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List of videos deleted from Onision's YouTube channels from 2010-2019.

Deleted Videos 2000's - Deleted Videos 2010's - Deleted Videos 2020's


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 11 Head Meds Speaks So your parents, your doctor, and/or your peers think you should go on head medication for ADD, depression or otherwise? Is the solution truly in this often temporary "fix"? Or is the a better option? Source Re-Upload
January 23 Dear YouTube: About The New Video Page Archive If you agree, please Twitter, Facebook & share this video everywhere else, please help YouTube hear our voice! TYSM!!! To get filled in, check YouTube's Blog about the new video layout: [cut off] Source Re-Upload
February 2 I Am Project ( exclusive video) Source
February 2 Onision, Shut up A clip of Onision screaming at imaginary people to shut up. ( exclusive video) Re-Upload Source
February 4 Hey Lisa, Got A Question ( exclusive video) Source
February 24 [Unknown Title] Main Skye and I had fun on our adventure... :) (Source)
February 24 PICK ME!!! ( exclusive video) Source
February 26 HITLER ISN'T FUNNY!!! Main The only place mass murderers names belong are in history books, and that's only for the sake of us not REPEATING their HORRIBLE acts. Source
February 28 Nude Hooker Found In Dumpster' Main HORRIBLE NEWS!!! A DEAD Hooker was found in a dumpster today behind Mickey J's Fish ship. Find out more from our reporter Sam Mich live on scene. (Source)
March 6 Child Porn Is Wrong
Teens & Attraction
Speaks Are you attracted to teenagers? Can you tell the difference in their ages?

I hope if you're having difficulties with your attraction to teens, you take a look at this video: [link] If I helped you make a legal & integrity-driven decision, I am grateful.

March 22 Nudist Colony Rejection Main Re-Upload
March 23 Unfair Censorship: Onision Flagged Main Source Re-Upload
March 29 Onision Coughs ( exclusive video) Source
April 17 BANANA SELLOUT Main OMG I'm such a sell out! :P Well... maybe not exactly :) ~ Either way, LOOK AT MY BUTT!!??

This video was created specifically for the GoDaddy contest. I have rights to use all materials in all my videos commercially - because that's how I roll doggie ;).

(Source) Re-Upload
May 22 My Happy Friends Main A song about having fun with Skye, Alicia, Greg & Ryan. We visit an evil hippy park, play with a dog & come across a dirty slug! Source
June 4 Onisions' Marriage Speaks Digging deeper into the marriage/story of Onision & Tantaga. Source Re-Upload
July 3 Onision Attacked Speaks Re-Upload
June 17 Fun With Onision 12 Main CRAZY AWESOME FUN with Onision :) ~ Lets go on an adventure together! :) ...oh yeah, and Light Yagami is dead... again. :P Source
July 30 Compact 82

Renamed Seattle Song

Main The structures of man. We built this place. Seeking financial freedom, We find not a trace. Numbers & graphs, they see, Subjects of gain. Watch their wallets grow. And with it our pain. You Wish to lose your shackles? You demand a better fate. Only [cut off]
Facebook: "totally different than the norm :)"


August 1 Friends In Love Speaks Someone asked about my feelings for Skye... I'm happy to answer :) Source
August 21 Forever Hated Speaks Some are not willing to accept apologies, as if they themselves have never made a mistake. Source Re-Upload
August 25 Onision DMCA Claims

renamed Tattletale

Speaks What can happen when you tell on others for using your creations without your permission.

It's a fact - I haven't filed any claims for over a year, and when I did - it was all in good faith.

November 21 Alien Greys Speaks Re-Upload
December 24 Chibi Fights An Assassin Main Someone has come to HURT CHIBI! Watch Chibi as he tries to escape the horrible fate this assassin is trying to place upon him!
D!!! YAY! I collaborated with ishatonu!!! :) He and I have been "aware" of eachother for some time now --- it's cool we finally got to work together on this video --- if you haven't checked his channel out yet, please do! :) I've gotten a good laugh out of some of the videos he has, I hope you will too!

Anyway! It's Christmas Eve today, and a lot of people are probably wondering "Why the heck did you upload today?" ~ well gosh! It's not like all my subscribers stop watching YouTube on Christmas Eve day don't ya know? ;)

December 24 Greg & Skye Divorced Speaks Re-Upload
December 30 Onision's Divorce Was A Mistake? Speaks Re-Upload


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 1 She Betrayed Me Speaks She told me, that if we ever divorced I could keep what I bought, and she could keep what she bought... she lied.

I came home to find Skye had taken the Google TV ($1,400), Bed ($700), HD Camcorder ($800) & more that I paid for/earned myself...

I offered her friendship, monthly allotments, housing etc & this is what she does to me? Why?

I would never do this to her - she said she loved me... what happened?

(Source) Re-Upload
January 2 Please Leave Skye Alone Speaks (Source)


January 2 I’ve Never Cheated (The Lies End Here) Speaks (Source)


January 3 Stolen Divorce Contract Speaks Again, please do not harass/insult/etc the individuals discussed in this video in any way - This video was made only, again, to defend my position, as an attempt to ensure no injustice takes place. (Source)


January 4 Netunesa: Please Be Honest Speaks I am again defending myself in the most honest way I know, from being discredited by Netunesa.

PLEASE do not insult or otherwise disturb her facebook, twitter or contact her in any other form in regards to this video if it is in a negative manner. She lied to me, yes, but I only want the truth to be known - her being bothered is pointless & inappropriate.

January 6 Cleaning House Speaks Re-Upload
January 11 I Should Be OK Speaks Re-Upload
January 15 Your American Boyfriend Main I'm your boyfriend, hold me, love me!!! (Source)


February ? Netunesa Didn't Steal Anything Speaks Re-Upload
March 22 ONISION BANNED MEEEEEE!!!!! Encore Re-Upload
April 22 I'm In Love Re-Upload
May 3 Shiloh or GTFO Speaks "If you don't like Shiloh - UNSUBSCRIBE ALL MY CHANNELS AND GTFO" (Source)
May 30 She Needs Us Main Please show her love/kindness:

Thank you so very much.

(Source 1, Source 2) Re-Upload
June 23 Shiloh Forgot Me Main "This is not a joke. Shiloh agreed to this video being released. I would do exactly the same thing if I were in her shoes... I'd want people to know. If my mind wanted me to forget who I was, at least I would go kicking and screaming. I hope Shiloh gets better soon... this is scaring me on such a deep level... I need her to be ok." "New... very sad... Onision main channel video ~" (Source)


July 5 SO HOT Main TETRIS!!! PIEEC-O!!! TETRIS!! New Fun With Onision!! You demanded it! (Source)
July 5 We Broke Up Speaks "As of July 4th 2011 ~ Shiloh & I are no longer [cut off] friends. [cut off]" (Source)
July 16 Shiloh Threatened Me Main (Video description is too long, please click on the article about this video to read it.) Source Re-Upload
July 17 Shiloh Is Pregnant? Speaks She claimed to be pregnant on her facebook & in my site's chat room. If she is indeed pregnant, I'll rightfully take responsibility for the child, however all the evidence suggests that she is, again, not being honest. Source Re-Upload
July 18 Where Are The Scars? Speaks I need to move on, I don't want to talk about this more than what I've already said... I just need to live my life ~ & find people I can really trust. (Source 1, Source2) Re-Upload
July 23 HOT NEW RAPPER!!! Main "Introducing a brand new rapper, find out who it is by watching this video!!! Kind of messed up song dude. But definitely a hot new raper man." "This guy's just offensive..." (Source)
July 26 The Truth Main Re-Upload
July 29 Hater at Vidcon Speaks Yesterday at VidCon I encountered a hater. They didn't reveal themselves to me till we shook hands. Source 1, Source 2, Re-Upload
July 28 My Dumb Girlfriend Main My girlfriend is so super dumb, she is not smart, nor intelligent, nor mentally advanced, just super dooper dumb. This description is also dumb.

I stayed up allll night editing this & trying to find a solid connection to upload this from.

I hope you liked this video because I really wanted to get it to you... now hopefully I don't pass out at VidCon from sleep deprivation and stuff.

July 30 LOVE Speaks Source
August 13 My Girlfriend's Pregnant Main So yeah, every other day she's telling me she's pregnant, so she must be, right? That or she's once again taking a minor symptom and freaking out about it *sigh*

Anyway, she does a lot of stupid things. Like her cleaning skills, putting away grocery skills, dinner skills... you know... basic human function skills.

Source Re-Upload
September 5 SNEEZE!!! Speaks I have some good news ~ Thank you so much for helping me get through this. Source Re-Upload
September 5 How To Get Over Your Ex Speaks This video, will without a doubt solve all your problems, ever ~ times infinite. refunds.

Source Re-Upload
September 13 She Fixed Me Speaks "Before I was even there she taught me multiple lessons, basically giving me a crash course on relationships, emotions and just being a reasonable/healthy per...[cut off]" "To My Girlfriend" (Source)
September 14 Single Again Speaks "Yes, another break up video from Onision... I'm getting sick of it too, I know, it's getting lame... I've just screwed up the last relationship too much to g...[cut off]" (Source) Re-Upload
September 21 I'm A Lama Speaks "And I go on, and on and on again :)" (Source)
September 22 I'm Sorry Main I don't exactly know what to say... so I'll just direct you to the links mentioned in this video:

OnisionSpeaks Channel: Onision Contact Page: Onision Facebook: Onision Twitter:

Thank you for loving me... it means more than you know.

September 22 She's Right Speaks (Source)
September 22 I Will Not Fight Her Speaks "Even though I've been attacked/humiliated by someone I love... I just can't fight her back... I won't... I just want to stop hurting... I feel so betrayed, so incredibly unloved... but that doesn't give me a right, even after it all... to fight, not her... never." "Remember when I took the blame for everything? I cannot fight the one I love... I just can't" (Source 1, Source 2) Re-Upload
September 22 Goodbye Dear Speaks I had a through video response to Adrienne's attacks on me being prepared and then I remember what it looks like... what it sounds like... what it feels like when she cries... I remembered what really matters.

I can't do that to you Adrienne, so this is me forfeiting & giving you your victory.

Have a long happy life dear, always treat the next one better than the last and you will find your peace.

(Source) Re-Upload
September 26 Respect My Decisions Speaks (Source)
September 27 Desperate For A Home Speaks "Please do not take this analogy TOO literally, some things said do not relate to the actual situation, others do. All in all, I'm just happier, which I'm supe...[cut off]" (Source) Re-Upload
October 2 U MAD BRO? Speaks "You want to stick up for the "victim" ~ then stick up for Shiloh as she's being harassed to a stupid extent right now for something she NEVER did. OMG!" "Regarding the premature baby photo(s) or whatever (O_O) ~" (Source 1, Source2) Re-Upload
October 2 Haters Want An Apology? Speaks (Source) Re-Upload
October 13 Love Will Previal Speaks (Source) Re-Upload (In-between commentary)
October 17 Innocent Innocent Innocent Speaks (Source) Re-upload
October 21 Do Birthdays Matter? Speaks "My mom called me yesterday morning telling me it was her birthday and I responded saying I didn't care about age... my mom was upset I didn't jump to say hap...[cut off]" (Source)
October ? I’m Sorry Mom :P Speaks (Source)
December 5 Shiloh & Greg: Non-Fiction Speaks Onision Speaks is absent of scripts, directors & lies ~ just as I've been saying all this time. I hope you all grow from watching my mistakes as I have grown from living them. Source
December 6 Get Featured Speaks "Would you like to have your channel promoted/be featured in an Onision video? If so, upload a fan video and include "onision" in the tags. You may end up get...[cut off]" (Source)
? Speaks Speaks (Source)

Onision Encore

  • eHarmony Video Bio (June 12) (Source)
  • Onision FREAK OUT (?) "A little itty bitty freak out... kind of :P This is the full, unedited obvi fake freak out seen in the most recent Fun With Onision :) Hope you guys love it!" (Source)
  • Dance Party!!! (?) "Having a dance paty with friends... what a silly bunch we are XD!!!!" (Source)
  • NOT MY BABY!!! (in Spanish!!!) (?) "SPANISH VERSION of the Onision video "I'm Pregnant"." (Source)
  • FAKE &... AWESOME!!! (?) "The drive thru prank uploaded to the main channel today was... totally fake (as hinted in the description & stated in the keywords XD) ~ Thanks for watching this guys, S...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Shiloh & Greg @ Chucky's (?) "Some fun moments from our adventure at Chucky Cheese's :)" (Source)
  • The Dancing Man (November 22) "Master of awkward interruptions, the dancing man dances again. This is simply a video of Onision dancing with a mask on in front of a green screen." (Source)
  • The Road (?) "Various clips taken from LA to Seattle... at 200x to 1000x the speed." (Source)
  • I Shaved My Head (Again) (?) (Source)
  • New Lights (?) "Work to your mother @flysnailfly ~" (Source)
  • Tree Climbing Fail (November ?) (Source)
  • Would You Be A Vampire? (?) "If a vampire tried to bite you/convert you, what would you do? Would you be willing to exchange a carnivores life on a regular bases for the extension of your own life?" (Source)
  • Criss Angel Parody Bloopers (?) "We did a parody of Criss Angel, you can check out the full video here: [link] Thanks for being awesome Criss ~ you rock at what you d...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Darth Vader vs Viking (?) "Darth Vadeer takes a lightsaber to a Viking's sword... lets see who comes out on top :)" (Source)
  • Nibbles Bit My Finger (?) "My. Captain Dr. Titty Nipples liked biting fingers :) Here's a video showing you exactly what I mean :) Such a cute puppy." (Source)
  • Awkward Crying (?) "First I was on the bench, then I was under then bench... things just got crazy over dare :)" (Source)
  • OWNED by Nature (December 27) "I decidded during a regular video shoot that i would jump into a bunch of sticker bushes.. it was super delightful in a skin-piercing/painful way." (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • Please Leave Skye Alone (January 2) (Clip)
  • Why Women Won't Dance With Me (September 14) "I don't get it, I'm a really good dancer... why won't women dance with me?" (Source)
  • Jealous B!tch (September 17) "My girlfriend went through my phone when I was asleep and found a girl's number... she thought I was cheating... problem is, I had no idea who the girl was e... [cut off]" "No music, no censors... interested?" (Source)


Onision (Main)

  • Chibi Gets Frostbite (February 5) "When you see a movie where people fall into ice water and they somehow can still function after a couple minutes of being submerged *cough* Italian Job *coug[cut off]" "I wasn't kidding... OMG ~" (Source)
  • The Song Of Your Mind (September 22) (Re-Upload)
  • Cream-Filled Doughnut (September 24) (Re-Upload)

Onision Speaks

  • HATERS GONNA HATE (March 13) "Aint nothin you can do, haters gonna hate." (Source)
  • Any Three Items (April 27) "If you could have any three items in the world, what would they be?" (Source)
  • RANTING AND RAVING (April ?) (Source)
  • Drunk People & Sex (May 5) "Is it the same as rape os you sleep with someone who is drink (or you're drink)? My opinion is that it's wrong, but not the same. What is yours? The original...[cuts off]" (Source)
  • Jenna Lost Her Marbles (Experience Is Your Friend) (May 15) (Re-Upload)
  • Evolution = Satanism (May 8) "Evolution is stupid... and I'm going to prove it." (Source)
  • Don't Vlog & Drive (May 14) "It's wrong, you know it is, so stop." (Source)
  • 4CHAN vs ONISION "About the recent 4CHAN attack ~" (November 1) (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • NOM NOM Crackers (January 8) "Blegh... after making this video I checked this site: [link] ~ turns out sodium is a no no...[cut off]" "Nibbles nibbles crackers XD ~" (Source)
  • Batman Jumps A Fence (January 31) "What it would look like in real life if a noob batman tried to jump a fence... oh wait... this is real life... derp." "Another unedited clip of how it really happened :)" (Source)
  • [Unknown Title, Dubbed "Webcam Video"] (February 8) Re-Upload
  • I Fell In Love (February 25) "I created this song quite a few years ago... however I decided to turn this into a music video considering its surprising relevance to my life right now. The...[cut off]" (Source)
  • ADELE - SET FIRE TO THE RAIN - Feat. Onision (Not Official, Just Another Ridiculous Parody) (May 12) "NOTE: I LOVE ADELE, SHE IS A BRILLIANT SINGER, BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED, THEY LYRICS IN THIS SONG ARE ABOUT SHARRON BARRON (the character seen in this video) [cut off]" "My Adele parody... did I just piss off a lot of people? Again? LOL!" (Source)
  • My Confession (Not to be confused with two other videos he uploaded with the same title. This seemed to be a jump scare video.) (July 30) "I have to say this... it's so important to me." "Don't share this with your grandparents..." (Source)
  • My Birthday :) (November 8) "Tiffany Jo Allen sent me a gift :) Decided to open it on camera as I don't get a lot of gifts and it was really nice of her!" "MY BIRTHDAY!!! :)" (Source)


Date Title Channel Description Notes
February 22 GAY TEST (original uncensored version) UhOhBro Did you pass the test? Source
February 25 SEXY GIFS Collection of awesome gifs :) Hope you enjoy! Source
April ? 10 Reasons To Not Cut Yourself Source Re-Upload
? June ? Breaking the news Some happy news :) [this is his pregnancy announcement video] Source
December 3? SELF-HARM UhOhBro Source
December 4 CUTTERS UhOhBro This video got real serious, real fast, why? Because people who have a roof over their head, tons of food, are in "good health", have water, electricity etc who despite having all they need, still try to pointlessly destroy their own bodies and post it to... the web (?!?) just piss me off. You need help? GET IT. Don't post your pics to the internet, as we all know that doesn't = you being cured, it = you getting attention.

If you suffer from a broken bone or other physical ailment, you go to the doctor, you don't post pictures all over the web, because you legitimately want your problem fixed.

People who cut themselves and post pics? It's obvious why they do it.

Source 1, Source 2
December 23 How To Eat A Banana For everyone who is dumber than a monkey, this is your one stop solution to figuring out how to eat a banana. Source


Date Title Channel Description Notes
September 27 "Blackface" Comedy Controversy Speaks Comedy should not be taken seriously (common sense), the number 1 purpose of it is to make you laugh. If you can’t enjoy it, just walk away. Re-Upload


Date Title Channel Description Notes
May 9 "Eugenia Cooney Is Anorexic” Speaks Every time I've heard people bring up Eugenia Cooney, I also hear people talk about her weight... "Is she anorexic?" "Why is she that skinny?" - A lot of you [cut off] (Source)
June 26 Who Is The Most Bullied YouTuber? Speaks
September 10 Please Help Eugenia Cooney Speaks I made a video about Eugenia Cooney months ago. I defended her from criticism & supported her in a few ways... but her condition appears to have taken a turn, and I'm afraid for her. If you all have any ideas on ways we can help, please share them. At the end of the video there are help lines people who suffer conditions like what Eugenia Cooney is clearly enduring. (Source)
September 19 Eugenia Cooney’s Eating Disorder #HelpEugeniaCooney
September 22 Eugenia Cooney: Save Your Body Source
October 2 Eugenia Cooney Facts Speaks
October 6 Eugenia Cooney Photoshop
October 28 Banning Eugenia Cooney From YouTube Speaks Should we be signing petitions to ban Eugenia Cooney from YouTube? Or is there another way to help her with her anorexia? I've tried a number of approaches to this issue & it is beyond obvious nothing worked... we spread knowledge about the issue, we provided phone numbers for people with eating disorders, promoted charity... a number of things were accomplished with those videos... but Eugenia is in no better shape today, than she was when this all began... it seems her condition thrives off attention, so I sincerely expect I will be giving her none in the future... I wish I could reasonably do something to help, but all the options seem far to invasive. It is most certainly time for her family to step in however, I hope they do. Source 1, Source 2
November 14 Eugenia Cooney’s Cooking Show Main Eugenia Cooney hosts her own cooking show to prove to all the critics/haters that she does in fact eat. Sharing her own cooking recipe, Eugenia eliminates all doubts regarding anorexia roomers and feasts, on camera, in front of the world.

Thank you Eugenia for proving to us you are in fact healthy... but just in case, maybe give this number a call just to be safe: 800-931-2237

Source Re-Upload
November 18 Eugenia Cooney Lied? (+ Her Actual Weight) Speaks Euegnai Cooney said on Ask.FM that she was skinny due to health problems, on YouNow Eugenia said she was just naturally skinny, then you go back to Ask.FM and she's saying that she's anorexic "in a [cut off] (Source)
November 19 Eugenia Cooney: Guilty Speaks A common response of people who suffer from anorexia like Eugenia Cooney is denial. Many of them will fight to no end to distract people from confronting them about their weight, they'll dodge questions, deny reality & most always refuse to directly address the real issue... sound familiar?

Research anorexia for yourself and you will find a long list of characteristics that match Eugenia Cooney both physically and mentally... with a lot of anorexic people, you have to resort to calling medical professionals to save their lives...

Regardless, this video clearly proves once and for all what is really going on... and no surprise, it draws the same conclusion tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have already seen clear as day.

Source Source 2
November 20 Eugenia Cooney: Final Video Speaks I've covered the topic of Eugenia Cooney & her anorexia in most every way I could think of. This video has new information & draws a conclusion that all the other videos aimed for. It's sad Eugenia Cooney deleted her Tumblr, I did not want that... but considering the intense amount of information her Tumblr had on her history & the truth about all this... I suppose deleting her records on Tumblr was a smart move from her perspective.

Within this video we also use a body designer to closely resemble Eugenia Cooney & her physical state. This system is based off a person's height and weight, so just tying in her stats reveals a truth she apparently has not: Her physical state is much more scary than she puts on.

People who are anorexic often love being recognized for how thin they are... this is part of why you catch her smiling whenever she's talking about people trying to get her on shows for how thin she is, or the topic of her being scary-skinny comes up in general.

For anorexic people (my wife is a psych-major so some of this info comes from her), it's all about the one goal: Being skinny. Being health is not as important, just being skinny. So if you say "You're so skinny you look like you're going to pass out any moment" they often take that as a compliment... insane, I know, that's one of many reasons they call anorexia a mental illness.

Regardless, please go to for more information, or call 1-800-931-2237

At the time I thought this would be my final video on Eugenia Cooney, however more came after due to the continued demand I discuss her & promote her/her audience healing, so, thank you for listening thus far. Good luck.

Source Source 2
December 6 Song For My Ex Friend Main I made this song for my ex friend after he uploaded a video attacking me/my family & I felt it deserved a response... after our friendship I'm out thousands of dollars. He however got tons of free food, free shelter, thousands upon thousands of subscribers etc etc... it was a very one-sided friendship & I've ended our friendship multiple times because of this. Long story short, the guy is a freeloader, so I think I earned my right to rant about being used for years. Re-Upload
December 31 She Lied To You... Main? If you saw her video, you were lied to... not just once, but many times throughout the video. You could say she was just horribly misinformed, but the realit[cut off] Source Re-Upload


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 16 Eugenia Cooney VERSUS Brandon Rogers Speaks What happens when Eugenia Cooney takes on Brandon Rogers to find out whose channel is better? We're talking more effort put into videos, more content rich... content & generally more well-received... ready? Set! Go!? Eugenia Cooney vs Brandon Rogers... and yes, I know it's "BRENDEN" or whatever for the Panic! guy, but who cares? Because teenage girls who don't matter? Cool! (Source)
February 19 Eugenia Cooney Is Suicidal?

Eugenia Cooney's Health

Speaks Eugenia Cooney... I wondered how she was doing, what she has been up to, so I went to her YouTube channel and found out Eugenia is doing the same thing, triggering people, getting tons of dislikes & not trying to heal herself, as usual. I really hope she gets better, her and the people triggered by her. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
February 21 Eugenia Cooney’s Victims Speaks Eugenia Cooney made a response in her broadcast to... basically nothing I said in my most recent video, and instead attacked me on issues that have nothing to do with the countless people she has triggered (proven repeatedly in my videos) or the true state of the eating disorder she clearly has.

This video is designed to wake people up so they can begin to heal. Videos like these have already helped a number of people, many who have contacted me thanking me for making said videos.

Regardless, please go to for more information, or call 1-800-931-2237

Source 1 Source 2
February 27 Eugenia Cooney: Case Closed UhOhBro I asked you guys to write me about how we could help Eugenia Cooney make progress & start to get better and your responded. I heard from people from the medical field, fans of Eugenia's and even people who had suffered because of Eugenia's videos, also sadly, once fans. (Source)
June 19 Dear Stalker Speaks I haven't spoken about my stalker (person who's made 40-60 videos on YouTube about me) in a while in hopes they would get a clue and back off, but they're still going at it... I could sue them, but they probably have little to no money... I called the cops & they said it was a court matter, so again, what is there to do? I saw they've been ranking high in the results when you search for "Onision" - YouTube favors watch time, and while I make short to-the-point videos, they make videos that are long & boring... but, they still get the minutes, as even if I get 100% of people to watch my 3 minute videos, if they get people to watch less than even half of their 20 minute videos, boom, they win search enging priority. Nonsense system right?

If I can't win with the cops as this is a civil matter, they're too broke for court & ignoring them doesn't work, we have one option left: Take them apart.

By the way, the definition of stalker: a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

November 24 Eugenia Cooney Fans: GOOD NEWS! Speaks Eugenia Cooney or Onision? Who do you agree with? Both? I have some good news for Eugenia Cooney fans. I hope you guys are really happy with the information I have finally acknowledged and I want you guys to know, this video is about Eugenia Cooney fans, not Eugenia Cooney because that would mean I changed my mind about something and I'm simply not allowed to say "I'll never stop being friends with you Johnny!" only to later wind up stop being friends with them because they turned into a bear and ate my dog... know what I mean? No? Take an IQ test.

Anyway, Eugenia Cooney fans, I hope this video was helpful!

Source Available here
November 30 Eugenia Cooney’s Outfits UhOhBro Eugenia Cooney has some really cool outfits... do you have a favorite? I personally like outfits that fit & that compliment the person wearing it. You know? Like show off the best parts of a person and don't show stuff that makes people concerned.

Also remember, this video is not about Eugenia Cooney, it is about Eugenia Cooney's outfits... so so different.



Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 21 Our Last Poly Girlfriend


The Girlfriend Onision & Laineybot Never Talked About

OniChan I Onision, and my spouse Laineybot had a girlfriend that we never talked about in a YouTube video... she was in one video and that was about it. There have been a few mentions of YouNow as well... that's it... so... time to explain and move on. Source Re-Upload
February 8 Eugenia Cooney Reactions (Onision 2018) UhOhBro
February 19 Eugenia Cooney (The Full Story) Speaks Available here
February 26 Eugenia Cooney In An Alternate Universe (Photoshop) Speaks
March 5 Eugenia Cooney: Let’s Be Positive Speaks
March 18 Eugenia Cooney Outfits #2 UhOhBro
April 27 Eugenia Cooney (Live Reaction by Onision) UhOhBro
June 6 Is Eugenia Cooney Getting Better? Speaks
June 11 Eugenia Cooney: Let’s Save Her Speaks
July 18 Eugenia Cooney & A Police Phone Call (+ All Emails) Speaks With the Eugenia Cooney issue, a non-emergency phone call is for concerns regarding safety, but are not requiring immediate response. Eugenia has dealt with this for some time. My call consisted of me asking a straight forward question, and they gave me the answer I expected. Also all the emails I've gotten regarding the issue, are now public. (Source)
August 6 Eugenia Cooney: I Created Her (Then Had Her Fight in WWE) UhOhBro
August 10 Eugenia Cooney Is Amazing (Apologize!) Speaks
September 6 Eugenia Cooney (Before & After) Speaks Available here
September ? “Eugenia Cooney Is Dying” Speaks (Source)
September 20 Eugenia Cooney Played Basketball… Speaks
September 21 The Doctors on Eugenia Cooney UhOhBro
September 22 Eugenia Cooney Fans… Sad News Speaks
September 29 Dear Eugenia Cooney Fans UhOhBro
October 3 Triggered by Eugenia Cooney — Comparing Legs Speaks
October 4 A Message For Eugenia Cooney Speaks transcript
October 20 Eugenia Cooney: An Important Message Speaks I checked up on Eugenia Cooney... this is important to her & all Eugenia Cooney Fans to know/understand... Source Source
October 21 We Saved Eugenia Cooney Main Eugenia Cooney has heroes trying to help her... super heroes! If you or someone you know does not feel happy about how they look, please know, if you're healthy, you're perfect! Source 1, Source 2
October 27 The Original Eugenia Cooney (Karen Carpenter) Speaks There was a woman who came before Eugenia... Karen Carpenter was a celebrity, and fell from grace, much like Eugenia Cooney an internet celebrity, has also fallen. Wishing her & her fans good healt...[cut off] Source
October 28 Eugenia Cooney When She Was Younger
November 9 Eugenia Cooney & Her Recovery Speaks It's time to get Eugenia Cooney the recovery she needs. This video is a combination of three different videos, all clearly outlining the reality that is Eugenia Cooney and the world she lives in. (Source)
November 28 Eugenia Cooney Looks AMAZING
Eugenia Cooney PHOTOSHOP
Speaks I found some images that make Eugenia Cooney look amazing! I hope you check them out after the video! Such a good job on those!

If you don't know who Eugenia Cooney is, she's a girl who does try on hauls... but today's video is basically a discussion with a slide show of numerous examples/slideshow of Eugenia looking incredible.

November 30 The LAPD Wants To Find Eugenia Cooney? UhOhBro It's time to get Eugenia Cooney the recovery she needs. This video is a combination of three different videos, all clearly outlining the reality that is Eugenia Cooney and the world she lives in. (Source)
December 6 Eugenia Cooney & Her Future Speaks
December 21 Eugenia Cooney Died (in The Sims 4) Speaks In The Sims 4, Eugenia Cooney died. Fortunately this is a video game and not real life. If you or someone you know is going through this IRL, please get them...[cut off] Source Re-Upload
December 22 Eugenia Cooney’s Story UhOhBro


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 14 Eugenia Cooney’s Life in The Sims 4 Source
February 10 You Guys Saved Eugenia Speaks You guys saved Eugenia, you did this. I want you all to be proud of yourselves & I want to thank you. Thank you so so much for being there for her, and for doing the right thing. (Source)
February 12 I May Know Who Saved Eugenia. It Wasn’t Me. Speaks
February 13 How Eugenia Cooney Will Look After Recovery ( Some Things I Need To Say) Speaks
February 14 Eugenia Cooney’s Mom & The Police Speak Up (Things Look Hopeful 💖) Speaks
February 15 Eugenia Cooney Update Speaks
February 16 YouTubers Cashing In On Eugenia Cooney (It’s All Ok, If It’s Not Onision) Speaks Eugenia Cooney is a hot topic, and lots of people have been bringing her up. A lot of those people are monetized, meanwhile most Eugenia Cooney videos on Onision's channel have been demonetized... so, what do you think of the YouTubers whose Eugenia videos are all monetized? PewDiePie? Her friends? Should anyone be making money on this? (Source)
February 24 I Need To Say This… About Eugenia Cooney Speaks It's important I do what is best for Eugenia Cooney. In that I have taken actions that do not benefit me, but do benefit her. I want to focus on her healing, and in that, many videos of mine that could trigger her during, have been removed. Please contact me if you find other videos you feel will not aid in her recovery: Source
February 28 My Eugenia Cooney Videos Are Now Removed (Please Write Me If You Find Any I Missed) Speaks
May 28 Eugenia Cooney Update: GREAT NEWS! (+ A Pic!) Speaks
May 31 Help Eugenia Cooney Speaks
June 2 Eugenia Cooney Update: PROOF SHE’S RECOVERING! (+ New Picture) Speaks This is the best news I've ever gotten regarding Eugenia Cooney. I am so incredibly happy she is doing better now than she has in seemingly 10+ years, maybe longer! Source
June 13 Eugenia Cooney Confession (+ My Stalker & The Truth About Copyright) Speaks
July 19 Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson Speaks A message to all fans/supporters of Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson and the new video "The Return of Eugenia Cooney" covering the awesome/amazing recovery of Eugenia. Absolutely amazing. Eugenia Coon...[cut off] Source
July 20 Re: Eugenia Cooney & Shane Dawson Speaks Go watch Shane's The Return of Eugenia Cooney documentary on Eugenia Cooney's recovery: - Eugenia also posted a new video:[cut off] Source
July 20 Defending Shane Dawson & Eugenia Cooney Against Jaclyn Glenn Speaks Shane Dawson & Eugenia Cooney did a great thing bringing awareness to such an important issue. Jaclyn Glenn has decided to claim she is responsible for Eugenia Cooney's healing and decided to go af...[cut off] Source
July 22 Eating Disorder Relapses & A Thank You To Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson Is Saving People With Eating Disorders
Speaks I wanted to talk about eating disorder relapses and thank Shane Dawson for the amount of education and positivity he has brought to the YouTube community on Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa).
July 23 Eugenia Just Emailed Me Something Amazing (+ My Apology To Her And Shane) Speaks Eugenia Cooney wrote me something absolutely awesome... I wanted to share this information with you as soon as I could, for my own healing, for you understanding & to do what is right and talk...[cut off] Source
August 3 Eugenia Cooney's Beautiful Emails To Me (+ Virtue Signaling) Speaks The beautiful Eugenia Cooney sent me some emails and I wanted to go through them closely to disprove any questions... also wanted to cover virtue signaling which is... pretty much a huge internet j...[cut off] Source
August 4 Please Support Eugenia Cooney ❤️ Speaks I want Eugenia Cooney to have nothing but love and support. The chat went on a bit after this, people brought up Shane Dawson so I followed it up with showing support for both how awesome Shane has...[cut off] Source
October 24 Eugenia Cooney's Amazing Update Speaks