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List of videos Greg uploaded to his Archive channel in 2009. Work In Progress

Red/Pink Box = Video Deleted

Purple Box = Video moved to another channel

Date Title Description Time Notes
?/?/09 Fred Hits 1,000,000 n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Death Portal n/a n/a (Source)
4/11/09 I'm flaming Gay? I'm a fake flaming gay Viking?

In this episode I talk about Charles Manson, Fake Vikings, High Heels, Being Gay... and... awesome.

?/?/09 Abortion Procedure n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Don't Kill Yourself n/a 6:46 (Source)

Moved to Speaks channel on 6/6/11 and Re-named "I Want To Kill Myself"

?/?/09 Circumcised Logic n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Meat Song n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Sound Pollution Sucks n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Paparazzi Harassing Politician on Ta[cut off] n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Super Note Sally n/a n/a (Source)
?/?/09 Heaven Now n/a n/a (Source)
04/21/09 Onision's Deleted Scenes Clips from various videos that actually end up being quite funny, what do you think? 1:27
04/22/09 Sexy Hair vs Psycho Hair I realize some people think a certain hairstyle is attractive ~ meanwhile I flip on the news and find every other "criminal" and creep has it. Hmm... that's a tough decision.

I'd rather look like a bum than look like a spouse abuser.

04/25/09 Onision Improvises Most Every Speech This is an unedited clip of me actively writing a speech inside my head. This specific video was taken from "Onision Forever" and included the longest delay out of all the 100+ clips involved in making that specific video.

The pauses occurred due to ambient noise, lacking capability to fluently form words and heavy consideration over what my next words were going to be. The issue occurred due to my wish to avoid revealing too much personal information about my broken childhood.

The video "Onision Forever" took approx. 2 hours to record, and approx. 2 hours to edit. The music used in the video was also composed by myself.

04/26/09 Idea Stealers The Vikings rant on people who accuse others of stealing ideas. 3:23
04/27/09 Baby Doll Mutilation Unfortunately babies can and have died from circumcision. And the attitude of this doctor is likely not as far fetched as you may believe. 3:48
04/30/09 Mario Kart Game Gum Review 7227 does a live taste test on the Mario Kart Game Gum... which may or may not be repulsive :) 1:50
05/03/09 The First Viking Vlog When I first started making Viking Vlogs, I sounded a bit different, and wasn't quite sure of the character ~ but in time his personality became more clear :) 1:45
05/05/09 Onision Tarding Out Right after a Viking Vlog I went all ape crap bananas :) It was awesome.

No kids, drugs are not something I do. ;) Have fun with life.

05/06/09 Drunk Kitty This is Caboo after surgery --- she stumbled around like a drunk person for some time. 1:14
05/08/09 Fart Song Yes, I know, it's horrible. But it's also the best song ever made... about farts. 2:35
05/09/09 Onision Does Pull-Ups In response to the Pull-Up contest, I decided to knock a few out as promised. 0:39
05/10/09 Emo Charlie Breaks Down Emo Charlie can handle the stress anymore, and is cracking up. 1:13
05/11/09 Chibi Derf Bloopers Check out the cut scenes and bloopers from "Chibi Gets A Girlfriend". 0:48
05/12/09 Shinjung Fortress There is a fortress in South Korea, I think it was called "Shinjong Fortress" but I may be wrong (please correct me if you know) ~ regardless, it was a nice trip :) 1:31
05/13/09 Onision Webcam Fun We had a bit of fun playing around with our web cam --- obviously the microphone was terrible --- however the rest compensated :) 3:37
05/14/09 Introducing Kitty Caboo One of the first videos ever made with my kitty Caboo. 1:26
05/15/09 The Darkness Loading Screen Auditions In "The Darkness" Jackie has proven to not be the most intelligent person in the world, however in comparison to this guy, he's a genius. 2:18
05/15/09 Star Trek Movie Review (2009) Onision's review of the Star Trek movie 2009. 1:30
05/19/09 Dick Hands If you have dick hands, you need to wash them. 1:57
05/20/09 South Korean Train A good idea of what to expect from South Korea's transport system. 1:14
05/22/09 Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet Demo Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet Demo. 1:18
05/?/09 Terminator Salvation Movie Review (2009) n/a 1:51
05/24/09 Onision In The Flesh Extended 8:00
05/?/09 Happy Little Baby Geese n/a 1:59
05/?/09 Shaved Head Song n/a 0:56
05/?/09 From Oklahoma to South Korea n/a 1:07
05/28/09 Nintendo Wii Destroys Families I rather enjoy playing the Wii, I also enjoy making fun of it ;) 2:17
05/?/09 Agent Smith Violates Mr. Anderson n/a 1:21
05/30/09 Songtan Apartment (South Korea) If you're looking to get an apartment in Songtan, South Korea --- this is an example of what you can expect 1:14
09/11/09 Noise Pollution Shut up world! RRRRRGGGG!! 2:03