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Once strongly against them and comparing them to mutilation, tattoos have now become a part of Greg's life. Since 2011, he has gotten several tattoos. One couple tattoo for an ex, three couple tattoos with his current spouse Lainey, and one tattoo for the haters.


During the early years of his Speaks channel, Greg made videos about how he believed tattoos and piercings were body mutilation. He was avidly against them. All of these videos were removed from his channel.

After getting his "Remember Love" tattoo in 2011, many confused viewers questioned why he got them if he believed tattoos were mutilation. Greg responded with a video explaining Shiloh changed his views of tattoos. This video has been removed as well.

Greg's Tattoos

Remember Love

On April 23, 2011, Greg revealed his first tattoos in a video. He got "Remember Love" on his wrists in black ink. In this video, he talks about how grateful he is to have Shiloh there for him. ($ource) Shiloh got "Gregory" tattooed to the back of her neck.

Adrienne, who dated Greg in-between Shiloh, claimed Greg told her he and Shiloh planned to get each other's names tattooed after a short breakup. Greg was originally supposed to get "Shiloh" on his wrist, but got "Remember Love" instead the last minute. (Source)

After his break-up with Shiloh, Greg says he does not regret his Remember Love tattoos because it is still a positive message. (Source)

In 2019, Greg revealed he got the "Remember Love" tattoo to remind him to not look at Hentai. He explains he told Shiloh he had been watching hentai and she broke up with him and left the apartment they lived in. He says he won her back by telling her he would get the tattoo. He says she got the "Gregory" tattoo not long after he got his tattoo. He mentions he could have gotten her name on his wrists, "but that would have been a problem." ($ource)


Greg got his "27" hip tattoo on October 24, 2012. He and Lainey got matching black 27 tattoos for the day they began dating, February 27, 2012.

When asked about this tattoo, Greg will only say it's a significant date. (Source) Lainey says 27 is her lucky number.

In 2019, Greg spoke more about "27". He says the number 27 is a number that contently pops up in he and Lainy's life. He says the plane he went to visit Lainey on was "2727", the hotel they stayed in was number 27. He says 2 and 7 were his favorite alternating numbers his whole life. ($ource)


Greg and Lainey announced their matching "14" tattoos on March 27, 2013 with his "ONISION'S NEW TATTOO" video. ($ource) Greg's 4 is blue and Lainey's is red. The 14 is for the day they were married, November 14, 2012.

Like the 27 tattoo, if asked about this tattoo, Greg would just say it's a significant date. (Source)

In 2019 Greg revealed this tattoo is actually a "11-14"?? He says this tattoo is for the day he almost ended his life, November 14, 2007. He says he unintentionally got legally married on the same day. ($ource)


In 2018 Greg and Lainey got themed Nintendo ankle tattoos together. Lainey got Yoshi and Greg got Toad. Greg says toad is his favorite Mario Kart character because "he's a small guy who's just trying to make it in the world" and he's harmless, like himself. ($ource)

Do Not Engage

Greg announced he will be getting a new tattoo in the January 15th, 2019 video "Saying Goodbye". In the video, he explains he will no longer be interacting with or replying to haters online. He says it's going to be his official breaking up with "drama whores." ($ource) Three days later, Greg revealed his Do Not Engage arm tattoo in the video "REVEALING MY NEW TATTOO! (+ Weight Update & Pull Ups)". In the video, he explains the two wings on the sides are dove wings and they represent peace. In the middle is an olive branch to also represent peace. The first "O" represents peace and the second represents balance between light and dark. He explains "Do not engage" is for reminding him to his commitment to the philosophy that when you engage with people, they are fixed on their ways so it's futile and a non-positive use of your time. ($ource)

Tattoos on Others


Greg's ex-fiance had "Gregory" tattooed to the back of her neck when she and Greg were living in Canada together in April 2011. (Source) In a 2017 video, Greg says he never asked her to get the tattoo. He says she surprised him with it and he was overwhelmed by it because he has never asked anyone to tattoo his own name onto their bodies. ($ource)

In June 2011, Shiloh had blogged about plans to get tattoos with Greg. (Source) Two days later, Shiloh Forgot Me was uploaded and it seems their tattoo plans were cancelled.


As previously mentioned, Lainey has two couple tattoos with Greg. A "27" hip tattoo for the day they started dating and a "14" tattoo for the day they were married. They also got themed tattoos together of characters from the Mario video game series. Lainey got Yoshi and Greg got Toad.

In 2018 Lainey got a three flower tattoo designed by Greg. Each flower represented a member of their family, the biggest one representing Greg.

Lainey got a surprise tattoo for Greg on their 6th wedding anniversary that said "You are my strength" in Greg's handwriting.


Drawing Greg made of the "Lillie" tattoo
After a break up with he and his wife's girlfriend Billie in November 2016, Greg told Billie she could stay and win back he and Lainey's trust if she got a tattoo of a lily flower with the word "Lillie" under it. He explains, Lillie is his ship name* for Lainey and Billie. He says he showed her his "Remember Love" wrist tattoos and told her in the past he had done something similar. He says because she already had tattoos all over her body, it wouldn't be a big deal. ($ource) Billie did no get this tattoo, but began dating Greg and Lainey again a month later.

After Greg broke up with Billie for the last time in early 2017, it was revealed he had asked her to pick one of many extreme things to win back he and his wife's trust, one of them being getting a tramp stamp tattoo that says "I'm a liar". Greg justifies asking her to get this tattoo by saying if someone lied to you in a relationship, it would require them doing "something grand" to make it up to you and show how dedicated they are to you. (video deleted)


  • *Ship, or shipping, is when fans of a fictional series desire two fictional characters to become a couple, platonic or romantic. A "ship name" is a name given to popularly shipped character, usually combining the two characters' names. For example, the ship name for Harry and Hermione from the Harry Potter series is "Harmony".