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Someone using the "Canadian Mafia" joke on Greg's Facebook.
Canadian Mafia was a rumor than later a joke-term used by Greg's drama-followers in mid to late 2011.


Greg uploaded "Shiloh Threatened Me" in July 2011. In the video, he explains that he fled his Washington home because of Shiloh's threats. In the video, he mentions that he is afraid of people she knows that want to hurt him. (Source)

After watching the video, some viewers were left scratching their heads about Greg fearing Shiloh and these unnamed people that want to hurt him. Many began to refer to these people as the "Canadian Mafia". The term caught on so fast that Shiloh even wrote about it in her blog post reply to Greg's video. (Source)

I was the person who warned Greg about the people coming after him, No it was not canadian mafia I don't know where that came from. The people who went after Greg were a bad crowd I got involved in when I was younger .. [I did not tell them I don't know who did] but when they found out this whole breakup went down so ugly, they went after him despite me communicating through a few people to them that I wanted them to stop. When they wouldn't I called the police and said they were headed for the border and not to let them through, they had already gotten through so I tried everything I could to tell Greg...he finally called me back after I called and called and called....he had fled where he was staying and I was worried sick [still am]. I called him every few hours to make sure he was safe and okay.

The "Canadian Mafia" rumor was even mentioned in web articles written about Greg and Shiloh's relationship. (Source)

Joke Use

After this particular drama had settled, people would often use the term as a warning in a joking manner. An example would be, "If Greg is thinking about going to Canada, he better watch out for the Canadian Mafia."

After 2011, the joke essentially disappeared and is no longer really used.