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Onision Reacts' last day, 2017
Onision Reacts, previously named Onion Son, was a short lived channel Greg created in 2017.

Channel description:

OnionSon! Hosted by Gregory Jackson. Enjoy tons of happy, awesome & fun videos centered on funny, entertaining & even sometimes meaningful topics!
Thank you so much for watching this channel & being subscribed!


Greg created the channels Onion Son and Oni Chan on May 9, 2017. In the video "I'm Deleting Two of My YouTube Channels" Greg explained he figured out why his channels were dying, so he created two new channels and planned to delete two of his channels in 2018. He explained Onion Son (he did not mention it by name) was for all new videos that are not gaming. ($ource)

Soon after its creation, Greg re-named the channel to Onision Reacts.


Greg stopped uploading new videos to the channel after his June 19th video. On July 31st Greg uploaded the video "I Quit This Channel", where he announced he is combining his channels onto one channel (Onichan). ($ource) At the time of its closing, the channel reached 92,268 subscribers and 989,397 views.

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