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Archive of updates featured on the home page of this site.


  • January 2 - Greg wipes his Discord channels and announces he will no longer use Twitter. He announces he will only update TikTok, OnlyFans, Youtube and update his Onision.com website.
  • January 2 - Greg releases a video and webpage on Onision.com against Shiloh.
  • January 4 - The first episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 6 - Greg uploads a series of 21 videos responding to episode 1 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 11 - The second episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 11 - Greg uploads a series of 8 videos responding to episode 2 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 11 - Greg begins streaming his O:IRL response videos on loop on his OnisionArchive channel. He continues streaming hours of loops of his videos on Archive, Twitch, and his OnisionLive Twitter account throughout the week.
  • January 14 - Greg receives an email troll with fake proof Shiloh and Edwin were paid for their O:IRL interviews. Greg emails the fake invoices to various commentary channels.
  • January 14 - Greg finds out the invoices were faked and send an email back apologizing to the commentary channels.
  • January 15 - Onision: In Real Life premieres episode 1 on the Investigation Discover channel.
  • January 15 - According to Greg, he and Sarah have a 9 hour phone conversation.
  • January 18 - The third episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 18 - Greg uploads a series of 2 videos responding to episode 3 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 18 - Greg is interviewed by Crows Of Judgement.
  • January 19 - YouTube suspends Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro from their partnership program, making them no longer eligible for monetization.
  • January 19 - James uploads a video to Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro announcing his retirement. He stops uploading content and posting online.
  • January 22 - Discovery announces a 4th episode featuring Sarah to be released spring 2021.
  • January 24 - Edwin uploads a video debunking the clips Greg used of him out of context from a call they had.
  • January 29 - CreepShow Art releases the emails Greg sent commentary Youtubers over the fake invoice.


  • February 22 (est) - Greg creates the "Onision: In Real Life DEBUNKED” page on his Onision site and announces his and Sarah's 9 hour phone conversation. He bullet points confessions he claims Sarah made during the call.
  • February 23 (est) - Kai privates hundreds of videos on his two YouTube channels.
  • February 25 - Greg comes out of retirement and posts almost 200 Tweets over the next 2 days. He returns to all of his platforms, but YouTube.


  • March 2 - Greg launches a new site for his fans to pay for perks through his Mr Odd URL.
  • March 13 - Greg starts a fundraiser for $500 to bring Onision videos back through AllMyLinks.
  • March 15 - Greg begins a new Twitter account, OnisionIRL, to debunk the Onision: In Real Life documentary.
  • March 15 - Greg beings uploading to OnisionSpeaks for the first time since his retirement.
  • March 16 - Greg promotes an online form for online content creators who are interested in working with him to fill out.
  • March 16 - Greg and Andy Dick begin interacting on Twitter.
  • March 17 - Greg's Wetlands violation is officially resolved.
  • March 18 - Andy Dick announced Greg will be a guest on his web show.
  • March 21 - Greg appears on Andy Dick's podcast.


  • April 1 - Audio is leaked where it is revealed Andy Dick believes Greg is a pedophile due to him dating 17-year-olds.
  • April 17 - Greg is banned from TikTok for "multiple community guideline violations."
  • April 18 - Greg's TikTok is restored.
  • April 20 - Greg is locked out of his Onision Facebook page due to falling for a scam where he gave someone mascaraing as sponsorship his password.


  • May 14 - Greg is once again banned from TikTok.
  • May 24 - Greg uploads an over 2 hour long video against Sarah in anticipation of her Onision: In Real Life episode airing.
  • May 27 - The 4th episode of Onision: In Real Life, "Sarah Speaks", airs on Discovery+.


  • June 29 - Greg creates a new page on Onision.com about Sarah.


  • July 11 - Greg's "OnisionPrime" TikTok account is banned again for violating community violations. He directs fans to his "OnisionArchive" TikTok account.
  • July 21 - Year old records (June 2020) from Greg's County Sheriff Department are released for the public. (The release was delayed due to covid.) The report states Sarah gave an interview and the officer concludes no crimes took place in the county. The report states they are waiting to hear back about the FBI investigation. Greg begins to use these records to prove his innocence.


  • August 7 - Greg sends multiple YouTubers emails threatening to sue them unless they remove their videos about him and publicly apologize.


  • September 9 - Greg announces he is writing an autobiography.
  • September 12 - Greg's TikTok is reinstated.
  • September 30 - Emails from Greg's online college classes are leaked by a classmate, revealing he is back in school.


  • October 9 - Greg creates a third TikTok account: "onisiondotnet"
  • October 27 - Greg sends emails to YouTubers under a fake name "Nani Chun" defending himself as if he was another person. The Google account he used was linked to his OnisionChannel YouTube channel, so when he changed his Google name to Nani Chun, it also changed the channel name.


  • November 27 - Greg sets a video titles "Sarah & Regina Tried To Extort Onision For $400,00" to premiere on December 12th. The description reads he was threated to be legally harassed if he didn't remove what he said about them and pay them. The video is removed shortly after, never premiering.


  • December 19 - Greg removed the information on his Onision.com pages about Sarah and replace it with a message claiming he and Sarah had a phone conversation and he is removing the pages to heal and move on. He also removes many videos from his OnisionSpeaks channel.