my realization, my perception, my opinion, my mind process, because that has changed, I am now a new fact. Whether or not I recognize certain elements of reality changes the truths about this world... basically, what I am saying is... minds alone can create facts, and according to my comprehension I am either a green person, or a blue person ~ my mind alone decides this, my mind alone decides what is true in this world, and what is not... do you understand? I, in a sense, control the very fabric of reality... whether it be a double stitch, or a single stitch with tied knot, this portion of fabric, the very threads that decide who I am, what type of mind I have, is up to me.

I am either green, or blue ~ which am I? It all depends on what I am, and am not capable of understanding.

It is another discovery that has probably been thought of before... but this does not matter, because I came up with it on my own... :) And that makes me very happy. To me it feels like it is barely a discovery, but rather, something people do not think about, but know it's true nonetheless... well... I did, and I'm very happy I did.

This world is truly colorful ~ I know that you, Tanna [...], you must be the most radiant color of them all. I am green or I am blue, either way, I can't stop looking at you ~

I write you this Esa, and no one else ~ you are truly a mind I can respect... [looks away and smiles] Ok, so I am posting part of this on my message board because I believe I am so brilliant... [rolls eyes] But, I will not explain this TWICE! :) That's what is important... I think... I think.

Call me soon... mmm?

Goodbye Tanna [...] ~

-Gregory J.