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Warning! This page is not complete. There will be information and sources missing.
Onision.xyz is a website Greg created in 2016 and is the current incarnation of the Onision Forums.


Greg launched the forum in October 2016 for fans to submit photos for his videos. Previously, he was using his second tumblr, "OnisionOfficial" for this.

On November 14, 2016, the site reached 10,000 posts. (Source)


Controversy was grandfathered to the site as there were many people already upset at Greg for judging fan's bodies in videos, many of whom were young girls. Often times Greg would ask for pictures to judge their body parts, such as thigh gaps or their weight. Fans would submit photos from fully clothed to in the underwear, sometimes writing "Onision" on their body parts. Greg would then pick a number of photos, then critique them in videos such as "RATE ME FROM 1 TO 10" and "Onision, Would You Date Me?".

Unlike his tumblr submissions from fans, these submissions were connected to fans' forum accounts. People began looking at fans post history to discover very young fans were submitting inappropriate photos. In one instance, it was found that a 12 year old girl posted a photo of her lower body wearing just panties.

On December 18, 2016, a post was made to Reddit titled, "A dangerous YouTuber. Watch your kids online". The post was made by a mother that caught her 13 year old daughter submitting photos in her underwear to Greg's forum. The post gained over 1,000 up-votes and apparently reached the front page of Reddit before mods deleted the original post. (Source)

On December 20, 2016, an article was posted about Greg's website titled, "YouTuber Onision Runs Creepy Forum Where Young Teenage Girls Post Photos in Their Underwear". The article describes finding girls as young as 11 posting photos to the site. (Source) Later that day, the article was mentioned in a DramaAlert video. (Source) Onision.xyz soon went down due to heavy traffic. When the site was back up, it was noted that threads asking for pictures of fans were being removed from the site. (Source) By the next day, the forum required an account to view it's content.

"I'm Done Making These Videos..."
Greg replied to the claims at first with two tweets explaining he did nothing wrong and just gave his opinion to people that asked. (Source) Later that day he uploaded "I'm Done Making These Videos..." to his Speaks channel. In the video, Greg defends the videos he makes using the pictures from his site by saying he helped many people with their body image issues. He is noticeably angry in the video and even curses, something he usually doesn't do. He shows tweets from fans saying he helped with their body issues. He references the previously mentioned article and goes through parts of the article agreeing with it's statements or defending himself. For example, when the article stated he has called some girl's bodies "Shrek bodies", he says he only said that once and he was just being bluntly honest. He says the people in these videos submitted the pictures because they want his blunt opinion. Greg defends the pictures of young girls in their underwear on his site by saying it is not illegal because it is not pornographic. He compares these photos to girls wearing bathing suites because they cover the same amount of skin. He says because women don't have penises, they are treated like victims, even though they benefited from submitting photos of themselves in their underwear to get his opinion. When the articles says he calls some girl's bodies disgusting, he again says he is just being honest.

He gets frustrated when reading about the Reddit post, then announces he will no long make body videos because of "moron article writers tat assume every other person they encounter is a pedophile". He says he's a "prime target" because people already hate him because they don't like his opinions and can't handle the truth, so they make stuff up about him. "Thank you to the person that wrote that bullshit article that's half informed and completely biased. Thank you to Keemstar for once again being Keemstar and trying to turn something that's nothing into something for the sake of attracting attention to his ugly FUCKING mug and thank you to so many of the other assholes who watched my videos and didn't hear any of the shit I was saying and instead filled in their words in my mouth as if I was saying that shit because you ruined something that was helping a lot of young girls, a lot of grown up women, a lot of people around the world. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands I don't know they've been seen by millions of people. THANK YOU for fucking up something that was helpful, something that was good, and something that was harmless." He ends the video reading more tweets from fans thanking him for helping them overcome their body issues. He smiles at the cameras and says, "Bye". ($ource)

(Spoiler alert: He did not stop making the videos, More info to be added)