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Fan image of of Greg and Shiloh in the beginning of their relationship. ($ource)

Shiloh, known as Draculoh online while she was with Greg, is Greg's ex-fiancé. They dated on and off from late 2010 to early 2012. The relationship was described by both as abusive and caused a lot of online drama and controversy. Shiloh appeared in many of Greg's videos.

Early Relationship

Shiloh was a Canadian pop singer with a Canadian platinum hit under her belt. Her first album debuted on the Canadian Albums Chart at number 10. By the time Greg and Shiloh began talking, she was working on her second album. At this time, Greg's YouTube career had been growing at a fast pace over the last year and the Onision channel had reached Youtube's Top 100 Most Subscribed List.

Shiloh had seen Greg's "I'm A Banana" song on Tosh.0 and decided to look Greg up. She enjoyed his videos and contacted him. ($ource) Shiloh says that she was in a verbally abusive relationship at the time and turned to Greg for help. (Source) The two became online friends. During this time, Greg was still married to Skye.

It seems Greg and Shiloh began communication in early December 2010. A deleted video of Shiloh's included some emails between herself and Greg. The earliest email was dated December 2, 2010. (Source) Greg has said this was the first email Shiloh sent him. ($ource) In 2019, Shiloh made the claim they began talking around 8 months before the divorce. She would have been 16. (Source)

Shiloh says during her online friendship with Greg, she would Skype with him 8 to 12 hours a day while Skye would be on her computer in the background. (Source) The long Skype calls were also mentioned by Skye, who says she thought Greg had a mentor relationship with Shiloh, until he became obsessive and began Skyping her over 8 hours a day. (Source)

Shiloh's tweets the day before Greg handed Skye the divorce papers.

On December 22, 2010, Greg had Skye sign a divorce agreement he had written up. (Source) According to Shiloh, Greg showed her the divorce papers over Skye and told Shiloh he loved her for the first time. (Source) At this time, Shiloh was 17 and Greg was 25. Greg announced his separation from Skye to his audience on December 24th.

Greg claims their friendship did not became romantic until after the divorce. Although, in a livestream he admitted he may have been paying more emotional attention to Shiloh instead of his wife, Skye, during the end of their marriage. He said he wanted to help Shiloh feel better because she was getting out of a broken relationship. (Source) Shiloh confirms Greg did not express any romantic or sexual feeling toward her until after he showed her the divorce agreement, but looking back, says he was very endearing toward her. (Source)

Many viewers questioned if Greg's relationship with Shiloh was a main contributing factor in his decision to divorce Skye due to Greg and Shiloh's suspicious online activity leading up to their separation. It wasn't until 2017 that Greg publicly admitted in a video he did leave Skye for Shiloh. (Source)

Signs of the Relationship

Before Greg and Shiloh announced their relationship to their fans, a handful of people were already suspicious about them. They made comments on YouTube and some even made videos about Onision's possible girlfriend. Greg made a couple of videos during this time explaining to people that he never cheated on Skye. Shiloh made a tweet from her ShilohOfficial twitter "I dont know where this @Onision rumor's are coming from, but please stop, its not funny, its not cute, its not cool." on December 28, 2010. (Source)

Shortly after Skye and Greg were separated, Skye's sister posted something about Shiloh and Greg having a relationship on her Facebook page. The post was soon deleted. (Source)


On December 2, 2010 Shiloh created a new YouTube channel, DomoConzy. Greg subscribed that same day and commented about being her first subscriber. (Source) Shiloh mentioned that he was her first subscriber on her Domoconzy Facebook fan-page. He shared her status and promoted her channel. Shiloh received 210 new subscribers thanks to his promotion. (Source) By the time Shiloh and Greg went public with their relationship, all videos had been removed from the DomoConzy channel and the DomoConzy Facebook page was removed.

Shiloh also had a channel named DomoConzyAnswers. This channel has all videos removed as well. On both these channels as well as the fan-page, she never revealed she was Shiloh and introduced herself in her videos as DomoConzy. Judging by her old channel comments, fans called her "Domo". The last recorded number of subscribers the channel, DomoConzy, had before deletion was 874. (Source)

Deer and Hotel Room Indecent

On December 27, 2010 Greg was driving in the snow and hit a deer. He made a video in a car after the indecent explaining what happened. Shiloh's voice can be through a phone during this video. Later that day, Greg made another update video from his hotel room. In this, Shiloh's voice can be heard once again, sounding like it came from a phone or Skype. (Source) At the time, video commenters questioned who the voice was, but many were quick to brushed it off as Cyr's girlfriend's voice.

This event was mentioned in Greg and Skye's public divorce records. Taken from a statement from Skye: "Shortly after my husband served me with divorce papers he crashed our car in Canada. Not only did he receive the insurance funds for the car but he also made a video about the crash and posted it on YouTube as well and he is making money off that as well." She requested money to purchase a used car because she had no transportation at that time. (Source)

Greg has stated that the hotel he stayed at was actually in Montana and not in Canada. He backs this up with the fact that he did not have a passport until mid-January. (Source) It is believed Greg tried to drive to Pennsylvania to meet up with Shiloh (more info below), but gave up after the accident and flew the rest of the way. Skye may have assumed he was visiting Shiloh in Canada because Shiloh is Canadian.

December 28, 2010

Shiloh's YouTube comment around this time. (Source)

During later parts of their relationship, Shiloh would use "December 28, 2010" as the date she and Greg started dating on social media. On December 28, 2011, Shiloh made a "Happy 1 year" status on her Facebook. (Source)

After their relationship ended in February 2012, Shiloh talked about their relationship on Facebook. She mentioned that on December 28, 2010, they had sex in a state where it was legal. (Source) At that time, December 28, 2010, she was in a weight loss boot camp program in Pennsylvania. (Source)

Although Shiloh admitted to this meet up publicly early on, for years Greg refused to acknowledge this meeting happened. He made a 2011 video criticizing a YouTuber that suggested Greg cheated on his wife by visiting Shiloh in Canada during that time. Greg denies visiting Shiloh at that time by proving he could not have been in Canada. He never gives an alternate explanation for traveling. (Source)

Greg finally publicly talked about their meet up in a 2016 video. He said he met up with her a state he doesn't remember. He thinks it started with a "P" (Note: the only US state that starts with a "P" is Pennsylvania). He said she was there for physical training. He said while he was there, Shiloh's grandmother called the police to get him thrown in jail. Greg says the police said he did noting wrong. (Source) According to Shiloh, it was her mother who called the police. Shiloh claims she and Greg were asked to leave because of the camera equipment in the hotel room and Greg's computer was searched for child pornography. (Source) Moderator

By February 2011, Greg introduced Shiloh to his Onision Forums as his friend and made her a moderator. On the forums, Shiloh claimed she was a childhood friend of Greg's and he asked her to help out on the forums. (Source) Many questioned why she became a moderator due to her strange behavior. (Source Link was a blog post made by an Onision Forum member questioning why "Greg's friend" Shiloh is a moderator and goes into detail about times Shiloh had clearly broken the forum's rules.)

During their relationship, Shiloh caused a lot of drama on his forums. The drama was usually caused by her banning people for odd reasons and changing their profile information and posts. (Source) It is rumored she caused trouble with certain girls because she was afraid they may have been getting too close to Greg.

Hair Dye

Hair dye side-by-side comparison.

On February 2, 2011, Shiloh uploaded a video titled "shiloh update" (video now removed) to her ShilohOfficial YouTube channel. In the video she announced she did something to her hair and would reveal it at her next show. In the video her hair was covered in a furry animal hat. It turns out she dyed her hair red. On that same day Greg started uploading images and a video of his newly dyed red/orange hair and eyebrows. (Source)

Personal images of Shiloh and Greg together in the snow, both with their new red hair, surfaced on the internet when they went public with their relationship. (Most likely these photos were uploaded by Greg to his forum gallery.) This day can briefly be seen in the video "The Greatest Love Poem Ever Done". (Source) These photos seem to be lost in cyberspace past.


Main Article: SmellzYeButt

All throughout February 2011, Greg made videos with a YouTuber named SmellzYeButt. SmellzYeButt turned out to be the producer Damon Elliot (Wikipedia Source), now known as Buck 22. At the time he was Shiloh's friend and music producer. (Source) SmellzYeButt also wore a similar furry animal hat to the one Shiloh was wearing in her videos at the time.

Officially Publicly Dating

Greg introduced Shiloh to his fans on April 12, 2011 in a video titled "Onision's Girlfriend". ($ource) Many Canadian fans recognized her from her music videos on the Canadian Disney channel, Family Channel.

At this time, Greg and Shiloh lived in an apartment together in Canada. One of the last video in the apartment was a happy birthday video for Shiloh's 18th birthday. (Video deleted) Soon after, they began living in Greg's Washington home. According to Shiloh, they moved to Washington after her 18th birthday because she could not leave the country without her mother's written consent prior. She claims Greg manipulated her into cutting off her parents from her life. Shiloh says she spent the night of her 18th birthday in a hotel so Greg could fly her out the next morning. (Source)

Shiloh was immediately extremely active on Greg's comedy and Speaks videos. Fans overall loved her and were excited for Greg. When viewers would ask if Shiloh was really 17, she would tell them her music company made her say she was a year younger to keep a younger fanbase. (Source)


Draculoh channel

On April 12, 2011, the day Greg announced Shiloh to his fans, Shiloh created a new YouTube channel, Draculoh. Two days later Shiloh created two side channels, DraculohRants and DraculohVault. The Draculoh channel consisted of clips from Shiloh and Greg's life and random skits. The channel eventually became make-up tutorials, life updates, and artsy videos. Similarly to Greg's OnisionArchive channel, Shiloh uploaded short video bloopers and extra video footage to her DraculohVault channel. On her channel DrachlohRants, Shiloh uploaded serious videos where she talked about her opinions and life experiences, much like the OnisionSpeaks channel at the time. Shiloh eventually created a DraculohGames channel as well. Shiloh also opened up a Draculoh Facebook fan-page and her own Draculoh website where she communicated with her fans. Whenever Shiloh lived with Greg, her YouTube videos had a very similar style to Greg's. This is most likely because Greg may have edited the video himself or helped her edit. Shiloh's Draculoh website also seemed to have an Onision quality to it as well.

All channels, the Facebook fan-page and the Draculoh website are now all removed. The last record of her Draculoh channel reveals she had 54,407 subscribers and 4,237,991 video views. (Source) DraculohRants had 37,027 subscribers (Source), DraculohVault had 20,963 subscribers (Source), and DraculohGames had 6,194 subscribers (Source).


Greg's "Remember Love" wrist tattoos.

Before dating Shiloh, Greg was against tattoos. He made harsh videos on his OnisionSpeaks channel stating people that got tattoos and piercings were mutilating themselves. (videos now removed) Shiloh already had many tattoos when Greg met her. He said that she made him realize they were a coloring of the skin (or something similar), rather than mutilation. (video removed)

On April 23, 2011 Greg uploaded a video revealing his new tattoos. He had gotten "Remember Love" tattooed to his wrists. In it, he talked about how thankful he was to have Shiloh there for him. (Source) In 2019, Greg revealed he got the "Remember Love" tattoo to remind himself to not look at Hentai. He explains he told Shiloh he had been watching hentai and she broke up with him and left the apartment they lived in. He won her back by telling her he would get the tattoo. He says she got the "Gregory" tattoo not long after he got his tattoo. He mentions he could have gotten her name on his wrists, "but that would have been a problem." ($ource)

Around this time, Shiloh had gotten "Gregory" tattooed to the back of her neck. (Source) Greg later said Shiloh came up with the idea to get the "Gregory" tattoo and it surprised him because he never asked anyone to get a tattoo of his name. ($ource) Greg's ex Adrienne claimed in a leaked email Greg told her that it was Shiloh's idea to get the tattoos together after one of their short break-ups. She claims he was originally supposed to get "Shiloh" on his wrist, but last minute got "Remember Love" instead.

On June 21, 2011, Shiloh wrote on her blog that she was going to "get inked with Greg" within the next few days. (Source) Two days later, "Shiloh Forgot Me" was uploaded and it is assumed their 2nd tattoo plans were cancelled.

"Shiloh Forgot Me"

Main Article: Shiloh Forgot Me
"Shiloh Forgot Me"

On June 23, 2011, Greg uploaded the infamous video, "Shiloh Forgot Me". In the video, we see Greg try to help Shiloh as she has a seizure-like episode after a fight they had. Afterwards, Shiloh wakes up afraid of Greg after losing three years of her memory. (Source)

This video sparked a massive backlash on Greg's part. Most of it coming from people that believed Greg should have sought out medical assistance rather than recording Shiloh for YouTube. This video also sparked the "fake drama theory", as many viewers began to believe Greg and Shiloh would conjure up drama for views.

The video was soon deleted due to the backlash it received.

The next day, Greg uploaded "I Respect Her Wishes" to defend his decision not to seek professional medical help. He says doctors could not help her because they already know the memory loss is caused by stress. (Source)

After the relationship, Shiloh maintained publicly the memory loss episode was real. In a 2012 social media post she wrote: "Yes I did lose 3 years of my memory because of a horrible panic attack which sent me into a past traumatic stress shutdown of sorts. I eventually got everything back, within about 7 months, although I wouldn’t know if I got EVERYTHING, because I lost it, how would I know if it was there in the first place. Yes the video is real, why he thought to turn the camera on right away I have no idea, I found it cruel…. I hope no one has to suffer the depression and post traumatic psychosis I experienced." (Source) Greg on the other hand claims Shiloh admitted she faked the memory loss, according to what others have told him. He says Shiloh reviewed the footage and gave him permission to upload it. (Source)

Head Shaving

Greg uploaded "PRANK: Shaved Girlfriend" to YouTube on June 16, 2011. In the video Greg "pranks" Shiloh while she is sleeping and shaves half of her head. (Source) Many believed it was a cruel prank, but it was confirmed by Shiloh to be fake. She said she simply wanted that hair style. (Source)

On June 30, 2011 Shiloh uploaded a video titled "BALD!!!" to reveal her newly full shaved head. In the video, Shiloh stares into the camera as dramatic music plays. Greg walks into the frame. He holds her neck and slowly licks her newly shaved scalp. He goes back to lick her head two more times before the video ends. (Source) The next day, Shiloh updated her blog with a post titled "Being Bald!!" In the post, she confesses shaving off the rest of her hair has made her deeply depressed. She says Greg is taking her out to get wigs later that day. She says she made a stupid decision, but says she guesses she will have a fresh start with her hair. (Source) Throughout the rest of their relationship, Shiloh dyed her short hair different colors and wore wigs.

This did not cause controversy until a year later when Shiloh revealed more of her side of the relationship. She claims that Greg forced her to shave her head and told her, "I want you to shave your head cause you're a good bitch." She says he took her into the bathroom and shaved her head. She says she felt ugly and de-feminized because of it. (Source)

Greg denied forcing Shiloh to shave her head. He said Shiloh's hair looked "stupid as fuck" after she shaved half of her head because her hair was too poofy. He says he asked her if she wanted to shave the rest off because he was trying to help her out. She said yes, so they did it. ($ource)

Sometime in July, Greg uploaded a video titles "Where Are The Scars?" This was during their first major break up. In the video, Greg talks about how Shiloh told him she was in a car accident. He says when he shaved her head there were no scars. (Source) He references this again in his break up song "It's Over". "You lied about the accident in your car [...] The metal plate in your head" ($ource)

First Major Break Up

In early July 2011, Shiloh and Greg separated. It was unlike their previous short break ups. They had a major falling out and Greg abandoned his house and moved in with Cyr in LA. Shiloh moved back to Canada.

"Shiloh Threatened Me"

Main Article: Shiloh Threatened Me
"Shiloh Threatened Me"

Sometime between July 14th and July 16th, Greg uploaded "Shiloh Threatened Me" to his main channel. The video seems to be filmed in a hotel room. In it, Greg speaks about fearing for his well being. He says Shiloh threatened to hack him and lie about being abused by him. He says she was taken away to a "mental asylum" after holding him prisoner in his own home. He says he uploaded the video so that if something happened to him or his channel, everyone would know the truth. (Source) The video was removed not too long after, possibly around the time they got back together.

Shiloh replied on July 17, 2011 through her Draculoh Blogspot. In the post, she talks about being pregnant with Greg's child. (See Fake Pregnancy below) She also explains that when she said "I am going to ruin you", she meant with the truth and not lies. She tells him she still loves him. (Source)

"The Truth"

Main Article: The Truth (Video)

Sometime after uploading "Shiloh Threatened Me", Greg uploaded a video titled "The Truth". The video started out with the text: "In the last 24 hours I have been publicly slandered by my ex. The time for talking is over. Decide for yourself who is right." The content in this video took place prior to "Shiloh Threatened Me".

The video featured Greg filming Shiloh while she was having what some consider a mental break down. She cried and yelled at him while he followed her around the house with his camera. She repeatedly asked him to stop filming, "get the camera off of me", but he kept going. Shiloh said if she moves back in with her mom, her mom will kick her out and she will end up murdered on the street and everyone would know it was Greg's fault. She also cried about him destroying her career and that she has no way to support herself. At one point Greg says he was backed into a corner by her, repeatedly asking her to "please move". Shiloh told him she was going to destroy him. Later in the video, cops arrived to help the situation. (Source)

Greg says he uploaded the video to prove to viewers what he said in "Shiloh Threatened Me" was true and that Shiloh was unstable. He has also stated he uploaded the video because she said something publicly that made him look bad, so he wanted her to look bad. When he saw that the majority of viewers were sympathizing with her, he deleted the video. (Source) Greg says he recorded her because she threatened to kill herself and make it look like he did it. (Source)

Fake Pregnancy

Greg mocking Shiloh's faked pregnancy.

On July 5, 2011, after the separation Shiloh went to her Draculoh website chat for support. There, she revealed that she and Greg were trying to have a baby and were planning on marrying. She also mentions that there is a possibility that she was pregnant. (Source) While in Canada, she mentioned multiple times that she was pregnant with his child on her social media and blog.

Greg talked about the "pregnancy" many times publicly. At first he stated out saying he would be supportive if there really was a child, but always seemed skeptical due to the fact that he believed he was sterile. (Source) Eventually, he began to flat out mock her. This was most likely due to what he talked about in one of the many voice-mails he left Adrienne after their break up. He explained that Shiloh refused to urinate on a pregnancy test on webcam in-front of him, so he no longer believed her. (Source)

On September 24, 2011 Greg uploaded "I'm Having A Baby" to his main channel. In the video he tried to prove he was infertile because "I have a lot of people possibly saying that I got them pregnant". He uses a fertility screening test and we follow him through the process. He ends the video by staring at the test, then saying "uh oh." (Source)

"I love you"

Supposed first time Shiloh told Greg she loved him.

"I love You" was a Draculoh video uploaded on July 5, 2011, but was deleted shortly after. In it, Shiloh compiled many of her and Greg's early interactions. The video shows the first email she sent to Greg on December 2, 2010. In the email she wrote she almost killed herself, and thanked him for his videos. By December 8, they were emailing back and forth and he was giving her advice seemingly about an abusive relationship she was in. There are also "silly" clips from their Skype conversations that she recorded. There is also a clip where she received a white Flip Cam sent by Greg. Eventually she gets on a plane and there are clips of their conversation in a car. The video also apparently shows the first time she confesses her love for him over Skye as well. Eventually she announces "this is the beginning of Greg and Shiloh's..." (it gets cut off) while recording their Skype conversation. (Source)

The plane clip can also be seen in a video titled "Shiloh's Going To The Airport", which was uploaded on December 24, 2010 to her ShilohOfficial YouTube channel. In the video, the white Flip Cam she received from Greg can be seen in the reflection of her glasses. (Source)


On July 26, 2011, Shiloh made a blog post to her Draculoh blogspot titled "WINNER!!!". In it she writes her side of the relationship from Greg's perspective. She says she wants people to know what really happened and she didn't want people to think she was crazy. She also states that she was not put in a mental hospital, but a Domestic Recovery Crisis Center.

The following is an extremely shortened/summarized list of what she stated in her blog post: She claims he would complain about her body, try to convince her to be fit so that she would be perfect, ignore her when she cried, break up with her when she cried at night because he "wanted to sleep", he broke up with her because she asked about a strange number on his phone, later she was having heart problems in the shower and he leaned down and asked her if she was "Sorry for what you did", when she would ask for help with her heart problems he would tell her "I can't deal with this drama anymore and I'm done.", he turned her against her family and friends, he told her to shave her head, when he would break up with her he would tell everyone she left him, he forcefully went through all of her internet accounts, found she was talking about getting high on Skype so he called her a druggie loser, threatened to ruin her career by telling everyone she was on drugs, after hearing that she refused to leave to room because she was scared he would ruin her life so he forcefully removed her and she got hurt and he called the cops on her, the next day he wouldn't listen to her and screamed at her "Get the fuck out of my house", he called his family members and told them she was crazy, she asked to speak to them to tell her side of the story but he refused, she threatened to kill herself and he wouldn't let her call her mom, the cope take her away with a pair of clothes and a piece of paper with her mom's number, he left for LA and left her alone in his house with $13 no phone, she didn't know anyone that lived in the area and she didn't know the country. (Source) This blog post was deleted when they got back together.

Friendship With Adrienne

Shortly after Adrienne's relationship with Greg, she and Shiloh became friends. They talked over Skype and publicly mocked Greg on their personal Facebook pages. They would often mock his discomfort in dating bisexual girls and use lines he used on them. (Source)

In Shiloh's Draculoh Blogspot entry titled "Pushed To The Edge", she talks about similarities between her and Adrienne's experiences dating Greg. One of the similarities that she writes about is that during intimacy, she said he would say "I want you to have my child Shiloh/Adrienne." Also, during arguments he would allegedly say "You're being over dramatic" "You're being violent at me" or "Stop causing needless drama". Shiloh also states that Greg called her every half hour, leaving up to 17 voice-mails a night on top of text messages. Some he would be crying, others he would be bullying. She says she was starting to realize just how manipulative he is and that he warps their side of the story. Shiloh also mentions: "Adrienne was willingly intimate with our ex, only because he kept pushing the idea on her for 30 min. straight 5 min after bringing her to his hotel in Texas. (after saying he wanted to wait a month)" (Source)

This friendship came to a sudden end when Shiloh got back together with Greg.

Back Together

Shiloh's ring image.

After briefly dating Adrienne, Greg was living in Los Angeles with Cyr. On September 25, 2011, Shiloh uploaded a video titled "STD" to her Draculoh channel with an identical background to Greg's recent videos. (Source) People became suspicious, but were completely convinced they were back together when she uploaded an image of what seemed like an engagement ring on the 26th. The next day, Greg uploaded a video titled "Shiloh's Back". In the video they announced their relationship by Shiloh shooting Cyr and Greg then showing off her engagement ring. (Source)

Many fans and drama-followers were shocked. Many did not agree with their decision to get back together after all that had occurred and some even tried to talk Greg out of it on various social media. Greg became increasingly frustrated with his fan base and made videos and statuses telling everyone to back off or unsubscribe.

Greg lost many frustrated fans and forum members during this time.

Rogue Incident

Main Article: Rogue
"Rogue", edited to hide the baby

On August 29th, a picture of a premature baby with the caption "</3 In loving memory of Rogue. Rest In Peace little man." was uploaded to Shiloh's semi-personal Facebook page. This image caused confusion to followers, but no one questioned it until Greg and Shiloh were back together in September of that year. Someone traced the image and discovered it was from a blog about an alive 6-year-old girl that was born premature.

Many became upset by the news and confronted Shiloh. The image was then removed. When she acted like she did not know what they were talking about, fans that had seen the image took to the Onision Forums to ask Greg about it. (Source) Greg took Shiloh's side and suggested the photo was photoshopped and was never on her Facebook. (Source) Greg released two videos addressing the Rogue picture. In the first video, he aggressively defended Shiloh. In the video, he said Shiloh did not upload the photo, but if she did, he doesn't "give a fuck" because the baby was still alive. He says the photo was "highly potentially" photoshopped. He calls everyone that cares "butthurt" and "fucking losers" and tells them to get a life. (Source) The second video was calmer, but he maintained his stance. He says if he had a premature baby and someone stole their picture, he wouldn't care. He ends the video with an "apology", by flipping off his viewers. (Source)

Greg and Shiloh's denial of the Rogue photo's existence frustrated many fans and viewers. Many fans began turning on Greg and Shiloh at this point.

After the relationship, Shiloh admitted she was the one that deleted the photo off her Facebook, but maintained she did not know who put it there. She claims she did not know about the photo until she was called out for it. She says she had been hacked around that time and believes the hacker uploaded it to her account. (Source) After the breakup, Greg took the stance that Shiloh was the one that uploaded the photo. He will occasionally bring up the Rogue incident to prove to his viewers Shiloh was a pathological liar. ($ource)


"My Girlfriend's Pregnant"

On October 27, 2011 Shiloh and Greg announced they were expecting through their Facebook fanpages. They each posted images of the positive pregnancy test. That same say Greg uploaded "My Girlfriend's Pregnant" to his main channel. The video featured him announcing the pregnancy by doing odd behaviors like ripping his shirt, vomiting on his couch, covering himself in a brown liquid, and screaming. The video started out with the text "So I just found out my fiancé is pregnant." Toward the end of the video there is text saying "Guess I'm not infertile after all. :)". (Source)

They openly spoke about it through social media and recorded doctors visits. Shiloh uploaded vlogs about her pregnancy experiences on her channel.

On December 8, 2011, Shiloh made a Facebook status: "So we went to go listen to the babies heartbeat today, and she couldn't hear anything so she did an ultrasound. It's the size of a 5 week old pregnancy and I am suppose to be 12 weeks. She said my baby most likely pasted 6 weeks ago, and now I am just waiting for my body to release it." (Source)

On December 9, 2011, Greg uploaded the video "Update On Our Baby" to his Speaks channel. He talks about how he and Shiloh had been visiting a doula in a facility that assists with natural births. He encourages everyone to have a natural birth because "women are built to push babies out" and not be cut up so doctors can rush home to play golf. He complains that many women get c-sections and don't know the feeling of a natural birth these days. He adds "it's a shame because it's a bonding experience with the child". After that he begins to talk about his update. He explains that the doula could not find the baby's heartbeat. After being unsuccessful with the microphone, she used ultra sound. He says there was an "awkward moment" when all she found was a little "dot" on the screen in a "big black hole". He quotes her: "well, this is never fun". She explained that either the baby passed 6 weeks ago or it's a new 5-week-old baby. He goes on to explain that it would be impossible for it to be 5 weeks and asks what could have happened to the first baby. He then says it's safe to assume they had lost their baby to a miscarriage. He talks about how they were told not to announce the pregnancy until about 12 weeks because that's when the pregnancy is stable and many people have miscarriages before then. He says that they announced it early because they were excited. "So, I'm not going to be a father and Shiloh's not going to be a mother for the time being... or so it appears." He then comes up with ways there could be a new baby. He thanked his viewers for their love and support and apologized for getting their hopes up. (Source)

After the relationship, Greg began questioning if the baby Shiloh was pregnant with was his. He wrote: "I still have no idea whether or not I can even get anyone pregnant. The timing of her pregnancy was really strange, especially considering I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive. Also, the doctors conclusion on dates/development timelines seemed really, uncomfortable." (Source)

"Shiloh & Greg: Non-Fiction"

Surveillance showing Shiloh on the porch from the video "Shiloh & Greg: Non-Fiction"

Greg uploaded a video titled "Shiloh & Greg: Non-Fiction" to his OnisionSpeaks channel on December 6, 2011. In the video he says that "some of my viewers are total fucking idiots" because they are skeptical on whether the drama is real or faked. He says that they feel this way because they are biased and hate him because he is a vegetarian, because he against circumcision, etc. He decides to use an event that happened earlier that day to prove that it is all real.

He starts the story by telling everyone that he and Shiloh were not on good terms. He says he was being "stupid" and she was being "stupid". The videos starts to show footage of his porch security camera as he is telling the story. He says that Shiloh went to leave the house and she dropped the key in the drop slot so he could have the keys and she could not get back in. He unlocked the door for her and she came back to repeat her actions and tell him not to unlock it. She went for a walk, but passed out 3 miles away from the house. He guesses it was from exhaustion or from stress, but he states that she is ok. The fire department brings her back to his house to tell him they are taking her to the hospital. He tells them that he will meet them there in a few minutes. The ambulance arrives and the fire department leave. The ambulance driver comes back to the door to tell Greg to talk to Shiloh in the ambulance because she is refusing treatment. He mentions that she always refuses medical treatment when she feels she doesn't need it. Then, he says he proved everything. He goes on talking to the "haters" telling them "fuck you" and that this is his real life and not a reality show. He states that the reason he shares all these things is so that we, the viewers, can learn from his experiences. Toward the end of the video Shiloh and Greg mention that a female officer cried when they saw Shiloh passed out because they thought she was dead. He ends the video by thanking the workers that helped him and says he is glad he paid his taxes even though he was "so poor after taxes". He ends the video with a "fuck you haters." (Source)


Main Article: Sepsis
"Shiloh Has Sepsis"

Onision uploaded a video titled "Shiloh Has Sepsis" on Dec 15, 2011. In the video, he announces Shiloh had a blood test taken to find out if she was pregnant, but instead found out she had sepsis. He says he will take a break from making videos for a few days until Shiloh left to be treated in Canada. This video was removed from his main channel and uploaded to his archive channel on December 17, 2011 with added text: "I made the mistake of believing a lie, he following appears to be that lie and for that I am sorry." ($ource)

This video received immediate backlash. Many viewers could clearly see Shiloh was not suffering from sepsis. They were upset Greg and Shiloh would lie to them, for what many believed to be for fake drama and views. The day Greg uploaded "Shiloh Has Sepsis, his subscriber gain/loss was averaged at -333 subscribers. (Source)

On December 17, 2011, Greg uploaded "Goodbye Shiloh" to his main channel. The video featured a montage of Greg and Shiloh's last days / day together in Washington leading up to Greg crying in what seems to be a parking lot (possibly of the airport) after Shiloh left for Canada. ($ource)

After these events, Shiloh and Greg returned to social media to find the generally negative reaction to their videos. After reading what people had to say, Greg questioned if Shiloh was being truthful. To prove she was telling the truth, she uploaded a hospital album to her Draculoh Facebook page containing 40 images of her hospital stay. (Source)

Greg seemed to flip flop on the subject up until he and Shiloh broke up for the last time. He now states he believes Shiloh lied the whole time about suffering from Sepsis.

About a year and a half after their relationship, Shiloh stated in a video that she believed she had sepsis due to a misunderstanding with the person that called her with the results of her blood test. (Source) In 2015, she explained her side of the situation in more detail on Instagram. She claimed after they found out she miscarried, Greg refused to bring her to an American hospital to avoid paying American healthcare. She said she went septic because there was a dead fetus rotting inside her. He flew her back to Canada where she birthed half of the dead fetus and had to get the rest surgically removed. (Source)

Last Major Break Up

Just two out of the many depressing statuses by Greg, most of which are deleted by now. January 2012

While apart, Greg did not seem to handle the separation well. He made dozens of cryptic and depressing statuses and tweets. This is not unusual behavior for Greg to display after a break up. In one video he cried as he read a Christmas card he received in the mail from Shiloh. ($oruce) He spent a lot of time on Live Streams with fans and "haters".

Shiloh, on the other hand, seemed to be more optimistic. She made collages of their couple pictures and celebrated the good times they had. She also celebrated their anniversary.

Until the beginning of February 2012, they sent mixed messages about their relationship. Sometimes they would act like it's over, other times Greg would announce Shiloh was going to move back in, only to quickly delete the status/tweet.

One of the reasons Shiloh did not immediately return to America to be with Greg is her passport went missing. Greg even sent her money to buy a new one. ($ource) Shiloh later found out her mother hid her passport to prevent her from going back to Greg. (Source)

Final Straw

By February 1, 2012, Shiloh and Greg's relationship was officially over. Greg uploaded a music video on February 4th titled "It's Over". The song mostly reflects on Shiloh's lies throughout their relationship. Lies he mentioned were a car accident, a different "ego", suicide attempts, physical abuse, medical conditions, and their baby. ($ource)

On February 8, 2012, Greg found out Shiloh was already dating someone new. Shocked, he wrote a detailed blog post titled "In The Beginning We Were So Happy" (most likely named after the first line in the song "It's Over"). He starts the blog, "[...]I am really shocked right now… apparently my ex has a new boyfriend, which is great and all… but the problem is, it’s so soon after I broke up with her that it makes things… make sense… a lot of sense." He goes into detail about lies she's told at the end of their relationship and comes to the conclusion she most likely cheated. (Source)

When Greg went public with this information, Shiloh took to Facebook and claimed she never cheated. (Source)

Viewers were already suspicious about Shiloh cheating due to her social media. A viewer reached out to Greg via email and sent several screen shots proving she cheated including corresponding "in a relationship" status changes by Shiloh and her new boyfriend stated when she was still with Greg. (Source) He made many Facebook statuses and posted four images to his website names "cheater1" - "cheater4" with proof from social media and their emails that she cheated. (Source the only surviving proof image Greg made.)

That same day, Greg uploaded "No Sick Days for Onision" to his Speaks channel. He talks about how he needs to make a comedy video that day even though he found out Shiloh cheated on him. He says that he loved her more than anyone he ever loved in his life. He says he will act funny for his comedy video to make his fans happy and to make his channel successful. He warns viewers to look for signs when dating and not to let your significant other lie to you. Greg says he found out she was cheating because Facebook updated him on her feed and he saw her telling someone else she loved them and it was clear they were in a relationship. He says he should have listened to everyone telling him to get out of the relationship. He says he should be single for a while because now he had a "trust complex". In the end of the video he winces and quickly turns the camera off. ($ource) All of the proof links in the video description are to his old site and no longer work.

One of Greg's many statuses proving Shiloh cheated.

Later that day he uploaded another video to his Speaks channel titled, "The Truth Hurts, But So Do Your Lies". He seems better and more focused compared to the last video. He talks in more depth about the proof that she cheated on him. He also shows a conversation they had about it. He says not only did she cheat on him, but she said "mean things" about him on Facebook as well. He talks about lies she told him. Some of the lies he listed were that she was going to hang herself from a tree and she walked into traffic to kill herself. He admits that she apparently posted the premature baby's image even though he never really knew what happened. He apologies for "shuddering and shaking". He questions what she did and talks about how much he loved her. He says he is sick of the drama, but only talks about it to be real with his viewers. He says if he wanted success, he would hide his personal problems. He questions if she was really pregnant with his child. He tells Shiloh he wants his $1,700 back. $300 for her passport she lost, the additional $300 he sent, and $1,100 for rent. He also says he wants his engagement ring back because she owes that to him for cheating. He emphasizes that he doesn't want Shiloh to talk to him ever again. He begins to breath heavier and tells Shiloh to tell her future partners that she is a cheater. He announces he is going to "do his job now" and grasps his chest. ($ource)

That night he uploaded another video on the topic, but soon deleted it. This video was made with a webcam, which up until this point, he only used on his channel for Live Chats. His appearance was far worse than the previous two videos. In the video he explains why he will not be editing his comedy video that night. He repeats information from previous videos. He says he wanted to Skype, but everyone he Skyped told him he "looked like crap". He says he "looks at the world of love now and ask myself, what's the point?" He says he believes he is incapable of taking care of himself, but he'll be fine. He tells his viewers, "I fucking love you and you are the reason I am alive". He says he will go for a walk and take care of his puppy (Nibbles). (Soruce) Some viewers questioned his appearance stating that the bags under his eyes looked unnatural. A registered nurse commented and said it looked faked.

On February 10, two days after Greg found out Shiloh cheated on him, Shiloh's new boyfriend announced he and Shiloh are pregnant. (Source)

On February 16, 2012, Shiloh made a blog post titled "I'm sorry." In it, she says she decided not to list the horrible things Greg has done, but instead apologize. She says she cheated emotionally with her new boyfriend, but not physically. She says even though she fully intended to move back in with him, she was afraid it would end up like all the other times. It would start out passionate, but after a few months her insecurities and his anger would drag them back to where they were. She ends her blog post with a letter to Greg, wishing him happiness. (Source)

Shiloh posted another blog post later that day titled "His forgiveness." In it she posts Greg's response to her confession and her reply to him. Greg told her he would never forgive her and he hated her for what she did to him. He says she is "cheating scum" and his "biggest, most painful mistake". He tells her never to contact him again. "I will do all I can to forget you, you owe it to me to allow me to erase your ugly cheating/lying stain from my memory.."

She responded by telling him she will never contact him again. She says that she only did what he once did. She says he is a "dark and sick cancer that ate away at who I was regardless of how much I loved you, or how much you loved me." She says they were destined to fail after their previous brutal break up. She apologizes and hopes that he will remember the good memories. She tells him to take care of himself and not to change for anyone. (Source)

In an attempt to get his money back, on February 17, 2012, Greg arranged to take Shiloh to court on the popular American show Judge Judy. The episode fell through when the people at Judge Judy realized they could not have Shiloh on as she was not an American citizen. (Source)

Door Frame Incident

Greg demonstrating his version of the "door frame incident" in a 2016 video

After attempting to defend herself from Greg's public cheating accusations through social media, Shiloh seemingly had enough. (Source) She began to threaten legal action against Greg and began telling more of her version of the relationship. On February 12th she made a Facebook status saying she was mentally, physically and verbally abused by Greg. She says that he never cared or cried when their son died. She says he wouldn't help her when she was in pain and that he told her she needed to lose weight. She claims the only reason he became interested in her was when she told him about her celebrity status. (He admits to this here.) She says that he sent her sexual text messages and told her he love her before handing Skye the divorce papers. This is also where she mentions she had sex with him on December 25, 2010. (Source) In the comments she replies to a someone telling them Greg never beat her, but pushed her hard into a door frame when she was pregnant. She says she was trying to give him a hug when he didn't want one. (Source) Within the next few months, she mentions the door frame incident multiple times on her social media.

Shiloh later blamed the stress Greg put her under in the relationship for the cause of the miscarriage. (Source)

Greg defends himself from the claim he killed their unborn baby in a 2016 video with a timeline. He says Shiloh miscarried at 6 weeks and they found out the fetus was no longer alive at 12 weeks. He claims the door frame incident was at 13 weeks. He says a baby that small could not have been killed inside a womb by physical force. He says he pushed her because she was smashing her body into the door and there was no door frame for her to be pushed into at the angle they were standing at. ($ource) In a later 2016 video, Greg claims the door frame incident occurred at 12 weeks. (Source)



After the relationship officially came to an end, Shiloh received an immense amount of harassment and hate. Not only was she greatly disliked by Greg's fanbase, but she was disliked by many Anti-Onisions as well. She was labeled a crazy, pathological liar. Shortly after the relationship, Shiloh deleted her Draculoh channels and social media. She claims this was because after Greg uploaded his final goodbye video to her, she received around 1,500 messages from his fans and 80% of the messages were telling her to kill herself. (Source) For years, many would bash Shiloh in the comments of her old music videos, calling her "psycho" or mocking her using quotes from her seizure episode such as "I want to make a rainbow."

According to Shiloh, because Greg convinced her to move with him from Canada to Washington, she was no longer close to her music resources. When they first began dating, she had just been signed internationally. She was working on her second album and was about to go on her 4th tour, but after moving, she was not as available to her music company as she should have been and she was eventually dropped. She claims she went from making thousands every quarter from her music to $300 a quarter. She says she went on two trips for her songwriting with Greg, but he made them hard for her by making everything sexual. She says because all of the major meltdowns she had in her teenage years were filmed and put on Youtube by Greg, many people in the music industry saw her as "crazy" and did not want to work with her anymore. (Source)

In a livestream, when asked if he felt responsible for the break in Shiloh's music career, Greg said "If you guys want to blame me for that you can because I can actually make a connection as to why Shiloh's no longer singing and my introduction into her life. If I could go back and erase that, give her a future, I would, but the key thing is that she never told me me being in her life was going to risk her career and she actually said that it was the opposite. That everything would be fine. So then I went to Canada and she continued her career and so fourth, but eventually she decided to move back with me here and that's kind of when things came to a halt, after she moved home with me- she decided to. I was happy because I loved her so much and I just wanted to be with her." (Source) Years later, Greg denied effecting her career and would use footage of her recording a song two months into their relationship as proof she was still singing while they were together. ($ource)

Social Media & Youtube

Greg's mom mocking Shiloh's seizure in his "I Hate My Son" comedy video. ($ource)

For the next few years, Greg continued to talk about his relationship with Shiloh in blog posts and would use his experiences with her in his comedy videos. Usually he refers to her as "the Canadian" or "my ex" to avoid using her name.

Greg has made numerous posts and videos explaining his side of the relationship. Things that he mentions that hasn't been mentioned on this page are that Shiloh was very jealous of other girls. He says the only time she broke up with him was when she caught him watching Hentai (Source), something he later admitted to having an addiction to. ($ource) He claims that she told him she had a "split personality". He claims she has a past of killing animals accidentally. (Source)

Within the next couple of years, Shiloh would make random, brief blog posts about their relationship. It did not happen very often and they would disappear after a given amount of time. She would usually post brief statements to clear up misinformation. Other than these random posts, Shiloh stayed relatively quiet online. She would often private, delete or abandon her social media every once in a while. It is speculated she did this to avoid Greg's fans.

When Shiloh found out Greg was dating a new 17 year old, Kai, she made a longer than usual blog post about him. In the post, she wrote that Greg alienated her from her family. She says he would tell her it was weird that she was so close to her mom and he had her cut off contact with her dad because her dad threatened him. (When she cut off contact with her dad she made a handful of status talking about how horrible he was for threatening Greg. Source) She says this was because her dad realized what kind of guy Greg was. She says he didn't want her to talk to her friends back in Canada because they all drank alcohol or smoked weed. She says that he prevented her from making music because he wanted her to be home all the time to "spend time with him". She believes he has a resentment or hate toward women. She says she believes this because of his "unnatural sexual aggressive nature". She says he would degrade her by calling her "bitch, slut, whore, good girl, his property". She claims he would want her to say "I'm your slut" or "I'll do whatever you want me to." She says he would excessively choked her until she passed out. She says she would get frequent UTIs because he would be intimate with her up to 8 times a day. She says she would feel raw and bruised from "too much and going too hard." (Source)

After a long period of silence about Greg in her social media, Shiloh and her friend hosted a Q&A video in July 2013. Much to her viewer and her friend's surprise, she refused to talk negatively about him. In the Q&A, she mentions that she wants YouTube videos that she's in to be removed, but someone (Greg) won't comply. When asked if Greg has harassed her after the break up she says she feels him talking about her all the time may be a form of harassment. When asked if she had anything to say to Taylor, she says she hopes she has a different experience than she had at that house. "and if it's the same I hope she has the common sense to run." (Source) A few days later a second part to the Q&A was uploaded. When asked if Greg shaved her head to dehumanize her, she said, "I don't know why he did half the things that he did." Later, she says "The truth is, half the shit that was in the internet shouldn't have even been on the internet, but I got sucked into a world where I thought everything needed to be on the internet and that's the only way to live because that was my environment." (Source)

After 2013, Shiloh rarely brought up Greg on social media. When she did it was only to defend herself from his fans.

For years, Greg continued to frequently bring his experiences with Shiloh up in live streams and videos, mostly complaining about how she cheated on him and became pregnant with another man's baby. He even reviewed one of her songs for a 2017 UhOhBro video at a fan's request. In the video, he says he's mad she never took full advantage of her voice because it's incredible. ($ource)


After their break up, Shiloh tried to contact Greg and Kai on three occasions that we know about. Once, she complimented his video quality in an email Greg now shows on his site. He did not reply. This was in July 2012. (Source) The second was a tweet to his spouse, Kai. She tried to encourage Kai while he was receiving some backlash from a tweet he made. This caused a bit of a twitter fight and mostly negative responses overall. Kai and Greg never replied. (Source) The third was after Greg and Kai briefly split in 2016, Greg claims Shiloh contacted Kai. (Source)

In March 2017, Greg uploaded the video "My Ex Is Targeting My Spouse?". In the video, he reveals Kai was contacted by an ex-friend of Shiloh's. The ex-friend claimed Shiloh never stopped loving Greg and was planning on contacting Kai. The friend says Shiloh still had the "Gregory" tattoo on her neck despite her father being a tattoo artist. The friend warns Kai to not trust Shiloh. ($ource) A close friend of Shiloh's came out and said they have never heard Shiloh express anything that was claimed in the email. (Source) Greg will occasionally still bring up this email when talking about Shiloh.

Legal Threats

On March 31st, 2018, Greg randomly re-uploaded an old sketch he made with Shiloh to his Onision channel. (Source) Although Greg had been deleting and re-uploading old sketches to his Onision channel for a few months at that point, some viewers thought this was strange he would re-upload a video with an ex he was not on good terms with. About a week later, Greg uploaded an exclusive video to his Patreons talking about being legally threatened in an email by Shiloh's management and called her manager in the video. He later uploaded it to his Speaks channel with the phone call cut out, leaving it as an exclusive perk for fans that pay him monthly on Patreon. He posted a screen shot of the email as an exclusive perk for Patreons that pay him a high amounts of money. In the video, he reads the email informing him he needs to remove anything with Shiloh from his public sites. He says the videos he made with his ex are his property and she agreed to be in the videos. In the call, Shiloh's manager asks Greg to removed the 6 year old videos unless he can produce written consent or a contract between Greg and Shiloh. Greg talks over the manager a majority of the call telling his he is "not a real human" and that "consent is obvious" if she acted in the videos. After the call, Greg concludes they have no case because it's obvious she willingly participated in his videos. ($ource) Despite this conclusion, Greg quietly removed the re-uploaded video from his channel. It is currently not know if Shiloh and her management perused Greg legally.


In September 2019, after other exes of Greg's spoke out on twitter, Shiloh chimed in under the twitter name Patient Zero. The Twitter account has since been deleted, but her tweets can be read here.

On November 6, 2019, Shiloh appeared on Chris Hansen's Youtube channel and was interviewed about her relationship with Greg. (Source) This interview remains the most viewed interview on Chris Hansen's Youtube channel with 2 million views. The second highest is Sarah's with 1.1 million views.

Shiloh and her story about her time with Greg were heavily featured in the 2021 documentary Onision: In Real Life. Greg replied to the episodes with a series of reply videos. Greg pointed out contradictions Shiloh made and lies she told in the past to discredit her. Greg also frequently uses clips from "The Truth" where Shiloh threatens to destroy him against her and the fact that she was taken away by the police to a mental health facility to prove he was in the right and she was mentally unstable since the police took his side. Greg has threatened to sue the show.


  • They had many minor break ups throughout the course of their relationship. Some were announced through a Facebook status only to be deleted later that day. They would also un-like each-other's Facebook fan-pages. Some think there were more break ups that were never mentioned to the public. Greg estimates they broke up around 8 times. (Source) At another time, he estimated he broke up with her 17 times. (Source)
  • Greg deleted most of his social media interactions with and about Shiloh.
  • Greg mentioned many times that he would keep his life private. Especially after their first major break up. He attempted dating privately, but went back to over sharing when he was back with Shiloh.
  • "Zor" or "Zorr" was Shiloh's nickname for Greg. (Source)

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