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Air Force

Greg signed up for the Air Force in January 2005 when he was 19 years old. (Source)


In 2005, Greg created a website titled America's Air Force dedicated to chronicling his time in the Air Force. The site included pictures of himself, a personal journal, and physical and mental stats. Greg also briefly ran another personal Air Force themed site titled "Gregory J." (Source)

Greg kept many online blogs and journals where he would chronicle his experiences in the Air Force along with his personal life and online creations:

On these blogs, he would write about hi accomplishments in the Air Force and how he is proud to serve and strives to be the best. He would also use these blogs to complain about his co-workers.

On various websites throughout 2005, Greg would mention that he would fight in Iraq one day. He brought it up in online journal entries (Source) and in an email fight/debate he had with a "suicidal girl". (Source)

By 2007, Greg stopped talking about the Air Force online and deleted all traces of himself from his America's Air Force website, keeping it anonymous. When talking about his life on various sites, he would not mention he was in the military and just refer to it as "my job". For example, when announcing online that he was moving to Korea, he simply explained it by saying, "According to my job… I may be heading to Korea soon…" (Source) It seems around this time, Greg began having a few problems with friends and co-workers. (Source)

Attempts at Discharge


On July 29, 2008, Greg uploaded "I'm So Death Machine" to his YouTube channel. By this point Greg had been regularly uploading videos to his YouTube channel. In the video, he criticizes the U.S. military in a song and does various military associated actions (like push ups and saluting) in an unmarked uniform. (Source) The next day, Greg wrote an online journal entry titled "The Future in Question" where he says as he expected, someone reported his video to "the biggest boss there is at my work". He concludes he will either be jailed or fired for making the video. He explains his work needs to realize he is "doing more damage than I am good". He says he requested removal with no "screw-ups", but on "religious and moral obligation". He says they "torture" him with "meaningless tasks" and "a paycheck I don't need". He awaits his punishment and says if he disappears it is because he is being held as a prisoner in South Korea. (Source) In a 2016 video, Greg says his higher ups cared about his I'm So Death Machine video. ($ource)


.. Greg will bring up his conscientious objector on social media. (Source)

Post Air Force

After being discharged, Greg and Skye moved back to Washington. Skye began working retail while Greg stayed at home trying to start his Youtube career. (Source)


In the early days of his Speaks channel, Greg would often make anti-military and war videos. On March 31, 2010, Greg dramatically revealed his military past for the first time to his YouTube audience in the video "Onision: Veteran". Greg summarizes his time in the military while showing pictures of himself in various uniforms. He says he found himself and realized he was a conscientious objector. "I'm not necessarily proud of my service, but I'm not ashamed of it either." ($ource)

Former Airman: Onision
In 2014, Greg decided to share more of his military experiences. He uploaded the video "Former Airman: Onision" on January 3, 2014. The video is fairly longer than most Speaks videos and Greg goes into detail about important events that occurred during his time in the Air Force. ($ource)

Ten days after uploading also "Former Airman: Onision", Greg uploaded "Facts About Onision" where he highlighted moments in his life and major life events along with photographs. This included events during his time in the Air Force. ($ource)

This Is Why I Hate You

In 2016, Greg self published his second book through Amazon titled This Is Why I Hate You. The book was loosely based on his life in high school and in the Air Force. Some readers complained the Air Force chapters were unrealistic. Greg replied saying he knows what he is talking about because he served in the military for "just under four years". He calls a reviewer that wrote "What [Greg] don't know about the military would, obviously, fill a book" ignorant. ($ource)