The Worst Is Yet To Come

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The Worst Is Yet To Come is Greg's 4th book. Similarly to Reaper's Creek, Greg wrote and released the book chapter by chapter for his $2+ supporters on Patreon. Unlike his previous books, Greg vowed to make this book an 18+ smut book.

The book is currently still being released by chapter.


On September 29, 2019, Greg briefly announced in a video his Patreons have voted on discord for him to write a smut book. He says the book will be "pure porn." He says he will "write 50 Shades of Grey, only the Onision way." This video was later uploaded to Speaks. ($ource)

The first chapter of the book was released on Patreon on October 30, 2019. Greg announced the chapter release on twitter: "Just released the first chapter of my new book on - my goal is to make it fucking horrible - like the worst shit you've ever read in the best way possible. Let's fuck shit up." (Source)