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Warning! This page is not complete. There will be information and sources missing.
Greg and Billie in a 2016 video
Billie was Kai's (Greg's current spouse) girlfriend. After Greg cheated on Kai with Billie in 2016, he attempted to date Billie for a brief time before changing his mind and getting back together with Kai.

In the summer of 2016, Billie, Greg, and Kai began an on and off a poly relationship that ended January 2017.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.

Early Relationship

Kai says he first noticed Billie on twitter when a photo of her was re-tweeted onto his timeline. Kai tweeted her asking her to be his girlfriend and to teach him how to do eyebrows. This was on August 19, 2015. (Source) Kai said he did not pursue a relationship until he saw Billie was single. He messaged her and asked if she was interested in girls and gave her her phone number. ($ource) It seems this happened in November 2015. (Source)

Billie was 18, Kai was 21, and Greg was 30 at this time.

Kai says Greg was the one that was pushing him to date Billie and that it was Greg's idea in the first place. (Source) Kai believed Greg did this because he would get something out of it. (Source)

Billie came to visit Kai and Greg in early December 2015. (Source) Greg says this was so Kai and Billie could get to know one another because they planned on dating. ($ource)

While Billie was over, Greg posted many statuses and images encouraging Billie and Kai's relationship. (Source) Greg started by posting an image of them kissing in the dark then continued encouraging them publicly, even calling them his OPT, or "one true pairing", a term usually used to describe a fan's favorite couple in a fictional story. (Source) Greg also made a sketch video titled "Onision's Wife Leaves Him (For A Woman)" where Billie and Kai intimately touched and talked about their lust for each other. The video ended with Kai and Billie making-out in-front of Greg acing horrified. ($ource) Greg also recorded some non-sketch videos with just Billie ($ource), something he would continue to do throughout their relationship.

Greg says during the visit, Kai became mad and even cried because Billie and Greg were spending a lot of the time together, rather than Billie concentrating on getting to know him. Kai felt that Billie might have been there for Greg and not really for him, but Billie denied this. Greg says he felt Kai was being unfair and encouraged him to give Billie another chance. Kai drove Billie to the airport when the trip was over. According to Greg, by the time they made it to the airport they were on good terms again. ($ource)

Kai says he was upset because Greg and Billie were flirting in-front of him, but they both denied it and told him he was being crazy. (Source)

Dating Kai

Kai and Billie kiss for Greg's video
Greg says 90% of his interactions with Billie were about how to make her relationship with Kai work and as time passed, he continued to encourage Kai to peruse Billie as a girlfriend. He says he even gave Billie money to buy a Christmas gift for Kai. Greg says eventually, Kai asked out Billie with a small letter and a CD of his favorite songs.

Greg says they got Billie another plane ticket to stay longer than last time. Greg says Kai was originally looking forward to it, until Billie missed the first flight. According to Greg, this confirmed Kai's suspicions that Billie was not interested in him. Kai told Greg he couldn't wait for Billie to leave before she even arrived. Despite this, Kai picked up Billie from the airport and they kissed. Greg says things seemed okay between them.

Greg said one night he, Kai, and Billie had a threesome, but Kai stopped it after getting to third base. The next day, Greg texted Kai telling Kai he was aroused and asked if he could cuddle Billie. According to Greg, this upset Kai and made him want to leave the house. As Greg was helping Kai pack, he told Kai, "[Billie] and I wouldn't do anything friends wouldn't do together." Greg later admits he was "clearly manipulating" Kai and "trying to slip something by [Kai]" when saying this because he had a female friend in high school he would "cuddle with on a regular basis" and he previously told Kai about this friend. After Kai left, Greg gave Billie a body massage that included her chest and butt. He justifies this by saying his mother was a masseuse and once gave him a full body massage with lotion, but avoided his gentiles. After the massage, they took individual showers, then cuddled while watching movies. He says they feel asleep cuddling in Kai's bed. Greg says they did not have sex.

The next day, Greg told Kai about what he did with Billie and Kai broke up with him. Sometime during their separation, Greg signed an agreement to give Kai a monthly sum of money and exclusive custody of their son. He also arranged for someone to help Kai five days a week with household chores. ($ource)

Dating Greg

After Kai left the house, Greg asked out Billie. (Source) He says just a few hour after he and Kai were separated, he asked Billie to kiss him and she told him "it was not the right time". He says this was because he was emotionally vulnerable. ($ource) Greg also said he told Billie, "Well it looks like you’re a homewrecker now", but she gave no response. (Source)

Greg released parts of his text conversations with Billie in a speaks video. In the first set of texts, Greg asks Billie if she is 100% sure if she wants to come back and she said yes. This was when Greg planned to fly Billie back up to his home 2 weeks after he and Kai broke up. (Source) The next set of texts shows Greg warning Billie about the internet backlash she will receive because of what happened. He also tells her he did not mention her name in his "I Betrayed My Wife" video. She tells him she can handle it. The last set of texts start out as a casual conversation where Billie tells Greg to contact her whenever he's feeling down, but ends with Greg cutting off contact with her by telling her he does not deserve love because of what he did and he needs to be alone. (Source)

Billie's friend at the time, Social Repose, claims that Billie told him after Greg and Billie broke up, Greg followed her to the airport he told her he would leave everything behind to start a new life with her. ($ource) Greg denied this happened. (Source)

First Separation

Main article: Cuddle Gate

On January 24, 2016, Kai tweeted "This changes everything" "I'm convinced I may actually die from heartache" "never again will I let someone in". Greg tweeted, "my wife can be so loving & is so beautiful. I'm lucky to be in her life." (Source) These types of tweets were not abnormal for Kai and Greg at the time so followers did not realize something serious had occurred until more information was revealed within the following days.

On the 25th, Kai tweeted a poll for his followers to answer yes or no to: "Is it cheating if you cuddle with someone (the gender youre attracted to) after you partner tells you it's not ok?" Kai seemed to agree that this did count as cheating as he re-tweeted a fan that replied it is considered cheating. Kai clarified some information with following tweets, saying this person was definitely attracted to the person they cuddled and they knew how their partner felt because they told them explicitly it wasn't ok. Kai also said they were not the one that cuddled someone. (Source) The same day, Greg made a tweet saying Kai is strong, beautiful, and smart and he deserves the best. (Source)

The next day, Kai revealed Greg and Billie had cuddled and slept in bed together while Kai wasn't home. (Source) Kai announced on Twitter he and Greg are separated. Kai also revealed Greg was in love with Billie and was already together with her. (Source)

Billie refused to talk about the situation on twitter, only saying she was not dating Greg. (Source) Billie later took to YouNow and eventually began talking to viewers about what happened, but refused to give any details. She defended Kai and Greg and said she wants them to get back together. (Source)

Greg uploaded two "I Betrayed My Wife" videos to his Speaks channel going into detail about what happened between him, Billie, and Kai. He revealed he and Kai were going to counseling to work on their marriage. ($ource)

The three of them received individual backlash from viewers for the events that took place. Billie in particular was labeled a "homewrecker" and was shunned by Greg and Kai as well as a majority of their fans. It is worth noting Greg and Kai's audience were not very familiar with Billie at this point as she only appeared in a couple of videos.

Greg released a prank "Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife" video to his comedy channel, pretending he and Kai broke up again. Billie thought it was real and sent Greg a text saying she caught feelings for him and and was ready for a relationship. Greg uploaded another fake "I Betrayed My Wife" to his comedy channel revealing the previous video was fake. He showed the text in his video and gave everyone that believed him the middle finger. (Source)

The "Ménage à Trois" aka The "Trinity"

Billie, Kai, and Greg in the background
In May 2016, Kai began expressing missing Billie on Twitter. (Source) Within the next two months, Kai slowly began talking more and more about Billie on Twitter and eventually posted a picture of him and Billie kissing for the Twitter hashtag "KeepKissing", a tag for LGBT couples to post kissing photos. (Source) By late June, Kai began tweeting about a girlfriend on Twitter and Billie would "like" his tweets. (Source)

Greg later revealed more details. He said Kai began communicating with Billie again, even though Greg had not spoken to Billie since the day he dropped her off at the airport. Greg says six months after their break-up, Kai wanted to take Billie back even though everyone around him, including Greg, told him this was a bad idea. (Source)

On June 29, 2016, Greg uploaded a picture of Kai to his Instagram where blue hair can be seen next to him. (Source) Many who suspected Billie was back were now convinced. The next day, Greg posted a seemingly random text rant in one of his videos where he explained he had multiple "amazing" threesomes with two "awesome" individuals and that the internet can try to shame them all they want. (Source) Greg began referring to their relationship as a ménage à trois in September and would continue until the rest of their relationship. (Source)

Brief Break-Ups

Billie visited Kai and Greg several times. This began a cycle where almost every time Billie would visit, Kai would break-up with her or get into a disagreement with her and sometimes Greg. Kai would vent on twitter about these fights, once even revealing Greg told him he did not want to be married to him anymore. (Source) Whenever this would happen, Greg and Billie would remain in contact over social media. If Billie was still at their house, Greg would sometimes take pictures with her and once recorded a video while Billie cuddled him (Source), which upset Kai. (Source) After Billie would leave their house and fly back home to the East Coast, everyone would be on good terms again and the cycle would begin again. Greg says he was the one that would always convince Kai to give Billie another chance. (Source)

Greg draws Billie, himself, and Kai.
After one of these break-ups, Greg made a video titled "My Wife and I Broke Up (Our Marriage Is Over)". In the video, he explains Kai's dramatic social media posts have been causing him and Billie "significant discomfort", so he wanted to give a "reasonable perspective" with this video. He blames Kai's insecurities about the three way relationship to make accusations against Billie. He says Kai's anxiety issues would make him think Billie was just there for Greg, despite Kai being the center of attention when they were all "in bed." He says Billie was dumped multiple times and was treated with negativity by Kai. Greg admits Billie was caught in lies during the relationship, but in the past he forgave Kai for lying to him, so he was happy to forgive Billie. He says Kai was not as lenient. He blames Kai's negativity, doubt, anxiety, and mistrust for all the times they sent Billie home crying. He says because Kai consistently mistreated Billie and destroyed their relationship so many times, he decided to break up with Kai. He says the reason they broke up is because for the 10th time, Kai went to twitter to trash talk Greg and Billie, but this time it was a lot more specific and malicious. He says he and Billie has never kissed or had sex without Kai and they would watch anime or play video games together when Kai was mad at them. He says he loves Billie, he doesn't have sex without love. He says he considers himself single, but there is a 90% chance he and Kai will work it out. ($ource)

After the video, Kai briefly deleted his twitter. When his twitter returned, the "dramatic" tweets were deleted and the cycle continued.

Greg later went on to explain some of their temporary break ups in a video. He explains Billie went to a concert and "multiple people" informed Kai that Billie appeared extremely high. (Note: It is well known that Greg does not allow his partners to smoke.) He says after the concert, Billie contacted him and Kai to ask if she could ever make "physical contact" with another guy. Greg says because he and Kai view this as a serious relationship, they said no. He explains allowing her to be with another guy would make their relationship "causal", therefor "meaningless." Greg says Billie told them she did not make physical contact with a guy, but Kai was informed of a photo of Billie holding another guy's hand at a concert while sitting on his shoulders. (Pic) Greg marks this as the first lie Billie told them. He says they broke up with Billie over this, but they soon forgave her and took her back. Since Billie's friend Ayalla tried to defend Billie to him over the phone during this time, Greg concludes Ayalla defends Billie over anything, even if Billie is wrong and calls them "partners in crime."

Greg says during this time, Billie managed his social media and was paid $1,800 a month for it. He says she was previously working at Target, but her schedule prevented her from hanging out with them. He mentions a perk of her working as a contractor for him was that she could fly out to hang out with them.

Greg says he and Kai wanted to look through Billie's texts to make sure she really is who she says she is. She told them no and that they wouldn't find anything they wouldn't like. Greg told her that made no sense. He says she told him she didn't want to violate her friendship with Ayalla by allowing them to read their private texts. He marks this as her second lie and says it did not fool him. He told her to show him the texts or their relationship would be permanently over. He says as always, she gave up on her lie and revealed to him she smoked pot and would starve herself. He says he didn't want to punish her because they would encourage more lies, so he forgave her and they moved on. (Re-Upload-#77)

November Break-Up

By late October, Billie and her best friend Ayalla visited Greg and Kai. At this time, Kai's online friend Sarah also had moved in. All three girls appeared in Greg's videos and on Greg and Kai's social media. By November 3rd, things seemed to already be amiss as viewers noticed Kai unfollowed Billie on twitter and deleted their Halloween couple photos from twitter. For the next few days, viewers speculated there was something wrong when Greg was frequently filming gaming videos with everyone but Kai. He was also posting many happy photos with the girls and only posted one photo of Kai looking sad or tired. (Source) Some brushed this off as Kaicould have just been tried from taking care of his children.

This all came to a halt by November 6th. Greg unfollowed Billie on twitter and finally posted a photo together with Kai with the caption "I guess you could say I'm having an ok day. 🤐🤕😐" (Source)

On November 9th, Greg uploaded the video "We Broke Up". Greg explains his relationship with Billie and Kai was a "trinity" because they all preformed sexual acts together. He says one night after he told Billie he loved her and that she was beautiful for the 50th time, Kai got upset. He said this was his breaking point. He told Kai there would be no more rules or boundaries in the relationship and that he would do whatever he wants. He explains Kai and Billie could do whatever they want together, but the relationship wasn't balanced or a "true trinity" because he couldn't do whatever he wants with Billie. He says Kai and her friend sat Billie down to talk that night, but no one told him about it. He the next day, he and Billie slept together and he was happy they were finally a true trinity. He says before sleeping with her, Billie tried to tell him Kai might be upset if they slept together. He says every time she brought it up, he would remind her of the conversation he had with Kai. He says Kai came home and he brought him upstairs to "make love", but first reiterated that he told him there would be no more rules or boundaries and told him he made love to Billie exclusively. He says Kai was very upset because in the secret conversation he had with Billie, he told Billie not to do anything exclusive with Greg and Billie agreed. He says when he and Kai confronted Billie, she kept making excuses saying she tried to tell Greg, but never got the words out. Greg says when he asked Billie "do you want to?" before they slept together, Billie would respond "duh" and "of course."

"Fuck You" pumpkin
Greg says Kai feels that Billie cheated on him because she specifically agreed not be "exclusively romantic" with Greg. Greg says he tried to defend Billie, but he asked if Kai said they could not kiss when they were alone. He says Kai said he did and he couldn't defend her anymore because Billie initiated the kissing. He says he left to take a shower and Billie went into the woods to hit trees with a club. He says she took pieces of pumpkin they previously smashed for a video and spelled "fuck you" next to a noose she tied.

Greg says during this time, Ayalla was having issues with her ex-boyfriend, Social Repose. He says she gave into SR's demands so he wouldn't make a video about her. Greg tweeted about the situation, calling out SR for threatening Ayalla to keep her silent. In the tweet, he says SR has a twisted and sadistic sex life. (tweet) In the video, Greg reads off of a text conversation he had with Billie. (texts) Billie texted him, explaining Ayalla is crying because SR agreed to not talk about them, but now that Greg tweeted about their sex life they are afraid things are going to get worse. She says this made Ayalla look bad for telling Greg about it. Greg says she not only told him, she told his nanny, Kai's friend, Kai, and Billie. He goes into some of the details of their sex life. Greg continues the read the texts. He responds to Billie, telling her he brought up his sex life to keep him from responding, that he needs to know it will get worse for him if he talks about it. Billie says she didn't want SR to expose dirt he has on her or Ayalla. She didn't want the internet to know she smoked weed. Greg responds "Moral of the story: Don't do illegal &/or horrible things." He goes on to mock her for being afraid she would be exposed for doing illegal things. After exchanging more texts, Billie apologizes and agrees with Greg.

Drawing Greg made of the "Lillie" tattoo
Later that night, Greg texts Billie asking if she's okay and to meet in the garage. He says in the garage, it became clear Billie was trying to sneak out in the middle of the night with Ayalla. He says they already called an Uber and were going to stay with a friend. He says in the garage, he successfully convinced Billie to stay and told her she could win back he and Kai's trust if she got a tattoo of a lily with the word "Lillie" under it. He explains "Lillie" was Kai (who went by Lainey at the time) and Billie's names combined, their "ship name". He says he showed her his wrist tattoos and told her if he was in her shoes he would do it because he already did something similar in the past. He says Billie already had a lot of tattoos so it wasn't a big deal to get a pretty lily for Kai. He says Ayalla said this was fine, but as soon as he left the garage she convinced Billie to leave. He says Billie hugged him goodbye crying and he told her if she left there would be no going back. He says he walked her to the Uber and reiterated to her that she was abandoning them for good and that she was walking out when he was still fighting for her, but she still left.

Greg says later on Billie sent Kai flowers. Greg text Billie, telling her if she truly loved Kai ad wanted to be with him again, she would get the tattoo to prove her dedication, never use drugs again, never lie, and to cut of Ayalla, who was the sole reason Billie left them that night. They exchange I love you's and he tells her to prove they can truest her. Billie did not reply to Greg's following texts and he says he believes that is the end of their association. (Re-Upload-#77)

Four days later, Greg uploaded a follow up video titled "We Broke Up... But There's More". He starts off by defending the age gap in their relationship by pointing out everyone involved is a consenting adult. He addresses people that say the relationship is controlling or abusive and says these people have limited knowledge of the relationship because he's only talked about the negative sides of their relationship with Billie. He says he wants to talk about the positive sides. He talks about her appearance, her personality, and things they would do together. He says he's sad because he's probably never going to see her again, but he's not making this video in hopes he could change her mind about him because he doesn't think things are going to change. He says he and Kai really care about Billie, but won't get back together with her because of their issues. He says this video is more like a funeral than a love letter. He says no one was perfect in the relationship and Billie and himself were the most imperfect. He says they were "double trouble" because Billie was always on his side and go into battle with him against Kai. He says there should have never been battles against Kai and they should have been functioning in harmony. He says something he loves about Billie that's terrible is that she would show more affection toward him compared to Kai. He says it's a tragedy that they all couldn't work out the tiny bad part of the relationship and Kai is fighting himself to not text Billie. He says they are trying to heal. He defends releasing private information by saying in the past 8 years he has done this with ex friends and exes. He says it's so people can better understand him and themselves using his experiences. He says Billie has been civil toward him and Kai this whole time. He says he always uses the analogy that Kai is like a perfect cupcake and Billie was the sprinkles on top, making something perfect even better. ($ource)

A month later, on December 10th, Billie appeared in an UhOhBro gaming video with Greg, letting everyone know they were back together and she was once again back at their home. ($ource)

Final Break-Up

Main Article: Basementgate

On January 10, 2017, viewers once again notice Greg and Kai had unfollowed Billie on twitter and she had also unfollowed them. They each began posting dramatic social media. Greg tweeted various gifs of sad anime characters, Kai tweeted about how 2017 sucks, and Billie posted a new make-up look to instagram with the caption "sadness can be used for creativity."

The next day, Greg uploaded the video "Our Relationship Is Over". In the video, Greg explains he and Kai are anti-pot, but dated someone that was pro-pot. He says they broke up with this person because they lied about it and "clearly prioritized pot more than us." He says he didn't like the way pot changed this person's personality and he would feel the same way about head meds. He says if someone in a relationship told him not to ride a certain brand of bikes, it doesn't matter why the person doesn't want him to ride the bike, he would stop because the relationship is more important to him than the bike. He says people who do drugs should be with people that do drugs and criminals should be with people who also commit crimes because "we deserve who we are." He says sometimes you are attracted to or bond with someone so much you want to make it work regardless, but you're setting yourself up for failure. He says he's not saying pot is horrible or that people who smoke pot are horrible, a lot of family members he loves smokes pot. It's legal in their state, so they're not criminals. "If you're with somebody who smokes pot despite you asking them not to smoke pot, you probably deserve to be with somebody who's willing to love you more than a drug." He says he's seen people swear they won't smoke pot, but they go back again and again to smoking pot, they are addicted. He says 100% of the pot smokers he and Kai have dated have prioritized smoking pot over them. ($ource)

On January 17th, Greg tweeted, "Never date a stoner." Soon after, Billie tweeted, "Never date an idiot." This triggered a lengthy two day twitter fight between Billie and Greg. (Admin note: I tried writing about highlights from the twitter war, but there were a lot of details not mentioned here. Click here to read all the tweets.) During the fight, Greg tweeted, "I wish people could overdose on pot. Far less druggy scumbags in the world." Greg also shared text messages between himself and Billie. In the texts, Greg is asking Billie how she could treat himself and Kai the way she did, that she lied and betrayed them. Billie replied with the now infamous line "LOL BE MAD".

Greg tweeted, "If you can lie to the face of your loved ones, you love no one." Billie replied, "so i guess name calling is different then?" Greg responded, "You mean like you yelling at Laineybot calling her a "Fucking bitch" in her own house?" Billie replied, "👏👏👏👏👏 the things I've heard come out of your mouth don't even compare."

Billie's friend Ayalla joined the twitter fight and revealed stipulations Greg gave to Billie in order for her to be considered to be taken back by Kai and Greg. Different stipulations Ayalla mention were that Greg told Billie she could not see her family for a year, to shave her head, get a tattoo that said "I'm a liar", get a fake tan, dye her hair green, and shave off her eyebrows. Greg replied that he told Billie she wasn't allowed to see drug users and called Ayalla a "lying prick". He says she was only upset because that included her. (Admin note: This would have included Billie's family as well.) He said Ayalla and Billie are "druggie losers who regularly break the law" and liars.

Greg reads the Beautiful People Contract
On January 18th, Greg uploaded the video "It's Over, I'm Done, Bye", which he quickly renamed "(1) You Lied Again (2) You Committed A Crime Again (3) You Got Dumped Again (4) Bye Forever". Greg starts the video with pointing out the penalties for marijuana use in Billie's home state and states we now know why he dumped Billie for committing a crime. Greg reveals a contract he wrote up for Kai and Billie over text messages on December 22, 2016 (seen to the right). He explains since Billie broke the contract, he broke up with her. He told her the only way he and Kai would take her back is if she would avoid illegal drug users for a year with the exception of holidays. He says Billie and Ayalla say he tried to keep her from her family and explains most of Billie's family are drug users. He reads a text conversation between himself and Billie where he explains for that year, she would only be allowed to see "ILLEGAL DRUG USERS" on Christmas and Thanksgiving. She asks why he keeps wording it that way and he replies it's not about her family, it's about illegal drug users. He tells her saying her family distracts from the point. She replies, "But my family smokes?" Greg looks back at the camera and says that isn't his problem. He tells his audience he wants to tell them how "set" Billie's life was before she threw it all away. He was going to buy her a car, he was going to teach her how to drive, he was going to pay for her to go to cosmetology school, pay to fix her teeth, he paid off her medical debts, he hired her to work for him and he paid her $10,000. A note at the bottom of the video says he has taught people how to drive before, paid for college tuitions for people before, and bought someone a house so this was very real. He says she spent all the money he paid her on makeup, gas, and weed. He says she would say she quit her job for them, but his response was he paid her more than her other job would have. He says this isn't about weed, it's about committing crimes. He says he is chill with legal marijuana and offered for her to smoke in a separate building of his because it would be legal in his state, but she still smoked illegally in her state. "Do illegal drugs, get the fuck out of my life." He says they thought they loved Billie, but how could you love someone who is a chronic liar. He says Billie is beautiful and if she looked like her ugly friend Ayalla, they would not have put up with her this long. He says that's the blunt truth. He says is Billie switched bodies with Ayalla, they would have dumped her. He says his viewers are the same because if they saw a burn victim, they wouldn't ask them on a date.

Greg says after they broke up with Billie, he proposed a number of ways she could get them back. He reads a tweet from Ayalla saying he asked Billie to dye her hair green, shave off her eyebrows, and get a fake tan. He says he asks people to do crazy shit in relationships to prove they care. He says this was a different time Billie betrayed them. He says Billie kept fucking people over because she knew she could get away with it because she knew she was pretty. He says when he was in high school, he asked a girl to dress goth because she was a prep and prioritized her friends over him. He said because her friends were preps, dressing goth would show where her loyalty lies. He says she dressed goth for him. He says he still cares about her and he took her virginity when they were both 15. He says when you come through for him, he will come through for you. If you fuck him over he'll call you out for your bullshit.

He says if the cops decided to hit up Billie's house, they would find a shit load of illegal weed because apparently everyone in the house smokes. He said everyone would go to jail for 5 to 30 years. He said everyone would experience an epiphany that he was right. He reads a tweet where Ayalla compares Greg's breakup with Billie to breaking up with someone for drinking a beer. He says this is a straw man argument because this isn't about weed, it's about committing crimes, lying to her significant others, and throwing out a contract she agreed to just because someone asked if she wanted to get high. "If your loyalty can be destroyed by a joint, your loyalty is shit."

Greg reads a tweet from Ayalla saying Greg asked Billie to shave her head and to get an "I'm a liar tattoo" to prove her loyalty." He asks his viewers if they were lied to in a relationship, what it would take for them to take the liar back? He says it would have to be something grand, like tattooing "I'm a liar" just above their butt. He says this would show how sorry and dedicated they are.

Greg shows a photo of Billie and says she is still wearing the ring he and Kai gave her. He said he told her to get rid of the ring. He says she no longer deserves to wear it because she fucked them over.

Greg reads through his twitter exchange with Billie and the text messages he shared over twitter. He says she later apologized for saying "lol" "be mad". He reads a tweet from Billie where she says she's trying to get the negativity out of her life and she's taking a break from the internet and that she loves her followers. Greg says to watch out for her love because it means "jack shit." He said she was supposed to come back on the 13th, but couldn't stay away from pot for that log (on screen he shows the contract again). He says he's made videos on all their breakups because he knows this will end up on Billie's Younow. He says she likes to pretend she never talked about their relationship and he was violating their privacy, but she ignores the Younow broadcast she had where she discussed their private life. (At the bottom of the video he shows a youtube clip of her on younow. Text on screen says he isn't sure if this is the right video, but she and Kai confirmed she has talked about their relationship on Younow. In the video he showed, Billie refuses to reveal private information about Greg and Kai and defended them from people who thought they were bad people.) He says if there is a victim here, you should look at the people that were lied to and the people that were honest the whole time. The people who committed crimes vs the people who didn't commit crimes. He says one person sacrifices a shit load of money for the other person and on the other side has nothing but take money and plane tickets. He says the internet hates him and he could say Billie shot up a school bus filled with kids and the internet would call him a piece of shit for outing her. He says this video should end the twitter war. He says Billie never said his breakup videos about her were untrue because "when you get Onision, you get the truth." He says he hopes Billie and Ayalla end up with each other because they're equally evil. He ends the video by saying "LOL BE MAD". ($ource)

Billie posted a long image of text to defend herself. She explains although they did break up with her 5 times, they were the ones that contacted her to get back together. She never texted them first. She says she didn't want to shave her head or get a disgusting tattoo. She says Greg is manipulating his words about her family and she would have not been able to see her family or best friend for an entire year. She reveals he called her boring for turning down being chained to a wall. She says she does not smoke often and only did it because it was New Years.

Greg posted a text conversation between himself and Billie. In it, he tells Billie to lose the ring. Billie's last two text messages to Greg were "Your're the worst person I have ever met in my entire life." and "Fuck. You." In reply to this, Greg tweeted a list of negative experiences Billie had with exes that she told Greg in confidence. Billie tweeted, "Posting my private information I have only told as many people as I can count on my hand, is beyond low", "Kms", "Nothing I have done to them can amount to what greg did to me today." Soon after posting, Greg tweeted that at the request of Ayalla, he deleted the tweets about her exes and that the point was to get the message to Billie.

Billie uploaded a short video to twitter. In the video, she is standing outdoors and shows the ring Kai and Greg gave her. She chucks the ring and moved the camera to show off a friendship tattoo she has for Ayalla. She ends the video by flipping off the camera. (Source) Greg replied to the video on twitter, "Billie posted a video of her throwing Lainey's ring and flipping it off. Lainey is crying." He tweets a follow up, "Lainey is doing slightly better now. Thank you to everyone concerned with this beautiful person."

Ayalla emails Greg, asking him to stop using her name in videos and on twitter. She says she feels threatened by him and says she feels unsafe. Greg replies telling her she is a criminal and tells her to stop contacting him. Despite this, he continues talking about her and Billie on twitter.

Greg replies to Billie's reveal that she was asked to be chained to a wall. He tweeted, "For the record the chained up thing with out ex, hella hot, she agreed to it right before we dumped her. Still awesome. #50ShadesOfGreg" "If you're not kinky & adventurous, we're not compatible." (Source)

On January 19th, Ayalla uploaded the video "My Final Cease and Desist to Onision" to her channel. (Source)

Later that day, Billie uploads the video "Dear Onision" to her channel. (Source)

January 20th - leaked demand texts (Source)

"Dear Ex Grilfriend (Cheating, Lying, Homewrecking & More)" ($ource)

Kai uploads the video "My Side of The Story" to his channel. ($ource)

Post Relationship

Soon after the relationship, Kai would be trolled a lot on stream by fake Billie accounts in the comments. The trolls would try to "trigger" Kai and get a reaction from him. Kai would occasionally talk about his relationship with Billie on streams.

Greg talks often about his relationship with Billie in videos and in live streams. He will refer to her as "B" or his ex. As of 2018 he is still saying Billie's secret on stream and has the video up on his Encore channel where he talks about the secrets.

After Billie's final video, she did not speak about Greg or Kai publicly for years. After the trinity, she dated a Youtuber, Drew, who did reveal some information Billie told him privately about Greg and Kai which caused a brief online feud. Billie's friend Ayalla occasionally spoke about Greg and Kai publicly.

On September 14, 2019 Billie created the twitter account lolbemad to talk about her experience with Greg and Kai after other exes of theirs had come out. (Source) On November 20, 2019, Billie was interviewed by Chris Hansen about her relationship with Greg and Kai. (Source)

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