You Are Gone

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You Are Gone music video
You Are Gone is a song created by Greg in 2012. Greg says it was heavily inspired by House of the Rising Sun (1964) by The Animals.


The song was clearly about Greg's recent ex, Shiloh. He sang about his heartbreak and her lies, similar to his earlier break-up song about her, It's Over. The song is an unusual style for Greg as he not only sang, which up until that point most of his songs were more spoken word, but he also used screaming vocals as well. Another unusual aspect of this song is that Greg did not create the instrumental himself, it was created by producer/DJ Keith Camball. (Source)

Greg originally uploaded the "You Are Gone" music video to his main channel, but quickly deleted it and re-uploaded it to his Encore channel where it was eventually deleted. The odd music video consisted of Greg filming himself singing outside and throwing rocks down hills. (Source) In the video, it is clear it was filmed in the New Mexico home he rented to be close to his girlfriend, now wife, Taylor, wile she was in high school.

Greg deleted all traces of this song and does not have it available to buy or stream on any music sites, as his songs usually are.


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