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Greg and cuck
Cuck, short for Cuckold, is a derogatory term many people began calling Greg in 2016.

Cuck has two definitions, both of which people associated with Greg, although it is usually the first one. The first, and the original definition, is a man with an unfaithful wife. The newer and political definition is "demasculated Millennial liberal male who often speaks of white privilege and modern feminism."

**During the events in this article, Greg's spouse Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


The first time people started associating the word "cuck" with Greg was in late 2015 when he released his second book This Is Why I Hate You. In the book, the character based on Greg, Arthur, would watch his bisexual girlfriend engage in sexual activity with her lesbian girlfriend. Some viewers began speculating this was a fantasy of Greg's because months after releasing the book, he announced he allows his bisexual spouse, Kai, to date women. (Source)

Soon, Facebook meme pages that were directing people to spam Greg's social media with "Creamy Meme Dude" began spamming Greg with variations of the word cuck. (Source)

In January 2016, Greg went into detail about his relationship issues with Kai and Kai's girlfriend in the video "I Betrayed My Wife". He followed up the video with two prank "I Betrayed My Wife" videos, faking more relationship drama between himself and Kai. This series of videos went viral and as a result, calling Greg a "cuck" became very popular.


Greg has had mixed reactions to people calling him a cuck. Sometimes he says he is proud to be called a cuck because he supports Kai's sexuality. (Source) While other times he seems to be annoyed by it and tries to explain to people that he is not a cuck because he would never allow Kai to have sex with another man. (Source) He explains Kai is not unfaithful because Kai only dates women he approves of. (Source)

Greg made two videos about being called a cuck. The first was "Is Onision A Cuck? (Is Lainey Cheating?)", uploaded to his Speaks channel on December 30, 2015. In the video, Greg explains to viewers he cannot be a cuck because Kai is not unfaithful. ($ource)

"Why People Think Onision Is A Cuck" thumbnail
The other video was an UhOhBro video titled "Why People Think Onision Is A Cuck", which was uploaded on June 18, 2016. In the video, Greg explains (in the third person) that people call him a cuck because he fits the political definition and concludes he is in fact a cuck. ($ource)

Later that month, Greg posted a text rant in a video about how he realized people don't call him a cuck because of his political views. He explains these people are wrong because he does not watch Kai engage in sexual activity, he participates. He says he had multiple "amazing" threesomes with two "awesome" people. (Source)

Urban Dictionary Spam

On August 2, 2016, Greg uploaded "PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP" to his Speaks channel. In the video, Greg explains he was pissed off because the YouTuber SniperWolf called him a cuck in a video. He says he is not mad at her because he made fun of her posture in pictures on Twitter. She was mad at him because of that. He says before that, they talked on Twitter "plenty", but she immediately unfollowed him after he made fun of her.

Greg says people started calling him a "cuck" after he uploaded a video on December 12, 2015 of Kai and Billie kissing. He (for the millionth time that year) explains he doesn't fit the "man with an unfaithful wife" definition because he gave Kai permission to kiss a woman. Greg says after this video was uploaded, in May and June 2016 new definitions for the work "cuck" began appearing on Urban Dictionary* that all describe him. Greg says the top definition "sounds exactly like someone that dislikes Onision describing Onision". He reads: "A demasculated Millennial liberal male who often speaks of white privilege and modern feminism. Blames white men for all the world's problems. There goes Chad again with the megaphone telling everyone that he's a vegan, what a cuck." He says there were only two parts that did not fit him. The first is that he is not a millennial*, but he says people assume he is younger then he really is. The second is that he is a vegetarian, not a vegan. Many people mistake him for being vegan.

Greg reads a portion of the third most popular Urgan Dictionary definition of cuck: "Short for cuckservative. The word cuck is most commonly used to describe anti-white whites." Greg explains people think he is anti-white because of his support of the Black Lives Matter movement and his opinions on white privilege. He says they also describe on Urban Dictionary that "individuals like me" go after people that appear to be homophobic or racist.

Greg dictates to his followers a definition of the word cuck that he created about himself to post on Urban Dictionary and to thumbs it up to make it the most popular definition. He says to beat out the most popular definition, they would need over 2,000 thumbs up. He says if you like or hate him, making this definition popular could be a good thing. He goes through the five stages of grief and says at first he denied being a cuck, then got mad. He says he never bargained or got depressed over it, but now he is accepting it. ($ource)

Video Description:

I need your help becoming king of all cucks. Initially this is a democratic process, but once you establish that I am firmly the literal definition of "Cuck" on Urban Dictionary, it will take a mighty force to ever dethrone me.

So... I ask of you today, go to Urban Dictionary and define "Cuck" as: "Another name for the great “Onision” leader of the cuckolds.

In cuck fashion, Onision is a liberal feminazi vegetarian only he has millions of followers from around the world.

All bow before the cuck king, Onision, lord of the cuckold empire.

There goes lord Onision again, being the biggest cuck who ever cucked in the history of cucks."

Thank you kind warrior, cuckold of Onision!

The "Cuck" page on Urban Dictionary was flooded with spam of Greg's definition. By the next day, it reached the most popular definition with over 4,000 thumbs up. ([ Source])

Fans had mixed reactions to this video. Some thought it was fun and participated in the spam, while others expressed they thought it was an immature reaction to trolls.

Post Meme

In 2020, Greg admitted to using a VPN to mask his IP so he could vote for positive definitions of himself on Urban Dictionary. (He calls Urban Dictionary "Ghetto Definitions" throughout this video.) He says he did this to hide the definitions that called him a cuck. He says it worked for a while, but now the site is filled with evil definitions that call him horrible things. ($ource)


  • Greg was incorrect about his theory that the political definition of the word cuck was based on him. This definition evolved from the word "cuckservative" which originally had been used online slur to describe a conservative that follows liberal values. It became a mainstream political term in July 2015. (Source) Online, the term began to include other political parties as well.
  • Despite his denial, Greg is a millennial as he was born in 1985. (Source)