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Greg asking Mac to be his cameraman

List of women Greg invited to his home to be his cameramen in 2017-2018.


In 2017, Greg and his spouse Kai ended their on and off polymerous relationship with Billie for the last time. They began to search for a new third. During this time, Greg had grown a community through Patreon, Discord, and YouNow. Greg invited several female fans he met through these platforms to his home to be his camera person.

Greg never seemed to invite any male fans to be his cameramen. Greg also did not seek fans who had camera experience. He claimed he was looking for "hardcore fans" and encouraged the women who did not have any camera experience to learn how to operate a camera. (Source) This and the fact that Greg had always operated his cameras by himself for the past 7 years all added fuel to the theory that Greg was using needing a camerman as a guise to invite women to his home whom he was romantically interested in.


Women Greg invited to his home to be cameraman:


Main article: Beck

Beck was a Patreon of Greg and Kai's who visited in early August 2017. Leaked messages revealed Greg had bought tickets for Beck without informing Kai. In the messages, Kai was upset Greg did not tell him. (Source) After the leak, Kai stated Greg told him he was going to fly out Beck, but never said when.

Beck claimed Greg initially invited her over to do camerawork for him. She says she had no experience with a camera, so she knew it was just an excuse to have her over. (Source)

Beck later recalled moments where she felt Greg was inappropriate with her. She claimed he once felt up her ass while he was rubbing shaving cream on her for a video. She also claimed another time he touched his lips to hers while they were filming a video. She says she did not know if he did this on purpose. She said she was freaking out when this happened because she did not want to break up a marriage (Source)

Ultimately, Kai rejected Beck and Beck was back home by August 16th.

Some viewers believed it was unfair Greg flew out Beck to film YouTube videos with him while a male Patreon, Tomato Bisquette paid Greg $1,000 through Patreon to work with Greg on a video earlier that year. Beck had only donated a total of $200 to $300 total between Greg and Kai through Patreon and YouNow. At the time Beck visited, Greg's perk for fans to appear in videos was priced at $750.


Main article: Macncheese

Macncheese was a fan Greg began talking to mid August 2017. He invited Mac to his home to be his cameraman on August 29, 2017. Greg asked Mac if she had any experience working a camera. She said she did not. He told her he was looking for a hardcore fan to be his camera person. He said it needed to be someone who was into his content, otherwise it would not work. She told him if he did not find anyone, she could learn. He encouraged her to learn and told her it was a good life skill.

On September 1st, Mac messaged Greg and told him she would not be available to fly out because she began volunteering. She thanked him for the offer. (Source)

After Mac and Greg's messages were leaked, many people perceived Greg's messages to her as flirting. (Source) Kai was asked about the leaked messages on YouNow. He responded by saying nothing Greg said to Mac bothered him and that he trusts Greg not to do anything behind his back. "Asking for someone to be a cameraman is not fucking cheating or flirting." (Source)


Main article: Sam

Sam was a fan who lived with Greg and Kai from January to February 2018. She was brought in to be Greg's camera person. After being kicked out, Sam spoke about her experience on her Twitch streams. She says she was convinced Greg was dishonest about the reason she was at the house. She believed he really brought her there with the intention of brining her into his relationship because when she was there, Greg told her he did not need a camera person. She said she was interested in being in a relationship with them, but was shy about it and could sense Kai was uncomfortable. (Source)

After their friendship ended, both Sam and Greg accused the other of inappropriate behavior during their friendship. Greg called Sam a hoe and a homewrecker, claiming she tried to kiss him among other accusations. (Source) Sam denies trying to kiss Greg and claims he was the one who initiated inappropriate behavior, such as moving his hands onto her ass during their friendship hugs. (Source)

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