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Archive of updates featured on the home page of this site.


  • January 2 - Greg wipes his Discord channels and announces he will no longer use Twitter. He announces he will only update TikTok, OnlyFans, Youtube and update his Onision.com website.
  • January 2 - Greg releases a video and webpage on Onision.com against Shiloh.
  • January 4 - The first episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 6 - Greg uploads a series of 21 videos responding to episode 1 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 11 - The second episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 11 - Greg uploads a series of 8 videos responding to episode 2 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 11 - Greg begins streaming his O:IRL response videos on loop on his OnisionArchive channel. He continues streaming hours of loops of his videos on Archive, Twitch, and his OnisionLive Twitter account throughout the week.
  • January 14 - Greg receives an email troll with fake proof Shiloh and Edwin were paid for their O:IRL interviews. Greg emails the fake invoices to various commentary channels.
  • January 14 - Greg finds out the invoices were faked and send an email back apologizing to the commentary channels.
  • January 15 - Onision: In Real Life premieres episode 1 on the Investigation Discover channel.
  • January 15 - According to Greg, he and Sarah have a 9 hour phone conversation.
  • January 18 - The third episode of Onision: In Real Life airs on the Discovery + app.
  • January 18 - Greg uploads a series of 2 videos responding to episode 3 of Onision: In Real Life.
  • January 18 - Greg is interviewed by Crows Of Judgement.
  • January 19 - YouTube suspends Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro from their partnership program, making them no longer eligible for monetization.
  • January 19 - James uploads a video to Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro announcing his retirement. He stops uploading content and posting online.
  • January 22 - Discovery announces a 4th episode featuring Sarah to be released spring 2021.
  • January 24 - Edwin uploads a video debunking the clips Greg used of him out of context from a call they had.
  • January 29 - CreepShow Art releases the emails Greg sent commentary Youtubers over the fake invoice.


  • February 22 (est) - Greg creates the "Onision: In Real Life DEBUNKED” page on his Onision site and announces his and Sarah's 9 hour phone conversation. He bullet points confessions he claims Sarah made during the call.
  • February 23 (est) - Kai privates hundreds of videos on his two YouTube channels.
  • February 25 - Greg comes out of retirement and posts almost 200 Tweets over the next 2 days. He returns to all of his platforms, but YouTube.


  • March 2 - Greg launches a new site for his fans to pay for perks through his Mr Odd URL.
  • March 13 - Greg starts a fundraiser for $500 to bring Onision videos back through AllMyLinks.
  • March 15 - Greg begins a new Twitter account, OnisionIRL, to debunk the Onision: In Real Life documentary.
  • March 15 - Greg beings uploading to OnisionSpeaks for the first time since his retirement.
  • March 16 - Greg promotes an online form for online content creators who are interested in working with him to fill out.
  • March 16 - Greg and Andy Dick begin interacting on Twitter.
  • March 17 - Greg's Wetlands violation is officially resolved.
  • March 18 - Andy Dick announced Greg will be a guest on his web show.