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2022 Blog was a blog Onision briefly ran on his short lived family friendly Onision site in February 2022. The website was shut down after Youtube removed all of his Youtube Kids videos on February 22, 2022.

Red Lobster Biscuits @ Home Story

February 11, 2022

I know this is completely unlike any post I've ever made before, but I love Red Lobster biscuits and I wanted to talk about it.

So first off! Yeah, ok, I’m not HUGE on Red Lobster itself as I’ve never even been there… but! I was told by someone I love very much that Red Lobster Biscuits are the bees knees, so I decided to try them out.

Let's talk about the mistakes I made baking these...

I combined the butter and seasoning EARLY.
I mixed the butter seasoning mix with everything else.
Yet somehow, they still turned out delicious!


As you can see from the above photo, they turned out ok! But the top area of the pan, stuff looks a little... melted out? Let me tell you why...

When I sprayed the pan, I used olive oil, but the spray did not hit the pan evenly, and as a result, one of the biscuits got more messed up than the rest… but, what are we looking at exactly?

1. The first thing I put in the pan was the mix… cool, came in a seperate bag.
2. Then we had the butter, which again, I was not supposed to mix that soon, haha.
3. I then added seasoning… also, my bad, too soon.
4. I added a big handful of mixed cheese, not something I’m in love with, but the recipe called for it.
5. I added an actual cup of water… just a cup… and it mixed brilliantly!

So what did that all look like in a beautiful yard setting, you ask? Well... I'm glad you asked...

[images of plate of biscuits in grass]

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you can get these at Costco, but if you want to get them yourself now online because you’re semi-lazy like me, here is a link:

Click For Red Lobster Biscuits Now

Remember to NOT mix the butter and seasoning with the rest of the mix like I did, you’re supposed to DRIZZLE the sauce on after they’re cooked? Or was it before… I donno… lol!

Does Onision Love You Test

February 10, 2022

It's the test where you find out if Onision loves you or not... I know, funny right? Well if you pass this test, you might just find you are loved by someone, so that's cool.


Which Onision Character Are You?

February 9, 2022

Which Onision Character Are You?

A quiz designed to help you find out, which Onision character you are! Exciting!? Yes!!!


Onision Knowledge Quiz

February 8, 2022

How Much Do You Know About Onision?

This is a quiz for people who want to see if they know anything about Onision! Fun huh? Well… there is a lot of info out there, but on the Onision site, you get real fact-checking! Enjoy!


Bedtime Story (The Making Of)

February 7, 2022

So I worked on the ABC Song after I finished The Stinky Duck song… those were both songs I wrote, then animated videos to… so what is next? An older song I really love actually…

[embedded audio]

The video has over 40 scenes so far, I wanted to share a few images with all of you that I think you might like…

[image gallery]

So the video should be done in maybe… gosh, I hope soon! I’m guessing within a week. The thing is there is A LOT of animating to do and I haven’t even finished the core drawings yet.

In the future I might just do a great drawing, make the song, and move on from there unless the song does really well... I donno, life is a journey.

I’m A Banana! (Banana Song)

February 6, 2022

In 2010 I made a really great song called “I’m A Banana”. It’s a catchy tune that will have you singing along in no time… if you’re into that kind of thing.

It took me about 18 hours of non-stop work to write the song, sing the song, make the video and edit the video… it was quite a day.

Anyway, here is the song:

[embedded audio]

And then there’s the music video… which I edited back in 2009, around September, using Sony Vegas (I have since switched to editing via Adobe Premiere).

[embedded video]

The video was eventually featured on Tosh.0 and achieved over 89 million views (last time I checked) which is kinda really cool!

I'm A Banana Lyrics:
I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,
Look at me move,
Yeah yeah.

I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,
Look at me move, ah!

Banana power,
Banana power,
Banana power,

Banana power,
Banana power,
Banana power,
Look at me move.

Uh oh banana time,
Uh oh banana time,
Uh oh banana time,

Cart, fart, mart, dart,
Heart, start, cart, mart,
Cart, mart, dart, fart,
Dart, start, heart, ah!

Chicken, chicken, chicken,
I am chicken, chicken,
Chicken, chicken.

Look at look at,
Look at me,
Look at me move!
I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,
I’m a banana,

ABC Song

Debruary 5, 2022

The ABC Song (or The Alphabet Song) was created because I wanted to put a new spin on the Alphabet. In a normal ABC song, you have “Now I know my ABC’s; next time won’t you sing with me.” However, I just wanted to stick to the core letters and nothing else really.

Anyway, actually making the song was ok, I straight up pushed out an instrumental almost live on my piano (had to tweak a few things) and the song came out naturally as, it’s ABC not quantum theory… whatever that is.

Here are some drawings I came up with for the music video:


As you can see, they’re very simple. The fun part was making them wiggle, which was a pretty cool process.

[embedded video]

I used a bone editor to get the different “Limbs” of the letters to function properly. I think ultimately it turned out pretty well for my first real application of bone tools in a 2D environment.

Regardless, here is the song I created:

[embedded audio]

And finally, the full music video, ready for your enjoyment 🙂

[embedded video]

Finally, if you’d like to watch this video on YouTube, cool, it should maybe still be here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ebCfNbOUww

Stinky Duck Song

February 4, 2022

So, the Stinky Duck song was something I created out of absolute randomness. I wanted to have a cute duck song that mattered to me, so I drew up this:

[stinky duck image]

This was after I had already created the song, which is this:

[embedded audio]

And lastly, I finally animated the whole video myself which wound up being kind of… silly? I mean, my animation skills are not brilliant yet, but I’m making progress and that’s really exciting.

[stinky duck video]

And finally, it would probably be cool to know the lyrics to the Stinky Duck right? Okie dokie! Here are the lyrics:

There once was a duck
He was so stinky
He was so stinky
Some thought he was icky

The duck went to town
And there was a cow
The cow said you're stinky
Man you're so Icky

It's a stinky duck stinky duck
Moo moo moo
You're an icky duck icky duck
Ooo Ooo Ooo

The duck didn't like this,
So he said quack quack
But then the cow stood up and
He mood right back

Quack quack quack said the duck to the cow
I can't help it!
I'm leaving right now!

Duck found a farm,
And went up to see,
If the farm had any pickles,
Pickles for free.

The farmer saw the duck,
And said get out of here,
You're a stinky duck,
So you better disappear.

Quack quack quack,
I'm not a stinky duck,
You got a bad nose,
And now you're outta luck.

I was gonna take,
Some pickles of your hands,
But now I'm taking nothing,
Good day, old man.

The duck walked away,
With his head held high,
He didn't need this drama,
From some silly farmer guy.

The duck found a pond,
It had ducks like him,
Decided to jump in,
And go for a swim.

The other ducks ran,
As soon as he arrived,
Why does no one like me?
He screamed and he cried.

The duck waddled home,
And he stared in horror.
An eviction notice,
Hanged on his door.

Dear Mr. Duck,
Sorry you're toast,
You are evicted,
Your smell is too gross.

The duck screamed why!
Everyone is so mean!
Duck ran off to a creek,
And floated down stream.

There duck found a pig,
The pig said hello!
You smell so good!
Would you like to be my bro?

The duck yelped with glee,
Finally found a friend,
They lived happily ever,
Never judged again.

And there you have it, the initial illustration, the song, the video and the lyrics from my duck song 🙂 I hope to make many more cool songs and animations, hope you love what I come up with.

[stinky duck image gallery]

To watch The Stinky Duck song on YouTube, click here.