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UhOhBro one month after launch.
Once dubbed "Greg/Onision's Failed Gaming Channel", UhOhBro is now Greg's most popular YouTube channel, being his only channel to surpass his main Onision Channel's subscriber count. It is his first channel to reach 2 million subscribers.


Greg created the UhOhBro channel on May 27, 2012 as a gaming channel. The channel was not well received by fans and did not gain very many subscribers or views.

By March 2013, Greg changed UhOhBro's format from a gaming channel to a reaction channel. (Source)

Reactions to internet memes, playing video games & laughs galore all here on the UhOhBro channel. Hosted by your neighborhood friendly Onision-san.

He says he did thing because his gaming videos were "not getting the views" and he didn't want to be fake. ($ource) The channel almost immediately began gaining a fan base and the subscriber count rose. (Source) On January 25, 2015, the UhOhBro channel reached 1 million subscribers. (Source) It was his second channel to reach that milestone. Eventually, UhOhBro surpassed Greg's main channel in subscribers and in January 2016 reached 2 million subscribers. (Source)

In 2016, Greg began incorporating gaming back into the channel by playing a game while reacting to images. When viewers began complaining about this new format, he says they were making themselves look dumb because "the foundation of UhOhBro is literally gaming." ($ource)

YouTube Channels
UhOhBro Active (2012-) 2.1m subs
Onision Active (2006-) 2m subs
OnisionSpeaks Active (2009-) 1.7m subs
OnisionArchive Discontinued (2008-2018) 586k subs
OnisionEncore Discontinued (2011-2018) 166k subs
Onision Reacts
(prev. Onion Son)
Discontinued (2017) 88k subs
Onichan Discontinued (2017-2018) 52k subs
Onision Games
(prev. Oni Chan)
Active (2017-) 26k subs
New Channel Discontinued (2018) 19k subs
Character Vlogs Discontinued (2018) 4k subs
Comment Cranks Discontinued (2017) 1k subs
Crovati Discontinued (2012) 900 subs
OnisionTrolls Discontinued (2012) 500 subs
Vaitavious Deleted (2012) 30 subs