2016 Updates Archive

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Archive of updates featured on the home page of this site.

2015 Updates Archive


  • January 11 - Greg's jimmies are rustled by people mourning the death of David Bowie.
  • January 15 - Greg shares a screen shot on Twitter of Taylor's father threatening Greg to take down his "Draw My Wife" video, or he'll take legal action.
  • January 20 - UhOhBro reaches 2 million subscribers.
  • January 25 - Taylor announces she and Greg are separated because he cheated on her with her girlfriend Billie.
  • January 26 - Greg uploads a video going into detail about he and Taylor's relationship with Billie, cheating on Taylor, and his threesome fantasies.
  • January 26 - Taylor and Greg announce they are giving their relationship another shot and plan to go to counselling together.


  • February 2 -Greg uploads a 3rd "I Betrayed My Wife" video to his main comedy channel saying he and his wife broke up again.
  • February 4 - Greg uploads another "I Betrayed My Wife" video revealing the previous one was a prank on his subscribers.


  • March - Greg begins attacking every YouTuber he can think of daily all month on his channels and on Twitter. Waiting to see if any takes the bait..
  • March 31 - The Onision Channel hit 2 million subscribers.


  • April 13 - Greg and Cyr upload a fake drama video to Greg's main channel pretending Cyr hacked his channel to tell people Greg is a horrible person.
  • April 13 - Many believe Bunny/grav3yardgirl's uploaded a video defending why she never got braces and whitened her teeth due to Greg's April 5th video where he projects a large screen shot of Bunny onto a wall and makes negative comments about her teeth.
  • April 14 - MattG calls out on his Tumblr after finding out Greg called him "unfunny", "unpresentable", and saying he "leads a sad existence".
  • April 15 - Someone on Tumblr points out Greg is still subscribed to Billie on YouTube.
  • April 18 - YouTuber It's Black Friday uploaded a video reacting to the four times Greg recently mentioned her in his videos "in a not very nice way".
  • April 20 - TomSka calls out Greg on Twitter and Tumblr after Greg tries to drag up old drama between them that Tom had already apologized for two year prior.
  • April 20 - Greg tweets, "There are few things more pathetic than a guy who's rich for playing video games complaining about this shit:" with a screen shot of PewDiePie's "YouTube Drama" video. PewDiePie replies, "Considering Onision's whole life reads like a shitty soap opera. I'm guessing he's one of the few things."
  • April 20 - A girl reports that Greg used her photo in the thumbnail of a video and shows 2 of her photos multiple times in that video claiming she was a fan of his. She is not.
  • April 20 - Greg and SkyDoesMinecraft get into a brief twitter fight after Sky replies "Zing!" to PewDiePie's recent tweet aimed at Greg.
  • April 21 - Greg uploads a fake freak out video to his main channel.