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Archive of updates featured on the home page of this site.

2015 Updates Archive


  • January 11 - Greg's jimmies are rustled by people mourning the death of David Bowie.
  • January 15 - Greg shares a screen shot on Twitter of Taylor's father threatening Greg to take down his "Draw My Wife" video, or he'll take legal action.
  • January 20 - UhOhBro reaches 2 million subscribers.
  • January 25 - Taylor announces she and Greg are separated because he cheated on her with her girlfriend Billie.
  • January 26 - Greg uploads a video going into detail about he and Taylor's relationship with Billie, cheating on Taylor, and his threesome fantasies.
  • January 26 - Taylor and Greg announce they are giving their relationship another shot and plan to go to counselling together.


  • February 2 -Greg uploads a 3rd "I Betrayed My Wife" video to his main comedy channel saying he and his wife broke up again.
  • February 4 - Greg uploads another "I Betrayed My Wife" video revealing the previous one was a prank on his subscribers.


  • March - Greg begins attacking every YouTuber he can think of daily all month on his channels and on Twitter. Waiting to see if any takes the bait..
  • March 29/31 - Greg closes The OC website.
  • March 31 - The Onision Channel hit 2 million subscribers.


  • April 12 - Greg launches yet another website, UhOhBro NET.
  • April 13 - Greg and Cyr upload a fake drama video to Greg's main channel pretending Cyr hacked his channel to tell people Greg is a horrible person.
  • April 13 - Many believe Bunny/grav3yardgirl's uploaded a video defending why she never got braces and whitened her teeth due to Greg's April 5th video where he projects a large screen shot of Bunny onto a wall and makes negative comments about her teeth.
  • April 14 - MattG calls out on his Tumblr after finding out Greg called him "unfunny", "unpresentable", and saying he "leads a sad existence".
  • April 15 - Someone on Tumblr points out Greg is still subscribed to Billie on YouTube.
  • April 18 - YouTuber It's Black Friday uploaded a video reacting to the four times Greg recently mentioned her in his videos "in a not very nice way".
  • April 20 - TomSka calls out Greg on Twitter and Tumblr after Greg tries to drag up old drama between them that Tom had already apologized for two year prior.
  • April 20 - Greg tweets, "There are few things more pathetic than a guy who's rich for playing video games complaining about this shit:" with a screen shot of PewDiePie's "YouTube Drama" video. PewDiePie replies, "Considering Onision's whole life reads like a shitty soap opera. I'm guessing he's one of the few things."
  • April 20 - A girl reports that Greg used her photo in the thumbnail of a video and shows 2 of her photos multiple times in that video claiming she was a fan of his. She is not.
  • April 20 - Greg and SkyDoesMinecraft get into a brief twitter fight after Sky replies "Zing!" to PewDiePie's recent tweet aimed at Greg.
  • April 21 - Greg uploads a fake freak out video to his main channel.
  • April 27 - Greg gets suspended from Facebook for the millionth time and gets a photo removed from Instagram. He responds by re-designing his UhOhBro NET website to look like Facebook.


  • June 2 - Chris Biersack accuses Greg of stirring up old drama and misrepresenting videos of his son, Andy Biersack in the June 1st video "Andy Biersack Drama". This results in Chris deleting the interview he did with Greg on his podcast.
  • June 8 - Greg's ""Feminism Isn't Needed In The Western World"" video is met with many response videos opposing his views and sources.
  • June 11 - Following YouTuber and singer Christina Grimmie's murder, Greg goes on a long twitter rant criticizing people that prayed for her recovery and accused people that tweeted "RIP" of being fake.
  • June 12 - Greg loses his verification on twitter.
  • June 12 - Greg accuses YouTuber KeemStar of sexually harassing Lainey over twitter.
  • June 12 - Greg vows to be positive and drama free on twitter.
  • June 13 - Greg and Chris Biersack appear to be twitter friends once again.
  • June 21 - Greg announces he will sue Toyota because due to their billing errors, his credit dropped 100 points.
  • June 23 - Greg receives a lot of praise for his "#ProudToBe Hate Comments" video where he cries on camera for parents that outlive their LGBT children that commit suicide.
  • June 26 - YouTube LeafyIsHere uploads a 20 minute long video titled "THE ONISION RANT" showing why he believes Greg is a horrible person. Greg begins to lose thousands of subscribers.
  • June 29 - Greg uploads a picture of Lainey to instagram where Billie's blue hair can be seen in the background.
  • June 30 - Greg explains he has threesomes with two "amazing individuals" in a UhOhBro video.


  • July 1 - Billie uploads a photo of her and Lainey, officially letting viewers know that are dating again.
  • July 10 - Greg creates a twitter poll asking for his fan's age. It reveals a majority are under 18 and the most are 15-18, contradicting his claim for years that most of his viewers are over the age of 18.
  • July 15 - Greg calls out Ricegum for cracking a joke after a woman told him she was a rape victim and uploads an UhOhBro video demanding RiceGum apologize.
  • July 16 - Ricegum uploads apologizing and explaining the situation.


  • August 21 - Greg announces in a Speaks video he will no longer talk about Feminism on YouTube.
  • August 23 - Greg announces he is Bi-Romantic in a Speaks video.
  • August 27 - Lainey announces she and Billie are no longer together. Greg and Billie continue to post pictures together until Billie flies back home.
  • August 31 - Greg announces a contest where viewers can submit fanart of him and Dan for a chance to win a Macbook. Viewers begin submitting smutty pictures of them and Greg shares these photos on his twitter and tumblr.


  • September 4 - Greg announces he is unfollowing anyone that supports Social Repose because he cheated on someone he was dating.
  • September 4 - Greg releases screen shots of a private text conversation he had with Jacyln Glenn about Social Repose, she and Greg are no longer friends.
  • September 5 - Greg uploads a Speaks video titled "The Most Important Video On Relationships I've Ever Made" were he describes a scenario where a woman drives a man to call her a "cunt" after years of torturing him by not listening to him calling her beautiful.
  • September 10 - After previously making a video defending Eugenia Cooney's weight in May, Greg makes a video expressing concern over her weight.
  • September 13 - Dan is spammed with fans asking him to talk about Greg in a YouNow stream and Dan replies he does not like Greg and he does not like it when YouTubers talk about him and Phil to gain the attention of their fanbase.
  • September 13 - Greg lashes out at Dan on twitter and Facebook and calls him a jerk and denying using him for money and fans.
  • September 13 - Greg uploads a video attacking iDubbbz for attacking Leafy in a comedy video.
  • September 13 - Greg tries to start a twitter fight with iDubbbz and calls him ugly, but iDubbbz just responds with jokes.
  • September 14 - Greg announces he is no longer a fan of Dan.
  • September 15 - Greg brings up the "cunt" story again on twitter.
  • September 16 - Lainey follows Billie back on twitter and Greg calls Billie his wife's girlfriend in a video.
  • September 18 - Greg uploads a video defending Lainey's teenage friend visiting their home in "The Truth About My Wife (& Her 16 Year Old Friend)" after the cops were called.
  • September 21 - Greg announces he gives up on Eugenia and unfollows her.
  • September 22 - Greg tells Eugenia she needs to gain weight and directs her audience to unsubscribe to her in one month if she does not gain weight.
  • September 23 - Billie is spotted in the background of one of Greg's videos.
  • September 28 - Lainey unfollows Billie on twitter and Lainey and Greg get into a twitter fight. Lainey reveals Greg told her the previous night he did not want to be married to her anymore. Greg scolds Lainey for venting personal information publicly and reminds her she promised not to do that anymore.
  • September 29 - Greg uploads a video where Billie sits next to him and cuddles him. Lainey is upset and says they deliberately did this to hurt her. After venting more on twitter Lainey deletes/privates her twitter and instagram.
  • September 30 - Greg uploads "My Wife & I Broke Up" and blames Lainey for the issues throughout their relationship with Billie.
  • September 30 - Greg announces Lainey apologized and they are on better terms.


  • October 2 - Lainey reactivates her twitter with the previous vent and fight tweets deleted.
  • October 3 - An image of a fake tweet of Lainey saying she is in danger surfaces on an image board and quickly causes panic. This was later revealed to be an elaborate troll.
  • October 10 - Billie uploads a picture with Lainey on Snapchat & Greg announces they are back together in a video.
  • October 12 - Greg announces he is going on a one week social media strike (except YouTube) to unite America. Some of his fans join in.
  • October 16 - Social Repose responds to Greg's "Why Onision Hates Social Repose" with a video and at the end states Greg told Billie at the airport he would drop everything to start a new life with her months ago.
  • October 17 - Lainey defends Greg on twitter and says What Social Repose said was impossible. Lainey also announces her, Greg and Billie are all involved romantically, but Billie is only dating her.
  • October 17 - Greg defends himself through his forum.
  • October 18 - Greg purposefully shows a pink banner in the background of a video with the name "Claire" written on it. It is speculated this is the name of their new child and he took a week off to help with the newborn.
  • October 26 - Greg gets into a back and forth video drama with JacklynGlenn over gender.
  • October 31 - Sarah, Billie and Ayalla (Billie's friend & Social Repose's Ex) stay at Greg and Lainey's house. They soon begin appearing in Greg's videos.
  • October 31 - Ayalla uploads and quickly deletes a seflie from instagram with Greg and Lainey's son in the background.


  • November 5 - Greg tweets a rant to Social Repose defending Ayalla and revealing info about SR.
  • November 6 - Greg unfollows Billie and Ayalla on social media.
  • November 8 - Greg and Cyr have a falling out after Greg finds out Cyr voted for a their party candidate.
  • November 9 - Greg reveals the details of he and Lainey's break up with Billie in his "We Broke Up" video.
  • November 10 - Greg reveals more personal information about Billie on twitter.
  • November 10 - Greg a deefizzy get into a twitter fight and Greg blocks him.
  • November 10 - Greg makes a video explaining why he has no more friends. "Why I Have No Friends (Onision Rant)"
  • November 13 - Greg makes a video about the good times in his relationship with Billie, "We Broke Up… But There Is More ".
  • November 17 -Greg unblocks everyone he had blocked on twitter.
  • November 18 - Greg re-blocks Social Repose.
  • November 24 - Greg attacks turkey eaters and soda drinkers on thanksgiving.


  • December 4 - Greg announces a fan tried to blackmail him into giving them a shout out.
  • December 4 - Greg posts a long rant on twitter accusing someone (Billie) of leaking personal information he told them about someone. He deleted the tweet.
  • November 11 - Greg turns 31.