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GODADDY SUCKS on Vaitavious
Vaitavious was a channel Greg created for serious videos. It only had one video and about 30 subscribers. (Source - channel deleted)

It seems the channel was deleted by Greg sometimes between the creation of this article (2015) and early 2017. R.I.P.


The Vaitavious channel was created on June 8, 2012. On the "About" page, Greg described the channel as, "I basically take what OnisionSpeaks used to be and I bring it here for the sake of entertaining the people who are still interested in me being serious."

The only video on the Vaitavious channel was "GODADDY SUCKS", which was uploaded the same day the channel was created. In this video, Greg complains that his web host, Go Daddy, shut his website down because he violated his database agreement when his site became too big. ($ource - video no longer available)

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