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Kai introducing Caterpie

Caterpie was Greg and Kai's dog from 2017 to 2019.


Caterpie was introduced by Kai on September 5, 2017 with the video "WE GOT A NEW PUPPY! (Meet My Dogs)". He says Caterpie is a cocker spaniel mix and they got her off of Craigslist. ($ource)

Many viewers began to question why Greg and Kai adopted another dog since Greg had been complaining for months that he and his family were struggling to survive due to Adpocalypse and the impending dept they would owe after their IRS audit. At this point, Greg and Kai already had two other dogs, LeeLu and Dobbs.

Greg replied to the criticism with the video "GET A JOB ONISION!", which was uploaded September 7, 2017. Greg holds up Caterpie to the camera and says people make him out to be a snake. People would say he was holding this puppy to be manipulative, to make them feel bad for him. He says he really grabbed this puppy because the dogs were howling downstairs and he needed them to stop so he could record this video. He says people have been asking why did he get a puppy if he's having financial trouble? He says having a puppy in videos never hurts, so there is a business use for it. He says he's not writing it off as a business expense, but there is a financial benefit to having a puppy. He uses his "Dog Thoughts" series as an example. He says he got the puppy as a "trade off". An actress he works with, Madison, took the two Guinea Pigs they had so that freed up some of their pet expenses. He says because of the financial availability and because he has demands as a parent from "people they parent", they got a puppy. He uses the rest of the video to explain why he won't get a job and complains about the IRS.

Throughout the video, Greg never calls Caterpie by name. He just holds her and refers to her as "this puppy" and "it". Caterpie cries throughout the video. ($ource)


Caterpie in the gated area

For the next few months, Caterpie was featured in a few videos such as Kai's February 15, 2018 video "PUPPYS FIRST BATH". ($ource) After that, Caterpie was not featured in any more videos, but could be seen in Greg's videos walking around and doing various activities.

Viewers noticed in Greg's videos it seemed Greg and Kai kept their dogs in a gated area in their backyard. The area always seemed to have trash in it. (Source) In 2019, Madison confirmed on twitter they kept their dogs in the gated area and it was always filled with urine and feces. (Source)

In the February 2019 video "TRYING ON MY OLD GIRL CLOTHES", Greg and Kai interrupt filming themselves talking about Kai's old clothing to talk about the neighbor's white dog, who Greg said would circle their house looking for his dogs so he could "violate" them. They say the white dog had previously broken down their fence and had also broken into their home. They show Caterpie outside through the glass door. She was in the gated area, staring at the white dog, who was acting strangely at the end of their property near the lake. Greg mocks her and says she's looking for her boyfriend. He calls her a sicko and a creep. They later interrupt the video again to show the white dog mounting Caterpie and expressed disgust. Greg calls them Romeo and Juliet, and Dumb and Dumber. They continue filming. ($ource)

Some viewers suspected Greg and Kai never had Caterpie spayed and she was possibly in heat, which would explain why their neighbor's male dog was traveling to their property and aggressively trying to mate with her. It is recommended to not leave female dogs outdoors alone while they are in heat to prevent pregnancy and to keep them away from aggressive male dogs.


In her August 24, 2019 livestream, Sarah confirmed Greg and Kai gave Caterpie to a no-kill shelter. (Source)

Earlier that month, Greg revealed he and Kai adopted a new dog, Blossom, from a shelter. Many believed they "traded" Caterpie for Blossom, similarly to how they "traded" the guinea pigs for Caterpie two years prior.

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