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2006 Journal was an online journal Greg maintained on his Onision website from 2005 to 2006. (Source)

To see the 2005 portion of the journal, Click Here.


June 30th, 2006 - Super Man Burns

I saw the movie Super Man: Returns recently... it was very disappointing in the sense that Super Man didn't fight anyone... throughout the 150 minutes or so of the movie, all he ever did was pick up s*** and save people... there was one really good scene, when he was saving the plane... but holy crap, the rest of the movie was junk... and Kevin Spacey, though a great actor, was very bad for that part, as Lex Luthor is already defined, he can't Kevin Spaceanize it. Whatever, see it if you're a huge fan, or a romance story fan...

June 23rd, 2006 - Please Do...

Please check out this song... it is literally one of the greatest creations I've ever made. And for those of you saying you don't like the voice... You don't exist to me, the song is beyond you, it's as simple as that. Also, I noticed there wasn't a single photo of Tanya [...] in Google images... so because of this, I am hastening the posting of her image... the world should see who she is... she is... charming. Though I haven't spoken to her in a long while, the memories are vivid.

June 23rd, 2006 - Victim of Perversion

I had a dream about **** last night... that and jumping out of a plane... regardless... she and I were in a situation... etc etc... except I kept telling her no, because I'm married... I do the same thing in most every dream like that... those where I actually go through with it I wake up with a horrible guilt... I'm loyal... even in my dreams... I'm loyal. But that's not to say that I don't still see beauty when it's right in front of me...

June 18th, 2006 - New Web Site Launch

New site launch for Onision the Band, check it out: CLICK THIS

June 17th, 2006 - Album Release!

I've put my latest album up for sale online... I had all these designs for the cover and booklet etc ~ but for the sake of keeping the Album as cheap as possible ($5!!!) I've decided to only sell the disc. :) cafepress.com/onision Check it out!

June 2nd, 2006 - Three More

Three more tracks last night... :) I'm happy, but I simultaneously have diarrhea... ug. Don't eat at any A&W in Alberta.

June 1st, 2006 - I've Finally Done It

I've finally done it... something I didn't see coming this soon but I did it... and I'm stunned... I've made a song better than any song I've ever made before ~ two... actually... Check out the "LATEST MUSIC UPLOADS" section for the downloadable tracks... wow...

May 29th, 2006 - Screen Shots

I now have a huge screen shot archive from one of my favorite video games and movies ~ Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes & Kung Fu Hustle. Enjoy!

Kung Fu Hustle Screen Shot Archive

Metal Gear Solid Screen Shot Archive

May 27th, 2006 - All Is Well

As of late I've been working all night shifts, 3 days on, one day off, 8 hours. I've been getting a lot of sleep without my wife around to inspire and entertain me... which is probably good because people tend to heal in their sleep... though I feel just as tired, I know I'm stronger, healthier, than I was when I had less...

I should be uploading quite a few new images tomorrow... and possibly removing the older junk that has no meaning ~ I've realized that it is almost pointless to post an image with no message to it, as it is as about as entertaining as glancing at anything in the real world, you don't think twice about it... and moments later it is forgotten...

I'll work on that ~ Until then, please continue sending in the feedback you all have... I greatly appreciate it ~ America's Air Force (dot com) will be going through some serious reconstruction soon as well...

May 21st, 2006 - Losing Track...

I think if you force your body to stay up, night after night... it forgets what being tired feels like... I'm going to bed anyway... it's 4:45 AM and I haven't slept in 21 hours... [sighs] Weird work schedule is to blame...

May 15th, 2006 - It Heals Me

I feel like I am being healed by the weather here in Canada... as if the air, water... as if it is cleaning the dirt off my face... I posted a new entry below for this date, enjoy.

May 12th, 2006 - Destination Canada

Depending on whether or not I'll have access to an internet connection, I may not be able to update this site until July ~ I've been selected (by volunteer) to help protect a plane while it's located in Canada ~ because of this, I'll be away for quite a bit ~ If I do have access to the net, I'll update the site as usual ~ until then :)

May 5th, 2006 - Silent Hill

I've seen Silent Hill twice now at Harkins Theatres in Oklahoma City ~ awesome theatre, awesome movie ~ the only people I can really think wouldn't like the movie are shallow, close-minded, unimaginative & generally uninteresting people... but that's just my ignorant/uninformed opinion... I never really ever see a movie twice, I think this was the second time where I wanted to go back again and see one... $24.00 I've spend this far, and I don't regret it... however I must say, I have been desensitized to a lot of violence.

May 5th, 2006 - Degrade Your Dignity!

Happy "Mexican Holiday Excuse to Get Drunk and Forget Your Miseries Day" ~ Well for you... because it's got to be one of the lamest holiday's recognized in this country ~ kind of like St. Patrick's day or New Years... all excuses to get in car accidents, break the law & generally make yourself a worse person than you already are... yes this is offensive to the guilty, but I really don't give a **** because you keep killing kids in drunk driving incidents and you ****ers keep bringing everyone else down with you "You're not 21? Well who cares!!!! It's St. Patrick's day and I'm a Prick!!!!" WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!.

May 4th, 2006 - Invent Some

I came up with an invention not too long ago, only to later stop by Big Lots to see something incredibly similar... kinda sucks to invent something that's already been kind of invented... [shrugs] Whatever, check out the image I designed... click this ~

May 1st, 2006 - Massive Updates

I've created a couple new pages for the sake of load times... check out the movies page & the art & animation page... they're both updated with plenty of new files... and by that I mean, a couple... :) ~ Anyway, the highlight of all this is that I've made a few MySpace tables, so people can now easily have customized images on their profiles... or, at least customized by myself.

Click this to check em out.

April 30th, 2006 - Moment of Silence

This morning at work I found out someone I had talked to for quite a few hours died in a motorcycle accident... he and I didn't really get along... whenever we spoke to each other it was always with a smile giving and receiving sarcasm.

I didn't know him that well as he just got back from deployment... but I wish he was still here... alive ~ the guy wore a helmet, all the safety gear... his bike was even yellow so it was really hard to miss...

I'm just trying to tell everyone to watch the road, and remember that your friends, family, even people who are your near-opposites can be taken away from you, friend or foe, it's never a good thing when they leave this way...

[sighs] He was very smart... believe it or not, if you are a smartass, you are more intelligent than the average person, it takes brains to come up with a retort for every other comment... [blinks] Anyone can be taken away from you at any given moment ~ you do not see it coming, it is not always gradual... sometimes it just happens, then your world is changed... and you can't put it back together.

Alright... goodnight.

April 29th, 2006 - Happy Birthday Skye!

Skye, I love you, enjoy your fishies!

April 29th, 2006 - Netunesa.com

I just finished up working on Netunesa.com ~ so now we have a layout public ~ I made the site for my sister, Alicia ~ enjoy!!!! Click this ~

April 26th, 2006 - Happy Birthday Joanna!

Mmm... my chance to say happy birthday to my peppiest sister ever ~ happy birthday! You're now 22! Who cares!!! :) :) :) I do!

April 24th, 2006 - Wow... Happy Easter

One of the funniest movies I've ever made... you all MUST check this one out if you like any of my other videos... ---> CLICK THIS to download.

April 20th, 2006 - Forum Avatars

If you'd like any free forum avatars or emoticons, we have some over at MessageHoard.com - Click this to check em out!

April 18th, 2006 - Disco Strippa

I've created a new video... it's really annoying, but outrageous nonetheless... click this to download ~

April 16th, 2006 - Toothpaste

I thought of a quote today that surprised me... why hasn't Colgate, Crest or any of the other toothpaste companies used "[product name] Your White in Shining Armor" ~ If you don't get it, just think a little harder...

[sighs] Anyway, I just thought it was a good idea... also, something I posted on MySpace seemed also catchy... "A face says a lot more than any breast could. I favor long stories."

Ya... all rights reserved! :) Whatever, if someone uses the idea, at least I've changed the world... in some way for the better.

And FYI to all who keep in check with this site, I've been nominated at work for Airman of The Quarter... I think it's kinda cool, as I'm up against hundreds of other Airmen... I wasn't sure why I was chosen... I never thought it would come this soon... I thought that I hadn't earned it yet... maybe I speak more vibrant tones than I know.

April 13th, 2006 - Can't Say

I volunteered for a cool mission as of late, all I can really say about it is that I'm not supposed to say anything that would tell anyone what it is... so, there you go... I was part of something really cool ~ :) Leave the rest up to your imagination...

April 7th, 2006 - Forrest Gump

Right now I'm watching Forrest Gump for the first time... it's pretty interesting... anyway, I just finished up making a video for my sister... bagh, anyway, click this to see it.

April 4th, 2006 - China & Japan

I've not mentioned this much, but I'm a pretty huge fan of Japanese and Chinese culture ~ I just browsed the Earth.Google.com software program and got a good look at it ~ If I ever lived there, (in Japan or China) I would likely disappear in the mountains... they look so green, so full of life... it makes my mind drool ~ [smiles] Kind of a gross thought, but whateva...

Anyway, I started a MySpace profile a month ago (thanks to being deleted by some, obviously fantastic person) I invited a load of people from Japan to be on my friends list so I could learn more... I was accused of having an obsession... whatever... like all Anime looking like Caucasian females isn't an obsession?

Bagh... why do they want to change how they look? Why do they want colored eyes and hair? They look amazing as they are... [sighs] I only say that because I was recently informed that there are Asians who have surgeries to widen their eyes, add Caucasian-looking features, and of course the hair dye... [sighs] If you're Asian, whether it be born in America, or born in Korea... you look great how you are, I don't want to be any other race, but if I was born any other race, you better believe I would be proud of it, and stand by it till my end...

It's all about what's inside that makes us on the outside... what our style is plays a huge role... I gotta say though, if I was born a race other than the mix mutt I am, it would be Asian... that or Native American (which are really AMERICAN, not NATIVE AMERICAN, as all it's saying is that they live here... but they were hear first, so are they not the original American's? The rest of us should be called remote Americans, or visitors... invaders... bagh ~)

Moral of story, we're not prettier than any other race, we're probably even uglier on the inside... we are what we make ourselves to be...

So be beautiful.