Blood On The Dance Floor

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Greg dressed as Dahvie Vanity in a 2015 video
Blood On The Dance Floor

On Aug 7, 2013 Greg uploaded the video "DAHVIE VANITY!?!" critiquing pictures one of Blood on the Dance Floors singer Dahvie Vanity. ($ource)

On Aug 11,2013 Greg tells his Facebook followers that a representative from Blood on the Dance Floor is threatening to take legal action unless he delets his video. (Source)

Later that day Greg uploads "BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR FREAKS OUT?!?" video to his speaks channel. He explained that he received a cease and assist from a representative from Blood on the Dance Floor asking Greg to bleep out the part of his video where he says Dahvie Vanity pedophile. Greg explains that he will not touch his video because it was a joke. The rest of the video he decides to google pictures of "Blood on the Dance Floor sucks". Telling his audience that he will not be bullied into people threatening to sue him for his option. ($ource)

Greg also provided a summary of his conversation with BOTDF on his tumblr:



Myself: (1) The video is obvious satire. (2) The video is protected by freedom of speech. (3) The video is also protected by fair use.

I did not lie at any point in the video & I was repeatedly objective.

If I felt I was wrong, I would take down the video, but what you’re doing is the only thing that seems wrong here.

Alleged BOTDF Rep: There is no problem with anything aside from the fact that you referred to our client as a pedophile. If you wish to edit the video removing this, feel free to do so and re-upload. If you leave it as is, we will go to YouTube and file suit in addition to this.

Myself: Are you saying I can sue anyone I like for calling me a pedophile? Even when the only minutes later state that it’s all opinion, and that they themselves are not taking a stance?

Bottom line, I made it clear I did not believe him to be one. You cannot sue someone for clearly jokingly calling someone a name. The entire video is based around comedy.

Your request is unfair, and I don’t feel you are in the legal right so long as freedom of speech exists.

Alleged BOTDF Rep: I’m not going to debate this on email at 1:45 in the morning. It’s a clear defamatory piece. We defend our clients hard and will do the same here. I understand you may perceive it one way but we perceive it the other and have driven hard defamation suits. Please consider doing the right thing here.

Myself: If that video is removed hundreds of thousands of people will be informed of Dahvie Vanity’s inability to take a joke, strong stance against freedom of speech and clear disregard for our right to make satirical videos.

If you are concerned with image, this is not something you should pursue. This is wrong, you are wrong, and thousands will know BOTDF censors people for telling jokes if you do move forward with this frivolous legal action.

Apr 19, 2015 the video "Why Do People Hate Blood On The Dance Floor? ( Dahvie Vanity)" Greg goes into detail about threatening messages BOTDF sent to people on social media and the allegations against Dahvie Vanity. ($ource)