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Archive of 2015 updates on the homepage. Updates started in March 2015.

2016 Updates Archive


  • March 29 - Greg releases Stones To Abbigale, his debut novel.
  • March 31 - Greg uploads a video telling an Amazon reviewer their opinions about his book are wrong, therefore they never read it.



  • May 7 - Greg uploads a video about Ronnie Radke and his criminal history. Ronnie is not too happy about this. He and Greg exchange some Tweets.


  • June 6 - Greg defends Ronnie after he was accused of rape. A friendship blossoms.
  • June 22 - Greg announces he already completed his second book and it will be released soon.
  • June 22 - Greg and Ronnie's brief friendship comes crashing down when Greg decides to publicly shame him for following Chris Brown on Twitter.


  • July 9 - Greg once again makes a gigantic blog post describing his relationships with Adrienne and Shiloh in excruciating detail.
  • July 11 - Greg begins a "coming out" parody series triggered by Shane Dawson's popular coming out video.
  • July 14 - Uploads a video titled "YouTuber Weddings" where he criticizes YouTuber Phillip DeFranco for his decision to share his child with his audience. After becoming aware of the video, Greg and Phil partake in a bizarre twitter exchange.
  • July 19 - Greg continues tweeting about how young female fans should stay away from VidCon because it's "pedophile heaven" and includes a picture of Shane with a fan as an example.
  • July 24 - Greg tweets Hank Green about Carter Reynolds at VidCon and Carter becomes banned.


  • August 6 - Greg tells his fans to spam the review section of Stones To Abbigale on Amazon with reviews for Jurassic Park and a long review he dictated in his video about how his book is hotter than 50 Shades Of Grey. This results in hundreds of 5 star spam reviews and his overall star rank on STA to go up.
  • August 7 - Greg puts his new book This Is Why I Hate You up for pre-order. The release date is September 11th.
  • August 7 - Greg and Taylor make a coming out video for Taylor's bisexuality. They announce officially on YouTube that Taylor is actively dating other women outside of their marriage. Taylor goes on to flip-flop on the subject of dating outside their marriage.
  • August 11 - Greg announces on Twitter he is enjoying watching the vloggers (that just announced a miscarriage) lives fall apart. He believed they faked it because they were happy and smiling in their next video where they visited Lego Land with their children.
  • August 14 - Greg announces he is heterosexual after identifying as pansexual for 2 years. He believed he was pansexual because he thought pansexual meant "if my wife grew a dick I'd still love her". In the same video, he announces he did not believe the baby Shiloh miscarried when they were engaged was his because he believes the timing was off.
  • August 15 - Greg and Lainey create a video parody of the YouTube vlogger couple that recently announced a miscarriage. Yes, the parody was about the miscarriage.
  • August 20 - Greg Tweets about how he refused to hug a fan he met in the parking lot that day and he gets into a bit of a fight with some of his fans. His reasoning behind refusing to hug his fans is that he believes hugging a young fan would cause a scandal.
  • August 20 - Greg and on again off again friend DeeFizzy get into a massive two hour Twitter fight after Greg accused Damon of manipulating his young female audience by telling them he loves them, hugging them at meet & greets, and making profit off of his merch.
  • August 29 - A man claiming to have gone to High School with Greg comes forward to reveal information about Greg's teenage years and answer questions on an image board.
  • August 30 - Someguy827 interviews HS Anon and uploads the audio to his SoundCloud.


  • September 10 - Greg joins Taylor's YouNow live stream. He mocks her and her fans until he leaves the live stream.
  • September 11 - Greg's latest book, This Is Why I Hate You, is released.
  • September 13 - Greg tells his followers to leave spam reviews about Aliens for his new book, This Is Why I Hate You.
  • September 19 - Greg uploads a sketch video pretending to commit suicide to promote his new book. Some saw this as poor taste as it was released a day after a YouTuber died from complications due to a suicide attempt.


  • October 5 - Greg begins a short Twitter campaign against Whole Foods after his paper grocery bag breaks causing his Veganaise to explode. Whole Foods offers to give him free reusable bags, but he refuses them due to them being "inconvenient".
  • October 10 - Greg uploads a video describing how he met his wife and why he has no relationship with his father-in-law.
  • October 29 - Greg officially closes the doors to the Onision forums after years of closings and re-openings. Greg says this was due to an attack.


  • November 2 - Greg goes on a twitter rant about reverse racism and how racist the Black Lives Matter movement is. His tweets cause outrage on twitter.
  • November 3 - Greg continues his reverse racism rant and gets into twitter fights with many including Orange Is The New Black star Matt McGorry, Anti-Gamergate spokeswoman Brianna Wu, a former 6 year long Onision Forum Admin, singer Madison Beer, and his wife, Lainey.
  • November 3 - Of Mice & Men singer Aaron Pauley tweets Greg "Instead of using your platform to spread awareness & resources for treatment, you go straight to insults. Shameful." Greg and Aaron block each other. Aaron sends Taylor a support tweet after she complained about her anxiety and Taylor's positive reaction sparked a twitter fight between her and Greg, who believed she was being disloyal.
  • November 6 - Greg's social media is spammed for days with people saying "Creamy Meme Dude". The origin of this spamming is unknown.
  • November 11 - Greg turns 30. He asks his followers to wish him a "happy birthday" by buying his 0% profit merch.


  • December 7 - Blood On The Dance Floor offers VIP tickets to see their show and get to know them outside the internet rumors. Greg declines.
  • December 8 - Greg posts a photo of his wife Lainey and her new girlfriend kissing. Lainey later denied dating her.
  • December 30 - Taylor and Greg get into a short Twitter fight after Taylor complimented her mother and Greg decided to tell the world about how horrible he thinks her mother is for things like not breastfeeding her long term.